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通河县儿童医院怎么样哈尔滨市第四人民医院男科专家1.Outside a muffler shop: ;No appointment necessary, we hear you coming.;1.一家消声器店外:“根本不用预约,我们听到你来了!”2.Outside a hotel: ;Help! We need inn-experienced people.;2.酒店门外:“帮帮忙!我们缺少常住小酒馆的人。”3.On a desk in a reception room: ;We shoot every 3rd salesman, and the 2nd one just left.;3.接待室的桌上:“三个一轮!我们要毫不留情地赶走第三个推销员!注:第二个刚刚离开。”4.In a veterinarians waiting room: ;Be back in 5 minutes, Sit! Stay!;4.兽医的候诊内:“稍候5分钟。趴下,别动!”5.At the electric company: ;We would be de-lighted if you send in your bill. However, if you don#39;t you will be.;5.在电气公司:“如果你送来钞票,我们会很高兴;如果你不送,就会被断电。”6.On the door of a computer store: ;Out for a quick byte.;6.电脑专卖店门上:“出去找一个更快的字节。”7.In a restaurant window: ;Don#39;t stand there and be hungry, come on in and get fed up.;7.餐馆橱窗:“别饿着肚子傻呆在那儿,进来吧,吃顿饱饭!”8.Inside a bowling alley: ;Please be quiet, we need to hear a pin drop.;8.在保龄球馆:“保持安静,我们需要倾听大头针落地。”9.In the front yard of a funeral home: ;Drive carefully, we#39;ll wait.;9.在墓地的前院:“开车当心,我们会等着你的。”10.In a counselors office: Growing old is mandatory, growing wise is optional.10.在咨询师办公室:变老是由上帝控制的,变聪明是由自己控制的。 /201204/178980哈尔滨市红十字中心医院检查 Michelle Obama made a daring decision to return to the same designer who created her Inaugural Ball dress four years ago - and the risk paid off.米歇尔#8226;奥巴马做了一个大胆的决定,再次找来四年前为她设计总统就职舞会着装的设计师——结果明此举大获成功。The First Lady looked stunning in a sweeping, velvet and chiffon, ruby-colored dress by designer Jason Wu. She teamed the dramatic gown with heels by Jimmy Choo and a diamond ring by Kimberly McDonald.身穿华裔设计师吴季刚设计的一款红色雪纺纱丝绒礼,第一夫人显得美艳绝伦。与这款炫目礼配搭的是由周仰杰设计的一双高跟鞋,以及金伯莉#8226;麦克唐纳德设计的一枚钻戒。She surprised the fashion establishment by returning to a Wu design which had been custom-made for her.米歇尔再次选择吴季刚为她量身设计的礼,令时装界大吃一惊。Four years ago at her first Inauguration Ball, Michelle shimmered in an off-white, one-shouldered floor-length couture gown by the designer.四年前在第一次参加总统就职舞会时,米歇尔身着一款露肩灰白色齐地长裙,惊艳全场。这身长裙同样出自吴季刚的设计。Wu, who was 26 at the time and had only been working in fashion for three years, saw his career take off after the First Lady#39;s surprise decision to wear one of his dresses.当时的吴季刚年仅26岁,涉足时装界仅仅3年。就在第一夫人出乎意料地决定选择他设计的礼后,他便一举成名。He said at the time that he was unaware she had chosen the gown and had been watching at home on his couch and eating pizza when she appeared.他表示当时自己并不知道米歇尔会选择自己设计的长裙。米歇尔出现时,他正坐在家里的沙发上边看电视边吃披萨。After her 2013 decision, Wu told Women#39;s Wear Daily: #39;Mrs Obama likes to keep her secrets. She fooled me again.#39;获知米歇尔今年舞会着装的决定后,吴季刚在接受《女装日报》采访时透露:“奥巴马夫人总要保守秘密,这次又瞒过我了。”Wu released a women#39;s clothing and accessories collection at Target last year and continues to be popular with the First Lady for official engagements.去年,他在Target卖场推出了一系列女士装及饰件,第一夫人一直都对这些饰青睐有加,多次在正式场合挑选其一。The sleeveless, cross-halterneck dress with low-cut back flattered 49-year-old Michelle#39;s toned arms and neat waist.身着这款无袖露背长裙,现年49岁的米歇尔显得四肢匀称,腰肢舒展。It had been created especially for her by Wu and was a departure from the somber palette she stuck to at earlier inauguration events.这款长裙是吴季刚为她量身打造的,一改以往就职仪式上暗淡的色调。Mrs Obama#39;s new hairstyle - she had bangs cut in on her birthday last week - had been loosely tousled for the special night.米歇尔在上周生日时剪了齐刘海,而为了就职舞会当晚做了蓬松的造型。Vice-President Joe Biden#39;s wife Jill also looked glamorous in a blue silk dress by Vera Wang at the Inauguration Ball.副总统拜登的妻子吉尔在就职舞会上身着王薇薇设计的一款蓝色丝绸长裙,同样光照人。 /201301/222294道外区妇幼保健医院能刷社保卡吗

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