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[国际]金砖国家大学排名 中国遥遥领先(双语) --5 :55: 来源:sohu 7 月 日QS组织(Quacquarelli Symonds,英国一家专门负责教育及升学就业的组织,QS世界大学排名得到了联合国教科文组织成立的IREG的承认,被认为是世界三大最具影响力的全球性大学排名之一)发布了金砖国家大学排行榜在巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非五国的优秀学府中,中国的高校遥遥领先 China's educational institutions have dominated the QS World University Rankings BRICS countries released on July , which offers a comparison among leading universities in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. 在整体排名中,中国高校占据了前五名其中,中国清华大学摘得桂冠,其次是北京大学、复旦大学、中国科学技术大学和上海交通大学 In the overall rankings, China wins the top five positions with Tsinghua University taking the lead, followed by Peking University, Fudan University, the University of Science and Technology of China, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 通过QS 发表的统计报告显示,中国成为上榜最多的国家在排名前50 的高校中占据了3个位置,几乎是印度或俄罗斯上榜高校数量的三倍印度和俄罗斯分别有八所高校上榜,而巴西高校只在名单上出现了七次 Statistics published by QS shows China is notable being the most-represented country. With 3 listings in the top 50, it has almost three times as many entries as India or Russia, which each boast eight spots in the rankings.Brazilian institutions appear seven times on the list. 根据QS官方网站报告,;占世界人口%;的金砖五国,作为世界经济体中的新兴大国,都把教育放在了促进全面发展的优先位置 According to a report on topuniversities.com, ;ing % of the world's population;, the five BRICS countries, also known as the emerging major players in the world economy, have all given priority to education in enhancing comprehensive development.好奇心害死猫?它还扼杀了我们的幸福 -- ::50 来源: 你是否有过分手后偷偷看前任微?这样的好奇心不仅仅能害死猫,还会扼杀你的幸福 It was not my finest moment. Perhaps it was my worst. In the aftermath of the end of my first serious relationship, over a decade ago, I my ex-boyfriend’s email. We’d exchanged passwords when we were very much in youthful love – pre-smartphone, sometimes it was useful to get him to look something up in my when I wasn’t near a computer, or vice versa – and after the breakup, he didn’t change his password. (I asked him to; he replied that he should have been able to trust me not to his email, which was not incorrect.)那不是我最光的时刻,很可能是我最糟糕的时刻十年前,在我第一段认真的恋爱关系结束的那段时期里,我偷偷看了前男友的邮件我们在年少恋爱时交换了邮箱密码-那时候还没有智能手机,有时候我不在电脑边上让他用我的账号查看信息比较方便,或者倒过来也一样-分手后,他没有更换密码(我让他换,他说他应该可以相信我不会偷看他邮件,然而他错了)Heartbroken, I snooped daily, compulsively, ignoring the wise advice of a friend who pointed out that the most I would discover was things that would upset me. If my boyfriend wanted to get back together with me – which is what I desperately wanted – he’d tell me. I wouldn’t learn it from an email he’d written to someone else. I knew that. I just couldn’t seem to help myself.伤心欲绝的我每天抑制不住地去偷看他的邮件,完全不顾好友的建议,他她说我偷看的结果只能是发现那些让我难过的事如果前男友想要复合-那是当年的我拼命追求的-他一定会告诉我的我不可能从他写给别人的邮件里得知我心里也清楚,但我好像无法控制自己Now I know that was because I was only human. A new study published this week by researchers from the University of Chicago and the Wisconsin School of Business demonstrates using science that curiosity doesn’t just murder cats: it murders our happiness. Scientific American sums it up: “The need to know is so strong that people will seek to slake their curiosity even when it is clear the answer will hurt.”现在我明白了,因为我仅仅是个普通的人类本周,在由芝加哥大学和威斯康辛商学院研究人员发表的最新研究中,他们通过科学方法明,好奇心不仅害死猫:它还谋杀我们的幸福《科学美国人总结道:“好奇心是如此强烈,以至于人们总要想法设法满足它,即使很明显会造成伤害他们也在所不惜”In the study, subjects who were faced with the prospect of unpleasant stimuli – small electric shocks, the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard – linked to certain actions (clicking a pen, example) were unable to avoid the temptation to do the actions anyway. Such is the intensity of our craving knowledge, our vulnerability to feelings of wonder: we’re willing to injure ourselves in order to satisfy it.研究中,实验者知道自己将要面对不愉快的刺激-小电击、指甲划过黑版的声音-这些刺激与某种行为相联系(例如敲击钢笔),然而实验者总是无法抵制住做这些行为的诱惑这就是我们对知识强烈的渴望以及对好奇心的脆弱为了满足它,我们宁愿伤害自己If you’ve never wasted any of your life staring at your ex’s Facebook photos, I suppose you can feel very smug right now. the majority of us, however, it’s a bit comting to know that your desire to know whether someone’s new partner is better-looking than you ( example) doesn’t just indicate that you’re pathetic and spineless. The urge runs deep, and universal.如果你从没浪费点时间盯着前任Facebook的照片发呆,我想你此刻一定感到自鸣得意然而对于大多数人来说,了解到你想知道前任的现任是否比你好看(比方说)并不说明你的可悲和没骨气,还是有点令人感到安慰的这种欲望会非常深切而广泛The trouble, of course, is when that desire is felt and fed in a world where inmation is available to us in endless, infinite ways. The internet means that there is little impediment to finding the answer to any question that crosses our minds whenever we want it. Or at least, trying to find the answer – though as another recent study revealed, our haste to Google things rather than wait insights from experts can have a very real and very negative impact on our health.当然,难题在于当这种欲望在充斥着无穷信息的现实世界被感知和胀大后网络意味着你几乎可以毫无障碍地找到任何掠过脑海的问题的-只要你想要或者至少能够试着去寻找-尽管近期另外一项研究发现,我们动不动就求助谷歌而不是等待专家的深刻见解,这种行为对我们的健康产生了非常真实和负面的影响In the sad, secret affair between me and my ex-boyfriend’s email, the study was proven true. My snooping just made me sad, and in one case did some temporary damage to a relationship with a mutual friend who’d written a note to my ex about our split that wasn’t very complimentary to me (of course it wasn’t: he was try to make my ex feel better, not me).在我偷看前男友邮件这起悲伤又秘密的事件中,研究得到了实我的偷窥只能让我更伤心,有次甚至破坏了一个我和前男友共同朋友的关系,因为他发了封邮件和前男友说关于分手的事,而邮件中对我的描述并不是那么友好(当然也不可能友好:他是试图让我前男友感到好过点,而不是我)In time, I learned to muster the strength to turn away from other partners’ unlocked phones or computers: sometimes, a true mind-over-matter challenge. The acquisition of painful, troubling knowledge cannot be undone; the things we’d least like to know are the hardest to get. Out of kindness to ourselves, it’s worth considering whether we really want to , or look, or ask – sometimes, it turns out, there’s real character and strength in maintaining ignorance. Maybe even bliss.最终,我学会了控制自我,不再偷看其他伴侣未锁屏的手机或电脑:有时候,这真的是场心灵胜过物质的挑战曾经受过的疼痛和纠结不会消失;我们最不想知道的也是最难忘记的出于善待自己的目的,我们确实应该考虑我们是否真的想去阅读、浏览或者向对方询问-有时候,保持无知真的需要力量和勇气,有时,甚至是天赐之福粗心爷爷接孙子,接走别家娃 -- :38:19 来源:chinadaily A grandfather from Orangeburg County, Columbia, recently made the news after going to school to pick up his young grandson and coming home with a totally different child. It sounds like the plot of a 90's comedy, but this happened in real life.一位来自美国哥伦比亚奥兰治堡县的爷爷最近登上了新闻,因为他去学校接小孙子,却领了个全然不一样的小孩回家这听起来就像上世纪九十年代的喜剧情节,但却发生在真实生活中On May 19th, 65-year-old Joseph Fuller went to Edisto Primary School in order to pick up his six-year-old grandchild early. According to a police report, when he arrived at the school, Fuller saw a group of students leaving the school gym, one of which he thought was his grandson. He got out of his car, approached the boy, gave him a hug and told him he was there to pick him up early. When he asked him if he was y to go, the kid said "yes". A teacher's assistant later told deputies that when he asked the boy "Was this your grandfather?" he also answered "yes". So the two of them then went to the front office so the boy could be signed out, and since the grandpa was on the list of approved people to pick up kids, everything went smoothly. If you think this is weird, hold on tight, because it’s about to get weirder.5月19日,65岁的约瑟夫·富勒去埃迪斯托小学想早早接6岁的孙子根据警方报告,当他到达学校时,富勒看见一群学生走出学校体育馆,他以为其中一个是他孙子他下车朝小男孩走去,给了他一个拥抱,告诉孩子他提早来接他了当他问他是否准备走了,小孩说“是的”一位教师助理之后对警察说,当他问小男孩“这是你爷爷吗?”他也回答“是的”所以他们俩去了门厅,登记后小男孩才得以离开,又因为爷爷在可以接孩子的人名单上,所以一切都进展得很顺利如果你觉得这很奇怪,那么你可要憋住,因为事情将变得更奇怪Once out of the school, Fuller and his fake grandson got in the car, where his wife was waiting them. Without so much as turning around to look at the child, the woman allegedly handed him a McDonald's Happy Meal, and then they drove home. It was only when they arrived at their house that the Fullers finally realized that the boy was not their grandchild, after a missing tooth gave him away. "He had a tooth missing in the front, and I know my grandson did not have a tooth missing in the front," Fuller said. "Immediately, I brought him back to school, and I am very sorry."一走出学校,富勒和他的假孙子就上了车,他的妻子在车上等着他们据说富勒的太太都没有回头看孩子一眼,就递给他一份麦当劳的开心乐园餐,然后他们开车回到家在到家之后富勒夫妇才终于意识到这个小男孩不是他们的孙子,因为一颗缺了的牙齿出卖了他“他门牙缺了一颗,我知道我孙子门牙没有掉,”富勒说“我立刻把他带回了学校,我感到非常抱歉”The police report mentions that the two boys "had similarities in haircut style and features, but not in weight or height." Also, the fake grandchild's mother admitted "that the [grandfather] resembles her father and saw how her son also mistakenly thought he was indeed his grandfather."警方在报告中提到,两个男孩子“发型和容貌有相似之处,但身高体重不一样”假孙子的妈妈也承认“这个爷爷和她父亲长相相似,明白她儿子为什么误以为他确实是他的外祖父”Although everything got rectified in the end, the boy's father, Darrin Pressley, didn't find the whole mixup funny. "If they didn't bring him back my son could've been gone," Pressley said. "It's gross negligence on the school's part. My thing is, you know, have a prevention so this could never happen again." The bizarre incident has led to changes in the way young children can be picked up from school. Now, students have to verbally identify the person who is picking them up and then the front desk will double check the student's pick up list that name. Also, parents will only be able to access the school through the front office, over the summer.尽管最后一切都得到了纠正,男孩的父亲达林·普雷斯利并不觉得整个乌龙事件很有趣“如果他们不把他带回来,我的儿子可能就消失了,”普雷斯利说“这是学校的重大疏忽我的观点是,你知道的,应该建立预防措施,这样的事才不会再次发生”此次离奇事件促使小孩从学校被接走的方式发生了改变现在,学生必须口头确认来接他们的人,之后前台会仔细核实学生接送名单上对应的名字此外,家长在夏季只能通过门厅进入学校I, one, still can't wrap my head around how this grown man mistook a different boy his grandchild and only realized his mistake based on a missing front tooth. They must not be very close...就我来说,我还是脑子转不过弯儿来,搞不懂这个成年男子怎么能把别的男孩当成自己孙子的,而且一直到看到缺失的门牙后才意识到自己的错误他和自己的孙子一定不亲吧……Vocabularysign out: 签字登记后离开英文来源:odditycentral译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:陈丹妮墨西哥教师领导被捕,民众抗议要求释放“政治犯” -- :: 来源: 在墨西哥南部城市瓦哈卡,警方逮捕一名教师工会领导人,指控其非法侵吞从工会成员处募集的资金,引民众抗议 Mexican police have arrested a teachers’ union leader accused of siphoning off money raised illegally from union members in the southern city of Oaxaca.在墨西哥南部城市瓦哈卡,警方逮捕一名教师工会领导人,指控其非法侵吞工会成员募集的资金Ruben Nunez has led a decade-long fight better pay and working conditions.为了争取更合理的报酬和更好的工作条件,Ruben Nunez领导人们进行了长达十年的抗争His supporters say Mr Nunez is innocent, accusing the Mexican government of having political reasons to arrest him.他的持者称Mr Nunez是无辜的,墨西哥政府逮捕他是出于政治原因They have set up roadblocks around Oaxaca to demand his release.他们已经在瓦哈卡设置了路障,要求警方示范Mr NunezThe union has also called demonstrations in Mexico City on Tuesday and Friday.工会同时号召大家周二和周五在墨西哥市举行游行示威活动’Political prisoners’‘政治犯’Prosecutors have accused Mr Nunez of money laundering.检察官指控Mr Nunez涉嫌洗钱活动"He raised more than m pesos (.3m; ?900,000) illegally between and ," said Prosecutor Gilberto Higuera.检察官Gilberto Higuera说,“他在至年期间非法募集了超过00万比索(约合0万美元;90万英镑)” two years the union demanded a 3.5% cut of purchases made by unionised members from some businesses in Oaxaca, added Mr Higuera.Mr Higuera补充道,两年来,工会要求瓦哈卡州一些工会成员的商业出减少3.5%The money was taken from the education workers’ payslips, which prosecutors say was controlled by the union.检察官说工会的钱是从教育工作者的工资里扣除的"We have not ruled out the possibility of involvement from other people [from the unions in Oaxaca] in other illegal activities," said Mr Higuera.Mr Higuera说,“我们尚未排除工会其他成员参与到其他非法活动中的可能性”Mr Nunez was arrested in the early hours of Sunday and taken to the federal prison of Hermosillo, in the north-western state of Sonora.Mr Nunez在星期日凌晨被逮捕后,被送往索诺拉州西北部的埃莫西约联邦监狱Fellow union activist Francisco Villalobos was arrested in Oaxaca.同为工会活动家的Francisco Villalobos在瓦哈卡被捕Mr Nunez is the leader in Oaxaca of the National Co-ordination of Education Workers (CNTE), founded in 1979 as a dissidence of the mainstream SNTE.Mr Nunez是瓦哈卡州国家教育统筹协会(CNTE)的领导人,CNTE成立于1979年,是一个与主流组织SNTE政见不同的组织The CNTE described the two activists as "political prisoners" and "hostages of the federal government and of [Oaxaca] Governor Gabino Cue".CNTE 把这两位活动家称为“政治犯”及“联邦政府和瓦哈卡州长Gabino Cue的人质”The union opposes education rems introduced in by President Enrique Pena Nieto, which include new measures to evaluate teachers.工会反对年总统Enrique Pena Nieto引进的包括用新的手段来评价老师的教育改革欧洲杯:法国政府呼吁赛区禁酒 -- ::3 来源: 近日,法国政府呼吁举行欧洲杯比赛的城市在赛区和粉丝聚集区内禁酒 It follows three days of clashes between fans and police in Marseille.在此之前,球迷和警察曾在马赛爆发了一场长达三天的冲突Uefa is investigating after Russia supporters appeared to rush at England fans in the stadium after their draw on Saturday. It has threatened to ban both teams if there is further fan violence.上周六,俄罗斯队和英格兰队打成平局,赛后俄罗斯球迷在球场冲击了英格兰球迷,而目前欧足联正在调查这起事件欧足联曾威胁如果双方球迷间爆发进一步暴力冲突的话,两球队都有可能被禁赛The UK government has offered to send extra British police ahead of England’s next match in Lens on Thursday.英国政府已经额外派出本国警察前往法国,以在本周四于伦斯举行的比赛中保护英格兰队French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said: "I have asked all necessary measures to be taken to prohibit the sale, consumption and transport of alcoholic drinks in sensitive areas on match days and the day bee, and on days when fan zones are open."法国内政部长伯纳德说道:“我已经要求采取一切必要的措施,来禁止在敏感地区出售、购买和运输酒,这一禁令将在比赛日、比赛前几天和球迷区开放的日子里施行”The ban will include public areas, as well as shops and off-licences, Mr Cazeneuve said.伯纳德说道,这一禁令的范围将包括公共区域、商店和持有卖酒执照的店家Senior local officials can also ban bars and cafes from serving drinks on their terraces in containers that can be used as missiles.地方高级官员也可以禁止酒吧和咖啡馆在露台上出售瓶装的酒(这些瓶装酒可以被制成燃烧弹)"The events which took place in Marseille... are unacceptable. Unacceptable the authorities, unacceptable society, unacceptable football lovers," Mr Cazeneuve said.伯纳德说道:“发生在马赛的这起事件是不可饶恕的对政府来说不可饶恕,对社会来说不可饶恕,对足球爱好者来说同样不可饶恕”Russia’s next match against Slovakia will take place in Lille on Wednesday - the day bee England’s match against Wales just miles away in Lens.俄罗斯队下场比赛的对手是斯洛伐克,比赛将于本周三在里尔举行,而英格兰队对阵威尔士的比赛将于本周四举行,地点就在仅隔英里远的伦斯Lens has aly banned alcohol from being sold and fans without tickets the match or fan zone have been told not to travel.伦斯已经禁止卖酒了,而且没有比赛和球迷区门票的人已经被告诫不要到处闲逛Uefa, European football’s governing body, said it had begun disciplinary proceedings against Russia - but not England - after "totally unacceptable" scenes at the England-Russia game which ended 1-1.据欧足联(欧洲足球管理机构)表示,鉴于在英格兰对阵俄罗斯比赛中“不可饶恕”的行为(该场比赛双方1-1打平),他们已经对俄罗斯(不包括英格兰)开展了惩罚性程序Charges against Russia are crowd disturbances, racist behaviour, and setting off fireworks, Uefa said.据欧足联透露,针对俄罗斯的指控包括球迷骚乱、种族主义行为、以及燃放焰火There were issues with segregation of fans, the body admitted, promising security would be "strengthened".欧足联承认在球迷的隔离上有一些问题,但也承诺将“加强”安保Witnesses said trouble began in the stadium after flares were let off by Russian fans near the end of the game. Some then climbed across barriers designed to keep rival fans apart.据目击者称,在比赛快要结束时,俄罗斯球迷在看台上燃放了焰火,随后球场就发生了一些麻烦一些人爬过了用来分隔敌对球迷的栅栏A number of Russia supporters appeared to kick and punch fleeing England fans, who were ced to clamber over fencing to escape.许多俄罗斯球迷对四散逃开的英格兰球迷拳打脚踢,英格兰球迷被迫翻越栅栏逃跑Sanctions against Russia will be decided at a disciplinary meeting on Tuesday, Uefa said.据欧足联透露,在本周二的纪律会议上,他们将决定对俄罗斯的制裁B sports editor Dan Roan said as hosts of the 18 World Cup, the country was under intense scrutiny.B体育编辑丹·罗安说道,作为18世界杯的主办国,俄罗斯的安保问题很严峻Russian and English supporters as well as French locals also clashed in pitched battles three days in Marseille ahead of their teams’ first-round encounter.在俄罗斯队和英格兰队第一轮交锋之前,俄罗斯球迷、英国球迷、还有法国本地人在马赛爆发了一场长达三天的冲突As many as England fans were injured, with a number taken to hospital, and at least one Briton is understood to be in a critical condition.受伤的英国球迷多达名,许多人被送往了医院,至少一名英国球迷情况危急Uefa said it had not taken any action against the English FA, because skirmishes involving England fans bee kick-off fell outside its remit.据欧足联表示,他们没有采取任何针对英国足协的行动,因为这场冲突发生在比赛开始之前,而这不在英国足协的职责范围之内FA chief executive Martin Glenn said a letter from Uefa about fans’ behaviour, was being treated with the "utmost seriousness".英国足协首席执行官马丁·格伦表示,他们将“非常严肃”地对待欧足联这封关于球迷行为的信件"We understand the potential implications of our supporters’ actions and wholly accept that every eft needs to be made by the FA to positively urge them to act in a responsible and respectful way," he said in a statement.马丁·格伦在一份声明中说道:“我们理解球迷们的行动所带来的潜在影响,我们完全接受足协所必须要做出的努力,足协必须要积极地敦促球迷负责任、有尊重地行事”"Violent scenes like those witnessed over the weekend in Marseille have no place in football, nor society as a whole."“上周末发生在马赛的暴力事件不应该发生在足球比赛里,也不应该发生在这个社会集体中”

英捐器官男子为外籍教师曾赴秘鲁教 -- 18:58:1 来源:chinadaily 年6 月9 日浙江省杭州市,马克amp;; 奥斯本的妻子王女士,在她的丈夫转移到手术室前,与他告别 Mark Osborne's wife, surnamed Wang, bids farewell to her husband, bee he's transferred to the operating room, on June 9, in the city of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province. 浙江省杭州市,一名英国男子因在临终前捐出器官给中国患者感动了大众马克amp;; 奥斯本在于病魔奋战了8天后,于6月9日与世长辞今年9 岁的马克早先就决定把他的眼角膜、肾脏、心脏、肝脏捐献给6个中国人,以此在他所深爱的国家来传递生的希望 A British man has touched the public by donating his organs to Chinese patients on his deathbed, in the city of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province.Mark Osborne lost his 8 day battle life on June 9. The 9-year-old had earlier made the decision to donate his corneas, kidneys, heart and liver to six Chinese people, to pass the hope life to the country he had come to love. 6 月8 日是这对夫妇的六周年结婚纪念日王女士在在浙江省杭州市的浙江医科大学第二附属医院的重症监护病房,举行了一个小型的婚礼周年纪念会和告别晚会据悉,马克是浙江省第二位离世捐献器官的外籍人士6年前,他来到杭州工作从事英语外教工作 妻子王女士说,丈夫马克是个很有爱心的人,曾两次自己掏钱前往秘鲁教年3月3日下午他因为头痛发烧到就诊,后被确诊为“蛛网膜下腔出血”,很快陷入了深度昏迷,送进了外科重症监护室 马克被评估为脑死亡后,他远在英国的亲人也表示持,将器官捐献移植所需要的资料第一时间寄了过来9日上午时分,马克在妻子、医护人员及红十字会协调员的护送陪同下进入手术室 据悉,位受体人的等待时间从半年到两年不等,受体人平均年龄为8岁马克的心脏将被移植到一位56岁的男性心脏病患者体中马克的一对肾脏,分别移植到了一位8岁的女性和一位56岁的男性尿毒症患者体内,他们在此之前已分别等待了5年和3年马克的肝脏被移植到一位肝癌男性体内而马克的角膜,能让两个人重现光明 June 8 was the couple's sixth wedding anniversary. Ms. Wang held a small wedding anniversary and farewell party at the Intensive Care at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, in the city of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province. A photo of Mark as a child. 马克孩童时期的一张照片 A photo of Mark with his Chinese wife Ms. Wang. [File photo: Xinhua] 马克和妻子王女士的照片 Relatives and friends bid farewell to Mark bee he was transferred to the operating room, on June 9, in the city of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province. 年6 月9 日浙江省杭州市,亲戚和朋友在马克转移到手术室前,与他告别

图说中国游客对美国经济的贡献 --1 :5:30 来源: 9月日,在人民大会堂会见出席第七轮中美工商领袖和前高层对话的美方代表时,国家主席习近平表示,中美关系的本质是互利共赢今年6月,美中贸易全国委员会也曾表示,中国为美国经济增长作出了重大贡献在习近平主席访美前夕,小编带领大家一起盘点中国的贡献究竟有哪些今天我们来看中国游客、留学生对美国经济的贡献

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