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哈尔滨妇科彩超多少钱哈尔滨省妇幼保健院治疗不孕不育好吗哈尔滨工业大学医院礼拜天有妇科专家好吗 How much did LinkedIn make over the past three years? Sounds a simple enough question doesn’t it? But it is also one that is capable of being answered in multiple and very diverse ways.过去三年领英(LinkedIn)赚了多少钱?这问题听起来够简单,不是么?然而,这也是个能以多种极其不同的方式回答的问题。First, let’s look at the figure the US online networking site wants you to focus on. That’s a mouthful called adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (ebitda), and the total there between 2013 and 2015 came in at a positive .7bn.首先,让我们看看这家美国在线人脉网站希望你关注的数据。那是一个极其绕口的词:息税折旧及摊销前利润(Ebitda),2013年至2015年期间该数据的总额为17亿美元。Sounds pretty hunky dory? Well, now check out the operating profit line for the business — the one calculated according to the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) that companies must present but often don’t emphasise. Over the same period, LinkedIn racked up a m loss.听起来相当不错?那么,再看看该企业的营运利润这一栏。这一数字是根据美国公认会计原则(GAAP)计算得出的,企业必须提供这一数字,但往往不会强调它。在同一时期内,领英累计录得6700万美元亏损。What explains the yawning .8bn difference between those two figures? It isn’t simply the depreciation and amortisation charges the company took against the value of its assets. Those, while pretty hefty, came to just 1m. No, the biggest single reason for the negative swing was the bn cost of the stock LinkedIn stuffed into its employees’ pay packets over those three years.两个数字间18亿美元的巨大差异该如何解释?其原因不能简单地认为是该公司对其资产价值的折旧和摊销所导致的。这两项虽然也很高,但总共才7.91亿美元。该数据负面波动的最大原因,是那三年里领英塞到其员工工资袋里的股票所导致的10亿美元成本。LinkedIn is just one of a number of US tech companies that airbrush out such payments when presenting results to investors. It is part of a broader trend that has seen companies strain to put the best possible spin on their numbers, excluding inconvenient non-cash or supposedly non recurring items they claim obscure rather than elucidate the underlying performance of the business.领英只是向投资者陈述财报时掩饰这类成本的众多美国高科技企业之一。此举是更大范围趋势的一部分:企业以尽可能积极的方式呈现业绩,剔除不方便的非现金项目或非经常性项目,声称这类项目模糊而不是说明根本的业务表现。Mark Mahaney, an analyst at R Capital Markets, recently outed some of the large-cap tech groups that are the biggest payers of stock to their employees. Number one on the list was Twitter. Over the past two years the messaging platform has on average issued shares to employees with a value equivalent to 124 per cent of operating income.最近,加拿大皇家资本市场(R Capital Markets)分析师马克#8226;马哈尼(Mark Mahaney)揭露了向员工付股票规模最大的一些高市值高科技集团。名单上排在第一位的是Twitter。过去两年,这个即时消息平台向员工发行的股票价值平均相当于营业利润的1.24倍。Not that you would know this when looking at the company’s earnings releases. In its recently announced first-quarter figures, Twitter reported pro forma earnings of 15 cents a share. It is only when you dig out the GAAP number the company also supplies, but does not emphasise, that the uglier reality becomes apparent: it actually lost 12 cents a share.查看该公司发布的财报时,你是找不到这个事实的。在最近发布的第一季度财报数据中,Twitter报出备考盈利每股15美分。只有当你挖掘出该公司同时提供、却不强调的GAAP数据后,更丑陋的现实才会浮出水面:该公司实际上每股亏损12美分。It may seem odd that companies are still engaging in this less-than-innocent deception. After all, it is hard to find a convincing argument for excluding stock compensation from earnings.企业仍在搞这种不够厚道的欺骗手段,似乎有点不可思议。毕竟,对于把股票报酬排除在盈利数据以外的做法,很难找到有说力的理由。While no cash may change hands when a company issues equity to its employees, the firm denies itself the chance to sell those shares or options for value in the market. Failing to recognise that forgone cash effectively understates the cost the company has incurred in employing those individuals. That’s not only imprudent, it makes it harder to compare that business with other firms that take a more sensible approach.尽管当企业向员工发行股份时不会有现金上的交易,但企业这么做就失去了自己在市场上出售这些股份或期权以兑现价值的可能性。未能承认这些被放弃的现金,实际上低估了企业雇用这些人的成本。这么做不仅仅是不够谨慎,还令人更难将该公司与其他采取更明智做法的公司进行比较。Tech companies are not the only offenders, of course, and stock compensation isn’t the only cost that magically vanishes when companies present non-GAAP figures. Indeed, the practice is mushrooming. According to the Analyst’s Accounting Observer, 90 per cent of the constituents in the Standard amp; Poor’s 500 index produced non-GAAP figures last year, up from 72 per cent in 2009.当然,高科技企业并不是唯一这么做的企业,股票报酬也不是企业提供非GAAP数据时唯一魔术般消失的成本。的确,这类做法如雨后春笋般层出不穷。据《分析师会计观察》(Analyst#39;s Accounting Observer)介绍,标普500(Samp;P 500)指数90%的成分股公司去年报出的数据不符合美国公认会计准则,高于2009年的72%。All sorts of costs are being vaporised as companies present their results with increasing creativity. They range from such items as preferred dividends and even severance payments to the legal and restructuring costs that Valeant, an acquisitive pharmaceutical company, notoriously deducted from its expense lines.随着企业以越来越高的“创造性”展示其业绩,各种各样的成本蒸发了。这些成本从优先股息和遣散费,到法律和重组成本——收购意识较强的制药公司Valeant就以从开中移除法律和重组成本而留下坏名声。Inevitably, non-GAAP figures are diverging ever further from accounting reality. In a study of 380 Samp;P 500 companies, the Analyst’s Accounting Observer calculated that their “adjusted” net income rose 6.6 per cent to 4bn last year. It sounds great until you discover that under GAAP precisely the opposite was happening. Net income at those same companies actually declined almost 11 per cent to 2bn — a full 30 per cent less.不可避免的是,非GAAP数据与会计现实渐行渐远。在对380家标普500成分股企业的研究中,《分析师会计观察》计算得出,去年它们“调整后”的净利润增长了6.6%,达到8040亿美元。这个数字听起来相当好,然而按照GAAP原则计算一下,你会发现情况恰恰相反。同一批企业的净利润其实下滑了近11%,至5620亿美元——足足少了30%。Obsessed by top-line growth, shareholders seem happy to acquiesce in these practices. In the meantime, most analysts have loyally focused on adjusted numbers, perhaps feeling under pressure from company bosses to play along.纠结于顶线增长的股东,似乎乐于默许这类行为。与此同时,多数分析师忠实地关注调整后的数字,也许是因为他们受到了来自企业老板的压力,要求他们配合。But these acts of self-deception carry real risks for investors. For instance, excluding the cost of stock grants can lead to inflated executive pay levels. There is also the problem of what happens when the share price falters. Then, to avoid losing its valuable employees, the company may have the unpalatable choice of either diluting investors further — or switching suddenly to cash compensation that it may struggle to afford.然而,这种自我欺骗的行为给投资者带来真切的风险。比如,将授予股份的成本排除在外,可能会导致虚高的高管薪资水平。此外,股价下跌时也会出现问题。到那时候,为避免有价值的员工流失,企业也许会面临一个不愉快的选择:要么进一步稀释投资者,要么突然转而采取它也许难以承担的现金薪酬。While keeping it real may make for a less inspiring income statement, it does at least proof figures against this sort of unpleasant eventuality. For now investors may be content to play along with companies’ accounting fantasies. Sooner or later, however, it is an indulgence they will come to regret.尽管老实的会计方法也许带来不那么鼓舞人心的报表,但它至少能让数字如实反映情况,免遭上述不愉快结局。眼下投资者也许会满足于附和企业的会计幻想。然而,他们迟早会为这种纵容后悔。 /201605/443203Elon Musk#39;s vision of a Hyperloop transport system that carries passengers in pressurised tubes at near-supersonic speeds is on track to hit a milestone.伊隆·马斯克的超级高铁创想——加压密封车厢以近于超音速的速度运送乘客——即将见里程碑式的新突破。Musk outlined his futuristic idea in a paper released in 2013, challenging innovators to bring the dream to life.马斯克2013年发表了一篇论文,阐述了这一未来设想,希望有富于改革创新精神的人将梦想变为现实。Hyperloop Technologies, one of the startups that picked up the gauntlet thrown by Musk, is hosting a ;sneak preview of the future of transportation technology; during a two-day event billed as involving a demonstration at a test site outside Las Vegas.初创企业“超级高铁技术公司”接过了马斯克抛出的挑战。该公司近日将于郊外一处试验场进行为期两天的展示,给外界一个“未来交通技术预演”。A series of tweets fired from the Twitter account @HyperloopTech teased ;big announcements you don#39;t want to miss;.公司推特账号@HyperloopTech连发数条推文,直呼“将有重大事项宣布,你肯定不想错过”。- Kitty Hawk moment -基蒂霍克时刻Late last year, Hyperloop chief executive Rob Lloyd said in an online post that the team was working toward a ;Kitty Hawk; moment in 2016.去年底,“超级高铁技术公司”CEO罗勃·劳埃德在一篇网帖中称,公司团队将于2016年缔造“基蒂霍克”时刻(背景知识:莱特兄弟1903年于北卡罗来纳的基蒂霍克首次试飞飞机成功)。The post came with word of an agreement to use an industrial park in the city of North Las Vegas to conduct a Propulsion Open Air Test of the blazingly-fast rail system.与网帖同时出现的还有一则消息:该公司已达成相关协议,将于北部一处工业园进行超级高铁的“露天推进试验”。Lloyd described it at the time as a very important step on the way to realising the full potential of Hyperloop Tech.劳埃德当时称,这是全面发挥“超级高铁技术公司”潜力的重要一步。;Our #39;Kitty Hawk#39; moment refers to our first full system, full scale, full speed test,; Lloyd said.他表示:“我们的‘基蒂霍克’时刻将首次展示全系统、全规模、全速度的高铁试验。”;This will be over two miles of tube with a controlled environment and inside that tube we will levitate a pod and accelerate it to over 700 miles (1,125 kilometers) per hour.;“我们将布置超过两英里长的隧道,把控好隧道环境。隧道内悬浮的行驶舱,时速可达700英里(约1125公里)以上”。- Iron Man -钢铁侠The project could connect Los Angeles and San Francisco in 35 minutes in a low-cost alternative to a high-speed rail network planned for California.该项目将连接洛杉矶和旧金山,全程仅需35分钟,而且相对于加州计划中的高铁线路,该项目费用更低。Musk has said he has no plans to build the system but offered the ;open source design; to allow others to pursue a venture.马斯克已表示,他无意亲身参与这种项目,但会把他的设计变成开源资源,供其他冒险家使用。Jon Favreau, director of ;Iron Man,; has referred to Musk as a modern-day ;Renaissance man.;《钢铁侠》导演乔恩·费儒认为马斯克是一个现代版的“文艺复兴式人物”。In an article for Time, Favreau said he and actor Robert Downey Jr. modeled the main character in the movie -- ;genius billionaire Tony Stark; -- after the Silicon Valley star.费儒在一篇写给《时代》杂志的文章中称,影片主角之一“天才富豪托尼·斯塔克”,就是他和演员小罗伯特·唐尼以这位硅谷明星为原型创作的。South Africa-born Musk has become one of America#39;s best-known innovators, having launched a payments company, electric carmaker Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity.出生于南非的马斯克是美国最著名的创新家之一。他创立过付公司、电动汽车特斯拉、太空探索公司以及“天阳能城市”公司。 /201605/443211哈尔滨人民医院妇科挂号

哈尔滨市哪里治疗月经不调好Six scientists have completed a yearlong Mars simulation in Hawaii, where they lived in a dome in near isolation.近日,六名科学家在夏威夷一个近乎完全隔绝的圆顶屋中完成了为期一年的火星模拟生活。For the past year, the group in the dome on a Mauna Loa mountain could go outside only while wearing spacesuits. On Sunday, the simulation ended, and the scientists emerged.去年一整年他们都住在位于莫纳罗亚火山的圆顶屋里,要想外出只能穿着太空。模拟于周日结束,科学家们终于“重见天日”。Cyprien Verseux, a crew member from France, said the simulation shows a mission to Mars can succeed.其中一名来自法国、名叫西普里安·费尔苏克斯的成员表示,这次模拟表明,去火星执行任务是可行的。;I can give you my personal impression which is that a mission to Mars in the close future is realistic. I think the technological and psychological obstacles can be overcome,; Verseux said.费尔苏克斯说道:“就我个人来说,我认为在不远的将来,人类登上火星可以变为现实。我认为技术上和心理上的困难都是可以克的。”Christiane Heinicke, a crew member from Germany, said the scientists succeeded in finding their own water in a dry climate.来自德国的成员克里斯蒂娜·海因尼克表示,科学家们成功地在干燥的气候中找到了水源。;Showing that it works, you can actually get water from the ground that is seemingly dry. It would work on Mars and the implication is that you would be able to get water on Mars from this little greenhouse construct,; she said.她说道:“这是可行的,你真的可以在看起来很干燥的土地中找到水。这在火星上也可行,你可以在这个小型温室建筑里获得水。”Tristan Bassingthwaighte, a doctor of architecture candidate at University of Hawaii, served as the crew#39;s architect.夏威夷大学建筑专业在读士生特里斯坦·巴星怀特是整个团队的建筑师。;The UH research going on up here is just super vital when it comes to picking crews, figuring out how people are going to actually work on different kinds of missions, and sort of the human factors element of space travel, colonization, whatever it is you are actually looking at,; Bassingthwaighte said.巴星怀特说道:“在挑选成员的时候,夏威夷大学的研究就显得尤为重要,要挑出能够真正胜任不同任务的人,挑出适合太空旅行和定居的人,不管具有什么特质,都是我们真正在寻找的人。”Kim Binsted, principal investigator for the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS), said the researchers are looking forward to getting in the ocean and eating fresh produce and other foods that weren#39;t available in the dome.夏威夷太空探索模拟与仿真任务的首席研究员金姆·宾斯特德表示,研究人员们期待着能够跑到大海里,还期待吃一些新鲜的食物,这些都是在圆顶屋里做不到的。;HI-SEAS is an example of international collaborative research hosted and run by the University of Hawaii. So it#39;s really exciting to be able to welcome the crew back to earth and back to Hawaii after a year on Mars,; Binsted said.宾斯特德说道:“HI-SEAS是一次由夏威夷大学主导和运作的国际合作。在#39;火星#39;上待一年之后,小队成员们终于能够回到#39;地球#39;的夏威夷,想想真令人兴奋!” /201609/464552哈尔滨不孕不育那家医院比较好 I.Q. scores have been measured since 1916, when Alfred Binet developed his intelligence scale. He graduated the scale in the following way:IQ Scores130+ Very superior120+ Superior110+ Above average99+ Average80+ Below average70+ BorderlineLess than 70 Extremely low.Items included in IQ tests range from spatial awareness where you have to match patterns, to number sequences, and words. There is a free IQ testing site online.IQ tests used to be standardized but now they are designed by many different organizations in an attempt to measure certain qualities in candidates. For example, Mensa, the High IQ Society, sets its own test which is very difficult in parts. One example of a Mensa question:Take these letters:C E I L M E R S SForm two different 8 letter words from these letters. Each word must use all the letters.Intelligence and personality have been combined to give sten and z-scores. These are often used by companies who want to recruit staff with particular traits and abilities.Some very famous celebrities are know for their extremely high IQ level.Bill Gates: GeniusMadonna 140Al Gore 140Hugh Hefner 152Carol Vorderman 154Bill Gates 160Jill St. John 162Jill St. John who claims the highest score on this list was a major American film actress during the 1960's and 1970's. Jill was admitted to the University of California at the age of 14.Psychologists have estimated the IQ scores that some famous historical figures might have attained. This was done by looking at their work and their ideas and the way they put them together.Leonardo da Vinci: Smarter than Bill GatesGeorge Washington 118Napoleon Bonaparte 145Albert Einstein 160Charles Dickens 180Michelangelo 180Leonardo da Vinci 220Leonardo da Vinci earns that massive score for his art but also for his helicopter concept . His solar power diagrams, calculator plans, and studies of plate techtonics. He had none of the modern day scientific equipment and he was way ahead of his time.本文来自: 译索网(www.elanso.com) 自从1916年阿尔弗雷德·比奈(Alfred Binet)发明了智力量表,人类的智商就开始被测量。他把智商得分如下分类:IQ 得分130+ 非常出众120+ 出众110+ 平均之上99+ 平均80+ 平均之下70+ 分界线低于70的人智商极低测量智商的测试范围很广,从要求你搭配图案的空间意识到数字排序以及文字。这里给大家一个免费的测试智商的网站。过去智商测试都是统一标准化的,而今许多组织设计出各种不同的智商测试来衡量各种品质。比如,门萨这一高智商俱乐部就会设定自主测试,而这种考试的有些部分是非常难的。下面是门萨考题中的一个例子:给出下列字母:C E I L M E R S S用以上字母,构成两个完全不同的8字单词。每个单词必须使用所有单词。一个人的智商和个性已经与他是否能做出复杂的词干题和Z分数联系在一起。一些公司经常用这种方式来招募那些有特质、有能力的员工。一些非常出名的名人以他们极高的智商著称。比尔·盖茨:天才麦当娜 140阿尔·戈尔 140休·海弗纳 152卡罗尔·沃德曼 154比尔·盖茨 160吉尔·圣约翰 162这个在榜单上位列首位的吉尔·圣约翰是19世纪六七十年代的美国电影男主角。他14岁就被加利福尼亚大学录取。心理学家对一些著名的历史人物的智商进行了推测,依据是他们的成就和思想以及他们将思想赋予行动的方式。莱昂纳多·达·芬奇:比比尔盖茨更聪明乔治·华盛顿 118拿破仑·波拿巴 145艾伯特·爱因斯坦 160查尔斯·狄更斯 180米开朗基罗 180莱昂纳多·达·芬奇 220莱昂纳多·达·芬奇得分如此之高不仅因为他在艺术上的成就,还因为他对直升飞机的概念。他设计出太阳能图表,拟定计算器计划,还对板块构造学(plate tectonics 此处应为作者笔误)颇有研究。在没有当代科学设备的情况下,达芬奇的成就早已超越他所在的时代。 /200804/36087哈尔滨哪家妇科看的好

哈尔滨做可视人流医院The world#39;s first quantum satellite is currently in the middle of in-orbit testing, and will carry out additional scientific tests after November, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced on Oct. 12.根据中科院10月12日公布的消息,全球首颗量子卫星目前正在进行在轨测试,将在11月份之后进行其他科学测试。Nicknamed ;Micius,; the satellite, Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS), was launched in China in August.这一名为;墨子号;的空间尺度量子科学实验卫星于今年8月在中国发射升空。;QUESS has three missions to fulfill, which are the launch into orbit, in-orbit testing and scientific experiments. Currently, QUESS has entered the second stage, and has completed two tests - of the satellite platform and the payload. Tests of satellite-ground links are now underway,; said Pan Jianwei, chief scientist behind the quantum communication satellite project, during an interview with the Beijing Times.在接受《新京报》采访时,量子通讯卫星项目首席科学家潘建伟表示:;墨子号共有三个任务要完成,分别是进入轨道、进行在轨测试和进行科学实验。到目前为止,该卫星已经进入了第二阶段,并且完成了两项测试--分别对卫星平台和有效荷载进行了测试。卫星和地面的连接测试目前正在进行中。;According to reports, the battery packs of the satellite are functional, and the success rate of its remote control has reached 100 percent.据报道,该卫星的电池组运转正常,遥控成功率达到了100%。The satellite has successfully tracked all ground stations with satisfactory accuracy.此外,;墨子号;已经成功地追踪到了所有地面站点,精确度也很令人满意。;The satellite has also established three types of satellite-ground links, which has laid a foundation for QUESS scientific missions. We have been adjusting and optimizing parameters, accumulating data for future research,; Pan said.潘建伟表示:;墨子号建立起了三种卫星-地面连接线路,这为空间尺度量子实验室科学任务奠定了基础。我们一直在调整和优化参数,为以后的研究积累数据。;Quantum communication boasts ultra-high security, as a quantum photon can neither be separated nor duplicated. It is therefore impossible to wiretap, intercept or crack the information transmitted through it.量子通讯具有超高的安全性,因为量子态的光子既不能被分离也不能被复制。因此,不可能对通过量子通讯传输的信息进行窃听、拦截和破解。QUESS, as planned, will also beam entangled photons to two Earth stations, 1,200 kilometers apart, in a move to test quantum entanglement over a greater distance.按照计划,墨子号将把一对纠缠的光子分别发送到相距1200公里的两个站点,从而测试更远距离上的量子纠缠。It will additionally test quantum teleportation with a ground station in Ali, Tibet, the Xinhua News Agency reported.据新华社报道,墨子号还将和西藏阿里的一个底面站点进行量子瞬间传输测试。 /201610/473276 Gather lots of information about your subject matter. Study it diligently. Work hard. Follow Vincent Van Gogh’s advice: “If one is master of one thing and understands one thing well,one has at the same time insight into and understanding of many things.” Look at your topic from many different perspectives. How would a mystic approach this idea? How would a rocket scientist look at this? What would a child do? What would a very old person do?Meditate. Let your thoughts simmer as you go for a long walk. Get back to work. Create a hypothesis. Test your hypothesis. Relax. Inspiration won’t strike if you’re tense. Hang around with creative people. Go to a café frequented by artists and eavesdrop on their conversation. Be comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity. Create a mind map of your subject matter.Remember that practice makes perfect. Sit down to create even when you don’t feel like it. Gather more information. Think abundantly: there are many ideas out there, numerous alternatives, several solutions, and endless ways to make things better. Know that there’s an unlimited supply of ideas. Buy a goldfish. Watch it swim around in its tank. Ignore people who try to dissuade you from following through on your idea.Remember that inspiration requires perspiration. Ask yourself: is there another way to look at this? What assumptions are you making? Challenge those assumptions. Read books on creativity.Apply the techniques taught in those books. Visualize. Listen to Baroque music. Put in the hours. What are you failing to see that is staring you right in the face? Read poetry. Be passionate. Sort through Rorschach ink-blots; what do you see? Break the rules.(The “Full Spectrum” photograph is courtesy of mdezemery).Jolts to your routine will lead to new ideas. Simplify: what can you edit out of your current idea to make it better? Exercise.Exaggerate. What if you were a thousand times smarter? What if you were two inches tall? Make the colors brighter. Now see it in black and white. Take risks. Get over the fear of being wrong.Believe in magic. Set a time constraint. Learn to juggle. Remember to feed your goldfish. Laugh until your stomach hurts.What common elements could you combine in a new way?Conduct experiments. Take note of what works and what doesn’t. Make small tweaks and try again. Take time off and put together a jigsaw puzzle. What if this problem had to be solved in the next half-hour? Set a quantity a: what if you had to come up with twenty different ways of solving this? Discuss your idea with a friend who is very different from you. Follow Einstein’s advice: take a nap. What does your intuition tell you?What does your logic tell you? Are there any analogies you can draw from nature? Trust yourself. Give yourself permission to make something really special. Put on the judge’s robe and criticize your own work. Decide what works and what doesn’t. Keep molding your idea, adding a little bit here, and taking away a little bit there. Come up with a unique plan for getting your work out there. Now take your idea and implement it in the real world.Watch your idea take its first breath; its first steps . . . Do a little dance and thank the gods of creativity for their inspiration. 收集一些关于你自己事情的资料、信息。勤奋、努力地学习它。文森特.梵高的建议:“如果一个人能掌握一件事,并能非常好地理解它,那么他同时也能洞察和了解其他很多事情。”从不同角度审视你所选的话题。神学家怎么想这个观点呢?研究火箭的科学家怎么看呢?孩子会怎么样做呢?老人又会怎么呢?沉思中。那就散步久一些,让你的思维好好酝酿一下吧。回到工作上。做一个假设。测试一下这个假设。放松。人至紧则无智。多和那些有创造性的人在一起。多和艺术家一起去咖啡馆,听听他们的谈话。轻松面对您所不确定和不清楚的事情。在脑子里构建一个图,是关于您之前收集关于自己事情的资料。请记住:熟能生巧。即使你不喜欢它,还是得要坐下来做一做它。收集更多的信息。想得再多一些。其实有很多种想法,无数种选择,一些解决办法和无数种让事情做得更好的方式。要知道想法的出现是无穷的。不必理会那些劝止你按照自己意愿做事情的人。问一下自己:对于这件事情就没有其他方法了吗?你做了什么设想呢?试一试那些设想吧。读一些关于创造性方面的书。运用书上所教你的方法。形象化一些就是:听听巴洛克音乐。听它几个小时。你所没有看见的就是你现在面对开始的。读读诗。要充满热情地去读它。好好斟酌一下你的日常事物。可能会有新的想法、思路。简言之,你能用什么办法把现在的想法做得更好?试一试。夸张一些:如果你是现在的千分之一那么小,你会怎样做?抑或是两英尺那么高?把事情弄明了一些。那么现在换个角度来看看。冒一下险,克一下因犯错而产生的恐惧。相信魔力。设置一个时间限定。学习一下玩戏法。记得喂你得金鱼。如果笑,要笑到你胃痛。怎样可以将普通元素以一种新的方式组合呢?做一些实验。将哪一些有效,哪一些无效记录下来。进行小的调整,然后再试一次。花一些时间玩玩七巧板智力拼图。在接下来的半小时里,如果这个问题必须解决,你会怎样做?设定配额数量:如果有20种解决这件事情的不同办法,你会怎样做?和与你持不同意见的朋友讨论一下你的想法。接受爱因斯坦的意见吧:打个小打盹儿。你的直觉告诉你什么?你的逻辑怎么样告诉你呢?从性质上可以得出什么类推法吗?相信你自己。允许你自己做一些真正不一样的事情。站在法官的角度来批评一下自己的事情。评判一下哪一些有用,哪一些无用。在你思想慢慢成型的过程中,在这里加一点,去掉那里一些。为自己的事情做一个独特的计划。那么现在就将你的想法在现实世界中实践吧。关注你的第一次尝试,第一步… …小跳一段舞蹈,感谢上帝的创造性,因为他们有如此的灵感。 /200806/42663宾县疏通输卵管哈尔滨做人流手术哪家医院好一点



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