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Dutch officials confirmed that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was brought down by a Russian-made missile and criticised Ukraine for not closing its airspace over its eastern regions despite the conflict.荷兰官员实,马来西亚航空公Malaysia Airlines)的MH17航班是被一枚俄罗斯制造的导弹击落的,同时批评乌克兰在东部地区发生冲突的情况下没有关闭空域。In the first official investigation into the crash that killed 298 people in July last year, the Dutch Safety Board was careful not to apportion blame for the missile, which the US and its allies say was fired from territory in eastern Ukraine controlled by Russian-backed rebels.在对去年7月造成298人死亡的空难进行的首次官方调查中,荷兰安全委员会(Dutch Safety Board)谨慎地未对导弹来自哪一方作出评判。美国及其盟友称,那枚导弹是从由俄罗斯持的反政府武装控制的乌克兰东部地区发射的。Amid the fallout from the tragedy, which has greatly added to tensions between Moscow and the west, Russia staged its own event hours before the report was released to insist that its allies were not responsible.俄罗斯在该报告公布的几小时前举行了自己的发布会,坚称其盟友对此没有责任。这场悲剧的冲击波大大加剧了俄罗斯与西方之间的紧张。The case remains the subject of a separate Dutch-led criminal probe although in July Russia vetoed a draft resolution at the UN Security Council to set up an international tribunal into the disaster.该案仍是荷兰主导的另一项刑事调查的对象,尽管俄罗斯7月份在联合国安理UN Security Council)否决了一项拟对这场灾难设立国际法庭的决议案。The MH17 crash was the most dramatic single event in the war between pro-Russian separatists and government forces in the east of Ukraine. In its wake, western attitudes towards Russia’s involvement in the war hardened and EU and US sanctions imposed on Moscow over its annexation of Crimea were expanded.在乌克兰东部亲俄分裂分子和政府军之间进行的这场战争中,MH17空难是最具戏剧性的单一事件。发生这场空难后,西方对俄罗斯插手战争的态度更加强硬,欧盟和美国就俄罗斯吞并克里米亚的举动而对其扩大了制裁。Although the year-long investigation determined that MH17 was shot down by a Russian-made Buk anti-aircraft missile, following earlier media reports including in the Financial Times, it did not seek to establish who fired it because this was not part of its mandate.尽管在英囀?金融时报》等媒体报道后长达一年的调查确定MH17是被俄罗斯制造的山毛Buk)防空导弹击落的,但它并未试图确定是谁发射了导弹,因为这并不在调查权限之内。But the board was clear in its criticism of Ukrainian authorities for allowing Malaysia Airlines and 60 other carriers to continue to fly at the time.但是,该委员会明确批评乌克兰当局当时允许马来西亚航空公司及其0家航空公司继续飞越东部地区。“Almost all operators were flying over that area,said Tjibbe Joustra, who chaired the investigation. “Why? Because no one thought civil aviation was at risk.In total, 160 flights flew over the same area of Ukraine in the three days leading up to July 17 when MH17 was shot down.“几乎所有的航空公司当时都飞越那个区域,”主持该调查的Tjibbe Joustra称,“为什么?因为当时没有人认为民用航空面临风险。”在77日MH17被击落的前三天里,总计60个航班飞越乌克兰同一区域。来 /201510/403785The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its contribution to the country’s transition to democracy in the wake of the Arab spring.诺贝尔委员会(Nobel committee)015年诺贝尔和平Nobel Peace Prize)授予突尼斯全国对话大Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet),以表彰其在阿拉伯之Arab spring)之后为突尼斯转型为民主国家作出的贡献。The little-known group won out over a long list of famous names, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Pope Francis.这个鲜为人知的组织击败了众多知名候选人,其中包括德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)和教宗方济各(Pope Francis)。The Dialogue, formed in 2013, was a key player in aiding Tunisia’s political transition, helping to ratify a new constitution and set up its electoral commission.突尼斯全国对话大会成立于2013年,在推动突尼斯政治转型方面发挥了关键作用,帮助批准了新宪法并组建了选举委员会。The Nobel committee hailed the organisation for its “decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution in 2011诺贝尔委员会称赞该组织“在2011年茉莉花革命(Jasmine Revolution)后为突尼斯建设多元化民主作出了决定性贡献”。来 /201510/402997US authorities are investigating a new wave of cyber attacks against American financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase, the largest US bank by assets.美国当局正在调查针对美国金融机构的新一轮网络攻击。这些被攻击的金融机构中包括了美国资产规模最大的根大JPMorgan Chase)。The Federal Bureau of Investigation said on Wednesday it was working with the US Secret Service “to determine the scope of recently reported cyber attacks against several American financial institutions美国联邦调查局(FBI)周三表示,该机构正与美国特勤局(US Secret Service)通力合作,“以确定最近上报的针对几家美国金融机构的网络攻击的规模”。“Combating cyber threats and criminals remains a top priority for the ed States government,the FBI added. “We are constantly working with American companies to fight cyber attacks.”FBI补充说:“打击网络威胁及网络犯罪依然是美国政府的首要任务。我们一直在与美国企业合作,对抗网络攻击。”A person familiar with the matter said JPMorgan was one of the companies targeted in a recent attack. The bank declined to confirm or comment on the specific incident.知情人士表示,根大通是最近受攻击的目标之一。目前,该行拒绝确认具体的攻击事件或对其作出评价。“Companies of our size unfortunately experience cyber attacks nearly every day,JPMorgan said. “We have multiple layers of defence to counteract any threats and constantly monitor fraud levels.”根大通表示:“对于像我们这样规模的企业来说,不幸的是差不多每天都会遭遇网络攻击。我们拥有多层防护机制对抗任何威胁,并且会持续监控所遭遇欺诈事件的规模。”Bloomberg News earlier reported that the FBI was investigating whether the attack had been backed by the Russian government in retaliation for US sanctions instigated over the crisis in Ukraine.根据彭新闻Bloomberg News)早先的报道,FBI正在调查这次袭击背后是否有俄罗斯政府的持,以报复美国因乌克兰危机而对俄发动的制裁。The financial sector is a key target for cyber criminals, whether they are seeking to make a profit from customer data or confidential information about dealmaking, or are “hacktivistsor nation states wishing to make a political point. But the banks are also some of the best protected companies against cyber crime, with large numbers of security staff and customised software that many other companies cannot afford.金融产业是网络罪犯的重要目标。这些网络罪犯有的是为了通过客户数据或有关交易的保密信息盈利,有的则是“黑客活动人士”或各国政府为实现某种政治目的的活动。不过,同样也是对网络犯罪防范最好的企业,它们一般配备有其他许多企业没有财力配备的大量安全人员及专门定制的软件。Russia is home to many organised crime groups that have become expert in cyber crime, often to steal data to sell on underground markets but sometimes for example, during the conflict with Ukraine using it as part of a cyber war. This month, dozens of computers in the Ukrainian prime minister’s office and at least 10 of Ukraine’s embassies abroad have been infected with a cyber espionage weapon linked to Russia.俄罗斯有许多极其擅长网络犯罪的有组织犯罪集团,他们经常会窃取数据在黑市上出售。不过有时候——比如乌克兰冲突期间——他们还会将网络犯罪当成网络战的一部分。就在本月,乌克兰总理办公室及至少10个乌克兰驻外大使馆的数十台电脑,都收到了一种与俄罗斯有关的网络间谍武器的感染。来 /201409/325358It has been a long time coming, but Rémy Cointreau shareholders have finally found something to toast shares of the Paris-based spirits maker jumped almost 9 per cent yesterday before trimming gains, marking the biggest intraday rise in six years.虽然姗姗来迟,但人头马君度集Rémy Cointreau)的股东们最终还是等到了值得庆祝之事——这家总部位于巴黎的烈酒制造商的股价周三开盘跳涨近9%,随后涨幅收窄,盘中涨幅创下6年新高。The shortlived surge came as the family-controlled group, famous for its Rémy Martin cognac, reported a 13.5 per cent increase in operating profit on an organic basis for its business year ending in March to 156m about 5 per cent ahead of market expectations.这次短暂的飙升出现在这家以人头马(Rémy Martin)干邑闻名的家族企业发布财报之后。在截止今年3月的一财年中,该集团的营业利润实现13.5%的有机增长,.56亿欧元,比市场预期高出约5%。Signalling its growing optimism, it also said that it expected operating margins to rise to between 18 per cent and 20 per cent by 2020, up from the 16.2 per cent that it reported yesterday.该集团还称,预计020年,营业利润率将从此次的16.2%升到18%0%,显示该集团对前景日益乐观。Rémy also said that it would increase its dividend payment this year more than 20 per cent to 1.53 from 1.27 in 2014. The situation presents a contrast to last year, when the group was struggling amid the Chinese government’s crackdown on lavish spending and gift-giving by officials an abrupt policy change that punished revenue and led to a brutal decline in operating profit. Could it mark a turnround not only for Rémy but also for rivals?人头马君度集团还表示,今年付的股息将从2014年的每股1.27欧元增至1.53欧元,涨幅超0%。这一局面与去年形成了鲜明对比——当时中国政府打击官员奢侈消费和送礼风,该集团陷入了困境。中国政府这一突然的政策变化打击了集团营收,并导致营业利润严重下滑。眼下的消息是否标志着不仅是人头马君度,其竞争对手也将迎来转机?Stephen Rannekleiv, analyst at Rabobank, said: “Among the most obvious reasons for optimism is the return of Chinese demand. The first couple of months of 2015 have signified some positive momentum gains after Chinese new year. Cognac is also seeing positive trends in other emerging Asian markets, such as Vietnam and Malaysia.”荷兰合作银Rabobank)分析师斯蒂芬#8226;兰涅克莱Stephen Rannekleiv)称:“一个非常明显的乐观理由是中国需求的回归015年头几个月已经预示了中国农历新年后的一些积极增长势头。人头马干邑在其他亚洲新兴市场也出现了积极的趋势,比如越南和马来西亚。”Diageo, the world’s largest spirits group, suffered a 78 per cent drop in its premium baijiu business in its financial year ending June 2014. However, in the first nine months of its current financial year, net sales rose by 13 per cent in mainland China, driven by recovery in baijiu.在截014月的那一财年中,世界最大酒业集团帝亚吉Diageo)的高端白酒业务下滑了78%。但在当前财年的个月,在白酒销量复苏的驱动下,该集团在中国内地的净销售额上涨3%。One bright spot for Rémy has been its newfound managerial stability, with the arrival in September of chief executive Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet, a former L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton executive.人头马君度业绩的一个亮点在于,随着欧莱L’Oréal)和路易威Louis Vuitton)前高管瓦莱丽#8226;沙普弗洛Valérie Chapoulaud-Floquet)去年9月出任人头马君度首席执行官,该集团管理层重现稳定。The company appears to have drawn a line under a turbulent period that began when Frédéric Pflanz, its then newly appointed CEO, resigned in January 2014, just as tumbling sales of cognac in China were hitting performance.人头马似乎为014月以来的一个动荡时期画上了句号。当时刚上任不久的首席执行官弗雷德里#8226;普夫兰茨(Frédéric Pflanz)辞职,同时在中国的销售大幅下滑也开始打击集团业绩。Cognac from its Rémy Martin division last year accounted for about 53 per cent of group revenue but 73 per cent of operating profit.去年,人头马干邑部门约占集团营业收入3%,但却贡献了营业利润3%。The inevitable questions about leadership only grew louder when Patrick Piana, the much-respected chief executive of the Rémy Martin division, announced barely a month later that he was also leaving.普夫兰茨辞职后不到一个月,备受尊敬的人头马干邑部门首席执行官帕特里克#8226;皮亚Patrick Piana)也宣布辞职,使得该集团领导层问题不可避免地进一步凸显。Ms Chapoulaud-Floquet’s arrival at the group is aly having a positive impact on operations. The better numbers yesterday came in part from cost-cutting and a significantly lower advertising budget.沙普弗洛凯的到来已经给集团的运营带来了积极的影响。周三发布的出色报表,部分源于成本削减和广告预算大幅调低。A second case for optimism has come in the form of strong sales in the US, where the group has moved upmarket and where its stable of liqueurs and spirits such as Cointreau, Mount Gay rum and Metaxa has gone down well.第二个乐观的理由是美国的强劲销量。该集团在美国已进入高端市场,而且包括君度(Cointreau)、凯(Mount Gay)朗姆酒和迈塔克瑟(Metaxa)在内的利口酒和烈酒一直卖得很奀?That performance has even pushed the US ahead of China in terms of Rémy’s biggest market by revenue. Growth in the US market also helped operating profit at the company’s liqueurs and spirits division jump 51.9 per cent on an organic basis .这一表现甚至已使美国超过中国成为人头马君度最大的营收市场。美国市场的增长也帮助该集团的利口酒和烈酒部门营业利润实1.9%的大幅有机增长。The shares closed up 3.04 per cent at 66.05 yesterday in Paris.该集团股票周三在巴黎股市收涨3.04%,收盘价为每6.05欧元。来 /201506/382071

Syrian-based terrorists are planning attacks in the UK similar to the one that killed 12 people at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, a security chief has warned.英国国内反情报机构军情五MI5)处长安德#8226;帕克(Andrew Parker)警告称,叙利亚恐怖分子正计划在英国发动与法国讽刺漫画杂志《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)事件类似的袭击,《查理周刊》恐怖袭击导2人遇难。Andrew Parker director-general of MI5, the UK’s domestic counter-intelligence service said there had been more than 20 Syrian-linked terror plots against western targets in the past 14 months.帕克表示,过4个月发生0多起针对西方的与叙利亚有关的恐怖阴谋。In one of the starkest assessments from any western counterterror chief since the Syrian civil war broke out, Mr Parker said on Thursday evening that organisations including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as Isis, were actively plotting attacks in the UK.帕克周四晚间表示,包括“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,简称Isis)在内的组织正在积极策划对英国的袭击事件,这是自叙利亚内战爆发以来,西方反恐负责人发表的措辞最为严厉的之一。He said that more than 600 British jihadis were known to have travelled to fight in Syria at least 100 more than previously thought.他表示,据称,有600多名英国圣战分子赴叙利亚作战,至少比之前预想的多100人。The gun attack at the Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris on Wednesday was “a terrible reminder of the intentions of those who wish to harm us Mr Parker told a small audience of invited guests at Thames House, the headquarters of MI5. “We know that terrorists based in Syria harbour the same ambitions towards the UK.”周三发生在《查理周刊》法国办公室的可怕击事件,“是提醒我们注意有人意图要伤害我们”,帕克在军情五处总部泰晤士大楼告诉人数不多的受邀嘉宾,“我们知道,叙利亚的恐怖分子对英国也有着同样的企图。”Mr Parker said MI5 believed there had been “more than 20 terrorist plots either directed or provoked by extremist groups in Syriaagainst western targets since October 2013.帕克表示,军情五处认为,0130月以来,“有20多起由叙利亚极端组织指挥或煽动的”针对西方目标的“恐怖主义阴谋”。He said some of the plots such as the shooting dead of four people last May at the Brussels Jewish museum, allegedly by French citizen Mehdi Nemmouche were successful but others had been foiled.他表示,一些阴谋最终得逞,比如去年5月在布鲁塞尔犹太人物馆4人被杀事件,据称凶手为法国公民迈赫#8226;奈穆什(Mehdi Nemmouche)),但还有一些阴谋被挫败。The threat picture was more complex than ever, Mr Parker said. He stressed that as well as gun and knife attacks inspired and organised by jihadi groups, intelligence indicated that “mass casualtyspectacular atrocities were still being pursued by the al-Qaeda network.帕克表示,目前的恐怖形势比任何时候都更为复杂。他强调,除了圣战组织鼓动的击和砍刀袭击,情报显示,基地组织(al-Qaeda)还在策划“造成巨大伤亡”的大规模暴力事件。As well as using British-born violent extremists sent back to the UK and Europe “as their instrumentsto carry attacks out, Mr Parker said, Syrian-based groups were also having success in using their newfound influence and prowess online and in social media to influence or encourage individuals hitherto unconnected with their organisations to commit atrocities in “lone wolfincidents.帕克表示,这些在叙利亚的组织除了将在英国出生的暴力极端分子送回到英国和欧洲,把他们作为发动袭击的“工具”外,还成功利用其在互联网和社交媒体新建的影响力和威力,影响或鼓励那些与这些组织毫无联系的个人在“独狼”行动中实施暴力活动。来 /201501/353637

WASHINGTON The Senate narrowly voted Tuesday to end debate on legislation granting President Obama enhanced negotiating powers to complete a major Pacific trade accord, virtually assuring final passage Wednesday of Mr. Obama’s top legislative priority in his final years in office.华盛顿——周二,参议院以微弱优势通过表决,结束了就授予奥巴马总统更多谈判权的立法所展开的讨论,这种谈判权将让奥巴马可以完成一项重要的太平洋贸易协定。这个投票结果实际上保了奥巴马在剩下任期的首要立法工作能在周三获得最后通过。The procedural vote, 60 to 37, reached the minimum threshold needed, but final passage will require only 51 votes. It was the second time the Senate blocked a filibuster of so-called trade promotion authority, but this time the bill was shorn of a separate measure to offer enhanced retraining and education assistance to workers displaced by international trade accords. That measure faces a crucial procedural vote on Wednesday as well.此次程序性表决的结果07,达到了结束讨论所需的最低门槛,而法案的最终通过只需1票。这是参议院第二次打破针对所谓的贸易促进权的拖延战术,但是这一次,该法案不包括一项单独的措施,即向因国际贸易协定而被迫离开工作岗位的劳工提供强化培训和教育协助。这项措施也将于周三面临关键的程序性表决。Passage of a stand-alone trade promotion bill will put pressure on House Democrats, who this month brought down the worker aid provision when it was linked to the fast-track legislation, a strategic move they hoped would torpedo the entire trade package.一项单独的贸易促进法案得到通过,会给民主党众议员施加压力。本月,民主党众议员推翻了与前述“快速通道”法案相关的劳工协助条款,希望能凭借这一战略举措来破坏整个贸易协定。But Republican leaders with support from the White House found a parliamentary way to corner the Democrats, by separating the two pieces of the bill. By Wednesday evening, legislation will almost certainly be on the president’s desk giving him the power to complete the trade deal, the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, knowing Congress cannot amend or filibuster the final accord. He can sign it whether or not the House passes worker dislocation assistance when it is scheduled to come to a vote on Friday.但是,拥有白宫持的共和党领导人在国会找到了一种逼迫民主党的方式:把法案的两个部分分开。到周三夜晚,法案几乎肯定会被放在总统的办公桌上,赋予他完成该贸易协定——囊2个国家的跨太平洋伙伴关系(Trans-Pacific Partnership,简称TPP)——的权力,因为国会无权修订最后的协定,也无法再实施拖延战术。众议院在周五的劳工援助法案投票不论通过与否,奥巴马都可以签署这项协定。“This is a very important day for our country,declared Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader. “America is back in the trade business.”“对于我国,这是非常重要的一天,”肯塔基州共和党人、参议院多数党领袖米奇·麦康奈Mitch McConnell)说。“美国又回到贸易事务上来了。”Almost all Democrats and the labor unions, environmental groups and liberal activists who fought the bill bitterly disagreed.几乎所有民主党人——以及反对该法案的工会、环保组织和自由派活动人士——都表示强烈反对。“It is a great day for the big money interests, not a great day for working families,said Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination.正在竞选民主党总统提名资格的佛蒙特州无党派参议员伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)说,“这对于那些大利益集团是开心的一天,但对于工薪家庭却非如此。”Thirteen Democrats sided with Republicans to end the debate and move to a final vote on trade promotion.为了结束争论,以及就贸易促进权进行最后投票,13名民主党人与共和党人站到了一边。The tortured path of trade promotion authority over the last six months created the bizarre spectacle of Mr. Obama linking arms with Republican leaders who otherwise have worked to thwart him, both on domestic and foreign policies.过去六个月贸易促进权的艰辛道路创造了一个奇特的情况:在国内和外交政策方面,奥巴马竟然与共和党领导人联起手来——后者原本对他百般阻挠。“Occasionally, even the leader of the Democratic Party, the president of the ed States, gets things right,said Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the No.2 Republican.德克萨斯州参议员,共和党二号人物约翰·科宁(John Cornyn)说,“偶尔有时候,哪怕是民主党领导人、美国总统,也能办成一些事情。”In the end, by summoning his parliamentary prowess, Mr. McConnell all but secured the top legislative priority of a president he once vowed to turn out after one term.最后,麦康奈尔发挥自己在国会的能力,为奥巴马的首要立法工作提供了保障——而他曾信誓旦旦地表示要在奥巴马第一个任期后把他赶下台。The path from here is still complicated, but for all its twists and turns, it is little in doubt.从这里开始,道路仍然曲折;但是尽管问题重重,事情却几乎没有多少疑问。The Senate on Wednesday is set to give final approval to trade promotion authority, then vote to end debate on a separate bill that attaches worker dislocation assistance to a broadly popular bill extending a longstanding trade agreement with Africa. That provision would then be voted on Thursday, and if approved as expected, it would go to the House on Friday.周三,参议院必将最后批准贸易促进权,然后通过表决结束针对一项单独法案的争论。该法案把劳工援助法案与一项受到广泛欢迎的法案捆绑在了一起——后者延长了与非洲的一项长期贸易协议。这个法规将于周四接受表决,如果如预期那样得到批准,就将于周五递交给众议院。This time, if Democrats bring it down, they will effectively be killing a worker education and retraining program that Democrats created in the Kennedy administration and have nurtured ever since but will still watch Mr. Obama sign into law a “fast-tracktrade negotiations bill that will extend well into the next presidency.这一次,如果民主党人将其推翻,他们实际上就会否决这个劳工教育和培训项目——民主党人在肯尼迪任内创立了这一项目,并且一直在对其进行完善——而且还是要眼睁睁看着奥巴马把一项“快速通道”贸易谈判法案签署成法律,而且它将一直延续到下一任总统的任期。At the same time, House and Senate negotiators will begin hashing out differences over a separate bill enhancing enforcement measures to police trade agreements. The measures will include a newly added provision speeding up action to combat foreign competitors who “dumpsteel and other products on the ed States market at artificially low prices to put domestic manufacturers out of business.同时,参众两院的谈判人员将开始消除在一项单独法案上的分歧。该法案将加强执行措施,监督贸易协议。这些措施中将新增一个条款,用于加强对抗外国竞争者的行动。这些外国竞争者以人为操纵的低价格向美国市场“倾销”钢材和其他产品,从而迫使国内制造商走向破产。Opponents of fast track hoped trade promotion authority without worker assistance would run into trouble in the Senate. And some Democrats did try to stoke fears that Congress could give the president the power to complete major trade deals without any assistance to workers who might be hurt by those agreements.“快速通道”的反对者希望剥离了劳工援助法案的贸易促进权会在参议院遇到麻烦。一些民主党人的确也在煽动人们的恐慌情绪:国会可能会授予奥巴马完成重大贸易协定的权力,同时又不为可能因这些协议而利益受损的劳工提供任何帮助。“How shameful is that? We’re making this decision knowing people will lose their jobs because of our actions. Yet we are not going to pass this assistance,said Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio, who led the opposition to trade promotion authority.俄亥俄州的民主党参议员、反对贸易促进权的领导人物谢罗德·布朗(Sherrod Brown)说,“这是多么可耻!我们在做这个决定时,明明知道人们会因为我们的举动而失业,但我们却不准备让援助法案获得通过。”Only one senator, Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, changed his vote from last month. In April, Mr. Cruz wrote a commentary with Representative Paul D. Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, praising the trade promotion bill for giving Congress more power not less over future trade accords. Under the trade promotion bill, such accords could not be considered by Congress for four months after completion, and for two of those months, the agreements would have to be made public and fully accessible. The bill adds dozens of negotiating objectives requested by lawmakers, who still could vote down any deal struck.从上个月开始,只有德克萨斯州共和党参议员特德·克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)改变了自己的立场月,克鲁兹与威斯康星州共和党众议员保罗·D·瑞安(Paul D. Ryan)共同撰写了一篇文章,称赞这项贸易促进法案在将来的贸易协定的问题上增加——而非减少了——国会的权力。根据这项贸易促进法案,此类协定在完成之后,不能再接受国会为期四个月的考评,而且其中两个月,这些协议还必须公开,完全可供查阅。法案增加了议员所要求的数十个谈判目标,他们仍然有权否决已经达成的所有协议。Since then, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, one of Mr. Cruz’s rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, announced his opposition to the trade promotion bill, and many of the Republican Party’s most fervent conservatives voiced angry opposition to any bill enhancing Mr. Obama’s authority.从那时起,作为克鲁兹共和党总统提名人竞选对手的肯塔基州参议员兰德·保Rand Paul)宣布自己反对这项贸易促进法案,而且共和党内许多最激进的保守派都愤怒地表示,他们反对所有增加奥巴马权力的法案。On Tuesday, on the conservative website Breitbart.com, Mr. Cruz denounced the bill he once supported.周二,克鲁兹在保守派网站Breitbart.com上对自己一度持的法案表示了谴责。“T.P.A. in this Congress has become enmeshed in corrupt Washington back-room deal-making, along with serious concerns that it would open up the potential for sweeping changes in our laws that trade agreements typically do not include,Mr. Cruz said, again showing how presidential politics could complicate Mr. McConnell’s calculations over the next year.“本届国会的贸易促进权已经卷入了华盛顿腐败的幕后交易,同时还有人非常担心,它可能会促使我们的法律发生翻天覆地的变化,而贸易协议通常没有这种作用,”克鲁兹表示,这再次说明,总统竞选政治令麦康奈尔对明年的盘算变得复杂起来。来 /201506/383086

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