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哈尔滨做无痛人流术费用是多少尚志市流产费用Electronics giant ZTE wants the public to help design one of its next mobile phones. The company has launched a website where people can submit their ideas and vote on those of others.电子巨头中兴日前表示,希望公众帮助设计该公司的下一个手机。该公司推出了一个网站,在该网站上人们可以提出自己的想法,还能给其他人的设计投票。Initial proposals have included a solar-panel case, a second screen that can rotate 360 degrees, and a modular design to connect with keyboards and games controllers.最初的建议包括一个太阳能电池板方案、一个可以360度旋转的第二屏幕方案,以及一个可以连接键盘和游戏手柄的模块化设计。ZTE has promised to release the ;crowd-sourced; phone in 2017.中兴已经承诺将在2017年发布这款“来自于人民群众”的手机。Known as Project CSX, the initiative was first announced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.这个计划被称之为Project CSX,最初是在今年一月于举行的电子消费展上宣布的。Submissions officially opened on 3 August, and ZTE#39;s community website now features a growing list of ideas proposed by the public.手机设计样式从8月3日开始正式提交,现在中兴社区网站上工作推荐的设计正在不断增多。One user believes the phone should include a ;desktop mode; that turns it into a rudimentary PC, while another says ZTE should build a phone dedicated entirely to Pokemon Go.一名用户认为手机应该包括一个“桌面模式”,从而可以变成一个简易的电脑,而另一名用户则认为中兴应该打造一款专门用来玩《Pokemon Go》的手机。But the smartphone manufacturer has laid some ground rules to curb impractical ideas.但该智能手机制造商已经制定了一些基本的规则,以限制不切实际的想法。;Of course, there are always rules and restrictions to any competition. The most important thing is that the product that we end up building follows ZTE#39;s mission,; said Jeff Yee, vice-president of technology planning at ZTE. ;It must be a mobile product, technically possible by 2017 and be affordable to the general public.;中兴公司技术规划副总裁Jeff Yee说道:“当然,对于所有的比赛来说,总有那么一些规则和限制。最重要的一点是,我们最终将要制造的这款产品,要和中兴的愿景保持一致。它必须是一款移动设备、可以用2017年的技术造出来、价格可以被一般大众所接受的。”The initiative was a ;bold approach for the industry that demonstrates how ZTE keeps consumers at the heart of everything;, said Lixin Cheng, chief executive of ZTE USA.中兴美国CEO程立新表示,这个计划是“手机制造行业一个大胆的方法,这显示了中兴把消费者放在第一位的理念。” /201608/460365讷河市妇幼保健院做彩超多少钱 哈尔滨彩超大概多少钱

依兰县中心医院官网Yuanxiao Festival元宵节Yuanxiao Festival is on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month.元宵节的时间是农历的正月十五。It is part of and the last day of the Spring Festival.这一天是春节的最后一天。In the old days, people began preparing for the Spring Festival about 20 days before.在古代,人们提前大约二十天为春节作准备。However the Yuanxiao Festival marks the end of the New Year celebrations.而元宵节的到来标志着春节庆祝活动的结束。And after the Yuanxiao Festival, everything returns to normal.元宵节之后,一切生活又恢复正常。The Yuanxiao Festival is also known as the Lantern Festival.元宵节还称“灯节”。Yuan literarily means “First” while “Xiao” refers to “night”.“元”代表第一,古人称“正月”为“元月”,“夜”也称 “宵”。Yuanxiao is the first time when people see the full moon in the New Year.“元宵”就是指新的一年中第一个见到圆满的明月的晚上。It is traditionally a time for family reunion.人们往往在这一天阖家团圆。The most prominent activity of the Yuanxiao Festival is the display of all types of beautiful lanterns.元宵节最有代表性的活动就是观花灯。So the occasion is also called the Lantern Festival.所以元宵节也称为灯节。There are many beliefs about the origin of the Lantern Festival. But one thing for sure is that it had something to do with religious worship.关于元宵灯节的由来,有许多说法:有人说元宵节的来历与祭祀“泰一神”有关。Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty directed special attention to this event.史载汉武帝时,汉室要祭祀一位 叫“太乙”的神明。The belief was that the God of Heaven controlled the destiny of the human world.据说他的权力很大。It was he who decided when to inflict drought, storms, famine or pestilence upon human beings.人间的风雨、干旱、饥馑、瘟疫都由他掌管。In 104 , he proclaimed it one of the most important celebrations, and the ceremony would last throughout the night.Another legend associated with the Lantern Festival is Taoism.也有人说元宵节的来历与道教有关。Tian-guan was the Taoist god responsible for good fortune. His birthday falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. It is said that Tian-guan liked all types of entertainment. So his followers prepared various kinds of activities during which they prayed for good fortune.到了唐朝,崇尚老庄,奉道教为国教,为祝贺道教的“上元赐福天官紫微大帝”在正月十五的诞辰而举行各种各样的祝节活动,至此,元宵节又添上了道教色。The third story about the origin of the festival goes like this:第三种说法是和佛教相关。One day,Emperor Mingdi had a dream about a gold man in his palace.东汉时期,明帝有一天突然梦见大殿里出现了一个不速之客。At the very moment when he was about to ask the mysterious figure who he was,the gold man suddenly rose to the sky and disappeared in the west.正要寻问此人身份时,那人却飘至空中消失于西方。The next day Emperor Mingdi sent a scholar to India on a pilgrimage to locate Buddhist scriptures.翌日,明帝即派人前往印度朝圣求佛经。So Emperor Mingdi ordered his subjects to display lighted lanterns during what was to become the Lantern Festival.后来,明帝听说有正月十五日僧人观佛舍利,点灯敬佛的做法,就命令这一天夜晚在皇宫和寺庙里点灯敬佛,令士族庶民都挂灯。The custom of lighting lanterns continued. However the lanterns would develop from simple ones to those of various color and shape. The scale of the celebration also increased greatly.以后这种佛教礼仪节日逐渐形成民间盛大的节日。 /201509/395316哈尔滨那里治疗宫颈糜烂最好 Online banking customers around the world should be on the lookout for scam emails that allow hackers to steal your passwords - and your money.世界各地的网上客户们都得小心了!黑客可以用诈骗电子邮件盗取你的密码——以及你的钱!Phishing emails which claim to be from reputable financial organisations contain hidden software - designed to exploit a newly discovered flaw in Microsoft Word.这些钓鱼电子邮件会声称来自信誉良好的金融机构,但是却隐藏有软件--这种软件利用的是微软Word新发现的一个漏洞。Documents opened with the word processing software may trick users into downloading code that allows cyber criminals to infect their computer and capture banking logins.这种Word文档会欺骗用户下载代码,而网络罪犯可以利用这些代码感染用户的电脑,从而获得登录信息。Cyber security firm Proofpoint warned that the exploit was being used to sp the trojan software - called Dridex.网络安全公司Proofpoint日前警告称,该漏洞被用来传播一种被称为“Dridex”的木马软件。Dridex has previously been used to steal online banking passwords globally, resulting in the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.Dridex曾经就被用于在全球盗窃网上密码,造成全世界范围内数亿美元失窃。During an outbreak of the virus in 2015, the US was most heavily affected according to computer security firm Symantec.据电脑安全公司赛门铁克表示,在2015年该病毒肆虐期间,美国受灾最严重。This was followed by Japan and Germany, with significant numbers of infections also seen in the UK, Canada, Australia, and a number of other European countries.其次是日本和德国,而英国、加拿大、澳大利亚和多个欧洲国家感染者也为数众多。The latest email campaign started in Australia, but experts are warning this could quickly sp to the rest of the world.而此次通过电子邮件传播病毒的事件起于澳大利亚,但是专家警告称,很可能很快就会蔓延到世界其他地区。The exploit targets a previously undiscovered flaw - known in security circles as a #39;zero-day#39; vulnerability - in the software.该漏洞针对的是Word之前一个未发现的缺陷——在安全界被称为“零日”。This allows hackers to insert malicious code into the body of a document - in this case fake RTF files (Rich Text Format) which are actually disguised HTML code.黑客可以利用该漏洞,将恶意代码插入到一个文档中——这样一来,RTF格式的文件实际上是变相的HTML代码。 /201704/504487哈尔滨市医科大学附属第四医院诊疗中心怎么样

哈尔滨微创子宫肌瘤多少钱 You’ve probably seen the message, “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail,” at the end of e-mails you receive.Adding a green message to your e-mail signature can be an effective way to draw notice. After all, the people you’re e-mailing know you. If you care about the environment, they may wonder what more they can do as well. Here’s a story to illustrate my point. Michael, that’s my husband in case you didn’t know, added an e-mail signature like the one above to his work e-mails. Others in his department started doing the same. In a staff meeting, the organizer said something like, “Well, I didn’t print out an agenda for everyone this time because of all that save-the-paper messages in your e-mails. I wrote it on the board instead.”That’s a small, but great change. E-mail signatures can help people think. Now here’s something for you to think about:Do you actually refer back to those e-mails you print? How often can you make PDFs of documents instead of printing them?Here are some e-mail signatures I came up with just for you to consider:#8226;If you hug a tree, you’ll be hugged back twice. Please think about not printing this e-mail.#8226;Trees like you, so please wink back by not printing this e-mail.#8226;Love a tree, don’t hit print.#8226;Make sense, not waste. Don’t hit print.#8226;Ask me why you should think twice before printing this e-mail.#8226;Does e-mail make us print more than we did before?#8226;You’re too smart to print this e-mail.#8226;Lower your impact today by not printing this e-mail.#8226;Even recycled paper takes energy to make. Do you really need to print this e-mail?If you have a green e-mail signature, please tell us about it. 在你收到的电子邮件的末尾,你很可能看到过这样的留言:“在您打印此邮件前,请考虑一下环境”。在你的电子邮件签名中加入一条环保留言是一种很有效的提醒注意的方式。毕竟,你发邮件的对象是认识你的。如果你关心环境,他们也会考虑还有什么是他们可以做的。我这里有一个小故事可以说明我的观点。麦克——我老公(解释一下,以防你困惑)——在他的工作邮件中加入了一条上述类型的邮件签名。之后,在他们部门中,其他人也开始效仿。一次员工会议上,组织者说了些如下的话:“好的,为了所有那些在你们的邮件中的惜纸留言,这次我没有为每个人都打印一份议程表,而是把它写在了布告板上。”这是一个微小但伟大的转变。电邮签名可以帮助人们思考。现在,有些问题需要你来思考一下:你真的会再读你所打印的那些邮件吗?你把文件转成PDF格式,而非把它们打印出来的频率是多久呢?这里有一些我见过的电邮签名可供参考:#8226; 如果拥抱一颗树,它会给你双倍回馈。所以请考虑下不要打印此邮件。#8226; 树木喜欢你,所以请慎重考虑,不要打印此邮件。#8226; 爱护树木,请勿打印。#8226; 物尽其用,而非浪费。请勿打印。#8226; 在你打印前,可向我咨询为何要三思。#8226; 电邮让我们打印的东西比以前更多了吗?#8226; 你太聪明了,不会打印它的。#8226; 降低一下你今天的影响吧,不要打印这封邮件了。#8226; 即便再生纸也是要花费能源去制造的,你真的需要把它打印出来吗?如果你有环保电邮签名,请告诉我们。 /200804/35923哈尔滨妇科常规检查哪里好哈市维多利亚在哪



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