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中航工业三六四医院龟头炎症襄阳东风人民医院男科女子医院U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday the international effort to defeat the Islamic State group is ;moving in the right direction,; but he cautioned more must be done to support stabilization in Libya and Iraq.美国国务卿克里星期二表示,打击伊斯兰国组织的国际努力“正在朝正确的方向发展”,不过他谨慎表示,维持利比亚和伊拉克的稳定,仍需做出更多的努力。Kerry spoke at the opening of a ministerial meeting in Rome where representatives from about 20 countries came to talk about ways to boost the anti-Islamic State campaign.克里在罗马部长级会议上发表了上述讲话。约20个国家派代表参加这次会议,商讨强化打击伊斯兰国组织的途径。He highlighted the risk of the militants taking control in Libya with its vast oil resources, but said that a near agreement on a new national unity government would go a long way to preventing that scenario.克里强调了极端分子控制利比亚庞大石油资源的风险,不过克里说,接近达成的一项有关新国民团结政府的协议对预防这种情况的发生意义深远。Kerry also called attention to the humanitarian situation in Syria, saying it is a ;catastrophe; not seen since World War 2. He said nations need to ;speak out powerfully; about the need for a cease-fire, the end of sieges and urgent deliveries of aid to every area where people are in need.克里还呼吁关注叙利亚的人道主义状况,称之为二战以来从未见过的“灾难”。克里说,各国需要就停火、结束围困以及向困境中的民众提供紧急援助,发出强有力的声音。来 /201602/425840襄阳第四医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 China’s transformation from an isolated developing country into an economic juggernaut and emerging global actor is perhaps the most important power shift for twenty-first-century international politics. Its economy is now second largest in the world while its military budget has ballooned from billion in 1989 to 5 billion in 2015—an amount larger than the military budgets of Russia Germany and the ed Kingdom combined.中国从一个孤立的发展中国家到经济巨头和新兴的全球参与者的转型,也许是二十一世纪国际政治最重要的权力转移。中国经济现在是全球第二大实体,而其国防预算989年的200亿美元飙升至2015年的2150亿美元,这一数字超过了俄罗斯、德国和英国的军费预算的总和以下即世界对中国的误解: Myth #1: China is a global military superpower.神话1:中国是全球军事超级大国。Myth #2: Chinas holdings of over trillion in U.S. debt give it leverage over America.神话2:中国持有超万亿美元的美国国债,使得它可以对美国政策产生影响。Myth #3: China’s leaders are not taking steps to reduce carbon emissions.神话3:中国领导人不采取措施减少碳排放。Myth #4: China’s currency policies give it an unfair trade advantage that undercuts the ed States.神话4:中国的货币政策给它一个不公平的贸易优势以削弱美国。Myth #5: China doesn’t participate in global governance.神话5:中国不参与全球治理。来 /201606/450387During a June 13 interview on CNN, Senator Chris Murphy(D-CT) struggled to explain how more gun laws can stop terrorists.在六月十三日CNN栏目采访中,参议院Chris Murphy (D-CT)努力诠释,更多的法能阻止恐怖分子。Murphy attempted to justify more gun control aday after Omar Mateen allegedly shot and killed 50 andwounded 53 others at the Pulse Orlando nightclub.Murphy试图为管制做更多辩护,他拿“脉冲奥兰多”夜总会杀案:手Omar Mateen被射杀,同时造成50人死亡,53人受伤这一事件做论。During the interview, Chris Cuomo referencedMurphy’s strong anti-gun stance and asked, “What law would have made thisdifferent? What could have stopped this man from getting the weapon that heused to murder all these people?”在采访中,Chris Cuomo站在Murphy强烈反的立场上问道,“什么样的法律会起作用?是什么阻止了这名抢手用武器射酒吧所有的人?”Murphy responded:Murphy回答道: Cuomo then refocused and said, “What could youdo legally that would have made a difference here versus taking the steps thatyou can to address these lone wolf threats, to address the terror and deal withthat side of it–including mental health, maybe, when it’s relevant?”Cuomo转换重心继续问道,“不采取可行的具体措施,要应对这些独狼恐怖分子的威胁和恐怖活动,以及处理这方面的问题包括心理健康,也许心理健康有时候也与此相关,从法律上入手,又能做点什么有用的呢?”Murphy responded by saying:Murphy这样回答:You are right. It would be a mistake for any ofus to try to suggest that this incident and what we know so far is just anissue about guns, or just an issue about terror, or just an issue about mentalillness. It appears from what we know that this was an absolutely terribleconcoction of all three.你说得对。不论是谁,认为我们目前所了解到的该事件只是关于,或者恐怖活动,亦或精神病的问题,我想都是错误的。从我们所了解到的来看,该事件完全包含了以上三者。来 /201606/449650襄阳保康县人民中心医院看男科好吗

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襄阳市第一人民医院引产多少钱Canadian officials say they have reached a turning point in combating the huge wildfire that has destroyed a large area of the province of Alberta in western Canada.加拿大官员说,扑救大规模山火的行动已经出现转机。加拿大西部阿尔伯塔省的大片地区灾情严重。Cooler temperatures and light rain in the region have made for ;great firefighting weather,; said Chad Morrison, an Alberta fire official. ;We can really get in there and really get a handle on this fire and really get a death grip on it.;阿尔伯塔省消防官员莫里森说,火灾地区的气温降低和小雨天气对灭火非常有利,消防人员可以进入灾区,设法控制火势。While the flames so far have not reached any major oil processing facilities, they remain closed and global oil prices have soared over concerns about the Canadian fires.虽然山火还没有蔓延到主要炼油设施,但加拿大炼油设施继续处于停工状态,对加拿大山火的担忧让全球油价大幅上涨。It is not immediately clear when processing facilities will open. Many oil workers have been evacuated and are camped out with their families.目前还不清楚这些炼油设施何时恢复运作。很多工人已经撤离,带着家人在外暂住。Experts estimate oil production will be shut down for at least two or three weeks.专家估计,该地区的石油生产将停顿至少两到三个星期。Alberta is home to the worlds third-largest oil reserves, behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.阿尔伯塔的石油储量位居世界第3,仅次于沙特阿拉伯和委内瑞拉。来 /201605/442589 Lech Walesa, the former Polish president and hero of the anti-communist movement, was a paid informant for the Soviet-era security services, Polish investigators said yesterday, citing recently unearthed documents.波兰调查人员昨日援引最近重见天日的文件表示,该国前总统、当年反共运动的英雄莱赫瓦文Lech Walesa)曾是苏联时代安全部门的有偿线人。Mr Walesa, who founded and led the Solidarity trade union that ultimately brought down communist rule in Poland and helped bring an end to Soviet control of eastern Europe, agreed to become a paid informant for the communist secret services between 1970-76, Poland’s National Remembrance Institute said.瓦文萨是团结工会(Solidarity)的创始人和领导人。团结工会最终推翻了波兰的共产党统治,并帮助整个东欧摆脱了苏联的控制。波兰国家纪念研究所(IPN)现在称,他曾970年至1976年同意成为共产党安全部门的有偿线人。The claim, which Mr Walesa denies, comes just months after the return to power of Poland’s conservative nationalist Law and Justice party, which believes that communist-era officials still hold positions of power in the EU’s sixth-largest economy and need to be rooted out. Law and Justice leaders say too many have been able to carry influence, wealth and authority into the post-1989 era and that not enough has been done to prosecute them.瓦文萨否认这一说法。该指控出炉仅仅几个月前,波兰法律与正义PiS)重新掌权。这个立场保守的民族主义政党认为,共产党时代的官员仍把持着波兰(欧盟第六大经济体)的实权职位,这些人需要被扫地出门。法律与正义党领导人表示,这些人当中有不少人989年后的时代能够继续拥有影响力、财富和权力,官方没有采取足够行动对他们提起公诉。The state-run institute said a cache of documents uncovered this week showed Mr Walesa using the code name “Bolekprovided information to the regime’s secret police.国营的国家纪念研究所表示,本周发现的一批文件显示,瓦文萨——使用代号“Bolek”——当年向政权的秘密警察提供了信息。“There is a handwritten commitment to co-operate with the security service, signed: Lech Walesa, ‘Boleksaid the institute, set up in 1998 to investigate crimes committed by Nazi and communist authorities in Poland between 1939 and 1989.“有一份与安全部门合作的手写承诺,签名是:莱赫瓦文萨,‘Bolek’,”该研究所表示。这家研究所成立998年,使命是调939年至1989年期间纳粹和共产党当局在波兰犯下的罪行。Mr Walesa, 72, an international celebrity and cold war hero who was awarded the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize for leading the campaign to restore democracy to Poland, has always denied claims that he collaborated with the regime he went on to campaign against.现年72岁的瓦文萨是国际名人和冷战英雄,他曾因领导在波兰恢复民主的运动而在1983年被授予诺贝尔和平奖。他一贯否认他曾与自己后来公开反对的政权合作的说法。In 2000, he was cleared of any collaboration by a special court. Before the announcement this week, Mr Walesa wrote on his personal blog: “There cannot be any files related to me...I will prove that in court.000年,一个特别法庭判决他是清白的,称没有他与当局勾结的据。在本周的宣布作出之前,瓦文萨在他的个人客中写道:“不可能存在与我有关的任何文件……我将在法庭上明这一点。”Taking office in 1990 as the first freely elected president of Poland for 63 years, Mr Walesa’s popularity has waned over the past decade, amid accusations of collaboration and deep divisions in Polish society.瓦文萨在1990年成为波3年来首位自由选举产生的总统。但在勾结指控和波兰社会深刻分歧的背景下,过0年他的人气下降。The documents were uncovered at the house of Czeslaw Kiszczak, the last communist-era interior minister of Poland, after his widow reportedly attempted to sell them.相关文件是在波兰共产党时代最后一任内务部长切斯瓦夫蘒什恰克(Czeslaw Kiszczak)家里发现的,此前有报道称,他的遗孀试图出售文件。来 /201602/427285襄樊市妇幼保健院处女膜修复手术多少钱宜城人民医院处女膜修复手术怎么样



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