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Robert Pattinson, the star of the Twlight film franchise, has been named one of the most powerful celebrities in the world after appearing on the bes list the first time.《福布斯全球最具影响力名人榜日前出炉,《暮光之城系列电影男主演罗伯特#86;帕丁森首次登榜The -year-old, who plays the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga films, has earned an estimated pound; million in the last year alone.岁的帕丁森在《暮光之城系列电影中出演吸血鬼爱德华#86;卡伦一角据估计,他过去一年的收入达10万英镑Pattinson has been ranked 50th on the Celebrity 0 Power List, while his US girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart is at 66 with pound;7.95 million.在这份《福布斯“百位名人榜”上,帕丁森名列第50位,他的美国女友兼戏中搭档克里斯汀#86;斯图尔特以795万英镑的收入位列第66Lady Gaga is the highest newcomer in the bes list, based on earnings and global exposure, and has surpassed stars like Madonna (number ) and U (seven) to claim fourth place.(美国当红流行歌手)Lady Gaga位列排行榜第四,她凭借高收入和全球曝光度在新晋上榜的名人中位列第一,一举超过了麦当娜(第)和U乐队(排名第7)等老牌明星 18The MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet greeted us with a wave of style, as the glitterati1 of musical and celebrity world gathered an eye-popping display of entertainment couture.   Leighton Meester, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Kristin Cavallari all wowed the paparazzi in glittering get-ups, while Madonna, Alicia Keys and Olivia Palermo chose simple black dresses.   Lady Gaga staged a one-woman revival of Phantom of the Opera3 by wearing a gold mask across the left side of her face. She wore a black lace Jean Paul Gaultier dress, which she paired with a feathered neck brace by a London-based designer.    年MTV 音乐录影带大奖红毯以时尚浪潮向我们问候,音乐界的名士和明星齐聚一堂,参与这场夺人眼球的名人时装展   莱顿·梅斯特、凯蒂·佩里、泰勒·斯威夫特和克里斯汀·卡瓦拉瑞都身着闪亮的礼,令仔队们惊叹,而麦当娜、艾丽西娅·凯斯和奥利维亚·巴勒莫则都选择了简洁的黑色礼嘎嘎女士戴着一个金色面具,遮住了她的左半边脸,《歌剧魅影在她一个人的主宰下实现了复兴她穿着一件让·保罗·高提耶黑色蕾丝礼,还搭配了一个由伦敦设计师设计的羽毛颈圈 9

Just yesterday we found out that Steven Soderbergh was being lined up to direct an adaptation of 60s TV series The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which followed the adventures of American and Russian members of a secret agency called the ed Network Command Law amp; Encement (U.N.C.L.E.). Now The Playlist has uncovered some more details on the adaptation including word that George Clooney, who has worked with Soderbergh on Solaris, The Good German, Out of Sight and all the Ocean's Eleven films, is aly in talks to lead the project. However, it's not coming together immediately since development has only begun.   继昨日消息,导演史蒂文-索德伯格即将开拍电影版《秘密特工之后,今日又有男主角人选浮上水面据国外电影媒体报道,大帅哥乔治-克鲁尼或在此片中担任男一号,而克鲁尼和导演史蒂文已经是名副其实的“老搭档”了,两人合作的影片包括了《飞向太空、《柏林迷宫、《战略高手以及所有的《十一罗汉系列另据消息称,这部电影不仅仅是简单的重拍上世纪六十年代同名电视剧集,而计划早于十多年前已经启动,而华纳影业摒弃了之前编剧的所有剧本与索德伯格合作《告密者的编剧斯科特-Z-本恩斯目前正在重新撰写剧本   Good news comes from the fact that this won't be an adaptation that simply modernizes an old TV series, but rather will stay in the 1960's and go back to the roots of what made the original series great. Though this project has been in the works since the 90's, Warner Bros. is apparently starting from scratch and will likely not use any of the previous scripts from Max Borenstein or David Campbell Wilson. Remember, Scott Z. Burns (who wrote The Inmant! Soderbergh) is writing the new version of the script, and if we're looking at a combination of the period feel of The Limey, the star and action of Ocean's Eleven and the subtle, satirical humor of The Inmant!, then I think we're in quite a great flick.   A bit of a curveball comes along with this news though since The Playlist says The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is apparently being viewed as the last film Clooney and Soderbergh will make together. If that's the case, it sounds like Soderbergh might follow through on his talk of retirement in July of . He's certainly been firing off a lot of different projects lately, so maybe he's just making one last marathon run of features bee leaving the film industry. It'll be quite disappointing to see him go, but at least he still has Liberace and hopefully this new project with Clooney to keep him around a few more years. We'll keep you posted as this project continues development. Interested in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with George Clooney?  而另有媒体报道,这部《秘密特工或许是乔治-克鲁尼与史蒂文-索德伯格的“合作绝唱”,这不禁让人联想起导演在年7月时谈到自己的退休计划索德伯格最近推掉了不少电影计划,看起来《秘密特工或许真是他告别影坛之作 8668

Looking out from his office window in Taipei with a cigarette dangling from his lips, Taiwanese auteur Chang Tso-chi says there is no better place to learn about courage than from the top of a tree.从他的台北办公室窗户往外望去,嘴里叼着香烟,台湾导演张作骥(Chang Tso-chi)说,树顶是最能懂得勇敢的意义的地方Most humans have a fear of heights, he says, but the view from the top is often vastly different than what you see at the ground.他说,大多数人都会恐高,但是在树顶上看到的景象跟你在地面上看到的真的非常不同Mr. Chang, who grew up in the countryside in southern Taiwan, recalls how he and his friends would climb trees in their bare feet. The mountains were our playground, and the drainage ditch next to my home was so clean that we often swam to school, he says.张作骥在台湾南部乡村长大,他想起小时候经常和朋友光着脚一起爬树的情形他说,那些山就是我们的游乐场,我家旁的排水沟里的水特别干 ,所以我们经常游泳去学校This strong sense of nostalgia a simple childhood, free of tablet computers and online games, is the primary motivation behind his latest coming-of-age film, A Time in Quchi, which completes Mr. Chang trilogy on the family following How Are You, Dad? () and When Love Comes ().这段远离平板电脑和在线游戏的简单童年勾起他强烈的怀旧情绪,而这正是他拍摄以成长为主题的最新电影《暑假作业(A Time in Quchi)的背后初衷该片是继年《爸…你好吗?(How Are You, Dad?)和年《当爱来的时候(When Love Comes)之后的家庭三部曲的最后一部A Time in Quchi opens with Bao, a long-faced -year-old boy from a well-to-do family, riding in the backseat of his father car. Bao is being shipped off from the city to spend the summer with his recently widowed grandfather in Quchi, a mountainous commy outside Taipei, while his parents work out details of their divorce.在《暑假作业的开头,小宝――一个富裕家庭里的岁男孩闷闷不乐地坐在父亲的车后座上,被带离台北送往大山间的屈尺,和刚独居不久的爷爷一起度过暑假,与此同时他的爸妈正在商讨离婚事宜At first, Bao (played by Yang Liang-yu) hates his new life without Wi-Fi and television and having to live with his strict grandfather, who remembers his deceased wife by drawing her face on a rock. Bao disdain the countryside is compounded by a lack of friends. While other kids keep active by climbing trees and catching insects, Bao remains earthbound, tethered by his tablet.一开始小宝(杨亮俞饰演)恨透了他的新生活,这里没有Wi-Fi和电视,还要和凶巴巴的爷爷一起生活爷爷在一块石头上画着思念的亡妻没有朋友更加剧了小宝对乡下的厌弃其他孩子蹦蹦跳跳地去爬树去捉虫,他却攥着平板电脑原地不动Bao tunes take a turn when he eventually makes friends with classmates in the school of 7 students. From there, he slowly matures from a boy obsessed with electronic gadgets to a young man who learns the value of love, friendship and letting go.直到他在一所只有7个学生的学校里结识了朋友,小宝的命运有了转变自那时起,他便渐渐从一个痴迷电子设备的男孩,逐渐成长为一个懂得爱、友谊和释怀之义的少年I know kids enjoy the film because they think it hilarious, but my target audience isnt the kids -- it the adults, Mr. Chang says. Just because your children live with you, how well do you really know them -- and do know what they are thinking?张作骥说,我知道孩子们喜欢这部电影因为它很有趣,但我的目标受众并不是孩子,而是成年人就因为你和你孩子住在一起,你就以为自己真的很了解他们、知道他们心里在想些什么吗?As a father of a -year-old boy, Mr. Chang says he, too, was one of those parents who spent more time with work than with his son, recalling one instance when he saw an unfamiliar young man back while on the set of the film and wondering who the stranger was. I didnt realize it was my son until he turned around.作为一个岁男孩的父亲,张作骥说他也曾因忙于工作而无暇顾及儿子他记得有一次在片场看到一个陌生少年的背影,心想这个人是谁,直到他转过身来我才发觉那是我的儿子That was a wake-up call Mr. Chang, the director of a film about the gap between parents and their children.那件事震醒了张作骥――这位指导了以亲子隔阂为主题的电影导演Mr. Chang says the purpose of his film isnt to guilt-trip working parents, but to shed light on the challenges faced by those who struggle with caring aging parents and raising children -- and the communication breakdown in families, despite all the modern conveniences designed to bring people closer.他说拍摄电影的目的不是让有工作的家长们感到内疚,而是让人们看到那些上有老、下有小的中年人所遭遇的挑战;并让人们意识到尽管现代技术让人们更易亲近,一些家庭仍然存在着沟通的障碍The director -- who has been in the film industry more than 5 years and has won several major awards, including a Golden Horse award best feature film When Love Comes -- says filmmakers should do more to use movies as a conduit to highlight the struggles facing society underdogs.这位踏入电影行业已超过5年,并赢得了多项重要大奖(包括凭《当爱来的时候赢得金马奖最佳剧情片)的导演说,电影人应当更多地将电影用作一个媒介,去揭示社会底层人群所遭遇的挣扎I never offer any solutions in my movies, but what I do is point out the problems, he says. I feel I have a duty to make sure their stories are told and their existence is acknowledged.他说,我从不在我的电影中给出任何解决办法,我做的是让观众看到问题我觉得我有责任确保他们的故事能被讲述,他们的存在能被感知Mr. Chang says his next film, which he also wrote, will center on the struggles of modern men, including the relationship between a male sex worker and a studious son who comes to the realization that all of his academic pursuits were his mother and not himself. (The film, which doesnt yet have an English-language title, is scheduled completion by the end of this month. A release date hasnt been announced.)张作骥说他的下一部电影(也由他撰写剧本)将以现代男性的挣扎为题材,影片将讲述两个男人的情感故事,他们一个是男性性工作者,一个是勤奋学习的学生,却渐渐意识到所求学业是为了母亲而非自己(该电影尚未配有英文字幕,计划将于本月底摄制完成发布时间尚未公布)A Time in Quchi, which opened Friday in Taiwan, has screened at several international festivals, including Vancouver, London and Busan.《暑假作业于上周五在台湾首映,已在包括温哥华、伦敦和釜山的多个国际电影节上展映 688Gunter Grass, the German novelist, social critic and Nobel Prize winner, died of undisclosed causes on April in the German town of Lubeck. He was 87 years old. Grass wrote more than 30 plays, novels, books of poems, essays and memoirs. He was the author of “The Tin Drum”, an epic treatment of the Nazi era.当地时间月日,诺贝尔文学奖得主、德国小说家、社会批评家君特#86;格拉斯在德国小镇吕贝克去世,享年87岁格拉斯一生创作的剧本、小说、诗集、散文、回忆录逾30部讲述纳粹时代的“史诗”《铁皮鼓也出自他的笔下A broad-shouldered man with a drooping mustache, Grass spurned the German tradition of keeping a cool intellectual distance, insisting that a writer duty was to be at the frontline of moral and political debate.他肩膀宽阔,胡子微垂;他对德国知识分子与世事疏离的传统嗤之以鼻;相反,他坚持认为,作家的责任就是站在道德与政治争论的最前线 many, he was the voice of a German generation that came of age in World War II and bore the burden of their parents guilt the atrocities of the Nazis.他是德国二战后一代人的代言人, 这一代人因为其父母一代与纳粹暴行的关联而承受重负However, Grass concealment until of the fact that he had served in a Nazi Waffen-SS regiment as a teenager cost him some of his moral authority. The Waffen-SS was the combat of the Nazi elite military police ce.但是,年格拉斯却说出了隐瞒已久的秘密:他十几岁时曾加入过纳粹武装党卫团他的道德权威受到质疑纳粹武装党卫军是纳粹精英宪兵部队的一战斗部队Not even when war broke out, Grass, like many other children, joined the Hitler Youth Movement.战争爆发时,还不到岁的格拉斯和许多小孩一样,加入了希特勒青年组织He was then drafted into a Waffen-SS tank division in 19. He experienced the full horrors of war when more than half his company of mostly -year-olds were ripped to pieces in three minutes of shelling.19年,他应招加入武装党卫军某坦克师在此期间,格拉斯目睹了战争的恐怖他曾亲眼所在的连队一大半人在三分钟中的炮击中化为灰烬,而他们大都只有十七岁But the fact that he did not reveal this part of his history until brought accusations that he had been hypocritical when attacking others failing properly to face up to Germany Nazi past.格拉斯曾攻击那些不肯正确面对德国纳粹历史的人,而自己却直到年才公布了自己与纳粹相关的历史于是,指责之声接踵而至,人们认为他是个伪善之人Life after war战后生活When Germany surrendered in 195, Grass was briefly an American prisoner of war.195年德国投降,格拉斯短暂地成为了美军战俘He then worked on a farm, in a mine and as an apprentice stonemason bee studying sculpture in Duesseldorf and West Berlin. He began writing poems and plays in the early 1950s, worked as a journalist, played in a jazz band, and illustrated some of his own books.他在农场工作过,也去过矿井,做过石匠学徒,随后在杜塞尔多夫和西柏林学习雕塑二十世纪五十年代早期,他开始创作诗歌与剧本,当过记者,参加过爵士乐队,还为自己的书画过插画Grass said he regretted the years in which he did not speak the full truth about himself. “I kept silent,” Grass wrote in his memoir.格拉斯承认自己在没有说出真相的那些年里都生活在悔意之中在自传中,他写到:“我曾保持沉默”Why was he attracted to the SS?为何党卫军吸引了他?“It was the newsreels,” he concluded. “I was a pushover the prettified black-and-white ‘truth they served up.”他总结道:“(吸引我的)是一个新闻纪录片,其中美化了的非黑即白的‘真理打动了我”Trying to come to terms with the past is the basis much of his writing, says Siegfried Mews, a Gunter Grass scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the US.来自美国教堂山镇北卡罗来纳大学的齐格弗里德#86;梅夫斯是一名研究君特#86;格拉斯的学者,他认为,努力面对过去是格拉斯很多作品的基础“He has produced works which were not necessarily eagerly welcomed,” Mews said in an interview with the US NPR. “That is true, instance, of his first big novel, The Tin Drum, but you cant just ignore it.”在接受美国国家公共电台(NPR)采访时,梅夫斯说:“他的一些作品未必受到热捧,这是事实,他的第一部大部头小说《铁皮鼓就是如此,但这并不意味着他无足轻重”“The Tin Drum” tells the story of a boy, Oskar, who gets a tin drum his third birthday, then decides to protest Nazi rule by never growing up. As an eternal child, Oskar witnesses an adult world that is chaotic and cruel, with Jews being persecuted and fierce fighting erupting between Germans and Poles. It was made into an Oscar-winning film by German director Volker Schlondorff.《铁皮鼓讲述了一个名叫奥斯卡小男孩的故事他在三岁生日那天得到了一个铁皮鼓,于是决定用“不长大”来反抗纳粹的统治永远也长不大的奥斯卡目睹了成人世界的混乱与残忍,他看到了犹太人被迫害,也目睹了德国人与波兰人之间的惨烈斗争这本书也被改编成同名电影,由德国导演沃尔克#86;施隆多夫指导,获得了奥斯卡奖 37

Fans of The Hobbit have given Air New Zealand new safety their seal of approval.《霍比特人的影迷们用独特的方式对新西兰航空公司的航班安全提示表达了持To celebrate the launch of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Air New Zealand has collaborated with Weta Workshop to produce the Tolkien-inspired airline safety .为了庆祝《霍比特人:意外旅程的上映,新西兰航空公司与威塔工作室合作制作了这个航班安全提示,而视频的灵感正是来源于《魔戒三部曲托尔金Although the content of the safety briefing will be familiar any frequent flyer, the four minute clip gets into the spirit of The Hobbit by including Hobbits, elves, wizards and orcs in Middle-Earth style costumes.也许这个视频里提到的安全提示内容对常坐飞机的人已经是老生常谈,但是视频的形式却烙印着霍比特人的特色,包括霍比特人、侏儒、术士还有身着中土世界特色装的半兽人都参与其中The also features a cameo from Oscar-winning director of the new film Sir Peter Jackson, as well as Gollum.视频中还有很多亮点:有一个片段中出现了奥斯卡获奖导演彼得·杰克逊(拍摄有《魔戒三部曲和《指环王等电影),还有魔戒迷都熟知的小怪物咕噜姆;This is fantastic! I love the kiwi humour and this is so well done,; said one fan. While another said the clip is ;the best damn flight I have ever seen.;“这太棒了!我最爱这种新西兰式的幽默,这视频做的太出色了,”一个粉丝说还有一位粉丝称赞这个视频: “是我见到最棒的航班安全提示”The comes a day after it was announced that the first installment of The Hobbit will be released earlier than planned.电影《霍比特人:意外旅程首映日期在前不久宣布提前,第二天这一视频就被发布The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was due to be released worldwide on December , but due to the high level of local interest, the New Zealand release date has been pushed ward a day.《霍比特人:意外旅程将在月31日全球上映,但是由于新西兰当地呼声高涨,所以首映的时间提前了一天 1很多人喜欢实况音乐(live music)如今在中国正越来越风靡去现场听音乐果真具有如此大的吸引力吗?让我们一起来看看观众和业内人士是怎么说的吧!Huang Jiaxi is a big fan of the latest music show The Voice of China. But she always wondered what it would be like to hear the live version of those hit songs.黄佳熙(音译)是音乐秀《中国好声音的忠实粉丝但她一直想知道,去现场听这些热门金曲会是怎样一番感觉Recently, Huang visited a live music venue in Beijing and saw bands and singers perm right in front of her eyes. It was a whole new way of enjoying music.不久前,黄佳熙在北京参加了一场现场音乐会,亲眼目睹了乐队和歌手的表演这可谓是一种欣赏音乐的新全新方式“Live music is addictive once you’ve experienced the atmosphere,” said the 1-year-old English major at University of Science and Technology Beijing.“一旦你感受到现场音乐的氛围,便会上瘾”这位1岁的北京科技大学英语专业学生说道Fueled by music shows on TV and young people’s passion of ming bands, live music is booming in China’s major cities.随着电视歌唱比赛的层出不穷,年轻人组建乐队的热情日益高涨,受此影响,实况音乐这种方式正在全国各大城市风靡According to American veteran music producer Kenny Bloom, who used to produce albums Cui Jian, one of China’s biggest rock music stars, live music festivals are flourishing in China compared to the past.美国资深音乐制作人肯尼#86;布鲁姆(音译)说,与过去相比,实况音乐节正在中国盛行布鲁尼曾为中国摇滚巨星崔健制作过专辑“Around 0 music festivals now take place in China every year,” Bloom told AFP in June. “Many are supported by local governments to boost local brands and the tourism industry.”今年六月,布鲁尼在接受法新社采访时表示:“现在,中国各地每年大约举行0场音乐节活动,很多活动都得到政府的大力持,以此推广本土品牌,发展旅游业” young people, it is the feeling of live music that appeals.对年轻人来说,正是欣赏实况音乐的那种感觉令他们着迷Zhen Xing, , goes to live permances almost every weekend. He said the singer’s voice and the musicians’ gestures on stage are an indulging experience.岁的甄兴(音译)每周末都会去看现场演出他说,舞台上歌手的嗓音和乐者的动作都令自己沉浸其中,无法自拔“It’s totally different from listening to music on your iPod,” said Zhen, a senior from Renmin University of China. “It’s just overwhelming.”“这和用iPod听音乐完全不同这简直令人无法抗拒”就读于中国人民大学大四年级的甄兴说道Steve Guttenberg, a US-based movie projectionist, agrees. He said the biggest difference between recorded and live music is the sound quality.来自美国的电影放映师斯蒂文#86;古腾伯格也十分赞同这一观点他说,录制音乐与现场音乐的最大差别在于音质“I’ve never heard anything close to that sound reproduced by even the very best high-end audio systems,” Guttenberg said, recalling a live concert.“即使用一流的高端音响系统,也无法复制出实况音乐的那种音质”古腾伯格在回忆某场现场演唱会时表示US-based music critic Leslie Gerber thought that recorded music sets wrong standards live permances, thereby damaging their expressive quality.美国音乐人莱斯利#86;戈伯(音译)认为,录制音乐为现场演出树立了错误的标准,也会破坏其表现力“Failure to take chances leads to the sterile, cautious music-making that critics frequently complain about,” said Gerber.“怯于冒险尝试只能打造出乏味且过于求稳的音乐,这正是经常被乐评人诟病的一点”戈伯说道So there is a creative spontaneity to live music that cannot be replicated in recordings.,实况音乐具备一种自发创造性,录制音乐无法对其复制To Huang, it is a packed venue and interaction with musicians that bring the most fun.对于黄佳熙来说,去现场听音乐很热闹,人山人海,而与乐者的互动也是最有趣的地方“We stand very close to permers, as if we are friends having a party,” she said.“我们与表演者零距离接触,就像是朋友聚会一样”她说道Feargal Sharkey, chair of the UK government’s Live Music um, agrees. In an interview with The Guardian, Sharkey said: “Live music is the closest and best interaction that people can get with those records they’ve been listening to. It just brings that bond closer. No other mechanism allows that to happen.”英国实况音乐论坛主席菲戈尔#86;夏基对此表示赞同在一次接受《卫报采访时,她说:“现场音乐可以让人们在欣赏耳熟能详的歌曲的同时,享受这种最佳零距离互动方式它令人与音乐之间的联系更紧密没有一种其他途径可以实现这点” 1897

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