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哈尔滨做人流哪家医院好哈尔滨的妇产医院“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.”- AnonymousFrom childhood we are sold on an ideal image of beauty, one few of us ever see reflected when we look in the mirror. This article will show you how you can look in the mirror and despite the ideal, see only a beautiful you.When you look in the mirror, what’s the first thing you notice, and how does it make you feel? If you’re like most people, the first thing that catches your eye is probably your least favorite asset. If so, don’t worry you’re not alone. Here’s why. Can you guess how much money is spent in just one year by advertisers to sell us on the concept of the “ideal” image of beauty? Well, I can’t either but I do know this — it’s a lot of money, certainly somewhere in the billions of dollars!So, technically, you can consider yourself brainwashed. From your earliest childhood days — whether you played with Action Man or Barbie — you’ve been receiving constant, consistent images telling you what beauty is supposed to look like. Never mind that these images are for the most part, anatomically impossible!And, would you really want to look like Fabio anyway? Or Pam Anderson? Honestly? I’m guessing probably not.So, here’s how you can build your confidence with the body nature gave you:1. Look in the mirror.2. This time, really look at yourself. Reflect on the compliments you have received. Do people tell you how great your hair is? How beautiful your eyes are? That you have a nice smile? Try to see what they see.3. Take it all in. Stand far enough away from the mirror so that you can take it all in. What do you see? Find at least three positive things.4. Now, get up close. Really close. Look at your eyes — the irises. What color are they? Are they all one color or are there flecks of various colors? How would you describe them using positive analogies or adjectives?5. Now, smile. What does your smile convey? Warmth? Happiness?6. Find at least three characteristics you like best about yourself. Then accentuate them as you dress to go out. If you love your eyes, make sure your hair doesn’t cover them up. Love your lips? Make sure to keep them soft and moisturized. Your hair? Get a flattering cut and condition it regularly to keep it shiny and healthy. In short, amplify what you like, and don’t worry about the parts you don’t.Here are some ways to do just that:Go shopping and bring a good friend. Ask them to help you pick out colors and clothes they think flatter you. Don’t worry if your first reaction is “that’s not me!” Experiment!Feel better about whatever it is you don’t like about yourself by picturing the absolute worst-case scenario. Exaggerate whatever it is you’re hung up on and blow it up in you mind until it’s comical. Then look in the mirror — not so bad anymore is it?Accept yourself for who you are, how you look, and focus on what really matters — the things about you that can’t be seen — your heart, mind and soul!What do you want people to praise you for? Is it really how you look? Probably not. You probably want people to think you’re funny, smart, nice, or generous — something along those lines right?Make a list of your positive personal qualities and characteristics. Then ask yourself, what’s more important? Get involved in activities that build on your personal characteristics — volunteer, join a club, take a class to sharpen a talent. These will help you emphasize and focus more on the more important qualities that get you through life successfully and with more fun.Live life, love fully and laugh often! “希望你是别人等于浪费你本人” 。--无名氏童年起,当我们照镜子时,我们只看到一个美丽的形象,却很少有人它所反映的东西。本文将教您如何照镜子,只看到一个美丽的你,虽然是理想化了。当你照镜子时,你最想注意的是什么?它给你的感觉如何?如果你和常人一样,最先引起你注意的可能是你最不喜欢的部分。如果是的话,别担心,您并不孤单。为什么呢?你能猜出在短短的一年时间里,广告商要花多少钱向我们出售“理想”的美丽形象这个概念的吗?嗯,我猜不出,但我知道是要花很多钱的,肯定要上几十亿美元!因此,技巧上,您可以考虑自己洗脑。从你的童年,不管你是否玩过玩具或芭比娃娃,你一直保持着不变的你期望的美丽形象。永远记住,这些形象是在很大程度上及解剖学上是不可能的!还有,你会真的要看起来像法比奥吗?或帕姆.安德森?真诚地吗?我猜大概不会。所以,以下教你如何树立你对与生俱来的身材的信心:1. 看看镜子里。2. 这次,确实要看看你自己。思考别人对你的称赞。有人告诉过你你的头发有多好吗?你的眼睛是多么的漂亮吗?你的微笑很好看吗?尝试看看他们所看到的。3. 看全身。站得离镜子远些,直到你能看到你全身。你看到什么呢?找出至少有三个好的地方。4. 现在,照近一点。确确实实地靠近。看看你的眼睛-虹膜。他们是什么颜色?他们都是一个颜色,还是各种各样颜色的雀斑?你会如何用积极的比喻或形容词来描述他们?5. 现在,请微笑。你的微笑传达的是什么?温暖?幸福?6. 找出至少三个你最喜欢的特点。你打扮出门时强调一下这些特点。如果您爱您的眼睛,那就不要让你的头发把他们遮住了。爱护你的嘴唇呢?请务必让它们柔软和保湿。爱你的头发呢?就剪一个讨人喜欢的发型,再把它梳得整齐,保其光泽和健康。简而言之,完善你喜欢的,不必担心你不喜欢的部分。以下的一些方法让你做到这一点:带一个好朋友和你去购物。请他们帮你挑选他们觉得令你满意的颜色和衣。如果您的第一反应是“这不是我”,也不用担心!实验!想象绝对最坏的情况会让你对你不喜欢自己的部分感觉更好。夸大所有令你心神不安并让它充满你哦的脑海,直到很滑稽。然后再照镜子,没有那么差,是吧?接受你自己是谁,你长得怎样,把重点放在你真正在乎的东西—那些你看不到的--你的心,思想和灵魂!你想要人们称赞你什么呢?是你的长相?大概不是。你也许希望人们能认为您搞笑、聪明、友好、或慷慨—伴随这些的正义感?列出你积极的个人素质和优点。然后问问自己,什么更重要?参一些能塑造你个人特点的活动,如义工;加入一个俱乐部,选择一门能磨砺人才的课程。这些将有助于你强调和更专注于更重要的让您的人生成功且带来更多乐趣的素质。生活,应该全身心的投入、笑口常开! /200806/41634道外区中医医院网上预约挂号 Iron beforehand. Iron your clothes to ensure they are wrinkle-free before putting them in your suitcase.  事先熨烫。先将衣熨一下,以确保它们在放进行李箱前没有褶皱。 /201007/108284Talking Over Dinner 就餐时谈话Where It's Offensive: Africa, Japan, Thailand, China, Finland.禁忌地:非洲、日本、泰国、芬兰What's Offensive 禁忌:In some countries, like China, Japan, and some African nations, the food's the thing, so don't start chatting about your day's adventures while everyone else is digging into dinner. You'll likely be met with silence--not because your group is unfriendly, but because mealtimes are for eating, not talking. Also avoid conversations in places a country might consider sacred or reflective--churches in Europe, temples in Thailand, and saunas in Finland.在日本和一些非洲国家,吃饭就是吃饭,所以当其他人都在大快朵颐时,不要谈论你当天的经历。你可能会遭遇沉默——这并非你的同伴不友好,而是因为就餐时间只应吃饭,无需交谈。也要避免在一些被认为是神圣或需要沉思的地方谈话——比如欧洲的教堂、泰国的庙宇和芬兰的桑拿浴室。What You Should Do Instead 对策:Keep quiet! 保持沉默! /200907/77645哈尔滨安妮保宫人流术

哈尔滨维多利亚妇科医院的地址胖妈妈哺乳期较短Overweight and obese women are less likely than normal-weight women to keepbreastfeedingtheir infants for six months or longer, a study from Australia shows. Dr. Wendy Hazel Oddy of the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Perth and colleagues looked at 1,803 children and their mothers participating in a large pregnancy study. Eighteen percent of the women were overweight or obese before becoming pregnant.After the researchers adjusted for factors including socioeconomic status and years of education, they found that women who were overweight or obese were less apt to attempt breastfeeding at all and those that did were less likely to continue breastfeeding.Obese women were about twice as likely to have breastfed for less than two months or less than four months, while overweight women were 52 percent more likely than normal weight women to have stopped breastfeeding before two months, and 62 percent more likely to have stopped before four months.Overall, the researchers found, overweight or obese women were 76 percent more likely to stop breastfeeding before their infants were six months old than their normal weight peers.A number of factors could help explain the findings, the investigators say. For example, excess weight may change a woman's hormonal profile, making sustainedlactationmore difficult, or it may be harder for an infant to "latch on" to breast tissue if the mother is overweight or obese.The researchers also report that overweight and obese women were more likely to have pregnancy complications andC-sectionsthan normal-weight women.据澳大利亚的一个研究表明,与正常体重的女性相比,体重超标和肥胖的女性对她们的孩子进行六个月或更长时间母乳喂养的概率较小。在一项大规模的妊娠期调查中,佩斯Telethon儿童健康研究所的温迪·黑泽尔·奥迪医生和他的同事对1803对母亲和孩子进行了研究调查。其中有18%的妇女在怀之前就偏胖甚至肥胖。 综合社会经济地位和受教育年限等因素的影响,研究人员发现体重超标或肥胖的女性进行母乳喂养的可能性相对较小,而且其中正进行母乳喂养的女性继续下去的可能性也较小。调查发现,肥胖女性在孩子不满两个月或四个月就停止母乳喂养的概率是正常体重女性的两倍左右,超重女性在孩子满两个月前停止母乳喂养的概率要比正常体重女性高52%,四个月前停止母乳喂养的概率高62%。研究人员发现,总体来看,超重或肥胖的女性在孩子满六个月前停止母乳喂养的概率要比正常体重女性大76%。研究人员说,这些发现可用很多因素来解释。比如,体重超标可能会改变女性的激素水平,从而使哺乳期长度受到影响;或者是,婴儿吮吸超重或肥胖妈妈的乳房可能有些困难。此外,研究人员称,体重超标和肥胖女性患妊娠期并发症及剖腹产的几率要比正常体重的女性大。Vocabulary:breastfeed: 母乳喂养lactation: 哺乳期C-sections: 剖腹产 /200803/31406哈尔滨空军医院产科顺产生孩子价格 Over the past few years, most people I’ve spoken to have become (or aly were) environmentally conscious to some degree. What often begins simply as saving money - such as reducing the amount of electricity you use - turns out to have quite a positive impact. If, however, you want to do even more; there are several things you can do. Here are just 7 lifestyle changes which will help the environment.1. Use the car less. This is perhaps the simplest change in this list - reduce the time you spend behind the wheel. In addition to the environmental benefits of doing this, you’ll probably find that you become slightly fitter; and have more money in your pocket at the end of the week. In short, there’s no downside. How do you do this? Here are a few suggestions :* for short journeys, walk* if possible, work from home (at least some of the time)* create a car pool with workmates* make use of public transport occasionally* bike to work2. Reduce your intake of red meat. Common sources of red meat such as cows and bulls produce an enormous quantity of climate-changing gases such as methane. Now, I’m certainly not suggesting that you should become vegetarian - I enjoy a good steak as much as any other omnivore - simply that a slight reduction can have a dramatic effect. As a bonus, there are a number of well-documented health benefits of a diet containing only a small amount of red meat.3. Become a ‘green consumer‘. When shopping for any sort of product - anything from groceries to a new television - take a moment to weigh up the options. If there are alternatives, consider which product has the lowest impact on the environment. Things to look out for :* does the item come in easily-recyclable packaging?* have the goods been recently produced? Locally?* is the item energy or water efficient?By favoring the products which answer ‘yes‘ to these questions, producers and manufacturers will gradually take up ‘green‘ practices in order to remain competitive.4. Become ‘carbon neutral‘ using offsets as necessary. This is something that nearly everyone can take advantage of. Become as close to ‘carbon neutral‘ as possible; purchasing carbon offsets as necessary. In effect, you’ll be investing in a number of sustainable energy and water schemes. NB : if you’re looking for a slightly more direct investment approach, on.wind farmPhoto by Jasmic5. Invest in companies researching and producing renewable energy. Want to make some serious money, and help the environment at the same time? Invest in companies which are researching, producing and selling energy-efficient and water-efficient goods. Think wind farms, solar panels and electric cars. This is one area in which financial reward and environmental impact can have an enormous overlap.6. Share your ‘green’ ideas with others. Over the past century or so, global communications has grown in many, many ways. This has made it possible to share ideas and discoveries at an incredible rate. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can share your thoughts with others :* create a blog which documents the energy-conserving changes you make in your own home* establish a not-for-profit group which teaches others how to live sustainably* create a recycling collective with your neighbors, where each person is responsible for the collection and recycling of a particular material or productNB : naturally there are a great many others. If you’ve developed or are aware of a scheme which is working well, be sure to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about it.7. Become politically active. If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘the government should do this‘ then this one’s for you. By becoming involved in politics - at any level with which you feel comfortable - you are able to help guide people to an incredible goal. Rather than sitting back and waiting for someone else to take action, make your own voice heard.Final thoughts on lifestyle changes which will help the environmentWant more? Well, there’s one change you can make which will incorporate many of the items noted above - support those who are aly making a difference. When your neighbor approaches you to discuss their own ideas for a recycling collective, or a workmate suggests a car pool; dive in. It really will make an impact. 在过去的几年里,大部分和我说过话的人都在一定程度上变成(或者本来就是)有环境意识的。通常我们会从简单的开始,比如省钱,比如减少你使用的电量 -就会变成有比较积极的影响。然而,如果你想做的更多,那就还有一些你可以做的事情。以下的7种生活方式的改变将有助于改善环境。1. 少用车。这也许是这份单子上最简单的改变 - 减少你花在轮子后面的时间。这样做除了对环境有利外,你可能会发现自己也变得更健康了。并且周末的时候,会发现口袋里多了些零钱。简而言之,这有百利而无一害。那具体该怎么做呢?这里有一些建议:·对短途而言,请步行·如果可能的话,在家工作(至少偶尔)·和同事拼车·偶尔乘坐公共交通·骑车去工作2. 少吃红色肉类。通常的红肉源比如奶牛和公牛会排出大量改变气候的气体,比如甲烷。现在,我绝对不是建议你变成素食者 - 我同任何不偏食的人一样喜欢吃好的牛排 - 只是稍微的减少一点食用量,就会带来巨大的效果。并且还有额外的好处,少吃红肉对健康的好处已经得到充分实。3. 成为一个"绿色的消费者"。买任何一类产品的时候 - 从日用百货到新式电视机 - 花一些时间来权衡你的选择。如果有其他的选择,请考虑那些对环境有最低影响的产品。值得留意的东西:·这样东西有容易回收的包装吗?·这些货物是最近生产的吗?是当地的么?·这样东西节能或者节水吗?人们倾向于对以上问题说“是”的产品,那么生产商和制造商就会渐渐开始从事绿色生产从而保持他们的竞争力。4. 成为尽可能使用‘自然碳(碳中和)’产品。这是几乎所有人都能利用的东西。尽可能变得靠近‘自然碳(碳中和)’:必须买碳产品。事实上,你将会投资很大数量的可持续发展的能源和水模式。注:如果你想找更直接一点点投资途径,请读下文。照片由Jasmic提供5. 投资研究和生产可持续使用的能源的公司。想在赚钱的同时改善环境吗?投资那些正在研究,生产,销售节省能源,省水的货物的公司。考虑下风力农业,太阳能面板和电子汽车。这是一个经济回报和环境影响相交的领域。6. 与他人分享你的“绿色”想法。在过去的几个世纪里,全球化交流新增了许多途径。这使人们能以不可思议的速度分享想法与发现。下面仅是一部分你可以同他人分享想法的方式。·建立一个关于你家乡能源存储变化的客·建立一个非盈利的团体,教导他人如何可持续发展地生活·和邻居一起建立一个回收团体,其中的每一个成员负责收集和回收一种特殊的材料或产品。注:自然还有很多其他的方法。如果你已经养成了或者意识到了一种也可以生效的模式,请一定在下面留下,我很乐意看到它们。7. 潜意识里变地积极。如果你曾经听到有人说“政府需要做这个”那么这个人就是对你有用。以任何你觉得合适的程度参与到政策中,就能够帮助引导人们达成一个不可思议的目标。与其坐在后面等待别人采取行动,不如让别人看到你的行动。最后一些有助于环保的生活方式。想要更多?好,这里有个和以上提到的都不一样的改变 - 持那些已经有变化的人们。当你的邻居呼吁你来讨论他们自己有关回收的主意,或者一个同事建议搭车;加入他们。这些真的会有效果。 /200806/42593哈尔滨211医院人流有几种

哈尔滨哪个人流医院比较好The age-old riddle of why many women live longer than men has been solved. It's their pumping power, British researchers have found.On average, women live five years longer than men and women over the age of 60 are now the fastest-growing section of the British population.The average male heart becomes weaker with age, and by the age of 70 its power to pump blood around the body could have decreased by up to a quarter of its youthful strength.David Goldspink, Professor of Cell and Molecular Sports Science at Liverpool John Moores University, said that women's longevity is linked to the strength of their hearts. Unlike men, they pump just as strongly at 70 as they do at 20."We have found that the power of the male heart falls by 20-25 per cent between 18 and 70 years of age," Professor Goldspink said. "In stark contrast, over the same period there was no age-related decline in the power of the female heart, meaning that the heart of a healthy 70-year-old woman could perform almost as well as a 20-year-old's."The dramatic difference between the sexes might explain why women live longer. The good news is that men of any age can improve the health of their heart simply by taking more regular exercise.The results are based on the findings of a two-year study of a cross-section of the British population, which examined the effects of ageing on the cardiovascular system.Professor Goldspink and a team of scientists at the university's Research for Human Development and Ageing examined more than 250 men and women between 18 and 80.None of the volunteers had a weekly exercise routine and all were considered to have low fitness levels, but were otherwise healthy. Each volunteer underwent five hours of tests to measure their blood pressure and the performance of their heart while at rest and while they exercised on a tmill.The researchers found that the large arteries in the body became stiffer and less elastic with age, causing increased blood pressure. Blood flow to the muscles and skin of the limbs was also found progressively to decrease. These changes were found to occur earlier in men, but women caught up soon after the menopause. /200812/59103 哈尔滨药物流产费用多少松北区中医院医生的QQ号码



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