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哈尔滨医院阴道炎双城区上环哪家医院最好的伊春妇幼保健妇保医院做人流的费用 Research reveals why some people are constantly under attack from the bloodsucking insects, while others walk free.研究揭示了为什么有些人总是会受到吸血虫蚊子的袭击而有些人却可以平安无事。For those unfortunate enough to feature highly on the mosquito hit list, summer nights are synonymous with mosquito bites. Yet others hardly ever get bitten. So how do the bloodthirsty insects select their victims?对那些很不幸被蚊子列为叮咬对象的人们来说,夏夜就是蚊虫叮咬的代名词。而有些人却从没被蚊子叮咬过。那么这些吸血虫是如何选择它们的受害对象的呢?Scientists rubbed petri dishes against their stomachs. The mosquito season gives rise to countless speculations about possible solutions to the age-old mystery of mosquito preferences.科学家们把培养皿自己的腹部进行擦拭。对于关于蚊子喜好的可能性解释,蚊子的繁殖季节提供了无数的猜想。The insects#39; tastes may seem arbitrary. However, research reveals that when mosquitoes make their choice between potential victims, it all comes down to scent:昆虫的口味好像很随意。然而研究显示当蚊子要从潜在的受害者中选择对象时,还是气味起了决定作用。Mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide and heat, which everyone gives off. But mosquitoes are also attracted by certain scents.Karl-Martin Vagn Jensen. According to Jensen, it has not yet been established exactly what the scents in question are. But research does indicate that some scents are more attractive to mosquitoes than others.;蚊子会被每个人都会散发出的二氧化碳和热量所吸引,但蚊子也会被某些特定的气味所吸引。; 丹麦阿尔胡斯大学农学部研究的负责人卡尔马丁-威詹森说。根据他的说法,目前仍没确定那些会吸引蚊子的气味到底是哪些。但研究的确指出了有些气味相比较其它气味而言更会吸引蚊子。;All the lab employees rubbed petri dishes against their stomachs. In that way, their scents were deposited on the dishes, which were then put in an enclosure full of mosquitoes,; he says.;所有的实验室人员都把培养皿在他们的腹部轻轻擦了擦。通过这种方式,他们的气味就存储在了培养皿里,然后把培养皿放置在一个蚊子出没的地方。;;The mosquitoes repeatedly landed on some of the petri dishes, but didn#39;t go anywhere near the others. ;;蚊子会反复地停留在某些培养皿上,却不会飞到附近其它的培养皿上。;Vitamin B does not scare off mosquitoes. The experiment is one of several to squash one of the many myths concerning the unfortunate art of mosquito attraction.维他命B并不能吓走蚊子。这个实验也戳穿了诸多关于吸引蚊子的;倒霉学问; 迷信。While some believe that it is in fact sour blood that keeps the insects at bay, or that the mosquitoes can detect blood disease, others are convinced that vitamin B provides protection against mosquitoes.有些研究人员认为血液的酸性环境让蚊虫无法存活,或是蚊子可以检测血液疾病,而另一些人相信维他命B提供了免于蚊虫叮咬的保护。However, there is no indication that any of these theories are correct, says Jensen: ;There is no truth to that. The theory about vitamin B has been tested very, very thoroughly, and it doesn#39;t hold.;然而,没有据表明这些理论都是正确的。詹森说:;关于这一点还没有任何存在的事实。关于维他命B的理论已经反反复复经过了论,但这种说法似乎站不住脚。;Perhaps taking inspiration from popular fiction, there are also those who swear by garlic as an excellent repellent against the winged bloodsuckers. According to the researcher, though unsubstantiated, this strategy may not be entirely fruitless:也许可以从流行小说里得到一些启发,也有些人宣称大蒜是一种可以用来对付蚊子很好的防虫剂。据研究人员透露,尽管还未经实,但这种方法也并非完全无效:;As far as I know, there is no scientific proof that eating garlic works. But there may be something to the theory that it#39;s possible to mask your scent with garlic,; he says.;就我所知,目前没有科学依据明吃大蒜会有效预防蚊虫叮咬。但在理论上它也许是行得通的,可以用大蒜来掩盖你的气味。;詹森说。The only reliable method of protection against mosquitoes is to use one of the effective repellents that are sold over the counter. Mosquito repellent contains some smells that confuse the mosquitoes. The first thing a mosquito does when looking for prey is to see if there are any animals or people in the vicinity.唯一有效的免于蚊虫叮咬的方法是使用在柜台处买来的对付蚊虫的强效防蚊剂。防蚊剂包含了一些让蚊子产生混淆的气味。蚊子寻找猎物要做的第一件事是查看附近有没有动物和人。;When the mosquito comes closer, it uses smell, heat and carbon dioxide to decide whether to bite. But if it is confused by a repellent, it will never get that far,; says Jensen. However, even repellents do not provide complete protection against the persistent insects.;当蚊子靠近时,它会根据气味、热量和二氧化碳来决定是不是要叮咬。但如果它被防虫剂弄迷糊了,它不会轻率行动。;詹森说。然而,即使是防虫剂也没有为人们提供保护,让我们完全免于蚊虫频繁袭击。;Repellents reduce the number of bites by as much as 70 percent. That#39;s all well and good, but you#39;ll still get bitten once in a while.;;防虫剂可以减少蚊虫的叮咬次数,最多能降低70%。这样的效果也算很不错了,但你仍会时不时地被咬上一口。; /201207/189030松北区妇女儿童医院生殖中心

哈尔滨治疗不孕症的医院哪家比较专业哈尔滨治疗妇科哪个医院最好 Author and radio host Diane Brandon has interpreted hundreds of dreams during her 40 years as a student of sleep research。作家兼广播主持人黛安-布兰森40多年来一直进行睡眠研究,她将成百上千个梦境进行了研究。;I feel that our unconscious, which is the source of most but not all of our dreams, is a wonderful inner ally that is trying to bring us to wholeness and balance,; Brandon tell us。布兰森说:“我认为我们的潜意识也就是大部分梦境的源头,是我们身体的好盟友,会试图使我们完整和平衡。”Brandon helped us compile a list of the 10 most common nightmares, or dreams with negative meanings。布兰森还列举出十个最常见的噩梦或带有消极意义的梦境。10. Having a disease or health emergency梦到患某种疾病或遇到健康危机This nightmare could reflect a fear of an unknown thing suddenly having a negative impact on the dreamer’s life. It could also reflect an underlying fear of illness or of contracting a serious disease. It could also express a fear of not being able to enjoy life or that there’s something wrong (“ill” or “rotten”) in one’s life。这个梦境通常反映的是做梦的人对突发未知事件的一种恐惧,害怕会对自己生活产生消极影响。这还可以反映出对某一潜在疾病的恐惧,又或者表达的是对不能享受生活的担忧,或生活中出现了不如意的地方。A nightmare about an illness could also be a way of telling the dreamer that he or she actually has an illness, even if consciously unaware of it。关于疾病的噩梦,甚至可以告诉梦者他们的确患上了某种疾病,即使是在他们尚未察觉的情况下。9. Being attacked or injured梦到被打或受伤This type of nightmare could reflect a fear of others, a fear of not fitting in, a literal fear of violence, or a fear of being figuratively “attacked; or criticized by others. It’s important to take into account the actual scenario and what’s going on in the dreamer’s life for meanings。这种噩梦表达的是害怕别人,害怕不合群,害怕暴力或害怕被其他人采取其他方式的“袭击”或批评。了解实际情况,知道做梦的人生活中发生了些什么,对了解梦境的含义十分重要。8. Car trouble梦到车子出毛病This nightmare can reflect a feeling of not being able to move forward in life or even of one’s life being out of control. Our car is frequently how we not only travel, but “get to places; in life。这类噩梦反应的是实际生活中不能前进或是生活失去控制的感觉。车子反应的不仅仅是我们如何旅行,还有我们如何到达目的地。7. Drowning梦到溺水This nightmare could mean you feel overwhelmed or put out a lot of effort with no success or return. It could also simply represent a fear of water. It#39;s important to pay attention to the whole scenario as different meanings or even nuances could emerge。这个噩梦可能表示你有挫败感,又或者辛辛苦苦付出努力却没有获得任何成功或回报。当然也能简单的表示你怕水。关注梦里的整个场景是十分重要的,即使小差别都有着完全不同的含义。For example, if the dreamer is drowning, it could mean one thing, but if the dreamer is drowning along with other people or being drowned by someone, there could be entirely different meanings。比如,如果做梦的人溺水了,可以代表一件事,但如果梦者和其他人一起溺水,又或差点被淹死,含义将会大不相同。6. Falling梦到掉下来We suddenly may feel that we’re falling, jerk awake, and then realize that we had indeed been sleeping. Nightmares of falling could reflect a fear of heights, a fear of not being in control, a feeling of having nothing solid to hold onto in life, or even a fear of death。我们也许会突然觉得自己在坠落,然后惊醒发现不过是个梦境。坠落的噩梦可以反映恐高,对失去控制的恐惧以及一种生活中无所依靠的感觉,甚至是对死亡的恐惧。5. Teeth falling out梦到掉牙This nightmare generally means you feel out of control, powerless, or inadequate. It can also reflect social embarrassment, fear of being unattractive, or fear of being revealed as inadequate or not up to snuff. It would be important to consider what the dreamer was going through in life for more specific meanings。这类噩梦意味着你感觉失去控制,无力或不满足。还能反映社交中的不如意,害怕不够吸引人,或害怕发现被人揭穿不够好抑或干了什么不正当的事情。要想知道更多详细的含义,就需要了解梦者到底在现实生活中经历了什么。4. Being lost梦到迷路This nightmare may be worse for children than for adults, but both can have it。尽管大人小孩都会做这样的梦,但对于小孩来说,会更加严重一点。For adults, it can mean that the dreamer does not feel in control in life or does not know what to do next or which direction to go into。对于大人,这梦就意味着梦者感觉生活不受控制,又或不知道接下来该干些什么,失去了方向感。It can reveal a figurative feeling of ;not being able to find one’s way.; It could also potentially reflect a feeling of not paying attention to or following directions。这也可有一层隐含之意,表达的是“没有能力找到自己的方向。” 这还有可能表达一种没有注意到或把握方向的感觉。3. Failing a test梦到挂科This nightmare is fairly common, although the exact scenario can vary. It can indicate that one feels unprepared or hasn’t done something correctly in life. It can also refer to feeling that one has to prove oneself and either doesn’t know how or feels inadequate。这种噩梦十分常见,尽管实际的场景会发生改变。还能表示人们感觉准备不足又或什么事做错了。这还能表示人们必须要明自己,却不知道如何明或觉得不够格。2. Being naked in public梦到在公众场合裸体This nightmare can often mean that the dreamer feels vulnerable or exposed in some way. It could also mean feeling small or ganged up on。这类梦意味着梦者感觉有些脆弱或暴露了自己。这还可能意味着梦者感觉被孤立或有人联合起来对付他。1. Being chased梦到被人追赶Many people report nightmares in which they’re being chased. This is often indicative of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, that something being avoided is catching up with them, or not getting everything done in their lives。很多人都说做过被人追的噩梦。这通常意味着挫败感,压力,或逃避的事又来了,又或没有完成生活中的所有事。 /201508/392188哈尔滨九洲生孩子价格

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