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A contract has been signed between the Chinese and the US parties to build a Universal Studios theme park in Beijing’s east suburban district of Tongzhou, the newly confirmed second administrative center of the city, Beijing Youth Daily reported Monday.据《北京青年报》周一报道,中美双方正式签署在北京东部郊区通州建立环球主题公园的合约,而通州近期确认为北京的第二管理中心。The Beijing Universal Studios project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in September 2014 and was directly led by the Beijing government. Li Shixiang, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Beijing Committee and executive vice-mayor of Beijing, attended the signing ceremony at New York headquarter of the US cable company NUniversal on Sunday.2014年9月,北京环球影城项目经国家发改委批准并直接由北京政府领导。周日,市委常委、常务副市长李士祥出席在康卡斯特N环球集团纽约总部举行的签约仪式。According to the contract, a joint venture company will be set up to carry out the construction. The park, expected to open in 2019, covers 2.02 million square meters of floor space and is set to attract a total investment of 50 billion yuan (.98 billion).合约表明,将建立一个中外合资公司进行施工。主题公园有望于2019年开放,占地面积达202万平方米,将吸引总投资500亿元人民币(79.8亿美元)。The Universal Studios theme parks boast of offering a behind–the-scene look at movie making. Its Beijing location, the sixth of its kind in the world and the third in Asia, will become the largest one.据悉,环球影城主题公园将向游客展示电影幕后制作。北京环球主题公园是环球世界第六个也是亚洲第三个主题公园,将是最大的环球主题公园。The first stage of the project includes a Universal CityWalk retail-entertainment complex and the world’s first Universal-themed resort hotel, both being completed in five years. Another theme park, a water park and five other resort hotels are planned to be built in the second stage.项目一期工程包括零售综合环球商业街和世上第一家环球主题度假酒店,预计五年内完成。项目二期工程包括第二主题公园、水上乐园和另外五座度假酒店。Traditional and modern Chinese culture elements have been incorporated in the planning to boost the city’s tourist appeal to foreign visitors, according to the culture and tourism administration bureau of Tongzhou district.据通州区的文化旅游表示,传统与现代中国文化话元素已纳入计划,从而提升城市对外国游客的吸引力。The US side also promised to put the world’s best and popular entertainment projects into the Beijing Universal Studios, with the Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg involved in the design of the park.美方曾表示,将把全世界最好和最受欢迎的项目放在北京,好莱坞著名导演史蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格将参与北京环球主题公园的设计。Subway Line 7 will be extended to reach the park and put into use before the opening to meet the demand of the tourists.地铁7号线将延伸至主题公园,并在公园开放前投入使用以满足游客的需求。Universal Studios now operates five theme parks - in Los Angeles, Orlando, Osaka and Singapore.环球影城目前有五个主题公园——在洛杉矶、奥兰多、大阪和新加坡。 /201509/399167。

The World Health Organisation has called for the regulation of electronic cigarettes as both tobacco and medical products, dealing a blow to the industry that had hoped the devices would escape the strict curbs placed on smoking.世界卫生组织(WHO)呼吁把电子烟同时当作烟草和医疗产品来管理,此举对电子烟行业构成沉重打击。该行业曾希望电子烟能躲过对吸烟施加的严格限制。As first reported by the Financial Times in April, the UN’s health agency said in a report released yesterday that restrictions should be placed on the marketing of the devices, their sale to minors and indoor use.正如英国《金融时报》在今年4月率先报道的那样,联合国(UN)下属的这一卫生机构昨日发布报告称,应对电子烟的营销、面向未成年人的销售以及室内使用施加限制。It said claims about the health benefits of their use should be prohibited until “manufacturers provide convincing supporting scientific evidence and obtain regulatory approval”.报告称,应禁止有关吸电子烟对健康有益的说法,直到“生产商拿出令人信的持性科学据、并获得监管层的批准”。“It is likely a two-pronged regulatory strategy – regulating [ecigarettes] as both a tobacco product, in accordance with the provisions of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), and as a medical product – would be necessary,” the report said.“很可能有必要采用一种双管齐下的监管策略,一面依据《世界卫生组织烟草控制框架公约》(Framework Convention on Tobacco Control)的规定把电子烟当作烟草产品来管理,另一面把它当作医疗产品来管理,”该报告称。Annual global sales of ecigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems have risen in value from m in 2008 to bn last year, according to Canaccord Genuity, the financial services firm.金融务公司加通贝祥(Canaccord Genuity)的数据显示,电子烟等电子尼古丁传送系统的全球年销售额已从2008年的2000万美元升至去年的30亿美元。While the WHO admitted the full effects of smoking ecigarettes, first-hand and passively, were not known, it said the existing evidence showed that their use “poses serious threats to adolescents and foetuses”.尽管世卫组织承认,吸电子烟(包括吸一手烟和二手烟)的全面后果尚不清楚,但上述报告称,现有据表明,电子烟的使用“对青少年和胎儿构成严重威胁”。On their health benefits, the reports said: “Unsubstantiated or overstated claims of safety and cessation are frequent market themes aimed at smokers.”至于电子烟对健康的益处,报告称:“有关电子烟安全和有助戒烟的、未经实或夸大其辞的说法,是针对烟民经常使用的市场宣传主题。”It cited one study that said the devices were marketed in 7,764 unique flavours, suggesting these will “serve as a gateway to nicotine addiction and, ultimately, smoking, particularly for young people”.报告援引的一份研究结果称,市面上的电子烟有7764种独特口味,暗示它们将“导致顾客对尼古丁上瘾,并最终导致吸烟,对年轻人来说尤其如此”。The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday that more than 263,000 US middle and high school students who had never smoked traditional products smoked ecigarettes in 2013, up from 79,000 two years previously.美国疾病控制与预防中心(US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)周一表示,2013年,美国有逾26.3万从未吸过传统香烟的中学生吸了电子烟,这个数字大大高于两年前的7.9万。Professor Martin McKee of the European Centre on Health of Societies in Transition welcomed the recommendations. They were “sensible measures given the clear cause for concern that products currently being sold may not be safe either for those using them or those exposed to the vapour given off”.转型社会健康问题欧洲研究中心(European Centre on Health of Societies in Transition)教授马丁#8226;麦基(Martin McKee)对世卫组织的建议表示欢迎。这些是“合理的措施,因为人们显然有理由担心,当前销售的产品对使用者或被暴露于它们所散发的气体中的人来说可能不够安全”。“[The#8201;report]#8201;recommends careful regulation unless and until they can be shown to be safe and effective and notes that this is not yet the case,” he added.“(报告)建议进行谨慎监管,除非且直到它们能被明是安全有效的,(报告)还指出目前还没有明这一点,”他补充道。But Professor Gerry Stimson, director of Knowledge-Action-Change, a public health consultancy, accused the WHO of “exaggerating the risks of ecigarettes while downplaying the huge potential of these non-combustible, low-risk nicotine products to end the epidemic of tobacco-related disease”. He said: “The WHO position paper appears to have cherry-picked the science, used unnecessary scaremongering and misleading language about the effects of nicotine.” The report is to be presented to the FCTC signatories in October.但公共卫生咨询机构“知识-行动-改变”(Knowledge-Action-Change)负责人格里#8226;斯廷森(Gerry Stimson)指责世卫组织“夸大了电子烟的风险,同时淡化了这些非燃烧、低风险尼古丁产品在遏止烟草相关疾病流行方面的巨大潜力”。他说:“世卫组织的建议书似乎挑选了对自己有利的科学据,毫无必要地散布恐慌,并就尼古丁的影响使用了误导性的措辞。”该报告将于今年10月呈交给《世界卫生组织烟草控制框架公约》签约国。 /201408/324681。

Ticket prices for tourist attractions in Beijing will remain stable despite an expected glut of visitors during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, according to an official at Beijing#39;s tourism authority.根据北京旅游局相关工作人员表示:即使已经预料到大批游客将会在即将到来的;双节;--中秋节和国庆节,来到北京,但是北京各大旅游胜地的票价仍将会保持不变.We support the suggestions from the China National Tourism Administration and will not raise the ticket prices at scenic spots during the coming holidays,; said Zhao Guangchao, a member of the Beijing Tourism Development Commission. ;Besides, ticket prices of Beijing#39;s attractions are comparably cheap.;北京旅游发展委员会的赵广超称:“我们持中国国家旅游局的建议,并且在即将到来的节假日,我们不会提高旅游景点的票价。除此之外,北京市内的各大景点的票价相对更便宜”According to the tourism research center at the China Academy of Social Sciences, the average ticket price at all 186 top-level attractions in China was 112 yuan (.50) at the end of 2014. However, the ticket price at scenic spots in Beijing is relatively cheap. A ticket for the Palace Museum, for example, only costs 60 yuan, despite being a top attraction.根据中国社会科学院旅游调查中心的研究表示:在2014年末,中国186个5A级旅游景区的普遍票价为112元(17.5美元),相比较之下,北京各大风景名胜的票价更便宜.例如即使作为最顶级的景点的故宫,票价仅收取60元Zhao said that related government departments would check ticket prices at tourist sites during the National Day holiday and impose financial penalties if necessary.赵广超还表示,在国庆节期间,相关政府部门将在旅游景点监管票价,并且必要时加强罚款措施During the coming holidays, Beijing is expected to see another increase in visitor numbers. According to an estimate from Beijing#39;s transportation authority, the number of visits will reach 160 million from Oct 1 to 7. At tourist attractions, Oct 2 and 3 will see a great increase in visitors, the authority said.在即将来临的节假日里,预计北京将会再一次出现游客数量上涨的现象.根据北京交通部门的预估,从10月1日到10月7日游客数量将会达到1亿6000万.该部门还表示,从10月2日到3日,游客数量将会达到顶峰Song Yu, head of the Beijing Tourism Development Commission, said Beijing would collect information about the capacity of tourist attractions to avoid overcrowding.宋宇,北京旅游开发委员会会长表示,他们将会及时收集各旅游景点的相关信息以此来避免拥挤;For those that have reached their maximum capacity, scenic spots should stop selling tickets and inform other tourists immediately,; added Song.宋宇补充道:“那些已经达到最大容量的景点,应该停止售票并且立即通知其他游客” /201509/400180。

The culinary colonisation of the globe may now have us all eating the same old margherita pizzas and arrabiata pastas. But there is one last bastion of gastronomic independence: breakfast. The things we can bear to put in our stomachs right after rising are often the most culturally authentic things about us. And nowhere is that truer than in China.烹饪方式在全球的殖民式推广,或许让我们现在全都吃着一样的传统玛格丽特比萨和香辣番茄意大利面。但还有最后一座堡垒在坚守着烹饪方式独立:早餐。我们能忍受一起床就吃下肚的东西,从文化角度而言往往是最真实地反映我们是谁的东西。而中国比其他任何地方都更符合这句论断。Nobody loves things western more than the Chinese, but when the sun comes up on any Chinese city the east dominates the breakfast trade. Like their ancestors before them, even the most westernised Shanghainese queue up before bamboo towers of steamed buns, spitting woks of crispy bottomed dumplings and steaming vats of rice gruel, to eat food that proudly declares its Chineseness.没有哪个民族比中国人更喜爱西方的东西,但在中国任何一座城市,当太阳升起的时候,早点生意绝对是“东风压倒西风”。哪怕是最西化的上海人,也会像他们的祖辈一样,在码得高高的一笼笼包子,一锅锅滋滋作响的锅贴,和一桶桶热气腾腾的米粥前排队等候,以享用这些自豪地宣告自己中国身份的食物作早餐。They’ve got nothing against a good cornflake here or there, just for variety, or even an Egg McMuffin on the run, but a soup-filled bun made with dollops of pork fat — the much-loved Shanghai shengjian mantou — goes straight to the heart of mainlanders like no cornflake ever could. And of course, all that fat, salt and carbohydrate goes straight to the heart muscle too. But reason not the nutrients: at its best, breakfast is not just food, it is more like love.中国人对偶尔吃一顿可口的玉米片早餐也不排斥,但只是为了换换口味,赶时间的时候他们甚至会匆匆忙忙抓一个吉士蛋麦满分当早餐,可是只有饱含汤汁的生煎馒头(上海人的最爱)才能直抵中国人的心房,那是任何玉米片永远到不了的地方。当然啦,那里面饱含的脂肪、盐和碳水化合物也会直抵心肌。但别拿健康说事了,最好的早餐不仅是食物,它更像是一种“爱”。One young millennial queueing at the neighbourhood “baozi” or steamed bun stall in Shanghai’s former French concession, said he was there for a bit of a bun “chaser” to the bowl of Cheerios he had consumed at home. East meets west in this young man, who says he’s just as happy to draw from either for his first meal of the day. But when it comes to taste? China wins hands down.一个“千禧”世代的年轻人,正在上海前法租界居民区的包子铺排队买包子。这位年轻人说自己在家已经吃了一碗脆谷乐(Cheerios),来这儿想再吃点包子,补充点“硬货”。东西两种文化在这个年轻人身上交汇,他说作为一天之中的头一餐,中式和西式早餐都能让他吃得很开心。但论及味道,中餐毫不费力地赢了。Wu Genfa, a baozi shopper old enough to be his grandfather, is having none of this fusion approach. “I don’t like foreign breakfast,” he says unapologetically. “We’ve been eating Chinese food for decades and if we suddenly change to foreign food, our stomach can’t get used to it,” he says.队伍里一位年纪足以当那位年轻人祖父的食客,则完全无法接受中西混搭的吃法。他的名字叫吴根发。“我不喜欢外国的早餐。”他理直气壮地说,“我们已经吃了几十年中国食物,如果突然改吃外国食物,我们的胃习惯不了。”China’s stubborn adherence to its bun-and-rice-gruel antecedents means that even western fast food restaurants such as KFC have to learn to wrap a steamed bun to survive in the mainland breakfast market. In fact, KFC’s rice porridge with pork and hundred-year-old egg is so popular at breakfast time — paired with a deep fried pastry or “youtiao” for a set meal as low as — that it’s often sold out by the time I get there.中国对包子、米粥等传统食物的顽固坚守,意味着即使是肯德基(KFC)这类西方快餐店都得学着做包子,才能在中国的早餐市场上生存。事实上,肯德基早餐时间供应的皮蛋瘦肉粥(原文称皮蛋为“百年老蛋”(hundred-year-old egg)——译者注)配油条套餐(该套餐售价8元人民币,约合1美元)极受欢迎,我去的时候经常已经卖光了。In a city such as Shanghai, which celebrates its futuristic skyscrapers and hides historic neighbourhoods out of embarrassment, eating street food for breakfast may be the closest that most westerners get to traditional Chinese culture. And the best way to get up to speed on where to go — and how to tell a bun from a dumpling — is to take the “Street Eats Breakfast” tour, run by the offbeat guides UnTour.在上海这样一座为那些现代化天大楼而欢庆,而尴尬地把历史悠久的老街区藏起来的城市里,去街头小吃摊点吃早餐可能是大多数西方人与传统中国文化最近距离的接触。而想了解当下吃早餐的好去处,以及分清包子和锅贴,最佳方案就是参加另类旅游社UnTour组织的“街头小吃早餐”之旅。When the FT recently tagged along, Pennsylvanian Mitch Conquer, our guide, taught us everything from how to slurp the soup out of scalding dumplings, to the creation myth of the baozi (which holds that the buns were filled with meat and shaped like human heads to offer as sacrifices when plague hit a Chinese army nearly two millennia ago). Rival that, you cornflake connoisseurs.英国《金融时报》近日也参加了一次。我们的导游米奇#8226;康克尔(Mitch Conquer)来自美国宾夕法尼亚州,他教给了我们很多知识,从如何从滚烫的锅贴里吸出汤汁,到包子诞生的故事(传说将近两千年前,一只中国军队遭遇瘟疫,人们用面皮包上肉馅,捏成人头的形状,当做祭品供奉,这就是包子)。玉米片行家们,你们拿什么跟这个比?But for all that Shanghai loves its buns, street eats of all varieties are under threat in China, says Anna Greenspan, author of Shanghai Future: Modernity Remade. Soon after I moved to China in 2008, for example, the city tore down one of the most famous and best-loved food streets, Wujiang Road, leaving Starbucks, McDonald’s and Subway in its place. “In the developed world, there is a renaissance of street food culture, with the food trucks,” she says. Not so in China, where street food markets are seen as unhygienic, noisy and just plain un-futuristic. In December, yet another famous Shanghai food street was demolished.尽管上海人如此喜爱他们的包子,但《上海未来:重建现代性》(Shanghai Future: Modernity Remade)一书的作者安娜#8226;格林斯潘(Anna Greenspan)说,在中国,各种街头小吃都正面临威胁。举个例子,2008年我刚到中国不久,上海拆掉了最著名、最受欢迎的美食街之一,吴江路小吃街,现在那里只有星巴克(Starbucks)、麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)和赛百味(Subway)了。安娜#8226;格林斯潘说:“在发达国家,一辆辆流动食品车所代表的街头食品文化正在复兴。”在中国则不是这样,街头小吃市场在这里被认为是不卫生的、嘈杂的,而且毫不现代化。去年12月,又一条上海著名的美食街被拆除。To add insult to injury Shanghai’s largest state-owned food group, Bright Food, recently bought the British breakfast icon Weetabix, and is working hard to introduce western shredded wheat and milk culture to China. Good luck with that. Weetabix seems to be tackling the snack market first, recently introducing green tea and dark chocolate Alpen cereal bars, just for the China market. But outside the Jiadeli supermarket, opposite the bun stall where UnTour took us, Yue Yumei, 53, says she’s never even heard of Weetabix. Vive la dumpling, I say: let them eat street food.无异于往传统街头小吃伤口上撒盐的是,上海最大的国营食品集团光明食品(Bright Food)最近收购了英国代表性早餐食品品牌维他麦(Weetabix),而且该集团正努力将西方的牛奶麦片文化引入中国。祝他们好运吧。维他麦似乎想先打入零食市场,近来推出了专门面向中国市场的绿茶和黑巧克力欧倍(Alpen)谷物棒。但在一家“家得利”(Jiadeli)超市外面,就在UnTour带我们去的一家包子铺对面,53岁的岳玉梅说她从没听说过维他麦。锅贴万岁,我要说,他们想吃街头食品就让他们吃吧。 /201501/357195。

Conjuring up the ghosts of Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky and Peter the Great, Vladimir Putin put on a show last night to rival London and Beijing, with a simple message: Russia is back and as hungry as ever.在昨晚这场可与伦敦奥运会和北京奥运会匹敌的演出上,托尔斯泰(Tolstoy)、柴可夫斯基(Tchaikovsky)、彼得大帝(Peter the Great) 之魂接连出场,弗拉基米尔·普京(Vladimir Putin)借此传递一个简单的信息:俄罗斯回来了,像昔日那样雄心勃勃。In a feat reflective of the bn epic Sochi experiment itself, a giant troika of horses floated through the freezing air, the workers’ revolution was reimagined as a Malevich-inspired musical and an inflatable St Basil’s coalesced on the stage. Volcanoes spewed fire, fireworks lit up the stadium and soft flurries of snow fell on command from the sky. Mr Putin bowed and waved.开幕式壮丽地史诗表演折射出索契冬奥会510亿美元的投入。三匹巨马飘过冰冷的空气,从马列维奇(Malevich)得到灵感、以工人革命为主题的音乐剧表演,以及舞台上出现的充气圣巴西尔大教堂。一个个小火山引燃了火炬台,烟花照亮整座体育场,安排好的细雪从天而降。普金向人们鞠躬并挥手示意。If many have doubted Mr Putin’s decision to host the Winter Olympics in a tiny beachfront town that had little pre-existing modern day infrastructure, the president’s opening ceremony could be seen as a strong rebuke. Homage was made to Peter the Great and Russia’s Imperial capital St Petersburg – built against all architectural logic on a marshland – and the Stalinist skyscrapers of Soviet Moscow that remain standing to this day, as viewers were taken on the tumultuous ride that is Russia’s history.当普金决定在一个缺乏现代基础设施的海滨小镇举办冬奥会时,也许有人曾有过怀疑,而这场开幕式可被视作总统的反驳。开幕式的表演展现了彼得大帝,俄罗斯帝都圣彼得堡(在沼泽地上克建筑技术局限而兴建的城市),以及今天依然伫立在莫斯科的斯大林式的高楼,让观众们走马观花地一览俄罗斯历史。The Sochi games have been among the more controversial in Olympic history, with western critics using them as a springboard to criticise Russia in particular on its human rights record.索契冬奥会是奥运会历史上一次备受争议的比赛,西方的批评家们以它为跳板来批评俄罗斯,尤其指责其人权记录。In perhaps a cheeky nod to critics of the country’s new “gay propaganda” ban, the ceremony featured music from tATu, a Russian pop duo who posed as faux lesbians during their peak in their early 2000s. Their song – “Not Going To Get Us” – played as Russia’s Olympic competitors made their entrance during the traditional Parade of Nations.该国新出台的“禁同性恋宣传”法律招致了大量批评,或许是为了调侃这些批评,开幕式选用了tATu的音乐。tATu是一俄罗斯流行音乐二人组,在21世纪初的巅峰时代曾假装女同性恋。当俄罗斯冬奥会的选手们踏入会场,进行传统的运动员游行仪式时,tATu的歌曲“别想阻拦我们”(Not Going To Get Us)响彻会场。The opening ceremony may help Russia reclaim the Sochi narrative from critics who have highlighted the event’s shortcomings. In recent days, arriving journalists complained of yellow tap water, unfinished hotel rooms and shoddy construction work – evidence of a rushed job.开幕式或许有助于俄罗斯从批评者那里夺回索契冬奥会的话语权,近日这些批评者抓住此次奥运会的缺陷大做文章。近日来,抵达索契的记者们纷纷抱怨自来水泛黄,酒店客房没完工,以及粗制滥造的施工——这都是赶工的明。The show was not without hitches. One of the five Olympic rings, in the form of giant snowflakes, initially failed to open properly.开幕式并非一帆风顺。在巨大的雪花状奥运五连环中,有一环最初没能正确打开。While the leaders in Mr Putin’s Olympic box included China’s leader Xi Jinping and Viktor Yanukovich, the embattled leader of Ukraine, major western leaders, including US president Barack Obama and German chancellor Angela Merkel, skipped the party, sending junior delegations instead.普京的冬奥会包厢里坐着中国国家主席习近平和陷入困境的乌克兰总统维克多#8226;亚努科维奇(Viktor Yanukovych),但美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)和德国总理安格拉#8226;默克尔(Angela Merkel)等主要西方国家领导人没有出席开幕式,而只是派出了低层官员组成的代表团。Offsetting the lack of western luminaries, Mr Putin had gathered Russia’s rich and famous from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres, Moscow film sets – and some from abroad. Svetlana Zakharova, the nation’s prima ballerina, danced, while Anna Netbrenko, Russia’s world-famous soprano, sang the Olympic anthem. Maria Sharapova, the tennis star, came from her residence in Florida and oligarch Roman Abramovich from the UK.为了弥补西方要人的缺席,普京从莫斯科大剧院和马林斯基剧院、莫斯科电影界召集了俄罗斯的许多富人和名人,也有一些从国外应邀赶来。芭蕾舞首席女舞者斯维特拉娜#8226;扎哈洛娃(Svetlana Zakharova)翩翩起舞,世界闻名的俄罗斯女高音安娜#8226;奈瑞贝科(Anna Netrebko)演唱冬奥会会歌。网球明星玛丽亚#8226;莎拉波娃(Maria Sharapova)从她在美国佛罗里达州的住所前来助阵,寡头罗曼#8226;阿布拉莫维奇(Roman Abramovich)从英国赶来出席开幕式。At the end of the three-hour ceremony, Russia put on a beautifully terrifying firework display set to the music of Tchaikovsky. As Mr Putin seemed to have proved, there are things Russia still does stupendously well: pyrotechnics most certainly included.长达3小时的开幕式结束时,俄罗斯方面在柴可夫斯基音乐的伴奏下进行了美丽壮观的烟花表演。正如普京似乎已明的那样,俄罗斯仍有许多事情能做得非常漂亮:烟火表演肯定包括在内。 /201402/275318。