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Outside His Window 他的窗外He has a big window in his bedroom. His desk is in his bedroom. His desk is next to the big window. He sits at his desk. He looks east. He looks east toward the East River. The East River is about six blocks away. But he cannot see the East River. Buildings block his view. Buildings in New York City are like trees in a est. They are everywhere. They are beautiful. They are all different. He can see about different buildings. The farthest building is almost three blocks away. Most of the buildings are about stories tall. Most of them are light brown or dirty white. But the tallest one is completely red. White smoke comes out of its top. It has no windows on its west side. The west wall is red bricks. Maybe red bricks are cheaper than glass windows. Maybe it a prison.他的卧室有一个大窗户卧室里有一张桌子桌子旁边是窗户他坐在桌子上他向东看他向东看看见了东河东河大约有6个街区远但是,他看不见东河建筑挡住了他的视线纽约城的建筑就像是密林中的树木它们无处不在它们很美丽各有不同他能够看到种不同的建筑最远的一栋有将近3个街区绝大多数建筑都有层绝大多数都是浅棕色或是污白色但是,最高的那一栋是纯红色白烟从建筑顶端飘出西面没有窗户东墙满是红砖或许,红砖要比玻璃窗更便宜这或许是监狱译文属原创,,不得转载 397600Ask an American: Bluegrass music; resume versus curriculum vitae, the number 0 versus the letter O, one over the otherWords:to bring overto pass down (something)to flattenbridgebasicallyrootsoriginsmelodyacousticfiddlebanjobassresumecurriculum vitae 39765北美地区最具传奇性的脱口秀主持人和电视名人里吉斯#86;菲尔宾在新节目里扮演一个同性恋美发师,但他似乎很讨女性们的的喜欢本期来看看80岁高龄的美国著名影星贝蒂是如何看待的吧!I know,I was talking to give the expression Regis Philbin,我知道,我曾与里吉斯#86;菲尔宾谈论原谅的表达and he said he was on year other show,the Clevlon Show.他称自己是在其他节目中He was on a hearting Clevlon,and he played a gay hairdresser,他在一档克莱文节目中全心全意的扮演了一位同性恋美发师,and he said today that he played so well that he wasnt sure about becoming guys too well was gale.而他今天表示,他演的如此之好,他不知道成为男同性恋的感觉如何So he decided..所以他做出了决定And by the way,dont let it influence the rest of our show.而且,不让其影响我们余下的节目Oh,but he go to meet my fit and he kissed me like I havent been.哦,但是他要去检查自己的健康,之后他吻了我,我以前从没有过如此待遇What time is it ?会在什么时间?You really let me ever, No,you just kills me.你真的让我永远,不,你刚刚杀了我一样Wow,all right,you really get all different story.哇,好吧,你真的说的是个不同的故事注:听力文本来源于普特 187Pink Suit Sale 粉红西装卖出去了!When the store manager returned from lunch, he noticed his clerk's hand was bandaged, but bee he could ask about the bandage, the clerk said he had some very good news him."Guess what, sir?" the clerk said. "I finally sold that terrible, ugly suit we've had so long!""Do you mean that repulsive pink-and-blue double-breasted thing?" the manager asked."That's the one!""That's great!" the manager cried, "I thought we'd never get rid of that monstrosity! That had to be the ugliest suit we've ever had! But tell me.Why is your hand bandaged?""Oh," the clerk replied, "after I sold the guy that suit, his guide dog bit me."装店经理吃完午餐回来,发现店员的手包上了绷带,没等他问,店员告诉他一个非常好的消息 “猜猜看发生什么事了,经理”店员说,“我终于把那套一直压在这儿的难看透顶的西装卖出去了!” “不是那件粉红带蓝条的双排扣套装吧!那套衣实在太可怕了!” “就是那件” “太棒了!”经理叫道,“我一直以为我们无法处理掉那件怪物了,那是我们有过最难看的西装对了,你的手怎么上绷带了?” “哦,”店员说,“当我把那件西装卖给客人以后,他的导盲犬扑上来咬了我一口” 0

The P3 wrist camera sort of talks to that whole concept of miniaturation and having devices intergrated into things that you wouldnt think of.And while the pictures are pretty good, only you can decide whether theyre worth two grand.And how about this? It a prototype computer that puts your mobile laptop to shame.The IBM wearable PC definitely gives you a vision into what gonna be coming down the line.We will be carrying these kinds of computing devices and you will need to be able to access the inmation somehow.Whether that through an earpiece or whether it just integrated into your clothing.The PC weighs less than a pound and clips onto your belt.The monitor, about the size of a pen cap rests an inch from your eye.But if you dont necessarily wanna work during your down time, something like the Panasonic portable DVD player might be the gadget you.The ability to have a very small compact device where you can watch movies or listen to CDs is something that any business traveler will tell you is a great benefit.If youre more the adventurous type, then Casio GPS watch is a must-have.A few years down the line, instead of just having, you know, your coordinates, it can actually tell you where you are on a map and give your directions.Over the past several years, weve seen electronics get smaller, faster and better, and that trend is going to continue into the next century.The theme electronics in the future is the combination of computers and communications and then having them disappear from our sight.But Cantra says these new technologies are not just about bits and bites.When you look at new technologies, theyre based on the past and what we think that we need.But a lot of times it just sheer human inventiveness that takes it to this next step.And there nothing more exciting than finding a new way of being able to reach out and share inmation. 06

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