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青岛市401医院有失败的案例吗海阳市做人授多少钱China moved almost a million people from its coastal provinces to safer areas before Typhoon Morakat hit the mainland on Sunday. Heavy rain triggered landslides and caused several hundred houses to collapse, but the effects weren't as bad as might have been feared, after the damage it had wreaked elsewhere.The storm had caused the worst flooding in 50 years in Taiwan. They're still working there to free thousands of people who remain trapped, and searching for the dozens who are missing.In Japan, there were more casualties, as a different typhoon caused severe problems along the western coast of the country. Again torrential downpours triggered landslides and flooding. One man was found drowned inside his car, a woman was found dead in a gutter.Trigger: 引起,触发A spark triggered the explosion. 一粒火星引起了这场爆炸。Landslide: 滑坡,泥石流Collapse: 倒塌Having been neglected for years, the house collapsed. 这所房子因年久失修而倒塌了。Wreak: 造成(巨大的破坏或伤害)Casualty: (事故、灾难等的)死者;伤者;受害人There were dozens of casualties in the train crash. 在那次火车撞车事故中有数十人伤亡。Downpour: 倾盆大雨,豪雨She was drenched by the sudden downpour. 她被那场突然下的倾盆大雨淋得湿透。08/81340连云港顺产哪家医院最好的 Russia’s leaders are promising to crack down on terrorists, after a deadly bomb attack appeared to target foreigners Monday in a Moscow airport.星期一俄罗斯的一个机场发生以外国人为目标的致命爆炸袭击之后,俄罗斯领导人承诺要镇压恐怖主义分子。Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed that "retribution is inevitable" for the suicide bombing that killed 35 people at Russia's busiest airport.俄罗斯总理普京誓言说,对这起自杀式爆炸袭击的反击是必然的,这次袭击在俄罗斯最繁忙的机场造成35人丧生。Prime Minister Putin’s trademark has long been a tough stance on terrorism. But this time, President Dmitry Medvedev joined the chorus, ordering internal security chiefs to "expose and bring the bandits who committed this crime to justice."普京总理一直对恐怖主义采取强硬立场。但是这次,俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫也像普京一样强硬,命令国内安全部长们“公开这次犯罪行为的相关人员,并把他们绳之以法。”Mr. Medvedev, often criticized as mild-mannered, also demanded that "the nests of these bandits, however deep they have dug in, must be liquidated."经常以温和态度发表批评言论的梅德韦杰夫还要求“清剿这些袭击者的藏匿点,无论他们藏在哪里”。Although no group has claimed credit for the bombing, the attack bore the hallmarks of radical Islamic groups from the Russian’s southernmost region, the Northern Caucasus.虽然没有人声称对这次爆炸负责,但是从这次袭击的特点来看,像是俄罗斯最南端的北高加索地区激进的伊斯兰组织所为。The Kremlin’s tough talk came as Russians realized the international dimensions of a bombing that took a total of 200 dead and wounded in the international arrivals section of their most modern airport. For the first time in memory, terrorists had targeted foreigners.在克里姆林宫发表强硬言论之际,俄罗斯人认识到,这次在他们的最现代化机场的国际旅客到达区发起的国际层面的爆炸袭击总共造成200人死伤。这是有始以来,恐怖主义分子首次以外国人作为袭击目标。201101/124500Internet companies互联网企业Attack of the clones克隆来袭American web firms are battling foreign hordes that look remarkably similar美国互联网企业正在抵抗大量海外相似企业来袭Aug 6th 2011 | BERLIN AND SAN FRANCISCO | from the print editionON AUGUST 1st Airbnb, an online marketplace that helps people rent rooms, admitted that it had mishandled a complaint from someone whose apartment was ransacked by one of its renters. Brian Chesky, the firm’s boss, begged forgiveness and announced that from August 15th Airbnb would cover up to ,000-worth of damage caused by its customers, subject to certain (as yet unannounced) conditions. Soon afterwards 9flats, a rival based in Berlin, said it, too, would offer insurance.8月1日,Airbnb,一家在线房屋租赁公司,承认他们错误的处理了一起客户投诉,这位客户的公寓被其中一名租客洗劫一空。公司的老板Brian Chesky恳求客户的原谅,并宣布从当月15日起,客户所遭受的损失,只要符合一定的条件(具体是哪些条件还未公布),Airbnb将会为他们买单,承担高达5万美元的费用。随即,一家总部在柏林的竞争对手9flats也宣布他们将为客户提供保险。An Airbnb executive gripe s that such behaviour is typical of 9flats, which he says copies much of what Airbnb does. (9flats admits to being “inspired” by American e-commerce, but insists that its website and pricing model differ from Airbnb’s.) Other American web superstars, such as Groupon, a discount firm, and Kickstarter, which crowdsources funding for arts and technology projects, have also been attacked by “clones” (services set up in foreign markets that are almost identical to the American originals). As the cost of computing power plummet s and the prices of hot start-ups soar—Airbnb was recently valued at an eye-watering .3 billion—the clone wars will get bloody.Airbnb一位高层抱怨称这是9flats的一贯手法,对方已经抄袭了Airbnb的很多做法。(9flats承认确实受到了美国电子商务的“启发”,但坚持自己的网站和定价模式与Airbnb不同。)其它的美国互联网明星企业,像Groupon(一个团购网站)和Kickstarter(一家为艺术和技术项目提供公众集资平台的网站),也同样受到了“克隆企业”(那些在海外市场成立,却与美国本土企业几乎一样的公司。)的困扰。由于计算机计算成本锐减和热门创业企业受到的热捧——Airbnb最近就被估计市值高达13亿美元,这场反克隆的战争将会愈加血腥。201108/149166烟台做无痛人流需要多少钱

山东青岛新阳光妇产怎么去Perhaps the iPhones biggest draw?iPhone也许天生具有最大的吸引力?The touch screen.触摸屏显示。Its the culmination of Jobs lifelong believe that the hand is the most important human interface with the computer.这是乔布斯的心血结晶,他终身坚信人类的手才是与计算机重要的连接。Were going to use the best pointing device in the world.我们将用到的是世界上最好的触摸设备。Were going to use a pointing device that were all born with, born with ten of them.我们要用一种我们与生俱来的触摸设备,这种设备就是我们与生俱来的十根手指。Were going to use our fingers.我们要用我们的手指。It works like magic.这就像是魔法一样。Steve was always absolutely incredibly interested in hands.史蒂夫总是绝对令人难以置信对手有兴趣。词语解释:1. interface n. 界面2. device n. 设备3. finger n. 手指 163600青岛市新阳光妇科是公立医院还是私立医院 Policing the mobs平息暴乱Under fire英国警方遭猛烈抨击The police stand accused of allowing mayhem to go unchecked任由暴乱升级,警方遭猛批Aug 13th 2011 | from the print edition Trying to catch up 英国警方正在努力跟上变化节奏AFTER five days of sping Saturnalian anarchy on the streets of English cities, the disgust and anger felt for the rioters was accompanied by growing dismay at the failure of the police to get on top of the violent thuggery in some places. In violated towns and cities, there was angry incomprehension at the apparent willingness of armoured police to stand back while shops were pillaged and torched by marauding youths.混乱狂欢般在英国数座城市蔓延了五天之后,人们对混乱制造者感到憎恶和气愤之余,也开始对个别地区警方无力控制暴乱局势感到失望。某些骚乱城镇,暴乱的年轻人对店铺疯狂地砸抢烧,而开着装甲车的警察分明就是束手旁观,这让人们感到气愤与无法理解。A poll conducted by YouGov for the Sun newspaper reflected the widesp belief that the police had got their tactics wrong. Of those questioned, 90% favoured the use of water cannon; 78% tear gas; 72% Tasers (an electroshock weapon); 65% plastic bullets; 33% even wanted the police to use live ammunition against the looters. And 77% wanted the army to be deployed.《太阳报》发布了调查机构“优戈夫”(YouGov)进行的一项民意调查,调查结果显示,人们普遍认为警方处理暴乱时策略失当。被调查者中,90%认为应使用高压水,78%赞成使用催泪弹,72%赞成泰瑟(一种防暴电击),65%赞成塑料子弹,33%甚至认为警方应该荷实弹制止暴乱。另外,有77%希望调用军队。The criticism of the police is understandable, but is it justified? Most experts doubt whether the use of traditional riot-control weapons would have made much difference this week. Although water cannon and tear gas can be effective in getting a large mob to disperse from a particular area, or in allowing the police to “buy distance” or hold ground, they are indiscriminate and fairly clumsy. Tasers are not a public-order weapon—they cannot be fired into crowds—but a non-lethal method of individual incapacitation.人们对警方批评可以理解,但这对警方是否公平?多数专家认为即使本周暴乱中警方使用传统抗暴手段也不会起太大作用。虽然高压水和催泪弹可以驱散某一场所的大批暴动者,可以让暴动者稍微退后或者让警方守住阵地,但两者都有可能伤及无辜,并且非常笨重。泰瑟不能用来对付大片人群,因而不是用来维护公共秩序的工具,只是对付个别歹徒的非致命性武器。201108/149874青岛无痛人流去哪好

青岛大学附属医院是公立的Asian Stocks Rally as Optimism Grows Over Global Rescue Plans亚洲股市受美鼓舞星期二强劲反弹   Asian stock markets have risen for a second consecutive day on optimism that government rescue efforts will heal the stricken global financial system. Japanese stocks soared by 14 percent. In Australia, investors were encouraged by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's plan to spend billions of dollars to strengthen the economy. 亚洲券市场连续第二天股市上扬。投资者乐观地认为,各国政府的救市努力将挽救处于病态的全球金融体系。日本股市暴涨百分之14。在澳大利亚,投资者受到陆克文总理用数十亿美元加强经济的计划的鼓舞。Japan lead the gains in Asian markets Tuesday as the benchmark Nikkei 225 index surged by more than 1,100 points, or 14 percent - a stunning reversal after plunging nearly 10 percent Friday. 星期二,日本股市是亚洲各地股市中上涨幅度最大的,日经指数暴涨百分之14,一共涨了1100百多点。上星期五,日本股市暴跌将近百分之10。It was the Nikkei's biggest single-day gain in history. 今天是有史以来日本股市涨幅最大的一天。The positive mood has been repeated across the region. 投资者的乐观情绪在整个东亚到处可见。Stock prices in South Korea, the Philippines and Indonesia jumped by more than six percent, and key indexes in Australia and Hong Kong rallied more than three percent. 在韩国、菲律宾和印度尼西亚,股市都窜升百分之6以上,澳大利亚和香港的关键指数都上升了百分之3以上。The recovery in Australian stocks, which went into freefall at the end of last week, followed a decision by the government to spend more than billion to try to stave off recession.  上星期最后两天,澳大利亚股市直线下跌,政府决定用70多亿美元防止经济衰退,导致股市回升。The funds will come from the budget surplus, which has been amassed largely on the back of a mining boom that has seen vast quantities of Australian minerals exported to China and India. 这些资金将来自预算盈余,这些盈余主要是靠采矿业的繁荣积累起来的。澳大利亚把大量矿物出口到中国和印度。Some economists say the stimulus package may not be enough to prevent Australia slipping into a recession after 17 years of uninterrupted growth. 一些经济学家说,刺激经济计划可能不足以防止澳大利亚滑入衰退。在这之前,澳大利亚经历了17年的连续增长。In a nationwide address, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was optimistic about the future, but said that immediate action was needed. 澳大利亚总理陆克文发表全国讲话,他对未来表示乐观,但是他说,必须立即采取行动。"The global financial crisis has entered into a new, dangerous and damaging phase, one which goes to the real economy, growth and jobs," said Mr. Rudd. "And that is why the government has decided to act decisively and early on the question of this economic security strategy for the future; an economic security strategy to help underpin positive economic growth into the future and to provide practical support for households."  “全球金融危机进入了一个新的、危险的、破坏性的阶段。危机已经波及实际的经济领域,增长和就业都受到影响。这就是为什么政府决定及早果断行动,采取针对未来的经济安全战略。它将帮助我们巩固未来的经济增长,为千家万户的未来提供实际的持。”The recovery of Asian stock markets followed a surge in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which gained more than 11 percent Monday - its biggest one-day gain since 1933. 亚洲股市回升之前,美国股市道琼斯指数星期一上升了百分之11以上。这是1933年以来升幅最大的一天。Investors were reacting to efforts by the U.S. government to inject capital into banking system to stimulate lending, which has dried up in the global credit meltdown. 投资者对美国政府向体系注资作出反应。注资是为了刺激贷款。由于全球信贷冻结,造成现金来源枯竭,无法贷款。200810/52851 Can China End The Credit Crunch? Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is due to arrive in Britain for talks with Gordon Brown. The two are expected to discuss how they can co-operate to tackle the global financial crisis. Holly Williams reports on how China could be crucial to the recovery. Could these women help save us all from the financial crisis? China has transformed itself from drab Communism to the world's third biggest economy with 1.3 billion consumers hungry for the decade of fruits of Capitalism. And they might be the ones who give the keys of life to the world's economy. While people in Britain and America have been taking on too much debt, the Chinese have spent the last two decades carefully saving their money. In fact, this country has one of the highest national savings rates in the world. If the Chinese can now be coked into spending their money, economists say that will be key to a global recovery. The Chinese premier Wen Jiabao was in Davos this week, talking up how China can revive the world's fortunes. Gordon Brown wants to do business with Mr. Wen, and more trade and investment will be top of their agenda when they meet. But there are others who blame China for the financial crisis. China's become the workshop of the world, exporting far more than it imports. China used those export earnings to buy American debt, which helped fuel the mortgage bubble. And some say the credit crunch (信贷紧缩). Timothy Geithner was sworn in this week as America's new Treasury Secretary, he's accused China of currency manipulation that created trade imbalances leading to the financial crisis, though most experts disagree. "It's much better to believe there's some conspiracy in Beijing to artificially overvalue the Chinese currency so as to make Chinese manufacturers and exporters wildly and unfairly competitive and to put American worker out of business, all that is economic debut?." But if China is not to blame, how much help can it give Britain? The country has its own money problems, rural poverty, slowing growth and laid-off workers. In this global crisis, many Chinese consumers would be lucky to keep themselves afloat, never mind the world economy. Holly Williams, Sky News, Beijing.02/61717青岛新阳光妇产医院四维彩超多少钱连云港做流产多少钱



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