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乌鲁木齐县注射丰下巴费用新疆维吾尔医医院疤痕多少钱Dear A Moment of Science,I know why the ocean is still salty: evaporated water leaves thesalt behind.亲爱的《科学一刻》我知道为什么海洋依旧是咸的了:水分蒸发掉,留下了盐。But how did it get salty in the first place? SaltyDog.但是一开始盐是怎么进去的呢?咸味鸡尾酒。According to one hypothesis, oceans formed at least 500 million years ago when water vapor andother gasses escaping from the Earths interior gradually formed the atmosphere and cloudssurrounding the planet.有种假设,海洋在至少五亿年前形成。那时水蒸气和其他气体渐渐从地球内部逸出,形成了围绕地球的大气层和云。As the earth cooled below the boiling point of water, rain began to fall, andkept falling for centuries.当地球冷却到水沸点以下,开始下雨,下了好几个世纪。Eventually the rainfall filled the Earths hollows and formed oceans.最后,雨水填满了地球的低洼形成了海洋。In their infant state these oceans were not nearly as salty as they are today.在海洋形成初期,它们还不像今天这样咸。As the initial rainsswept over the planets surface and filtered down to the hollows, the rushing waters picked upchemicals from erosion of the Earths crust.最初的雨席卷地球表面后汇入低洼,激流带进去了地壳腐蚀处的化学成分。These chemicals included sodium, which is one of themain ingredients of salt.这些化学成分包括钠,那正是盐的主要成分。The other main ingredient, chlorine, came from the solid and gaseousfallout of land and ocean floor volcanoes.另一个主要成分,氯,来自陆上海底火山喷发产生的尘土及气体。Over hundreds of millions of years the steady flow ofchemical-rich rivers and streams and the eruption of volcanoes and undersea vents combined toincrease the oceans salt content.经过数亿年,富含化学物质的河流、陆上海底的火山喷发物,合在一起增加了海洋的盐分。This does not mean, however, that the oceans saltiness is constantly increasing.然而,这并不意味着海洋会持续变咸下去。Scientists believethat ocean salinity reached a plateau hundreds of millions of years ago, when roughly the sameamount of salt fed into the oceans was deposited as sediment on the ocean floor.科学家认为,海洋盐度在数亿年前就达到平稳,当时盐注入海洋后,在海底形成了大体等量的沉积物。 201412/350506新疆维吾尔医医院激光除皱手术多少钱 How do we break the cycle of poverty? What can we, as a state and a nation, do to help poor children escape poverty and move up and out?Jamie Fogel is a pre-doctoral fellow with Harvards department of economics and a researcher on the Quality of Opportunity project that takes a close look at the effect of poverty and geography.Fogel and his research team ask first and foremost: To what extent is the U.S. a ;land of opportunity?;They wanted to chart levels of mobility in the country and see how it varies across the nation.;If parents earned X, what do we expect their kids to earn? And in general, we focused on parents who were at about the 25th percentile of income distribution … and we looked at the outcomes for their children,; Fogel says.Ottawa County is the most upwardly mobile place in Michigan, according to the project.Fogel says Ottawa ranks above average in racial segregation, does very well in terms of income equality, and has relatively good test scores.The same cant be said for Washtenaw and Wayne counties. Kids who grew up in Ottawa saw income gain by ,000; Wayne County kids earned ,600 less than their parents.Fogels team also found that the longer you spend in a place, ;the more you look like that place.;;If you moved to a high-mobility area when youre younger, youre going to be more likely to experience that mobility, whereas if you move to that high-mobility place at a later age, youll still get some of the effects of the mobility, but to a lesser extent.;;Places matter,; Fogel says. He hopes his project can show policymakers that there is something we can do and that poverty is not intrinsic to individuals and their families.201506/378291乌鲁木齐e光祛老年斑哪家医院好

乌鲁木齐整形美容医院做去疤手术多少钱The U.S. State Department said on Thursday, the ed States is aware of reports that North Korea is preparing intermediate-range missiles and is closely monitoring the Korean Peninsula. 美国国务院周四表示,美国意识到朝鲜正在准备“中程导弹”,并正密切监视朝鲜半岛局势。A State Department representative clarified, ;We call again on North Korea to refrain from actions that further raise tensions in the region and focus instead on taking concrete steps toward fulfilling its international commitments and obligations.; 一名国务院代表阐明,“我们再次呼吁朝鲜克制进一步加剧该地区紧张局势的行动,将重点放在采取具体步骤履行国际义务和责任上。”South Koreas Yonhap news agency reported that North Korea has deployed one or two intermediate-range ballistic missiles on the east coast. 韩国联合通讯社报道,朝鲜在东海岸部署了一个或两个中程弹道导弹。Its expected the country is possibly preparing for launch on or around Friday.预期朝鲜可能在周五准备发射。译文属。201604/437586乌鲁木齐治疗痘痘 乌鲁木齐那家自体脂肪丰胸

昆玉市激光脱毛多少钱This habitat into connect under all of vital to the well being of the Great Barrier Reef.这些生存环境相互联系对大堡礁而言至关重要。This is the little known story of one of the most complex and spectacular Eco-systems on earth.这是一个关于地球上最复杂且最壮观生态系统的鲜为人知的故事。The Great Barrier Reef is over 2,000 kilometers long which means the lagoon that lies between the out reef and Australian mainland is vast.大堡礁跨越2000多公里的水域,这意味着介于外礁和澳洲大陆之间的环礁湖非常巨大。An area one and a half times the size of the British Isles.其面积相当于不列颠群岛的1.5倍。Pick a spot anywhere in the lagoon and youll probably find sand.环礁湖上任意一处你都可以发现沙子。As about two thirds of the sea floor here is a shifting under water desert.因为此处海底的三分之二都是移动的水下沙漠。It looks barren, but there is life here.这里看似贫瘠,但是依然有生命存在。Its just you dont often see it.只是很难见到而已。Gardenings and none-likely alliance, fish and shrimp that share a bone.花园鳗鱼以及一对意想不到的同盟,鱼和虾共享一个洞穴。In a world when most food is out of site, it takes a predator with special talents to find it.在大多数食物都隐藏起来的世界里需要具有特殊天赋的捕食者耐心寻找。And this is that predator, the ray.这就是上面说到的那位。鳐。The rays special skill is to find living things under the sand and the largest species to do this here is the sting ray.鳐的特殊技能是寻找沙子底下的生物,而拥有这一技能的最大种类是刺鳐。 201501/352776 Brewery mergers啤酒企业的兼并Foamy war弥漫着泡沫的战争SABMiller may be swallowed up by its main rival, AB InBev南非米勒也许会被其主要竞争对手—百威英吞并THE worlds biggest brewer, AB InBev, is also the most frugal. There are no company cars for senior executives. Carlos Brito, the boss, flies economy class. That is one reason why, with 18 of global beer sales, ABI has a third of the profits.英,全球最大的啤酒制造商,同时也是最节俭的一个。英旗下的高管都没有公司配车。老板Carlos Brito平时出行都乘坐经济舱。之所以英的啤酒销售额占全球的18,利润额却高达全球的三分之一,这就是原因之一。This will matter in the wary manoeuvres now taking place among the giants of global brewing. On September 14th Heineken, the number three by volume, said it had rejected a takeover proposal from SABMiller, the number two. SAB seems to have been trying to defend itself against a possible takeover by ABI, which was said to be talking to bankers about raising 75 billion to buy its rival. That was little more than a rumour, but industry-watchers suspect something big is indeed brewing, in brewing. And the chances are that ever-thirsty ABI, maker of Budweiser and StellaArtois, will swallow SAB.对于正施行谨慎策略的全球啤酒酿造业巨头,这点至关重要。9月14日,销量排行第三的喜力啤酒称其已拒绝了来自销量第二的南非米勒的一个收购案。南非米勒似乎一直在抵御被英收购的可能,据说英目前正与家们讨论提高750亿欧元以收购其竞争对手。这只是个谣言,但是业内观察人士猜测酿造业内正酝酿着大事件。百威啤酒与时代啤酒的制造商—一如既往十分饥渴的英公司将有机会吞并南非米勒。The beer behemoth has few other ways to grow. In rich countries, consumption of beer has stopped rising. In America, ABIs Anheuser-Busch division is suffering growing competition from small makers of “craft beer”. The number of American breweries has jumped from fewer than 100 in 1983 to more than 3,000 today. ABI has its roots in Brazil, but there drinkers are suffering from a sluggish economy and post-World Cup blues. This leaves ABI with two options, says Andrew Holland, an analyst at Societe Generale: give its cash back to shareholders or buy something.啤酒业巨头已无其他发展之路。在富裕国家,啤酒的消费量已止步不前。在美国,英的Anheuser-Busch部门正面临着来着生产“精酿啤酒”的小型制造商日益激烈的竞争。美国啤酒厂的数量已从1983年的不到100家跳跃式增长到如今的3000多家。英起源于巴西,但那里的啤酒消费者正遭受着经济疲软与世界杯后的萧条。Societe Generale的分析师Andrew Holland说:这使得英有两个选择,要么把现金还给股东,要么买些什么。SAB is a tempting target. Though based inLondon, its origins are inSouth Africa; it has breweries and bottling plants in 15 African countries, where people still mainly guzzle moonshine. It has stakes in 21 others through an alliance with Castel, a French drinks company. Nearly 70 of SABs sales are in emerging markets, many of which are still developing a taste for beer. Last year its sales by volume expanded by 3. ABIs, in contrast, dropped 2.南非米勒是个令人心动的目标。尽管总部在伦敦,但其起源于南非;其在15个非洲国家都拥有酿酒厂和装瓶工厂,这些国家的人们仍主要狂饮着私酿的威士忌。南非米勒通过与法国饮料公司Castel联盟,在其它21家公司也拥有股份。南非米勒近70的销售额来自新兴市场,其中许多地区的人们还正在逐渐养成饮用啤酒的嗜好。去年其啤酒销售量增长了3。相反,英的销售量缩减了2。If ABI gets hold of SAB it will no doubt try to repeat tricks that have worked well since AmBev of Brazil merged with Interbrew of Belgium a decade ago and then pushed out its American boss: squeeze costs and use the new acquisition as a platform to sp its brands. That was the formula after the merged group bought Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Budweiser, in 2008. Grupo Modelo, a Mexican brewer which makesCoronaand has been part of ABI since last year, is now undergoing the same rigours.十年前,巴西AmBev啤酒集团并购了比利时Interbrew啤酒集团,而后解聘了其美国老板:压缩成本,并使用新收购的公司作为其传播品牌的平台。如果英吞并了南非米勒,其无疑会试着故伎重演。自从合并后的集团收购了百威的制造商安海斯- 布希公司之后,这就成了定式。Corona的制造商—墨西哥啤酒集团Modelo去年也成为了英的一部分,其如今正处于相同的窘境之中。SAB would be a more difficult undertaking. For one thing, notes Mr Holland, it is more tightly managed than “fat and lazy” Anheuser-Busch was, so there is less scope for cutting costs. SAB is bigger and more complex than anything else ABI has taken on. A knack for cost-cutting may not serve it as well in fast-growing markets. Another problem is that in some countries the two giants combined businesses would be too big. In America Anheuser-Busch and SABs joint venture with Molson Coors, another rival, would together have three-quarters of the beer market. InChinathe two would have more than a third. These are not insurmountable problems. InAmerica, for example, the stake in the joint venture could be sold to Molson Coors.南非米勒将会是一个更加困难的任务。Holland先生指出,首先,比起过去臃肿懒惰的安海斯- 布希公司,南非米勒管理更为严格,因此压低收购价格的范围更小。比起英收购的其他公司,南非米勒要更大更复杂。压低收购价格的技巧对于快速增长型市场也许并不适用。另一个问题在于在有些国家,这两家巨头合并后的企业将过于庞大。在美国,安海斯- 布希公司以及南非米勒与 另一个竞争对手—莫尔森库尔斯的合资企业共同占据着3/4的啤酒市场。在中国,这两者的市场占有率超过1/3。但这些并不是无法克的难题。例如在美国,南非米勒所持有的合资公司的股份可能会被出售给莫尔森库尔斯公司。Despite the obstacles, a merger of the leading two beer companies looks the likeliest of the potential huge deals. Heineken, which is controlled by the Heineken family even though it owns just 23 of the companys equity, has now given notice that it does not want to be bought. Carlsberg, the smallest of the big four, is controlled by a foundation. So the parsimonious Mr Brito may well get his hands on SAB if he wants it enough. Teaching Africans to like Budweiser, however, may prove somewhat harder.尽管困难重重,这两大啤酒公司的合并看起来是潜在的巨额交易中最有可能达成的。喜力集团,其掌控者为仅拥有23的公司股权的喜力家族,目前发布公告表示不愿意被收购。四大巨头中最小的嘉士伯啤酒公司由一家基金会掌控。所以如果极度节俭的Brito先生真心想收购南非米勒,他很可能会得到它。然而,引导非洲人民喜爱上百威啤酒,也许就更有些难度了。 /201409/331321新疆自治区肺科医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱库尔勒市纹眼线手术多少钱



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