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2020年01月27日 07:48:05 | 作者:求医时讯 | 来源:新华社
This weekend I had a chance to see President Obamas speech to the graduating class at Howard, the nations best known historic black university. He talked to them about voting and voting rights—but not quite the way you might think.It was a highly impressive speech.It seems to me that in recent weeks Obama seems to have gotten his groove back as an orator. He seems looser, much more like the hope-inspiring leader of 2008 than the careworn president.Possibly this is because he knows he will be a private citizen again in less than nine months.He praised a young woman named Ciearra Jefferson, the daughter of a single mom who works in an auto plant. Ciearra, the president said, intends to come back to Detroit to help her community have access to the health care they need.That was a legitimate feel-good story. But I found the presidents remarks on voting especially compelling.Suddenly, after talking about the need for change, he changed tone with the new graduates.;Your plan better include voting—not some of the time, but all the time,; he said.He admitted there is still discrimination, and said that half a century after the Voting Rights Act, ;there are still too many barriers in this country to [voting], and ;there are still too many people trying to erect new barriers.;Still, he gently reminded them that what they had to face was nothing compared to their ancestors, who risked their lives to vote.He told them when the nations first black president was running for reelection four years ago, ;nearly two in three African-Americans turned out.In 2014, only two in five turned out.You dont think that made a difference in terms of the Congress Ive got to deal with?;Finally he said, ;you know what? Just vote. If you have more votes than the other guy, you get to do what you want. Its not that complicated.;The students laughed, and the President had a point. But maybe it is a little more complicated. The day before he spoke at Howard, I had lunch with a freshman state representative from Detroit named Leslie Love.Shes a woman in her mid-forties, with a background in both theater and human resources. She told me she had turned to politics because she wanted to make a difference for her community.At one point we started talking about voting, and why so many African-Americans dont. Representative Love is perhaps a bit closer to the street than the president. She told me that for people with limited education, the ballot can be terrifying.;For example, it might say, ;vote for not more than two,; candidates and they wont be sure exactly what that means. Does it mean you have to vote for two?She told me many black folks are too proud to ask for help, and so they dont vote at all.Add the fact that theres no early voting in Michigan, too few polling places in inner city areas, false rumors about the police waiting at the polls to serve warrants, and poor turnout becomes much easier to understand.The President was right: Everyone needs to vote, and it is easier for some than it once was. But for too many, not easy enough.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201605/442844And extremely cold.极端的寒冷。At four degrees, its the same temperature as the sea in the Antarctic.只有四摄氏度和南极洲海水同样的温度。The ROV reaches a depth of 800 metres,not quite at the bottom, but not far off.水下机器人到达了800米深处,虽然还不算到达底部,但也差不远了A pile of coral sand at the base of the reef wall slopes gently into the abyss,and here we find signs of real deep-sea creatures.在珊瑚礁墙的底部有一堆沙子缓缓的倾斜到深渊里,这里我们发现了一个深海生物的信号。Some, like this sea anemone, are familiar.有点像我们熟悉的海葵。Others are less well known, like this chambered nautilus.其他的知名度比较差,比如这个鹦鹉螺。Its an ancient relative of octopus and squid,a living fossil, the last survivor of a group of animals that dominated the worlds oceans 500,000,000 years ago.它是章鱼和乌贼的远古近亲,它是一个活化石,是500,000,000年前统治海洋那些动物的最后的幸存者。It moves around by jet propulsion,squirting water backwards, in order to go forwards.它通过喷射前进,向后喷水来获得前进的力量。At night, its the nautiluss turn to migrate.晚上是鹦鹉螺定期活动的时候。It swims up towards the surface to feed on shrimps beside the reef wall,returning back down during the day.它向海面游去捕食珊瑚礁墙附近的虾然后在白天返回。This is a baby nautilus,the first time ones been filmed in the wild.这是一只小鹦鹉螺,它是第一次在野外被拍摄到。Its no bigger than a two-pound coin,yet it makes the same daily up and down journey as its plate-sized parents.它还没有一个两英镑的硬币大,但是它每天也要上去然后下来和它那盘子大小的父母一样。 译文属201511/411489

Their snake-like bodies can even wriggle into crevices.它们蛇一般的身形可以挤进礁石的缝隙当中。And they can fold their dorsal fin flat to squeeze through small holes.可折叠的背鳍更便于通过狭小的缝隙。If discovered, a sleeping parrotfish wouldnt stand a chance.睡着的鹦鹉鱼一旦被发现,就只有束手就擒了。Once the first shock has caught its prey, the smell and commotion attracts others.一旦第一条鲨鱼成功捕到了猎物,狩猎的气味和动静就会吸引其他鲨鱼。Every now and then, you find yourself in moderately strange situations in life, and this is one of them.我们不时地会发现自己陷于相当诡异的状况中,现在就是这样。Im in a cave with feeding sharks.我居然和狩猎状态的鲨鱼同处一穴。They are very well designed to be in here and Im not sure I am, quite frankly.珊瑚礁是为白顶鲨量身打造的,但我不想。201412/346087

Thank you so much.Some good dancers out here today,and some excellent singing going on,you sang almost that entire song.谢谢你们 今天现场有些很棒的舞者 还有一些极棒的歌手 你们几乎唱完了一整首歌People who have turned their chairs around if you were on the right side.把椅子转了圈的人 检查下你的方向是不是对的All right we have addressed swimsuit issue,lets talk about topless man.既然咱们已经聊过了女式泳装 接下来就聊聊半裸的男人A couple of weeks ago,I announced a contest where I will be sending my gardener, Nick,几周前 我组织了一个比赛 我把我的园丁尼克to different cities and you would have to find him.送去不同的城市 然后让大家找到他Its called ;Nick in Your Garden;.这比赛叫;尼克在你花园里;And I mentioned it a while ago.我之前也提到过we sent him out but then we couldnt find him.我们送他出去了 但我们找不到他了Unfortunately I think I chose a bad location to start.非常不幸 我没选对开始的地方He went to Boston. Its cold there.他去了波士顿 那里很冷Look what happened.Oh no. God. Not even any bushes.看看发生了什么 天啊 连点灌木丛都没有Its like he doesnt even know how to gardening or something.貌似他不知道 该怎么修理花花草草了So were gonna thaw Nick out,were gonna send him to another city.我打算把尼克解冻 然后送他去另一个城市If you find him,take a picture with him and you could win a trip to the show.如果你找到他了 跟他合个影 你就有机会来艾伦秀现场And now lets talk about what everybody is talking about.现在我们来聊聊最近的大热话题;50 Shades of Grey;.Who seen ;50 Shades of Grey;?;五十度灰; 有谁看了;五十度灰;吗 /201510/404620

In the crypt of the castle,Himmler wanted to hold pagan SS ceremonies by the light of an eternal flame.在城堡地窖里,希姆莱想进行异教徒般的党卫军仪式点燃永不熄灭的火焰。Above the crypt was a hall, for the leaders of the SS to meet,like the warrior knights of old.地窖上是大厅,供首领们会面使用像古时骑士一样。Always subordinate to their heroic master, Adolf Hitler.永远效忠英雄般的主人—希特勒。He is a genuinely great man and, above all, a true and pure one.他是真正的伟人,最重要的是,他够真实、纯粹。Himmler believed that, just as Hermann had once proved to be a superior kind of Germanic hero, 2,000 years ago,Adolf Hitler would prove to be just such a hero today.希姆莱相信,两千年前的赫尔曼曾被认为是优等的日耳曼民族英雄,如今希特勒也会有如此礼遇。In 1923, the political atmosphere in Munich was tense and unstable.1923年,慕尼黑的政治气氛紧张,政局动荡。By now, Hitler had been leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party,which some called the Nazis, for two years.希特勒作为德国社会主义工党党魁,当时被称为纳粹党,已有两年。And hed built a large and growing paramilitary organisation,the Stormtroopers.他组建一极具规模 且日益壮大的准军事组织冲锋队。In November 1923, he decided to act,and to try and spark an uprising in Munich.1923年11月,他决定采取行动在慕尼黑发起暴动。 译文属201511/411491

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