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惠东县人民男科医院治疗男性不育多少钱惠州中心人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱英语非常道 第51期:追忆光影年华201512/402199惠州做包皮多少钱 We all feel in control of our actions and thoughts,Its what defines us,But as biology and technology begin to intertwine,the question remains:Could your brain be hacked?我们似乎都能控制自己的思想与行为,这定义了我们自身。而当生物和科技纠缠进来时,问题来了:你的大脑会被黑吗?The truth is,the brain is an electrical device,And because of this,we can interface it to our own electronic devices,In fact,hundreds of thousands of people are aly taking advantage of this with cochlear implants,a type of hearing aid which make sound in the brain through electrical impulses,However,electricity isnt exactly precise.大脑其实是个电气设备。正因此 我们可以把它接到自己的电子设备上。现在,数十万人已经得益于此,通过电子耳蜗 这是一种助听器,通过电冲动让人产生听觉。但是,电信号并不特别精确。It ends up sping signals across many neurons in the brain,And in the case of hearing,this can make the signal muddy or blurry.To solve this problem,researchers have found a way to use light,which you can aim and its much more precise to stimulate the desire parts of the brain.And its this light that may be the key to very specific control over the brain.最后,信号会波及脑内许多神经元。而在听觉方面 这会让信号变模糊。为了解决这个问题,研究者找到了一种利用光的方式,瞄准一点的方式在刺激大脑特定部分上更精确,光也可能成为精确控制大脑的秘诀。But first,these cells must somehow learn how to use light as an input source.As crazy as it might seem a harmless none reproducing virus is used to insert genes in the desired neurons or brain cells.These genes are taken from other organisms that use light to survive such as algae.但首先 这些细胞得知道怎么利用光作为输入源。这听上去有点疯狂,不可复制的无害病毒被用来,来向目标神经元或脑细胞中插入基因。这些基因来自于需光生存的有机体 如藻类。Surprisingly,we use the same genetic and cellular mechanisms as them,So if you take DNA from one and insert it in another.it still works,These genes encode for proteins that allow the neuron or brain cell to act as a solar cell.As a result,they react to incoming light and convert it to electronic signal,while cells without the new DNA remain unreacitive,All we need now is an optical source to shine light on these neurons.when we want them activated.惊人的是,人类与其基因与细胞机理相同。因此 如果你将一者的DNA移植到另一者后,它还能用。这些基因可编组出使神经或者脑细胞 充当太阳能电池的蛋白质。最终 它们对射入光线产生反应 将其转变成电信号 而无新DNA的细胞仍不反应。我们缺的只是能在需要它们被激发时 照亮它们的光源。Create the set up within the reward system of the brain,and you could make someone happy with the push of a button,Stick it into the motor cortex and yu could control parts of movement.And this is exactly what scientists have done.This mouse has fiber optic cables wired into its right motor cortex,which controls movement to the left.将装置按在大脑的奖赏系统内,你就能在一键之下让别人开心起来。把它安在运动皮质上 你就能操纵一部分的动作。科学家已经做到了这点。这只老鼠的右侧运动皮质被接入了光缆。它控制着老鼠左侧的运动。As soon as the light is shot into its altered solar panel neurons,it cannot help but run to the left,Its thoughts and actions have been hacked.So,what happens when we begin to stick technology into our brains?On the one hand,it may open the doors to managing physically debilitating diseases,personality disorders or even conditions such as depression.Turn on or off the necessary cells,and wall up.当其太阳能神经元受到光照时,它会不由自主地向左跑。它的思想和动作被“黑”了。那么,当我们开始用科技武装大脑时会发生什么?一方面 它将打开治疗躯体衰竭性疾病,人格障碍甚至抑郁等症状的大门。打开或关闭必要的细胞 堵住它们。Heck,the average person maybe able to integrate this technology in order to augment their vision.or play games in their mind,And as we began to understand the intricacies of our brain,which region specifically control which actions and thoughts,this technology will bear even more significance.另外 常人也可能借助这种科技来增强视觉能力,或者在脑海中玩游戏。同时,当我们开始理解大脑之错综复杂时,哪个区域控制那种行为或思想,这项科技的影响力将更深远。However,the ethical concerns and risks look quietly around the corner,So,knowing that your brain could be hacked,would you want this technology in your brain?但是 伦理方面的顾虑也在暗处张望。那么 既然知道你的大脑可以被黑,还想把这种科技装到脑子里吗?201501/355354研究黑猩猩的传奇人物珍·古道尔讲述有关TACARE计划以及她别的社区计划,借助这些计划,在日益繁荣的非洲城镇,人与濒危动物可以和睦相处。201507/383489广东省惠州市妇幼保健人民中医院泌尿系统在线咨询

惠东医院是什么时候成立的栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201601/419772惠州市中医男科医院治疗阳痿多少钱 How to Break Bad Habits如何戒掉坏习惯?Typically, we are harder on others than ourselves when it comes to bad habits. They could be annoyances, like, someone who starts cracking their knuckles right next to you, or a friend of yours who you love very much but who constantly drops the word ;like; into, like, every other sentence.一般来说,当提到坏习惯时,我们总严以待人宽以律己。它们可以是让人讨厌的事,像是,某个就在你旁边开始折指节的人,或是你一个非常喜欢的朋友,但他会不断用“像是”这个词,像是,每隔一句就用一次。Hey, but youve got one, too! Everyone has at least one bad habit that they can shake. Or can they?嘿,但你也有个坏习惯!每个人都至少有一个他们可以摆脱的坏习惯。或是他们可以吗?Welcome to Wellcast. This week, we took another viewers suggestion from Franticow who wrote in asking for on breaking bad habits. So today, you guessed it. Were gonna examine why its so darn difficult to give up chowing down on junk food or chowing down on your fingernails.欢迎收看Wellcast。这周,我们采纳另外一个观众Franticow的建议,他写信来寻求戒掉坏习惯的影片。所以今天,你们猜到了。我们要检验为什么要戒掉大吃垃圾食物、或是大啃你的指甲是如此的困难。Weve also got a four-step method for overcoming your biggest vice. Are you y?我们同样也提供一个克最大恶习的四阶段方法。你准备好了吗?First and foremost: how do bad habits even form? Studies by the National Institute of Health point to two main reasons: The first reason is repetition. If you do something often enough, say, you twirl your pencil during class, you brain decides it can stop wasting precious neuron thinking about it. So it checks out and goes on vacation. You could be twirling your pencil through AP English, social studies, algebra and trig without even thinking about it.首先最重要的是:坏习惯到底怎么养成的?美国国立卫生研究院的研究指出两个主要原因:第一个原因是反复。如果你够常做某件事,例如,你在课堂上转笔,你的大脑决定它可以停止浪费宝贵的神经元来思考这事。所以它收工并放假去了。你甚至连想都不用想,就会在大学先修英文课、社会研究课、代数和三角学上转你的笔。The other way bad habits are formed is through positive reinforcement, which sounds like a really good thing, but it can be dangerous. Lets talk about that energy drink that you insist on sucking back when youre up late studying. Gives you a nice boost of energy, and then helps you get through to the end of that mind-numbingly boring paper youre writing on Chaucer.另一个坏习惯养成的方式是透过正面强化,这听起来像是一件非常好的事,但它也可以是很危险的。来谈谈你在熬夜念书时坚持要喝的能量饮料。它给了你满满的能量补充,然后帮你撑过你正在写的那份让人脑袋麻痺、无聊的Chaucer(英国作家)报告的最后。But the reason why this kind of habit is hard to break is that the nice surge of energy at 11 p.m. is an enjoyable feeling. And enjoyable feelings usually result in your brain releasing dopamine. This is partly why people often crave things that arent even enjoyable for them anymore. The brain is jonesing for dopamine.但这种习惯为什么难戒掉的原因,是因为在晚上十一点时能量的激增是一种快乐的感受。而快乐的感受通常会导致你的脑袋释出多巴胺。在一定程度上,这就是为什么人们常常还会渴望那些对他们来说甚至已经不再快乐的事。脑袋上了多巴胺的瘾。But dont worry, my habitual compadres. Human beings are pretty amazing at changing and adapting. Ladies and gentlemen, were going to obliterate that bad habit in four easy steps. Pause and print this sheet at watchwellcast.com.但别担心,我的恶习朋友们。人类在改变和适应方面是非常惊人的。各位先生女士,我们要用四个简单步骤来戒掉那坏习惯。暂停并印下watchwellcast.com上的这份表。Step one (lets start at the very beginning. Its a very good place to start): Write down the bad habit youre trying to quit. Start simple. Choose just one.第一步(从起点开始。这是个开始的好地方):写下你试着要戒掉的坏习惯。简单开始。只选一个。Step two: Learn to avoid your triggers.第二步:学会避开你的触发点Take some time to think of other things that really make you crave doing your bad habit. If biting your nails is your vice, your triggers might be: ;That last minute quiz!; ;Oh, no! I gotta pay my electric bill; or ;How much money do I have in my account for rent?; List these triggers in section two of your worksheet.花点时间想想其他真正会让你渴望做坏习惯的事。如果咬指甲是你的恶习,你的触发点可能是:「最后一刻的考试!」「喔,不!我要付电费了。」或是「我帐户里还有多少钱付房租?」在工作表的第二栏里列出这些触发点。Next to these triggers, write a list of ways you can avoid them. For example, your syllabus every week or make sure that you plan for automatic deductions for your electric bill.在这些触发点旁边,写下你可以避开它们方式的名单。举例来说,每周细看课纲,或是确定你有安排自动扣缴电费。Step three: Substitute your bad habits for not so bad habits.第三步:把你的坏习惯替换成不那么坏的习惯Basically, you wanna teach your brain by repetition to learn a new habit. So if you tend to bite your nails when youre stressed and alone in your living room, stock your refrigerator with carrots and celery, so that you can reach for something else to chew on when youre stressed out. Write a substitution next to every trigger on section three of your worksheet.基本上,你想要透过重复来教你的脑袋学会新的习惯。所以如果你在客厅压力大且孤独时容易咬指甲,在冰箱囤积红萝卜和芹菜,这样一来当你压力大时就能拿些其他的东西来啃。在工作表上第三栏每个触发点旁写下替代方案。Step four: Gather your army.第四步:集结你的军队。You do not have to do this alone. Enlist your friends to help you defeat this bad habit. Start by telling them that youre planning on eliminating this bad habit and you need their help. Just the simple act of letting them in on this battle that youre waging is a step at the right direction.你不必单独做这事。招募你的朋友来帮你打败这个坏习惯。开始以告诉他们你正计画要消灭这个坏习惯,而且需要他们的帮助。就是这个让他们知道你正在进行的这场战斗的简单行动,就是朝向正途的一步。Remember, your friends can be bodyguards. Theyll stand between you and your brain. Tell them to police you. If they see you reaching for those nails to bite, give them the permission to remind you of your mission or even slap your hand. Whatever you want!记住,你的朋友可以当保镖。他们会站在你和你的脑袋之间。叫他们监督你。如果他们看到你伸手要咬指甲,淮许他们提醒你的任务,或甚至打你的手。不论你想要什么!Alright, guys. Lets recap. Today you learned four steps for beating your bad habits. You decided which habit you wanted to kick. You figured out your triggers for this bad habit. And you decided on ways to avoid and replace these triggers with healthier alternatives. If all those fail, you learn to enlist your friends in the fight.好的,各位。来复习吧。今天你学到打败坏习惯的四个步骤。你决定你想要戒掉哪个坏习惯。你想出这个坏习惯的触发点。你选定方法来,用更健康的替代方案避开并替换这些触发点。如果那些全都失败,你学到召集你的朋友来打这场仗。Tweet us at WatchWellCast. Email us at watchwellcast@gmail.com. Or leave a comment down below. Well see you next time.在推特WatchWellCast上留言给我们。寄信到watchwellcast@gmail.com给我们。或是在下方留言。我们下次见。201503/365049惠州做包皮环切手术

惠州市人民医院北院龟头炎症栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201604/431297 Here were looking at the back of a skull of a child,这是一个儿童头盖骨的枕骨面probably about ten years old when he died,这个孩子死时大概10岁and there are two holes in these bones.这块骨头上有两个洞I was so surprised to令我震惊的是find that the spacing between those two holes我发现这两个洞之间的距离is matched almost exactly几乎完全等于by the spacing between the lower canines of a fossil leopard美洲豹下颚化石上两颗犬齿间的距离from the same part of the cave.这块化石同样是在这个洞里被发现的That tells us that this child was killed by a leopard.这个发现说明 孩子是被美洲豹咬死的But in more recent parts of the cave,在洞里离我们年代更近的部分hes found bones with the marks of stone tools on them -他发现一些带有石器痕迹的遗骨proof that our ancestors were eating meat.明了我们祖先有吃肉食What that indicates to us这块遗骨告诉我们is that people were butchering the meat off this bone人们曾把肉从骨头上剥离and their stone knives went through that meat他们的石刀穿过皮肉and contacted this bone surface.然后与骨头表面接触We also have percussion damage on these bones这块骨头上还存在碰撞产生的损伤where people broke open the bones人们曾砸开骨头to get out the edible marrow from the inside of those bones.以获取骨头里可以吃的骨髓201505/375205广东惠州妇幼保健人民中医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱惠州市医院男科电话




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