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英语口语999句 Lesson42[00:03.10]I don't care where we go as long as we don't have to stand in line. 不管去哪里,只要不用站着排队就行。[00:14.04]She likes Mike a lot, but she doesn't want to get married so early. 她喜欢迈克,但她不想那么早就结婚。[00:24.33]Why don't you find a job and end this dependence upon your parents? 你为何不找个职业.不再依靠你的父母呢?[00:35.20]Will you please try to find out for me what time the train arrives? 能不能请你帮我查查火车什么时候到?[00:45.57]A good knowledge of English will improve your chances of employment. 英语好将有助于增加你们的就业机会。[00:55.94]If she finds out you spilled ink on her coat, she'll blow her stack. 如果她发现你在她上衣上洒了墨水,她会大发脾气的。[01:07.96]I would be very grateful for information about entry to your college. 若能寄给我贵校的入学申请材料我将十分感激。[01:19.45]Mr.Smith knew Jack didn't look at the others because he was nervous. 史密斯先生知道杰克不敢看别人是因为紧张。[01:31.15]On being introduced to somebody, a British person often shakes hands. 英国人被介绍给别人的时候常常和对方握握手。[01:42.67]I want to take a walk along the river bank, singing my favorite songs. 我想在河边散步,唱我喜欢的歌。[01:53.00]Many people believe that overweight results from overeating and stress. 很多人认为肥胖超重是因为吃得过多和压力造成的。[02:05.13]Yet all these things, different as they seem, have one thing in common. 然而所有这些东西,看上去虽不同,但却有一个共同点。[02:17.88]All my best memories come back clearly to me, some can even make me cry. 所有美好的记忆又在我脑海清晰地浮现了,有些甚至还令我哭泣。[02:31.66]This is the most wonderful day of my life, because I'm here with you now. 今天是我一生中最美好的一天,因为我现在和你在一起。[02:43.80]When I was young, I'd listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite songs. 当我还是个小女孩的时候,我常听着收音机,等待我最喜欢的歌。[02:57.76]I'm certain he'll go to see the film, because he's bought a ticket. 我肯定他会去看电影的,冈为他把票都买好了。[03:09.10]Unfortunately you'll have to pay the fine before you check those books out. 在你借书之前你要先付清罚款。[03:19.62]Hi! You guys keep talking so loudly that I have to speak at the top my voice! 哎!你们一直这样大声讲话,我都不得不扯着嗓子说话了。[03:33.26]We should not only know the theory but also how to apply it to practice. 我们不仅要知道理论,还要知道怎样把理论应用于实践。[03:45.75]Combining exercise with the diet may be the most effective way to lose weight. 运动与节食结合也许是减肥最有效的途径。[03:57.60]The maximum weight allowance is 60 kilos per traveler, excluding hand luggage. 每个旅客托运的行李最大重量限额是60公斤,手提行李除外。[04:11.64]You are just putting on a little weight. I believe you'll get that off easily. 你只是稍微胖了些.很快就会恢复的。[04:22.94]In many countries, more and more companies are replacing people with computers. 在许多国家有越来越多的公司使用电子计算机来代替人。[04:35.86]There are mice next to the refrigerator, under the sink and inside the cupboard! 冰箱边、洗碗槽下,还有橱柜里面都有老鼠! /200810/54570FLASH知性英语:Old king cole本作品来自英语帮帮网(www.english88.com),版权归英语帮帮网所有. /200703/10912But with Canute#39;s death in 1035 began a chain of events that would culminate in the one invasion1035年 卡纽特的死引发了一系列事件 并最终以一次入侵而告终that Anglo-Saxon England would be unable to swallow.And what a saga it was.盎格鲁撒克逊英格兰是无法被吞并的 多么气势磅礴的英雄史诗啊It started with a bloody and unsparing fight for Canute#39;s throne amongst the surviving elite.一切始于精英阶级为争夺王位而展开的一场 血腥而残酷的战争Treachery, murder and mutilation were par for the course.背叛 谋杀和残害成为了常态The last man standing with any kind of claim to the throne was a descendant of Alfred the Great,a prince of the Saxon royal house.而伫立到最后 夺得王位的 是阿尔弗雷德大帝的后裔 一位撒克逊王室家族的王子He was called Edward.He would become forever known as The Confessor.他名叫爱德华 后以;忏悔者;而闻名于后世He was crowned on Easter Day, 1043.他在1043年的复活节加冕But he inherited more than just the crown.但他继承的不仅仅是这顶王冠He also got Earl Godwine, in no mood to lose power just because there was a new king.还有不想因新王上位 而失去弃权力的戈德温伯爵But unlike Canute, Edward had good reason to hate the right-hand man forced on him,但和卡纽特不一样 爱德华有充分的理由 憎恨这位得力却无法摆脱之人for Godwine had arranged his older brother#39;s murder.因为戈德温策划谋杀了爱德华的哥哥But there was nothing he could do about his bloodstained rival,not yet anyway.但他却不能惩治这位双手沾满血腥的政敌 至少现在不能King Edward knew that Godwine held the keys to the kingdom.爱德华国王知道戈德温手中握有实权When Godwine offered Edward his daughter in marriage,what could he do but take her?当戈德温提出把女儿嫁给爱德华时 除了答应以外 他还能怎么办呢Godwine was not Edward#39;s only problem.戈德温并不是爱德华面对的唯一难题He also got to learn how to govern a country he knew little about,他还得学着治理一个对其知之甚少的国家for he#39;d grown up in exile in a very different world across the English Channel in Normandy.因为他成长于流放地 一个截然不同的世界 英吉利海峡对岸的诺曼底 /201607/456113Only just got out of that in time.千钧一发之际 我逃了出来Got the matter of fact to the water under some little wind,事实上 当水面的风很小时those literally just like a pane of glass.简直更像是块玻璃What I mean you can#39;t judge any hight.我是说 你根本不能以此判断高度You can#39;t tell whether you#39;re 60 foot up,or just 6 foot.无法分辨到底是离地60英尺 还是只有6英尺Man it#39;s cold in here.I need to get moving.哦 这水太冷了 我要尽快游上岸才行The body loses heat 25 times faster in water than in air.体热流失在水中比空气中要快25倍But I want to retrieve my chute.但我还想捡回降落伞In a survival situation like this,you can#39;t afford to leave anything behind.在这类荒野求生的境况中 任何有用之物都不可随手弃置I#39;m really just feeling all my muscles tightening up from the cold water.我只觉得自己全身的肌肉 在冷水中变的越来越紧Let me get this up.The water was cold, but so is the air.把这拉上来 水温是很低 气温也好不到哪去Even in early fall,it can drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.即便现在才是秋初 气温也会降至40华氏度以下But get to low ground,and the temperature raises significantly.但到低海拔的地区后 温度会明显升高I need to gether anything of use from my paragliding kit,and get off the high ground.我要从伞降包里收集一切可用之物 然后离开这片高地My clothes can dry out as I go.Right, let#39;s go.行进途中我的衣物就能变干 好了 出发Now to find the route off the moutain and fast.当务之急是寻路下山 要快马加鞭As I break out the tree line,I#39;m confronted of with huge creep slope.穿过树林后 我面临的是巨大的流石陡坡This maybe a risky route to take,but with the right technique, it#39;s at least fast.走这条路也许比较冒险 但只要把握好诀窍 这便是条捷径 Article/201608/458065

But the channels are also the playground for restless young macaques.水道也是顽皮的小猴子们的游乐场Some of the young have even taken to underwater swimming.有的小猴甚至已经学会潜泳They can stay down for more than 30 seconds and appear to do this just for fun.它们能在水下呆30多秒,而它们这么做似乎只是因为好玩Yet these swimming skills acquired during play但是,这些在玩耍中学会的游泳本领will certainly be useful later in life in these flooded mangrove forests.将来会成为在红树林中非常有用的生活技能In cooler climes, mud laid down in estuaries is colonised by salt marsh grasses,在较冷的地区,沉积在入海口的泥沙被大片盐沼水草覆盖and form one of the most productive habitats on the planet.成为地球上一处最肥沃的野生动物栖息地Four hundred thousand greater snow geese flock to the estuaries along the Atlantic coast of the ed States40万只大西洋雪雁成群飞往美国大西洋海岸的河口地带to rest and refuel on their long migratory journeys.并在此休整,准备继续长途迁徙This is the end of the rivers#39; journey.这是淡水之旅的终点Collectively, they#39;ve worn down mountains and carried them to the sea.它们共同抚平高山,把它们带向大海And all along the way, their fresh water has brought life in abundance to planet Earth.在整个行程中,淡水为地球带来了无数生机与富饶。 Article/201706/514675

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