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黑龙江妇女医院妇产科建卡要多少钱哈尔滨治疗霉菌性阴道炎的最好方法Depression is often misunderstood in the public.抑郁症常常被大家误解Sometimes people think that people with depression are weak, or lazy,有时人们认为有抑郁症的人只是累了或者想发懒而已when in actuality um people with depression are struggling with a very complex illness that has biological, psychological, and social causes and consequences.当他们正在跟一种很复杂的疾病做抗争时候 抑郁症之所以复杂是因为 它是生理 心理 和社会等综合因素所引起的疾病Depression is extremely common, it affects one in four women, and about one in five or six men.抑郁症极为常见 四分之一的女性以及五或六分之一的男性都在忍受着抑郁症的煎熬And those who don’t experience depression themselves often have a friend, or a family member who are experiencing it.正常人常常也会有某个朋友或家庭成员正因其困扰The most commonly experienced symptoms of depression are sad mood, and lack of pleasure.抑郁症最常见的症状包括情绪低落 缺少快乐People often note sleep changes and energy changes.人们通常会注意到睡眠习惯和日常精力的变化And almost everybody I’ve ever interviewed, which would be over two thousand people with depression, all experienced the feelings of worthlessness.在我采访过的超过两千名抑郁症患者中 几乎每个人都有过无价值感Almost every single one.几乎每个人都这样Depression is an invisible illness, it is not one that you can see just by looking at somebody.抑郁症是一种看不见的疾病 它并非凭观察他人就能察觉Normal sadness can occur in response to life events. Depression, at least in its later stages, tends to be disconnected from life events.日常琐事可能让人产生正常的悲伤而抑郁症至少在其后期阶段往往已和日常无关So, depression and sadness share the sadness, but depression is so much more than just sadness.因此 抑郁症和悲伤都会觉得伤心 但抑郁症要复杂得多And, as a matter of fact, some people think the worst part of depression is not experiencing pleasure.其实 一些人认为抑郁症最糟糕的是体会不到快乐There is a numbness in how sometimes when people have severe depression feel.当人们有严重抑郁的感觉的时候,甚至会出现肢体麻木的现象“Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. You should get yourself out of this.”“你得自力更生,你应该离开这里。” 或者像这样:Or,things like, “Your life is great, what do you have to be depressed about?”“你的日子过得不错,还有什么好抑郁的呢?”Depression is definitely not related to someone’s character, or moral shortcomings.抑郁症绝对不会和某人性格或精神上的弱点有关联And it is really interesting to think that if medication can help people who have these illnesses, how could it really be about their morality?可笑的一点是如果药物能治疗这种疾病 又怎么能说得抑郁症是他精神方面所导致的呢?Depression can affect every aspect of a person’s life. It can affect their job performance, their family relationships, their divorce rates are higher,抑郁症能够影响人生活的方方面面 例如工作表现 家庭关系等 他们的离婚率也比常人要高it can affect their parenting abilities. And depression is one of the leading causes of economic burden of any diseases.它可以影响生育能力 抑郁症也是能给人们带来经济负担的主要疾病之一。People are often surprised to hear that it costs more to the society than cancer or heart disease.人们总是很惊讶地发现它比癌症或心脏病的花费还要高If depression goes untreated, it could turn out a variety of different ways. It could be that people stay at the same sort of negative如果不接受治疗 抑郁症会向多种方式转变 也许保持一直以来的消极状态level that they’ve been, or sometimes it can get much worse. So, it can with each passing或者可能恶化 所以 随着病情的进展depression, some people feel worse and worse, so that they might approximately about twenty有人觉得越来越糟糕 而大约百分之二十的患病人群percent of people, I believe, with major depression end up making some form of suicide attempt.我相信 会有某种形式的自杀企图So, the question is how do we get people to feel better so that they can think better,那么 问题在于我们怎样做才能让他们感觉更好 从而更好地思考or vice versa? How do we get them to think differently so that they can feel differently?反之亦然 我们怎样才能使他们转换想法从而有不同的感受Usually people come at depression with one form of treatment or the other.通常患有抑郁症的人会采用一种或多种方式治疗They will either go and get medication, or they’ll go and get psychotherapy, or they will do nothing.他们会用药物 或者接受心理治疗 或者什么也不做In fact, the data supports that the best treatment for depression is a combination of medication and psychotherapy.事实上 有数据显示治疗抑郁症最好的方法是将两者结合的疗法There’s lots of strategies that people can use in order to feel bette让他们感觉更好的方法有很多Improving their sleep and sleep hygiene, exercising thirty minutes a day,提高他们的睡眠质量 每天进行三十分钟体育锻炼um particularly aerobic exercise seems to be very effective for people with depression.尤其是有氧运动对于抑郁症人群非常有效And for the social piece, I’d really recommend to try and develop more social engagement with people在社交方面 我建议他们试着建立更多的社交关系because again I think that is one way that people can actually help themselves to feel better.因为我觉得这是一种真正可以帮助自身感觉更好的方法The good news is that depression is a very treatable illness.幸运是抑郁症是一种极易治愈的疾病The majority of people who get care, particularly if they can get care early, will end up doing very well.大多数接受治疗的患者 尤其是早期就开始治疗的 最后都得到了很好的治疗效果201706/512355哈尔滨有什么好方法治尿道炎 Well, I did the little trick.我玩个小把戏。I put my hat in front of my face, and I changed hats.我把这顶帽子放在面前,然后换一顶帽子。Its just, so its not so blatant.这样显得不是那么明显。It doesnt...It doesnt break the line.这不影响整体的效果。And thats how I put on hats when Im in public.我在公共场合就是这样戴帽子的。I love this little bowler.我喜欢这顶小圆礼帽。I feel like Mr. Peanut in this little bowler.我戴着这顶帽子的时候很像Mr.Peanut。Its kind of a different silhouette for me.这样看起来我有了个不同的侧影。Its very Mr. Peanut.非常像Mr. Peanut.Do you like this one?你喜欢这个么?Do you want the same fur?还要陪同色的皮草么?Do you like it that way or do you like it hanging?是这样穿好还是把它挂起来?My friend Ray Solowinski on the eighth floor was a photographer, and he had the studio where Caruso made his first recordings.我在八楼的朋友Ray Solowinski也是个摄影师,卡卢索的第一次录音是在他那里。Marlon Brando had his studio here.马龙·白兰度也在这里有过工作室。Mrs. Sherman, no lipstick.Sherman夫人,不要涂口红。Yes, I know. -It doesnt go with that costume. -Well...-Do you have any funny stories...-Yeah!哦,我知道。-这跟你这身衣不搭。-好吧。-能给我们讲些有趣的故事么?-有!About the three of you? About living in Carnegie? -Yes. Oh, definitely.比如你们三个住在Carnegie有趣的故事。-哦,绝对是。Sherman...Sherman was the centerpiece.Sherman总是我们的核心…It had always been her hobby.我们总是随着她的爱好来。She was self-taught, and she danced to the music of the dying swan.她自学成才跟着音乐跳舞,学天鹅湖。Whose music is the dying...-Oh, it was The Carnival of the Animals.那是什么音乐来着?-叫;动物狂欢节;。Yes.哦,是的。You know how that goes.你应该记得那音乐的调子。201608/460214The U.S. military says a coalition airstrike that hit Syria early Saturday was meant for ISIS fighters,but it might have hit Syrian regime soldiers instead.美国军方表示,周六早些时候联军空袭叙利亚旨在打击ISIS武装分子,但击中的可能是叙利亚政权士兵。Syrias military says at least 62 soldiers were killed while fighting ISIS troops near the city of Deir ez-Zor. And Russia, an ally of Syria, claims the U.S.-led airstrike allowed ISIS forces to advance.叙利亚军方称,在代尔祖尔附近抗击ISIS军队的62名士兵遇难。作为叙利亚的同盟国,俄罗斯声称美国领导的空袭助长了ISIS力量。In a statement, U.S. Central Command noted Russian officials were informed of the strikes location in advance, and the attack was halted once Russia raised the possibility that it might have hit Syrian forces.在一份声明中,美国中央司令部指出,已提前告知俄罗斯官员袭击位置,俄罗斯一提出可能会打击到叙利亚政府军,袭击立即停止。Syria is currently under a fragile cease-fire agreement brokered by the U.S. and Russia. Russia recently called on the U.S. to rein in certain militant groups accused of violating the truce.叙利亚目前处于由美俄协调下脆弱的停火协议中。俄罗斯最近呼吁美国控制一些被指控违反停火协议的激进组织。译文属。201609/466761哈尔滨市儿童医院医生排名

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方正县做人流医院If surprise fails, there will be a chase.一旦突袭失败,鲨鱼就会展开追击The shark is faster on a straight course鲨鱼的直线速度更快but it cant turn as sharply as the seal, its agility versus power但是转向却不如海豹灵活,这是敏捷与力量的对抗Once the seals have finished breeding, the giant sharks will move on.等到海豹结束繁殖,大白鲨便会继续前进Its now becoming clear that great whites migrate thousands of miles across the oceans可以肯定的是,大白鲨长途跋涉数千英里横越大洋to harvest seasonal abundances in different seas.就是为了在不同海域享用这种季节性的盛宴。The sun, beating down on tropical waters, powers the weather systems of the globe.太阳烘晒着热带地区的海水,驱动了全球天气系统Moisture evaporates from the warming ocean and rises to create great storms.海水受热蒸发成水蒸气,上升并形成巨大的风暴。201701/489870 The FBI is responsible for more terrorism plots in the ed States than any other organization.联邦调查局是在美国的、多起恐怖主义阴谋的幕后黑手,数量比其他任何组织都要多。More than al Qaeda, more than al Shabaab, more than the Islamic State, more than all of them combined.比“基地组织”,比“索马里青年党”,比“伊斯兰国”都多,甚至比他们加起来都多。This isnt likely how you think about the FBI.这跟你们印象中的联邦调查局大相径庭吧。You probably think of FBI agents gunning down bad guys like John Dillinger, or arresting corrupt politicians.印象中的联邦调查局特工应该逮捕约翰·迪林杰这样的坏蛋,或者将腐败的政客绳之以法。After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the FBI became less concerned with gangsters and crooked elected officials.在“9·11”恐怖袭击之后,联邦调查局无暇顾及匪徒或者官员中的败类。The new target became terrorists, and the pursuit of terrorists has consumed the FBI.恐怖分子是他们的新目标,而追捕恐怖分子让联邦调查局焦头烂额。Every year, the Bureau spends 3.3 billion dollars on domestic counterterrorism activities.每年,联邦调查局花费33亿美元用于国内反恐。Compare than to just 2.6 billion dollars combined for organized crime,相比之下,用于调查有组织犯罪,financial fraud, public corruption and all other types of traditional criminal activity.金融诈骗,官员腐败等传统犯罪行为的资金,加起来才26亿美元。Ive spent years pouring through the case files of terrorism prosecutions in the ed States,我花了好几年时间研究了美国的涉恐案卷,and Ive come to the conclusion that the FBI is much better at creating terrorists than it is at catching terrorists.我得出一个结论:联邦调查局更擅长培养恐怖分子,而不是逮捕他们。In the 14 years since 9/11, you can count about six real terrorist attacks in the ed States.“9·11”发生后的14年间,美国本土发生了6起恐怖袭击。These include the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013, as well as failed attacks,包括2013年的波士顿马拉松爆炸案和其他几起未遂案例,such as the time when a man named Faisal Shahzad tried to deliver a car bomb to Times Square.比如一个叫费萨尔·沙赫扎德的人计划在时代广场引爆汽车炸弹。In those same 14 years, the Bureau, however, has bragged about how its foiled dozens of terrorism plots.同样在这14年间,联邦调查局却不停在吹嘘他们挫败了数十起恐怖主义阴谋。In all, the FBI has arrested more than 175 people in aggressive, undercover conterterrorism stings.联邦调查局通过激进、秘密的反恐骗局,总共逮捕了超过175人。These operations, which are usually led by an informant, provide the means and opportunity,这些行动,通常由联邦调查局的线人领导,他们出谋划策,提供机会and sometimes even the idea, for mentally ill and economically desperate people to become what we now term terrorists.甚至直接授意,将那些有精神问题和穷困潦倒的人变成我们现在所谓的恐怖分子。After 9/11, the FBI was given an edict: never again.“9·11”之后, 联邦调查局接到的命令是:不再发生。Never another attack on American soil. FBI agents were told to find terrorists before they struck.不允许恐怖袭击在美国本土再次发生。联邦调查局特工奉命将恐怖袭击消灭在萌芽状态。To do this, agents recruited a network of more than 15,000 informants nationwide, all looking for anyone who might be dangerous.为完成任务,特工们在全国范围内招募了超过15000名线人,寻找任何可能带来危险的人。An informant can earn 100,000 dollars or more for every terrorism case they bring to the FBI.上报一件恐怖主义案件,线人能从联邦调查局得到超过10万美元的酬劳。Thats right, the FBI is paying mostly criminals and con men你没听错,联邦调查局付给这些线人--主要是罪犯和帮派分子--six figures to spy on communities in the ed States, but mostly Muslim American communities.6位数的酬劳让他们监视美国社群,主要是美国的穆斯林社群。These informants nab people like Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif and Walli Mujahidh.这些线人逮捕像阿布·哈立德·阿卜杜勒·拉蒂夫和瓦利·穆加赫德这样的人。Both are mentally ill. Abdul-Latif had a history of huffing gasoline and attempting suicide.他们都患有精神疾病。阿卜杜勒·拉蒂夫曾喝过汽油并试图自杀。Mujahidh had schizoaffective disorder, he had trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy.穆加赫德患有精神分裂症,无力区分真实和幻想。In 2012, the FBI arrested these two men2012年,联邦调查局逮捕了上述两人,for conspiring to attack a military recruiting station outside Seattle with weapons provided, of course, by the FBI.罪名是密谋袭击西雅图郊外的一处征兵站,而他们的武器,毫无疑问,正是联邦调查局提供的。The FBIs informant was Robert Childs, a convicted rapist and child molester这个案子的线人名叫罗伯特·柴尔兹,有强奸和猥亵儿童的前科,who was paid 90,000 dollars for his work on the case. This isnt an outlier.因为这个案子他赚了9万美元。这并不是偶然现象。In , an FBI informant who had fled Pakistan on murder charges年,一名联邦调查局的线人,曾因犯谋杀罪逃离巴基斯坦,led four men in a plot to bomb synagogues in the Bronx.指挥四个人密谋炸毁(纽约)布朗克斯区的一处犹太教堂。The lead defendant was James Cromitie, a broke Walmart employee with a history of mental problems.第一被告名叫詹姆斯·克罗米蒂,是一名有精神病史的沃尔玛破产员工。And the informant had offered him 250,000 dollars if he participated in that plot.这名线人给了他25万美元,让他参加这次袭击。There are many more examples. Today, The Intercept published my new story这样的例子还有很多。今天,“拦截”网站发表了我的新文章,about a counterterrorism sting in Tampa involving Sami Osmakac, a young man who was living near Tampa, Florida.是关于在坦帕的一起反恐阴谋,当事人叫萨米·奥斯马卡什,他是一名住在佛罗里达州坦帕市附近的年轻人。Osmakac also had schizoaffective disorder.奥斯马卡什同样患有精神分裂症。He too was broke, and he had no connections to international terrorist groups.同样穷困潦倒,与国际恐怖主义组织毫无关联。Nonetheless, an FBI informant gave him a job, handed him money,尽管如此,联邦调查局的一名线人还是给了他一份工作,交给他一笔钱,introduced him to an undercover agent posing as a terrorist, and lured him in a plot to bomb an Irish bar.将他介绍给一名伪装成恐怖分子的联邦调查局探员,引诱他去炸毁一家爱尔兰酒吧。But heres whats interesting: The lead undercover agent -- you can see him in this picture with his face blurred有意思的是:领头的卧底特工,就是照片里打了马赛克这位,would go back to the Tampa field office with his recording equipment on.回到了在坦帕的区办公室, 身上带着录音设备。Behind closed doors, FBI agents admitted that what they were doing was farcical.私底下,联邦调查局探员承认自己的所作所为是荒谬的。A federal judge doesnt want you to hear about these conversations.一位联邦法官不想公开这些谈话。He sealed the transcripts and placed them under a protective order in an attempt to prevent someone like me from doing something like this.他将谈话记录封存,严加看管,防止像我这样的人将其公之于众。Behind closed doors, the lead agent, the squad supervisor,私底下,这名领头的探员,小队队长,described their would-be terrorist as a ;retarded fool who didnt have a pot to piss in.;将这些未来的“恐怖分子”,描述为“穷困潦倒的弱智傻瓜”。They described his terrorist ambitions as wishy-washy and a pipe dream scenario.将他的恐怖主义目标描述为微不足道、白日做梦。But that didnt stop the FBI. They provided Sami Osmakac everything he needed.但联邦调查局没有罢手。他们为萨米·奥斯马卡什提供所需的一切。They gave him a car bomb, they gave him an AK-47, they helped him make a so-called martyrdom ,汽车炸弹,AK-47,帮他录制了一段所谓的“殉难”视频,and they even gave him money for a taxi cab so that he could get to where they wanted him to go.甚至给他付了出租车钱,送他前往选定的目标地点。As they were working the sting, the squad supervisor tells his agents he wanted a Hollywood ending.在设计整个圈套的过程中,小队队长告诉探员们,他想要一个好莱坞(电影)式的结尾。And he got a Hollywood ending.结果他如愿以偿了。When Sami Osmakac attempted to deliver what he thought was a car bomb,当萨米·奥斯马卡什试图将汽车炸弹运送到位时,he was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison. Sami Osmakac isnt alone.他被抓了,判入狱40年。萨米·奥斯马卡什并不是特例。Hes one of more than 175 so-called terrorists, for whom the FBI has created Hollywood endings.他只是这超过175名所谓的“恐怖分子”中的一员,联邦调查局给他们编造了一个好莱坞(电影)式的结尾。U.S. government officials call this the War on Terror.美国政府官方所谓的“反恐战争”,Its really just theater, a national security theater,其实只是一场戏,一场国家安全的大戏,with mentally ill men like Sami Osmakac unwitting actors in a carefully choreographed production brought to you by the FBI. Thank you.由萨米·奥斯马卡什这样的精神病人,在毫不知情的情况下出演,而剧本由联邦调查局精心编写,并呈献给大家。谢谢。So, those are some pretty strong accusations, pretty strong charges. How can you back this up?这些指控非常严重,罪名很大。你有什么依据吗?My research began in 2010 when I received a grant from the Investigative Reporting Program at U.C. Berkeley,我的研究开始于2010年,当时我受邀参加加州大学伯克利分校一个调查报告项目,and a research assistant and I put together a database of all terrorism prosecutions at the time during the first decade after 9/11.我和我的研究助理将“9·11”事件发生后十年以来所有恐怖主义案件的数据进行了汇总。And we used the court file to find out whether the defendants had any connections to international terrorist groups,我们通过研究法院文件来调查这些案件的被告是否跟国际恐怖组织有关,whether an informant was used, and whether the informant played the role of an agent provocateur by providing the means and opportunity.是否有线人牵涉其中,线人是否扮演了卧底探员的角色,为他们(被告)出谋划策,创造机会。And we submitted that to the FBI and we asked them to respond to our database.我们将这些材料提交给了联邦调查局,要求他们作出回应。If they believed there were any errors,如果他们发现材料有误,we asked them to tell us what they were and wed go back and check and they never challenged any of our findings.可以指出来,我们会再查,但他们从未反驳过我们的任何发现。Later, I used that data in a magazine article and later in my book,之后,我将这些数据用在杂志文章上,用在我的书里,and on appearances on places like CBS and NPR,哥伦比亚广播公司和国家公共广播电台也用过这些数据,they were offered that opportunity again to say, ;Trevor Aaronsons findings are wrong.;他们再次获得了反驳的机会,大可以说,“特雷弗·阿伦森在胡扯。”And theyve never come forward and said, ;These are the problems with those findings.;但他们从来没有站出来说,“这些事并不属实。”So the data has since been used by groups like Human Rights Watch on its recent report on these types of sting operations.所以这些数据最近被“人权观察”组织用在他们关于此类虚假行动的调查报告中。And so far, the FBI has never really responded to these charges that its really not catching terrorists到目前为止,联邦调查局从未正式回应上述指控:他们逮捕的不是恐怖分子,so much as its catching mentally ill people that it can dress up as terrorists in these types of sting operations.只是些精神病人被伪装成恐怖分子,上演了一出虚假反恐的戏码。So The Intercept is that new investigative journalism website, thats cofounded by Glenn Greenwald.“拦截”是一家新的进行新闻调查的网站,由格伦·格林沃尔德等人联合创建。Tell us about your article and why there.跟我们讲讲你的文章为什么发表在他们网站。The Intercept seemed to be the most logical place for this because my article is really leveraging the fact that“拦截”是最适合发表的地方,因为我的文章揭露了一个事实,a source had leaked to me transcripts of these private FBI conversations that a federal judge had sealed消息人士提供给我的录音文本是联邦调查局的私密对话,based on the governments claim that their release would irreparably damage the U.S. governments law enforcement strategy.联邦法官将其封存,因为政府认为一旦泄露,将对美国政府的执法战略带来无法弥补的损失。So a place like The Intercept was set up to protect journalists and publish their work所以像“拦截”这样的网站就建立起来了,用来保护记者并发表他们的文章,when theyre dealing with very sensitive matters like this.尤其当记者在报道如此敏感的事件的时候。So my story in The Intercept, which was just published today,所以我的文章,今天刚刚在“拦截”上面刊登,tells the story of how Sami Osmakac was set up in this FBI sting and goes into much greater detail.讲述了萨米·奥斯马卡什 如何被联邦调查局设计陷害,并挖掘了一些更深的细节。In this talk, I could only highlight the things that they said, such as calling him a ;retarded fool.;在本次演讲中,我只强调了他们所说的部分内容,比如称他为“弱智傻瓜”。But it was much more elaborate, they went to great lengths to put money in Sami Osmakacs hands,但这更是个精心策划的阴谋,他们计划周详,为萨米·奥斯马卡什提供资金,which he then used to purchase weapons from the undercover agent.他随后又从卧底探员手中购买武器。When he went to trial, the central piece of evidence was that he paid for these weapons,当他接受审判时,他购买武器的行为成为了最关键的据,when in truth, these transcripts show how the FBI orchestrated但这些录音文本揭露了真相,联邦调查局精心策划,someone who was essentially mentally ill and broke to get money to then pay for weapons为这些精神病人和破产者提供资金,让他们购买武器,that they could then charge him in a conspiracy for.随后再起诉他们意图不轨。One final question.最后一个问题。Less than 10 days ago, the FBI arrested some potential ISIS suspects in Brooklyn,不到十天前,联邦调查局在布鲁克林逮捕了一些“伊斯兰国”的嫌疑人,saying that they might be headed to Syria, and were those real, or examples of more of the same?称他们可能会前往叙利亚,这件事是真的吗?还是同样只是演戏?Well so far, we only know whats come out in the court file, but they seem to suggest its another example of the same.到目前为止,我们所知 事实都来源于法庭文件,但在我看来这又是一场戏。These types of sting operations have moved from flavor to flavor.这种虚假反恐行动总是紧跟潮流,So initially it was al Qaeda plots, and now the Islamic State is the current flavor.起初“基地组织”戏份最多,现在“伊斯兰国”成了他们的最爱。Whats worth noting about that case is that the three men that were charged这个案子值得注意的是,被指控的三名男子,only began the plot to go to Syria after the introduction of the FBI informant,都是在与联邦调查局的线人接触后,才开始密谋要前往叙利亚,and in fact, the FBI informant had helped them with the travel documents that they needed.而实际上,他们的旅行件都是联邦调查局的线人帮他们办理的。In kind of a comical turn in that particular case,最为搞笑的一个转折就是,one of the defendants mother had found out that he was interested in going to Syria and had hid his passport.其中一名被告的母亲在发现儿子要前往叙利亚后,就把他的护照给藏起来了。So its unclear that even if he had showed up at the airport, that he ever could have gone anywhere.所以即使他能成功抵达机场,恐怕也哪儿都去不了。So yes, there are people who might be interested in joining the Islamic State in the ed States,的确,在美国也许会有人对加入“伊斯兰国”感兴趣,and those are people that the ed States government should be looking at to see if theyre interested in violence here.这部分人才是美国政府应该关注的,看他们是不是有暴力倾向。In this particular case, given the evidence thats so far come out,而在这件案子中,就目前所掌握的据而言,it suggests the FBI made it possible for these guys to move along in a plan to go to Syria正是联邦调查局让这些人产生了去叙利亚的想法,when they were never close to that in the first place. Thanks a lot, thats amazing. Thank you.而之前他们可能连想都没想过。非常感谢,很棒的演讲。谢谢你。201706/513676黑龙江省阳光妇科医院TCT的价格哈尔滨阴道镜检测多少钱



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