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成都/混血儿半永久艺术学院学习半永久韩式眉多少钱自贡韩式半永久化妆术培训遂宁韩式定妆培训学校哪家好 The crossbow triggers and parts found in EmperorQin#39;s mausoleum.在秦始皇陵中发现的弩的扳机和部件。One of the most astounding archaeologicaldiscoveries of the 20th century is arguably the life-size terra-cotta armyburied alongside China#39;sfirst emperor. Now, scientists have figured out how the bronze triggers for thecrossbows of the 8,000 terra-cotta warriors were manufactured.埋藏在中国首位帝王身边真人大小的兵马俑是二十世纪最惊人的发现之一。现在,科学家已经发现了8000位人佣所持铜弩的扳机是如何被制造出来的了。Teams of craftspeople workedin small groups to produce the bronze pieces in batches for the tomb of ancientEmperor Qin Shi Huang, according to a new study detailed in the March issue ofthe journal Antiquity.一个工匠团队分成小组工作,为秦始皇的陵墓来批量制作铜件。刊登在《古物》杂志三月刊上的一项新的研究对此进行了详细的叙述。Prepared for theafterlife为了来世作准备Historical documents suggest that soon afterEmperor Qin Shi Huang ascended to the throne in 246 B.C., he began work on histomb near Xi#39;an, China. When the tomb was firstunearthed in the 1970s,it revealed thousands of lifelike terra-cotta statues ofartisans, musicians, officials, horses and soldiers. The epic effortconscripted 700,000 laborers, many of whom were convicts or people who were indebt to the empire, said study co-author Xiuzhen Janice Li, an archaeologistwho was at the University College London at the time of the new work and is nowat the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s MausoleumSite Museumin China.历史文件表明,在秦始皇于公元前246年登上帝位的不长时间之后,他就开始着手在中国的西安建造自己的陵墓。当他的陵墓于上世纪70年代第一次出土时,发掘出了上千个活灵活现的人佣,有工匠,音乐家,官员,马匹和士兵。这项研究的共同作者Xiuzhen Janice Li说当时有70万名劳工被招来进行这项史诗般的工程,其中大部分是囚犯或欠朝廷债的人。Xiuzhen Janice Li曾经是伦敦大学的考古专家,现在工作于中国的秦始皇帝陵物馆。The massive undertaking had an important goal:ensuring the emperor#39;s military power and resources in the afterlife.这项宏伟工程有一个重要的目标:确保皇帝的军事力量和资源跟随他到来世。As part of the huge project, craftspeoplesculpted about 8,000 colorful warriors — likely using real human beings asinspiration — and those warriors wore stone armor and ;wielded;lances, swords and crossbows.作为这项巨大工程的一部分,工匠们塑刻了大约8000个色鲜艳的勇士——他们很可能是以真正的人作为灵感,这些战士们身披石盔,手持长矛,短剑和弩。But it wasn#39;t clear exactly how these ancientweapons were made. The crossbows were made of wood or bamboo that rotted longago, and only the tips and triggers for the bows remained, Li told LiveScience.但是目前还不清楚这些古老的武器究竟是如何被制造出来的。Li告诉《生动科学》(Live Science)说,那时候制造的木制或竹制弩身肯定在很久以前就腐烂了,只留下了这些小物件和扳机。Small workshops小作坊To learn more about how the massive trove wasbuilt, Li and her colleagues visually inspected and measured about 216 of thefive-part crossbow triggers from the mausoleum. The lack of wear on the metal pieces suggeststhe weapons were never used in actual battle, but were instead built solely forthe tomb, the researchers said.为了更加了解这座巨大的宝库,Li和她的同事们观察测量了200多个弩扳机的组件,他们研究发现这些扳机几乎没有磨损,说明它们从没有在战场上被使用过,而是专门为秦始皇陵而制造的。In addition, the team analyzed the spots wheretriggers were found in the tomb, as well as the variation in the size and shapeof the pieces.此外,研究小组分析了发现这些扳机的那个地点,对比了其中碎块的大小样式。The pieces were mostly uniform, suggesting theinterlocking trigger parts were made in the same or nearly-identical molds andproduced in small batches. Each batch of the trigger pieces was likely thenassembled in small cells, or workshops, perhaps headed by anoverseer. That model contrasts with the ;assembly line;hypothesis that some archaeologists thought might have been used.这些零碎的部件几乎是相同的,这表明那些连锁扳机结构的组件是用同一种或几乎相同的模子批量生产出来,他们很可能也在这些小作坊里进行装配,也许由监工负责。考古学家猜测某种类似于“装配线”的模式已经在那个时候被运用了。Mirror of society社会的倒影The organization into small workshops wassimilar to the structure the emperor imposed on the rest of society in ancient China,said study co-author Marcos Martinón-Torres, an archaeologist at the UniversityCollege London.该研究共同撰写人,伦敦大学考古专家Marcos Martinón-Torres提到,在古代中国,这种小作坊的组织结构与皇帝在其他社会领域中推行的很相似。;He abolished any privileges inherited byblood, and the population was divided in small groups that were collectivelyresponsible for their adherence to imperial laws,; Martinón-Torres wrotein an email to Live Science. ;For example, if someone in one of thesegroups committed a crime, all of them were held responsible, unless they reportedthe culprit and allowed them to be punished.;“他废除了宗法制,在法律上对民众实行连坐制度” Martinón-Torres在他写给《生动科学》的电子邮件中说到:“举个例子,如果一组人中一个人犯了罪,其余所有人都要为此承担责任,除非他们举报责任人并让他接受惩罚。”The manufacturing technique used in the workshopalso may have been used by weapon makers for the Emperor of Qin#39;s real armies,though that#39;s just speculation, Martinón-Torres said.Martinón-Torres还提到,这种工作间里的制造技术很有可能被工匠用来为皇帝制造真正的武器,但这只是一个假设。;The cellular workshop model we postulatefor the weapons manufacture in the mausoleum would have also offered usefulflexibility for armies on the move,; he said.这种蜂窝式的工作间模式很可能为行动中的军队带来更高的灵活性,他说。 /201606/451980内江姚氏彩妆纹绣培训学习韩式定妆水晶唇秀眉多少钱

资阳靓妆化妆美甲培训学校学习纹眉绣眼线多少钱If you thought Russia#39;s recent efforts to prevent rain in the sky from dampening holiday spirits represented the ultimate in scientific stage management, you ain#39;t seen nothing yet.如果你认为俄罗斯最近为了阻止雨水毁掉节日氛围的努力是高科技舞台管理的极限(为避免五一期间下雨,俄罗斯花百万美元“播云”),那么跟日本人相比,简直小巫见大巫了。A Japanese research company called ALE Co. (aka Star-ALE) is bidding to put on a sensational pyrotechnics display for the opening ceremony of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. But this is no regular fireworks show: ALE Co.#39;s #39;Sky Canvas#39; is an artificially created meteor shower – uh-huh – which would see hundreds of tiny, coloured fireballs rain down over the host city.一家叫做ALE CO的日本公司正在筹划在2020东京夏季奥运会开幕式上进行一场举世无双的烟火表演:他们的“天空画布”项目将上演一场人造流星雨,届时将有数百颗色火球从天而降。According to a report at industrial design site Core 77, if ALE Co. has its way, this amazing concept would result in the human-made shooting stars being visible from well outside of Tokyo too, with the next-level pyrotechnics expected to be viewable from up to 100 kilometres away from the city.根据日本工业设计网站Core 77的报道,如果ALE Co得以实施这一计划,这场人造流星雨在东京以外的地区都可以看到,观察半径达到100公里。But how does it all work? ALE CO. says it can ;artificially recreate; the process of natural shooting stars by sending up a satellite into orbit carrying a payload of between 500 to 1,000 specialised pellets called ;source particles;.但是它的原理是什么呢?ALE Co.说他们可以“人工再现”天然流星雨的过程。通过发射一颗卫星进入轨道,搭载500到1000颗叫做“源粒子”的小球。Once the particles – composed of chemicals designed to emit flames in various colours – are discharged from the satellite, they#39;d travel around Earth until they enter the atmosphere and begin to burn up. With numerous particles being discharged at the same time, the company says it can create a safe, on-demand meteor shower for the wonderment of the crowds below.这些粒子中包含的化合物可以制造出五颜六色的火焰。粒子从卫星发射出来以后,它们会环绕地球飞行,直到进入大气层,开始燃烧。据该公司称,同时发射大量的粒子,就可以为地上的观众制造一场安全的按需定制的流星雨。But wonderment comes at a cost, and in this case, that cost isn#39;t cheap. Core77 reports that each combustible pellet comes in at about US,100 to produce, and that#39;s not including the costs involved in actually launching the Sky Canvas satellite. Ouch.效果这么炫酷,烧钱肯定是难免的。Core77报道说每一个可燃烧的粒子的制造成本是8100美元,而且这还没算发射“天空画布”卫星的成本。The company has tested its source particles in the lab, using a vacuum chamber and hot gases to simulate the conditions the pellets would encounter upon re-entering Earth#39;s atmosphere. In its testing, the particles burn with an apparent magnitude of –1, which should ensure they#39;re clearly visible in the night sky, even in the polluted skyline of a metropolis like Tokyo.这家公司已经在实验室里测试了源粒子,使用了一个真空房间和高温气体来模拟小球进入地球大气层的情况。在测试中,粒子燃烧时可以达到-1的视星等,足以在夜晚的天空中清晰看到,即使在东京这样污染严重的城市里。Their speed should also make them easy to appreciate. ;Our shooting star travels slower and longer across the sky than a natural shooting star,; ALE Co. explains on its website. ;This makes it possible for more people to enjoy the spectacle for a longer period of time.;它们的速度也有利于人们观赏。ALE Co在他们的网站上解释说:“我们的流星比天然流星速度要慢,在天空中划过的时间更长。更多的人可以在更长时间里欣赏到这一奇观。”Of course, a lot of this marketing is just that for now – at least, until the company launches its first shooting-star-laden prototype. It#39;s intending to do that in the latter half of next year, and hopefully by 2018 we#39;ll start to see just how effective human-created meteorites really are.当然,目前还只是营销造势,至少我们在等待这家公司发射第一颗载流星卫星。他们已经计划在明年下半年发射,所以我们有望在2018年之前看到真正的人造流星雨。If things go well, who knows? We#39;re calling it: Tokyo 2020#39;s opening ceremony is not one to miss.如果一切顺利推进的话,谁知道呢?让我们拭目以待:2020年东京奥运会的开幕式不容错过。 /201605/445611什邡市如何学习纹绣 US games developer makes quitting smoking child's play Smokers are about to get help kicking the tobacco habit: an interactive computer game that aims to "coach" cigarette users away from their addiction.Based on the successful "Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking" method which reportedly has helped more than 10 million smokers to stub out their cigarettes once and for all, the game, designed for Nintendo DS, will be developed by the Quebec bureau of California-headquartered Ubisoft.It is expected to go on sale in November.Ubisoft is the company that has brought the world games that pit players against an invasion of demonic rabbits or allow them to learn a foreign language using the Nintendo DS, with its interactive touch screen.In the smoking cessation game, players enter a brief personal smoking history and their tobacco habits and choose a personal coach to guide them through the process of quitting, according to a press release issued by Ubisoft.Fifteen mini-games help to "dispel the illusions about nicotine addiction" and players can track their progress in kicking the habit using the "Path to Freedom" meter.And even after that last cigarette butt has sullied the ashtray, "you can still play the game and measure the daily benefits you get from your new life without cigarettes," Ubisoft promises."The player experiences a truly interactive engagement with the game, through which he or she learns that it can actually be enjoyable to quit smoking," said Christian Salomon, vice president of worldwide licensing at Ubisoft. 想戒烟的烟民们有“救星”了!他们可以借助一款互动式电脑游戏“指导”自己戒掉烟瘾。这款专为“任天堂DS”掌上游戏机设计的游戏将由总部位于加利福尼亚的育碧软件公司的魁北克分公司开发。这款游戏主要以“艾伦#8226;卡尔戒烟法”为基础,据说这种戒烟法已帮助一千多万烟民永久戒烟。“戒烟游戏”预计将于今年11月份上市。育碧软件公司曾推出过大战“疯狂兔”以及学外语游戏,玩家可通过任天堂游戏机的互动式触摸屏学习外语。据育碧软件公司发布的一份新闻通稿介绍,在这款戒烟游戏中,玩家只需输入简短的个人吸烟史以及他们的吸烟习惯,然后选择一个私人教练来指导他们戒烟。有15个“迷你游戏”可帮助戒烟者“驱除烟瘾”,而且玩家还可以使用“自由之路”计量器来跟踪自己的戒烟进展。育碧软件公司介绍说,戒烟后“你还可以继续玩这个游戏,看看不抽烟每天能给你带来多大好处。”育碧软件全球许可部副主管克里斯丁#8226;勒蒙说:“游戏玩家能与这个游戏进行真正的互动,他们能在这一过程中体会到其实戒烟也可以很愉快。” /200806/40721四川省pcd纹绣学校

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