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2019年08月22日 05:14:23

四川纹绣课程培训Thank you, Helen Clark, Administrator of UNDP, for moderating this very important meeting.I would like to thank the Presidents of the affected African countries – the President of Guinea, the President of Liberia, and the President of Sierra Leone – and I would also like to thank President Mugabe who is participating in his capacity as President of the African Union.And I would also like to thank Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the WHO for her leadership.Thank you all Ministers and dignitaries who have taken such very valuable time to be with us, to be with the people of Africa particularly affected by Ebola.I think we can overcome this one, and I think we are now overcoming it but we have to go until the end, until we see the last patient cured and there will be no further cases.I would also like to thank the World Bank President, and the IMF Managing Director and the many international and regional development banks, including the African Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank, and the European Union.It is a great honour to have you. Thank you for accepting my invitation to participate and to show your solidarity for the people affected by this Ebola virus. Excellence, Mesdames et Messieurs,Merci de participer à cette conférence internationale sur le relèvement après lEbola.La t#226;che qui nous attend est immense: il sagit de concrétiser nos promesses de solidarité concrete, tournés vers laction.Je vous demande de vous joindre à moi pour apporter un soutien durable aux populations des pays touchés par lEbola.Let me begin by thanking the many donors who have come together, along with governments, civil society organizations, national and international responders, development banks and foundations, as part of a broad-based global coalition to support the nationally-led response efforts.I applaud the African Union and its plan to convene an International Conference on Africas Fight against Ebola later this month in Malabo.I commend the African Union for galvanizing African leaders, businesses and communities in solidarity with the affected countries. This regional unity has been essential to bringing the outbreak under control – and will be critical to effective recovery. I commend the more than 800 African volunteers who deployed through the AU Ebola support mechanism.201509/397998甘孜藏族自治州学纹眼线多少钱I was struck by the fact that depression我很不能理解为什么is broadly perceived to be a modern, Western, middle-class thing,人们普遍的把抑郁症看成是现代西方中产阶级特有的一种病and I went to look at how it operated in a variety of other contexts,于是我开始寻找抑郁症与其它社会因素的关联and one of the things I was most interested in was depression among the indigent.在可能相关的社会因素中,我对贫困和抑郁的关系特别感兴趣And so I went out to try to look at what was being done for poor people with depression.于是我做了一些研究,尝试去了解穷人是如何治疗抑郁的And what I discovered is that poor people are mostly not being treated for depression.我发现大多数情况下,穷人的抑郁症不会得到治疗Depression is the result of a genetic vulnerability,抑郁属于基因的缺陷which is presumably evenly distributed in the population,这意味着在不同的人群中容易抑郁的人的比例应该是一样的and triggering circumstances,生活环境的不同导致了发病率的不同which are likely to be more severe for people who are impoverished.而当人们处于贫困的生活环境中时,抑郁症的发病率更高,也更严重And yet it turns out that if you have a really lovely life but feel miserable all the time,但是,如果你的生活一帆风顺,然后你觉得自己一直都不开心you think, ;Why do I feel like this? I must have depression.;你会反思, ;我为什么不开心? 我一定是抑郁了.;And you set out to find treatment for it.然后你会去找医生给你治疗But if you have a perfectly awful life, and you feel miserable all the time,但是如果你的生活本来就很糟糕,然后你一直都不开心the way you feel is commensurate with your life,你的感觉和你的生活状态是相称的and it doesnt occur to you to think, ;Maybe this is treatable.;于是你就不会想到这个是病,;或许这个可以治疗一下;And so we have an epidemic in this country of depression among impoverished people所以实际上我们这个国家的低收入人群中,抑郁症像是传染病一样流行thats not being picked up and thats not being treated但是却一直没有被人注意过,没有人评估过患病的规模and thats not being addressed, and its a tragedy of a grand order.也没有人为这些低收入者提供治疗,这是非常大的一个悲剧And so I found an academic who was doing a research project in slums outside of D.C.,后来我发现了一位研究人员,她当时正在华盛顿特区周边的贫民窟中做与之相关的一项研究where she picked up women who had come in for other health problems and diagnosed them with depression,当有妇女前来看其它的疾病时,她会邀请这些妇女做一个抑郁症的诊断and then provided six months of the experimental protocol.同时提供一份六个月的实验协议One of them, Lolly, came in, and this is what she said the day she came in.其中有一位女士,名叫洛莉,以下是她第一天到诊所来的自述She said, and she was a woman, by the way, who had seven children.她说她是一位母亲,7个孩子的母亲,She said, ;I used to have a job but I had to give it up because I couldnt go out of the house.她说,;我曾经有一份工作, 但是不得不辞掉了,因为我无法离开我的屋子。;I have nothing to say to my children.我一句话都不想跟我的孩子们说In the morning, I cant wait for them to leave,早晨,我迫不及待的让孩子们出门上学and then I climb in bed and pull the covers over my head,然后立刻爬上床蒙头大睡and three oclock when they come home, it just comes so fast.;然后下午三点他们就陆续回家了,时间过得太快了She said, ;Ive been taking a lot of Tylenol, anything I can take so that I can sleep more.她说, ;我已经吃了很多的泰诺(一种止痛药),以及其它所有能够让我多睡一会儿的东西My husband has been telling me Im stupid, Im ugly. I wish I could stop the pain.;我的丈夫一直说我蠢,说我令人讨厌,我真希望能够结束这痛苦Well, she was brought into this experimental protocol,然后她接受了实验协议开始进行治疗and when I interviewed her six months later,六个月之后当我去采访她的时候she had taken a job working in childcare for the U.S. Navy,她有了一份新工作,在美国海军(的幼儿园)照看孩子,she had left the abusive husband, and she said to me,她离开了以前那个虐待她的丈夫,她对我说;My kids are so much happier now.;我的孩子们现在比以前开心多了She said, ;Theres one room in my new place for the boys and one room for the girls,她说,现在我的新家有两个孩子的卧室,男孩子们一间,女孩子们一间but at night, theyre just all up on my bed,到了晚上的时候,他们都会来到我的房间and were doing homework all together and everything.我们一直做家庭作业,做其它的事情One of them wants to be a preacher, one of them wants to be a firefighter,一个儿子立志做一名牧师,另一个想要做消防队员and one of the girls says shes going to be a lawyer.我的一个女儿想要做一名律师They dont cry like they used to, and they dont fight like they did.他们不像以前那样哭得那么频繁,也不再像以前那样相互打来打去了Thats all I need now is my kids.看着这些孩子,我现在觉得很满足Things keep on changing, the way I dress, the way I feel, the way I act.一切都在不断的变好,我的穿着,我的情绪,我的言行I can go outside not being afraid anymore,我不会再像以前那样害怕出门and I dont think those bad feelings are coming back,也不会再担心糟糕的心情会卷土重来and if it werent for Dr. Miranda and that,如果没有米兰达医生(那位研究人员)的帮助I would still be at home with the covers pulled over my head, if I were still alive at all.我现在可能还我在家里,用被子蒙住头呼呼大睡,或许我已经死了I asked the Lord to send me an angel, and he heard my prayers.;我曾祈祷上帝为我下凡一位天使,而上帝听到了我的声音.;201602/427006Let me tell you about Mahabuba.我要告诉你们马哈布巴的故事。She lives in Ethiopia.她住在埃塞俄比亚。She was married against her will at age 13.她13岁时被迫结婚。She got pregnant, ran to the bush to have the baby,她怀了,试图在灌木丛中生下孩子,but you know, her body was very immature,但她的身体还那么稚嫩,and she ended up having obstructed labor.她不幸发生了难产。The baby died, and she ended up with a fistula.孩子死了,她得了阴道瘘管。So that meant she was incontinent;这意味着她会失禁。she couldnt control her wastes.她无法控制大小便。In a word, she stank.总之,她浑身发臭。The villagers thought she was cursed; they didnt know what to do with her.村民认为她被诅咒了;他们也不知道如何对待她。So finally, they put her at the edge of the village in a hut.所以他们把她安置在村子边缘的小草屋内。They ripped off the door并且把门卸掉,so that the hyenas would get her at night.好让土狼晚上进来吃她。That night, there was a stick in the hut.那天晚上,草屋里只有一根棍子。She fought off the hyenas with that stick.她奋力用棍子赶跑了土狼。And the next morning,第二天早上,she knew if she could get to a nearby village where there was a foreign missionary,她决定去邻村找外国传教士,she would be saved.她知道他们会救她。Because she had some damage to her nerves,因为神经受到创伤,she crawled all the way -- 30 miles --她一路是爬过去的--30里路--to that doorstep, half dead.她爬到的时候,已经奄奄一息。The foreign missionary opened the door,外国传教士打开门,knew exactly what had happened,了解了一切,took her to a nearby fistula hospital in Addis Ababa,带她去了亚的斯亚贝巴的一所瘘管医院,and she was repaired她得到了治疗,with a 350-dollar operation.350美金的手术。The doctors and nurses there noticed那里的医生和护士还注意到,that she was not only a survivor,她不仅是个幸存者,she was really clever, and they made her a nurse.她还非常聪明,所以他们让她做了护士。So now, Mahabuba,现在的马哈布巴,she is saving the lives每天都在拯救生命,of hundreds, thousands, of women.上百上千的女人的生命。She has become part of the solution, not the problem.她已经成为了解决方案的一部分,而非问题。Shes moved out of a vicious cycle她也冲破诅咒and into a virtuous cycle.开始了全新的生命循环。Ive talked about some of the challenges,我已经谈了一些挑战,let me talk about some of the solutions,现在来说说解决办法,and there are predictable solutions.有可预测的解决办法。Ive hinted at them: education其实我已经暗示过了:教育,and also economic opportunity.以及经济机会。So of course, when you educate a girl,很显然,一个接受了教育的女孩,she tends to get married later on in life,倾向于更迟结婚,she tends to have kids later on in life, she tends to have fewer kids,更晚生孩子,生更少的孩子,and those kids that she does have,并且对于她的孩子,she educates them in a more enlightened fashion.她会给他们提供更好的启蒙教育。With economic opportunity,至于经济机会,it can be transformative.改变是革命性的。201510/402690成都/唯美化妆美甲纹绣培训学校学习半永久化妆PCD纹绣多少钱

重庆纹绣技术培训成都市纹绣工作室Well, welcome to the White House,everybody. And that was one of the best introductions I’ve ever had. (Applause.) So we’re so proud of Kiara for the introduction and for sharing yourstory, and you’re just so poised. And Iknow Geoff Canada is just out there all excited -- (laughter) -- and proud, andI know your mom is proud. I know she is. She should be. Kiara and the rest of these youngpeople grew up in a 97-square-block section of Harlem. It’s a place where the odds used to bestacked against them every single day, even just graduating from high schoolwas a challenge. But with the help ofsome very dedicated adults and a program called the Harlem Children’s Zone,they’re right on track to go to college. Together, students, teachers, administrators, parents, community, they’rechanging the odds in this neighborhood. And that’s what we’re here to talk about today -– changing the odds forevery American child so that no matter who they are, no matter where they areborn, they have a chance to succeed in today’s economy.Now, the good news is that,thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of the American people all across thecountry over the last five years, our economy has grown stronger. Our businesses have now created more than 8million new jobs since the depths of the recession. Our manufacturing, our housing sectors arerebounding. Our energy and technologyand auto industries are booming. We’vegot to keep our economy growing. We’vegot to make sure that everybody is sharing in that growth. We’ve got to keep creating jobs, and then we’vegot to make sure that wages and benefits are such that families can rebuild alittle bit of security. We’ve got tomake sure this recovery, which is real, leaves nobody behind. And that’s going to be my focus throughoutthe year. This is going to be a year ofaction. That’s what the American peopleexpect, and they’re y and willing to pitch in and help. This is not just a job for government; thisis a job for everybody. Working people are looking forthe kind of stable, secure jobs that too often went overseas in the past coupleof decades. So next week, I’ll join companies and colleges and take action toboost high-tech manufacturing -- the kind that attracts good new jobs and helpsgrow a middle class. Business owners arey to play their part to hire more workers. So this month, I’m going to host CEOs here at the White House not once,but twice: First to lay out specificsteps we can take to help more workers earn the skills that they need for today’snew jobs; second, they’re going to announce commitments that we’re making toput more of the long-term unemployed back to work. And on January 28th, in my Stateof the Union address -- which I want all the legislators here to know I’m goingto try to keep a little shorter than usual -- (laughter) -- they’re cheeringsilently -- (laughter) -- I will mobilize the country around the nationalmission of making sure our economy offers every American who works hard a fairshot at success. Anybody in this countrywho works hard should have a fair shot at success, period. It doesn’t matter where they come from, whatregion of the country, what they look like, what their last name is -- theyshould be able to succeed.And obviously we’re coming off ofa rancorous political year, but I genuinely believe that this is not a partisanissue. Because when you talk to the American people, you know that there arepeople working in soup kitchens, and people who are mentoring, and people whoare starting small businesses and hiring their neighbors, and very rarely arethey checking are they Democrat or Republican. There’s a sense of neighborliness that’s inherent in the American people-- we just have to tap into that. And I’ve been very happy to seethat there are Republicans like Rand Paul, who’s here today, who are y toengage in this debate. That’s a goodthing. We’ve got Democratic andRepublican elected officials across the country who are y to roll up theirsleeves and get to work. And this shouldbe a challenge that unites us all.I don’t care whether the ideasare Democrat or Republican. I do carethat they work. I do care that they aresubject to evaluation, and we can see if we are using tax dollars in a certainway, if we’re starting a certain program, I want to make sure that young peoplelike Kiara are actually benefiting from them.Now, it’s one thing to say weshould help more Americans get ahead, but talk is cheap. We’ve got to actually make sure that we doit. And I will work with anybody who’swilling to lay out some concrete ideas to create jobs, help more middle-classfamilies find security in today’s economy, and offer new ladders of opportunityfor folks to climb into the middle class.And, personally, I hope we startby listening to the majority of the American people and restoring theunemployment insurance for Americans who need a little help supporting theirfamilies while they look for a new job. And I’m glad the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are workingtogether to extend that lifeline. I hopetheir colleagues in the House will join them to set this right.Today I want to talk aboutsomething very particular, a specific example of how we can make adifference. We are here with leaders whoare determined to change the odds in their communities the way these kids andtheir parents and dedicated citizens have changed the odds in Harlem. It’s now been 50 years since PresidentJohnson declared an unconditional War on Poverty in America. And that groundbreaking effort created newavenues of opportunity for generations of Americans. It strengthened our safety net for workingfamilies and seniors, Americans with disabilities and the poor, so that when wefall -- and you never know what life brings you -- we can bounce backfaster. It made us a better country anda stronger country.201501/355834彭州市半永久化妆培训价格We were like this on the lawn at Georgetown just across the town我们就像这样坐在城那边乔治敦的草地上It started out to be a clear day一开始还天朗气清Then all of a sudden, this huge storm cloud came over突然之间暴风云袭来And the lightening began to dance in the sky天空中开始电闪雷鸣And a Howard graduate, the mayor of Wasington D.C., Walter Washington stood up at the podium as I am一位霍华德大学毕业生华盛顿特区市长沃特尔·华盛顿就像我一样站在讲台前He looked to the sky他仰望天空He looked to the shivering students and he said,又看看打颤的学生们说道Congratulations祝贺你们If we dont get out of here, we are all gonna drown如果我们不离开这儿 我们都得被淹死If you want a copy of my speech, you write me, and Ill send you one如果你想要一份我的演讲稿 写信给我 我给你发一份Good luck祝你们好运And off we went然后我们就走了Now what did I learn from that?我从这件事里学到了什么The most successful commencement speeches are brief and highly relevant最成功的毕业致辞既简练又有高度的现实相关性So wherever whoever you are Mr. Mayor, thank you for the memory所以不管你现在在哪儿市长先生感谢你留下的回忆When you leave here, it is important for you to remember that you have been empowered to do something most people who ever lived could not do当你们离开这里的时候千万不要忘了你们已经被赋予了做一些大多数人一辈子都无法做到的事情的能力Even with the employment situation and the economic challenges, virtually all of you have the power to choose what you will do to earn a living即便在现在的就业形势和经济挑战之下你们几乎所有人都有能力选择你们谋生的方式It may sound selfevident, but most people who have ever lived including hundreds of millions, even billions of people on that face of the earth today never had that choice这看似不言自明 但是大多数生活在地球上的人包括现在的数百万甚至数十亿的人都未能做出这种选择201507/384002宜宾学韩式秀眉多少钱

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