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我的大房间My big bedroom -- 3:37:53 来源: 我的大房间(My big bedroom)  My name is Bill, I am years old. I have a very big bedroom in my home.  My bedroom is square. In front of the window there is a desk, I do my homework on this desk every day. Next to the desk, there is a bookshelf.  There are many books in it. My bed is hehind the bookshelf. I have a Micky Mouse quilt on my bed. Next to the bed is a wardrobe. There are many clothes and pants in it. Additionally, the floor is made of wood in my bedroom. Do you like my bedroom?  Welcome to my bedroom.小学寓言话剧:揠苗助长(双语) -- :51:56 来源: Characters:Laddie,riceshoots(nine people) ,weeds (one people), red scaves(three people)人物:小哥 禾苗(九人) 杂草(一人) 红领巾(三人)stage properties: straw hats, waist coats, garments(turquoise skirts) ,Sprite bottles,certificates of merit道具:草帽 坎肩 装(青绿色裙子) 雪碧瓶 奖杯、奖状Scene I场景1 a、The laddie comes on the stage(sing):I'm years old this year,and just divided family property with my brother,i get 1.3 acres of land.Now i'm planting crops.I plant,I plant,I plant plant plant,you crops grow quickly,growquickly. Grow thick and strong , to be better than my father and brother's crops.a、小哥出场(唱):小哥我今年二十八,刚刚和兄弟分了家,分到一亩三分地呀,今天我就来种庄稼我种我种我种种种,庄稼你快长你快快长长得又粗又健壮呀,超过我老哥和老爸的.b、The riceshoots and weeds come on the stageb、禾苗杂草出场c、The richshoots perm dance The CountryLikes Our Motherc、禾苗表演舞蹈《祖国和妈妈一样Scene II场景 a、The laddie appeared on the stage againa、小哥再次出场The first time,makes a round第一次, 转一圈Why they haven't grow higher?怎么还没长高?The second time,makes a round第二次, 转一圈Pull out the weeds把杂草拔掉The third time,makes a round第三次,转一圈Looking and saying:" Several days passed,my brother's crops are thick and strong,why mine are so short?What to do?What to do? The weedswere pulled out, the crops are watered everyday,why they don't grow?看看说说:已经过去了好几天,老哥的长得粗又壮,我的怎么还这么高?怎么办?怎么办?杂草已经被拔掉,水也是每一天都浇,庄稼为什么不长高?(作思索状,后作恍然大悟状)Oh, I have a good idea,haha,tonight i' ll come to help them.诶,我有好办法了,哈哈哈哈,今晚我就来把他们帮 小学寓言话剧:揠苗助长(双语)保险 Iurance-- ::59 EMILY: I want to ask you about something.ANNA: Yes?EMILY: My colleagues at work say I should get health insurance. What do you think?ANNA: I think it's important. I can give you my insurance agent's card if you want.EMILY: But I'm not sure what kind I need.In Taiwan, we have a national insurance program. But here you have nothing.ANNA: Yes, I know. Many countries have national health insurance. America doesn't.EMILY: Why is that?ANNA: Well, it's because of American culture.Most Americans think the government should be small.That means the government should not be in charge of everything.Americans think private companies can do things better than the government can.So we depend on private companies insurance.EMILY: But isn't that expensive? I mean, what about poor people?Can they afd insurance too?ANNA: You're right, Emily. It is expensive.And many people criticize the American way. They say it is not fair to poor people.They say the health systems are better in other countries. Especially in Europe.EMILY: But what do you think?ANNA: I don't know. I just do my best to have good insurance. It's important.EMILY: It's confusing, though. There are so many companies.And so many different kinds of insurance. What should I get?ANNA: I like the company I have now.So I recommend them. What you need to decide is what kind of coverage you want.EMILY: Coverage?ANNA: Yes. Coverage means what the insurance will cover. example, maybe you plan to have a baby.Then you should choose an insurance that covers pregnancy.Otherwise, you shouldn't pay pregnancy coverage. Do you understand?EMILY: Yes. So I need to talk to the agent.ANNA: That's right. Would you like the number?EMILY: Alright.ANNA: My agent is Bonnie Smith. She is really helpful.I am confident she can answer your questions.EMILY: Thanks, Anna. I always appreciate your advice.ANNA: Don't mention it.爱茉莉:我想请教你一些事安娜:请说爱茉莉:我的同事说我应该要有健康保险,你认为呢?安娜:那很重要如果你要的话,我可以给你我保险代理人的名片爱茉莉:但是我不确定需要哪一种在台湾我们有全民健康保险的方案,但是这里什么都没有安娜:是的,我知道很多国家都有全民健康保险,而美国没有爱茉莉:为什么会这样?安娜:那是美国文化的缘故大多数的美国人认为政府应该精简就是说政府不应该掌控每件事他们认为民营企业可以做得比政府好所以我们的保险全靠私人公司爱茉莉:那样不是比较贵吗?那么穷人怎么办?他们付担得起保费吗?安娜:没错,是很贵,爱茉莉很多人批评美国的做法,说这样对穷人不公平他们说健康体制在其它国家做得比较好,特别是欧洲国家爱茉莉:那么你认为呢?安娜:我不知道我尽力找个好的保险就是了,这很重要爱茉莉:这真让人困扰,有那么多家公司那么多种保险,我要选什么呢?安娜:我喜欢我现在的保险公司所以我推荐他们你要做的是决定要什么保险项目爱茉莉:保险项目?安娜:是的,是指你想要保哪些险例如你计划生小孩的话就要保怀险不然你就不用付怀项目的保费,了解吗?爱茉莉:是的所以我需要和代理人谈谈安娜:没错,你要电话号码吗?爱茉莉:好的安娜:我的代理人是娜邦妮?史密斯,她真的很帮忙我相信她能够解答你的疑问爱茉莉:谢谢你,安娜我一直很感激你的建议安娜:别客气

德庆盘龙峡英文导游词 --5 ::7 来源: 德庆盘龙峡英文导游词盘龙峡位于龙母的故乡——广东德庆县,占地面积00多公顷区内峡谷漫长,罕见的瀑布群共有大大小小0多个,其中最有名的是“腾龙飞瀑、聆天飞瀑、烟雨飞瀑”三大天然奇观,水势变幻属南国罕见盘龙峡漂流还有“中国勇士第一漂”之称,全长约800米,落差百余米 Deqing town is mother dragon’s hometown. Its Panglong Gorge touring region occupies over 00 hectares, its central area is 650 hectares. Panglong gorge is long, deep with lots green plants, and is abundant of water all the time.   Why the gorge is named “Panglong”? The mother dragon has 5 sons, the youngest son is very naughty and often makes his mother angry. One day mother dragon is furious to her little son, she sent her little naughty boy to this gorge meditation. Sometimes his elder brother will also come here to visit this little naughty kid. Attracted by the beautiful scenery, the two dragons are entrenched in this gorge and help local people rains. Thus this gorge is named “Panglong Gorge”.   Now we come to “Feifeng Pond”. There is also a legend of this pond. “Feifeng” means flying phoenix. Once the two dragon brothers want to present an unique birthday gift to their mother dragon, so they invite their good friend, a phoenix, and showed a 7-color cloud sky dancing together. After the party show, the phoenix followed the two dragon brothers and had a vacation in this gorge. The place the phoenix lived at that time is this pond, so today we name here “Feifeng Pond”.   At “Feifeng Pond”, we can take two different kinds of river drifts: one is bamboo raft floating, the water speed is slow and the watercourse is flat and smooth, you may enjoy the beautiful views on both sides leisurely. Another one is “warrior drift”: the watercourse is 3.8km long, full of rocks, fierce up-and-down with riptide, the total fall is 0m. it’s a good test to our warrior’s courage.   In this gorge, there is a large waterfall group, the biggest fall is 80 meters high. Here is the waterfall area, the concentration of negative ion in air is very high, are you enjoying your breath now? what we facing is “two-dragon pond”. To offer a quiet and separated environment to the dragon brothers to meditate, the mother dragon tore a piece of cloth from her sleeve and threw it here to m a waterfall curtain on our left hand. After meditation, the two dragon brothers fly back to the heaven above our right hand waterfall.   Do you hear the strong DISCO rhythm? Do you want to dance disco in water in this green gorge? Let’s join it.   You see these waterwheels? There are totally 6 s waterwheels. In ancient China, it is used irrigation, rice or flour powder production.   The loom and other weaving wares in this hut show Chinese ancient weaving know-how 700 years ago. At that time, the local people were nearly naked only with few tree leaves and barks, and winter was really hard time them, many froze to die. Until a lady named “Huang Dao Po” brought the weaving skill here, did the local people have clothes to wear. 德庆盘龙峡英文导游词

Four Seasons -- 3:55:30 来源: Four Seasons there are four seasons in a year. they are spring、summer、fall and winter.I like spring. It is warm. It often rains. I can plant trees and flowers in spring. the spring is GREen.Summer is very hot. I can swim in the river.Fall is a good season. It is nice. I can fly kites in fall. I can eat many apples too.Winter is cold. I wish I can play snow and make a snowman in Beijing someday. Because it does not snow in Xinxing.I love all the seasons, because they are nice.

旅游景点英文介绍:晚秋的婺源 -- ::31 来源: 旅游景点英文介绍:晚秋的婺源江西婺源因大量种植油菜花而出名,但是事实上,秋天的婺源县更加诗意晚秋时分,婺源县长溪村色鲜明,是个游玩的好去处Wuyuan county in Jiangxi province is famous the large pieces of rape flowers. But in fact, it becomes more poetic when autumn comes. In late autumn, Changxi Village is shore with deep and vivid tints. The maple trees growing in the front and back of the village turn to burning red. The tall trees contrast finely with the Mau Tou Wall (Horse Head Wall). The red maple leaves, white walls and black tiles blend into a y, making a unique sight in this ancient village. 旅游景点 英文介绍 婺源

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