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三山区妇幼保健人民中医院治疗阳痿多少钱芜湖人民男科医院男科咨询芜湖治疗早泄的手术要多少钱 Laying up for a solid night's sleep might not sound like the best recipe for weight loss, but loads of research has pointed to the importance of sufficient shut-eye to losing weight. And a small new study shows that not getting enough sleep might severely cut into people's ability to lose extra fat. 想减肥就要把觉睡好,这在减肥的人看来好像不是个好方案。但是,大量研究已经指出,充足的睡眠对减肥的很严重。下面有一个小型研究,展示了睡眠不足可能会严重影响人体消去多余脂肪的能力。 Researchers found that if dieters got a full night's rest, they more than doubled the amount of weight lost from fat reserves. So even though subjects lost about as much weight when they were sleep deprived as when they were well-rested, only about a quarter of the weight lost during the short sleep period was from fat. Tired-eyed dieters also reported feeling hungrier than they did when they had gotten enough sleep. Results of the study were published online October 4 in Annals of Internal Medicine. 研究人员发现如果节食的人晚上睡得好,减肥效果会好不止一倍。所以,尽管减肥的人在睡眠不足和睡眠充足时减掉的重量一样多,但是在睡眠不足时,减掉的重量中,仅仅只有1/4是脂肪。睡眠不足的节食者也说,他们感觉比睡眠充足的时候要饿。这项研究的结果发布在了10月4日的“内科年鉴”网络上。 "Cutting back on sleep, a behavior that is ubiquitous in modern society, appears to compromise efforts to lose fat," Plamen Penev, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Chicago and study co-author, said in a prepared statement. Study subjects lost about 55 percent more fat when they got ample sleep at night. 在Chicago大学的医学助理教授,也是这篇研究的合著人Plamen Penev在一份事先准备好的的发言中说道:“当今社会,普遍认为减少睡眠是减掉脂肪的一个妥协方法。”但是在我们实验中志愿者,他们在获得充足的夜间睡眠时,脂肪多减了55%。 For the study, 10 overweight volunteers (ages 35 to 49 with a mean body-mass index of 27.4 kilograms) started a personalized diet plan that reduced calories (to an average of about 1,450 per day) but maintained a sedentary lifestyle. For two weeks, subjects reported to the lab to spend 8.5 hours a night in bed (with an average sleep time of about seven hours and 25 minutes), and during a second two-week period—either three months before or after the 8.5-hour nights—the same volunteers were allowed only 5.5 hours a night in bed (with an average sleep time of five hours and 14 minutes). 为了这项研究,对10个肥胖志愿者(年龄在35岁到49岁之间,平均体重指数是27.4千克)开展一项个体化节食计划,可以降低热量(平均每天降低1450卡),但要保持久坐的生活方式。有一个两周的时间,志愿者们每晚在床上8.5小时(有效的平均睡眠时间大约是7小时25分),另一个2周的观察期-可以在早于或晚于8.5小时测验的3个月之前或之后-还是这些志愿者,让他们每晚在床上5.5小时(平均有效睡眠时间是5小时14分)。 During both study sessions, the subjects lost about three kilograms each. Nearly half of that (1.4 kg) was from fat when the volunteers were sleeping long, but less than a fifth (0.6 kg) of the lost weight was from fat when they got less than six hours of sleep. The rest of the weight was fat-free body mass, which includes other components such as water or muscle, and is generally not the target of those seeking to lose weight. 在这两个实验中,志愿者们每人一共减掉大约3公斤体重:有接近一半(1.4千克)是在长睡眠阶段减掉的,仅有小于1/5(0.6千克)是在短睡眠阶段减掉的。其余减掉的重量来自去脂组织,例如包括水和肌肉,而它通常不是减肥者的目标。 Food cravings and metabolism are controlled in part by hormones, such as ghrelin, which stimulates hunger and lowers energy use. And when the study subjects were getting less than six hours of sleep a night, their ghrelin levels rose from 75 nanograms per liter to 84 ng per liter. Levels remained steady when subjects got plenty of rest. The volunteers were on the same tightly controlled low-calorie diet during both phases of the study, and the weight- and fat-loss difference between adequate sleep and too little sleep might otherwise be even more pronounced, the researchers behind the study speculated. 食欲和新陈代谢部分是由激素控制的,比如胃促生长素。它能刺激食欲、降低能量消耗。当志愿者在每晚睡眠少于6小时的情况下,他们的胃促生长素水平从75纳克/升,升高到84纳克/升,而在睡眠充足时胃促生长素的水平则保持稳定。研究人员认为,从另一方面看,由于志愿者是处于同等严格的低卡饮食控制下,所以充足睡眠和缺少睡眠对体重和脂肪消耗的影响就更显著了。 So despite any extra calories a person might burn while burning the midnight oil, losing sleep is hardly the best way to lose fat, this study suggests. "If your goal is to lose fat, skipping sleep is like poking sticks in your bicycle wheels," Penev said. "One should not ignore the way they sleep when going on a diet." Plenty of other research also suggests that getting enough sleep is also crucial for good long-term health in general. 所以,这个研究就是告诉大家,不管一个人在熬夜的时候消耗了多少热量,减少睡眠都不是减肥的最好方法。Penev说道:“如果为了减肥而不睡觉,就是在拖减肥的后腿”还说道“人们不应因减肥而不顾正确的睡眠习惯”,很多其他研究也表明,通常来说,保持充足的睡眠对人们长远的健康也是很重要的。 /201110/157211芜湖市看男科那家医院好

芜湖治疗龟头炎多少钱芜湖治疗前列腺增生哪里好 What I want in a Man, Original List (act 22)1. Handsome2. Charming3. Financially successful4. A caring listener5. witty6. In good shape7. Dresses with style8. Appreciates finer things9. Full of thoughtful surprisesl0. An imaginative, romantic lover我对男人的要求,最初的条件(22岁)l. 英俊潇洒2. 魅力四射3. 财源滚滚4. 善于倾听5. 风趣幽默6. 身强体健7. 穿着入时8. 品位高雅9. 奇思妙想10. 想象丰富,浪漫多情What I Want in a Man, Revised List (act 32)1. Nice looking (prefer hair on his head)2. Opens car doors, holds chairs3. Has enough money for a nice dinner4. Listens more than talks5. Laughs at my jokes6. Carries bags of groceries with ease7. Owns at least one tie8. Appreciates a good home—cooked meal9. Remembers birthdays and anniversaries10. Seeks romance at least once a week我对另人的要求,条件改了(32岁)1. 相貌好看(最好别秃顶.2. 开车门,搬椅子3. 吃顿丰盛晚餐有钱买单4. 多听少说5. 我讲笑话他就笑6. 拎食品杂货袋轻轻松松7. 至少有条领带8. 爱吃家里做的美味佳肴9. 记得生日和周年纪念日10. 每周至少浪漫一次What I want in a Man, Revised List (act 42)1. Not too ugly (bald head OK)2. Does drive off until I#39;m in the car3. Works steady—splurges on dinner out occasionally4. Nods head when I#39; m talking5. Usually remembers punch lines of jokes6. Is in good enough shape to rearrange the furniture7. Wears a shirt that covers his stomach8. Knows not to buy champagne with screw—top lids9. Remembers to put the toilet seat down10. Shaves mot weekends我对男人的要求,条件改了(42岁)1. 别太丑(秃顶也行)2. 我上车后才开车3. 工作稳定——偶尔出去撮一顿4. 我说话他点头5. 常常记得笑话中的妙语佳句6. 身体好,能挪挪家具7. 穿衬衫别露肚脐眼8. 晓得别买带螺旋盖的香滨酒9. 记得把马桶的坐垫放下10. 周末多半刮脸What I want in a Man, Revised List (act 52)1. Keeps hair in nose and ears trimmed2. Doesn#39; t belch or scratch in public3. Doesn#39; t borrow money too often4. Doesn#39; t nod off to sleep when I#39; m venting5. Don#39; t retell the same joke too many thanes6. Is in good enough shape to get off couch on weekends7. Usually wears, matching socks and fresh underwear8. Appreciates a good TV dinner9. Remembers my name on occasion10. Shaves some weekends我对男人的要求,条件改了(52岁)1. 修剪鼻毛,耳朵整洁2. 别当众打嗝搔痒3. 借钱别太勤4. 我发泄情绪时别打瞌睡5. 别老说同一个笑话6. 身体好,周末别老赖在沙发上7. 袜子成对,内衣干净8. 爱吃盒装电视快餐9. 偶尔记得我的名字10. 周末有时刮脸What I Want in a Man, Revised List (act 62)1. Doesn#39; t scare small children2. Remernbers where bathroom is3. Doesn#39; t require much money for upkeep4. Only snores lightly when asleep5. Remembers why he #39;s laughing6. Is in good enough shape to stand up by himself7. Usually wears clothes,8. Likes soft foods9. Remembers where he left his teeth10. Reminders that it#39;s the weekend我对男人的要求,条件改了(62岁)1. 别惊吓小孩子2. 记得浴室在哪儿3. 家庭养护不花大钱4. 睡觉时打鼾声音不大5. 记得自己为何发笑6. 身体好,自己能站起来7. 一般要穿衣8. 喜欢软食9. 记得假牙放在哪儿10. 记得周末到了What I Want in a Man, Revised List (age 72)1. Breathing2. Doesn#39; t miss the toilet我对男人的要求,条件改了(72岁)1. 能呼吸2. 该上厕所就上厕所 /201204/177915芜湖哪里治疗尿急比较好

芜湖东方有检查抗精子抗体A preacher is buying a parrot一个传教士在买鹦鹉;Are you sure it doesnt scream, yell, or swear?; asked the preacher.“你确信它不会尖叫,大叫或诅咒别人吗?”传教士问。;Oh, absolutely. Its a religious parrot.; the storekeeper assures him.“哦,绝对不会。它是一只虔诚的鹦鹉。”店主保说。;Do you see those strings on his legs? When you pull the right one, he recites the lords prayer, and when you pull on the left, he recites the 23rd Psalm.;“你看见它腿上的这些细绳了吗?当你拉动右面的这根,它会背诵天主经,当你拉动左面的那根,它会背诵赞美诗”;Wonderful!; says the preacher, but what happens if you pull both strings?“太棒了!”传教士说,“但是如果我同时拉动两条绳子,会发生什么呢?”;I fall off my perch, you stupid fool!; screeched the parrot.“我会从树干上掉下去的,你这个笨蛋!”鹦鹉尖声说道。 /201206/185833 芜湖有检查男科芜湖治疗附睾炎费用是多少



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