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襄阳中心医院上环怎么样襄州医院男科医生怎么样国家地理:Octopus Mating 章鱼交配OK, we are back in the world of the Cyanea octopus. It's mating time. Here's your potential conquest. She doesn't know you're alive. She's too busy cleaning trash from her house. Now you are the perceptive type. You use your sensitive disks for any sign of interest—pheromones, whatever. Hey, wait a minute. She's standing tall, that means she sees you and she may be interested. Yeah, baby, full speed ahead.Then, wouldn't you know it, a vicious tide swirls in and suddenly everything is topsy-turvy. Among other flotsam, the tide brings in a rival. Now, great, just what you needed. Three's company, pal. Your job: get in the other guy's face. Just like what you do if you were an adult human male, you try to intimidate the other guy by striking poses and copping attitudes. Now, that doesn't work. So you show off your biggest sucker disks. You show him yours, he shows you his. It doesn't get any more testosterone serious than this. Yours is bigger, hum, naturally. And the intruder takes off like a whipped dog. Its tentacles would be between its legs, if its tentacles weren't aly its legs.OK, now, where were we? Ah, right. As both you and the female are promiscuous—each of you mates with several other octopods from this part of the sea all the time—so, what's with all this coyness? Here's where it gets really really good. I mean, X-rated hot octopus-on-octopus good. Your goal is to get this appendage, called a hectocotylus arm, into the female's mantle cavity. Ah, there we go. The arm has a groove that delivers sperm packets to the female. The longer your arm stays in her cavity, near her oviduct, the more sperm packets you can deliver. If you are good, I mean, you have to be good, you might stay in this position for hours. At this time, ahem, forget about it. Not only does the coupling last just a minute or two, but when the female takes off, she drags you along, like the speaker at a drive-in movie, she forgot to put back on the rack. Luckily, an octopus is such a solitary creature. I mean, can you imagine hanging out with other guy octopi? You'd never hear the end of it.pheromone: 信息素,外激素topsy-turvy: In a state of utter disorder or confusion 混乱flotsam: Wreckage or cargo that remains afloat after a ship has sunk. 漂浮物testosterone: 睾丸激素coyness: 怕羞, 羞怯hectocotylus: A modified arm of the male of certain cephalopods, such as the octopus, functioning as a reproductive organ in the transference of sperm to the mantle cavity of the female. 化茎腕,交接腕某些雄性头足纲动物,如章鱼身上的一条变种腕,可起生殖器官的作用,把传送到雌性的套膜腔中mantle cavity: 外套腔oviduct: A tube through which the ova pass from the ovary to the uterus or to the outside. 输卵管200709/17492襄州医院报价 US Envoy to Visit Beijing, Moscow for Talks on North Korean Nuclear Program希尔下周访中俄磋商北韩核问题   The chief U.S. envoy to the six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program, Christopher Hill, visits Beijing and Moscow next week to consult on efforts to move the stalled disarmament process forward. Officials say the assistant secretary of State may meet his North Korean counterpart in the Chinese capital. 美国助理国务卿、美国出席朝核六方会谈的首席代表希尔下星期访问北京和莫斯科,就争取推动停滞不前的北韩拆除核设施的进程与中俄两国磋商。美国官员说,希尔可能会在中国首都北京会见北韩代表。Hill's mission to China and Russia, following his Washington meeting earlier this week with South Korean and Japanese envoys, reflects a quickening pace in the nuclear talks. 希尔前往中国和俄罗斯,以及他此前在本周早些时候与韩国以及日本特使的会晤,显示出北韩核项目问题会谈的步伐正在加快。The six-party deal reached early last year - under which North Korea is to give up its nuclear program in return for aid and diplomatic benefits - has been stalled by Pyongyang's failure thus far to produce a declaration of its nuclear holdings and activities. 根据六方会谈去年年初达成的协议,北韩放弃其核项目,以换取援助和外交方面的好处。由于北韩未能全面公布其核材料以及核项目活动,这项协议陷于僵局。However, in what is seen here a show of good faith, North Korea earlier this month turned over to the ed States thousands of papers documenting plutonium production at its now-shuttered Yongbyon reactor complex. 不过,北韩最近表现出诚意,于本月初交给美国数以千计有关在目前已经关闭的宁边反应堆生产钸的情况的文件。The North Korean declaration, which Hill indicated this week may be imminent, would open the way to implementation of the final phase of the accord - leading to normalized relations between North Korea and the ed States and Japan, and new regional security arrangements. 希尔本周表示,北韩公布这些情况至关重要,这将开启协议最后阶段落实的进程,也就是北韩与美国和日本的关系正常化以及签署新的地区性安全协议。State Department deputy spokesman, Tom Casey, said Hill, at this point, has only meetings with his Chinese and Russian counterparts scheduled in Beijing and Moscow.  美国国务院副发言人汤姆.凯西说,目前希尔只计划在北京和莫斯科和中方以及俄方代表会晤。But Hill has also met frequently in the Chinese capital with North Korean envoy Kim Kye-Gwan and Casey made clear he is y to do so again: 希尔在中国首都北京与北韩代表金桂冠举行过多次会晤。凯西明确表示,希尔准备再次这样做。"In terms of whether he's meeting with Kim Kye-Gwan or not, the usual rules apply," said Casey. "Nothing is scheduled. But the North Koreans know he's traveling. And if they see an interest or have a desire to do so, I'm sure they'll arrange something." 他说:“在希尔是否会与金桂冠会晤这个问题上,我们将循惯例。目前没有计划。不过,北韩方面知道希尔的行程。如果他们有兴趣,或者有意愿这样做,我敢肯定,他们会安排会面。”A senior official here told VOA U.S. experts are continuing to examine the more than 18,000 papers submitted by North Korea, and that so far there is nothing to suggest that they are not authentic. 一位高级官员告诉美国之音记者说,美国专家正在继续研究1万8千多份北韩提交的文件,他还说,到目前为止没有任何迹象显示这些文件不真实。The papers, some of them handwritten logs, document plutonium production at the Yongbyon reactor for a five-year period ending in 2007, when the facility was shut down in the first phase of the nuclear deal. 这些文件中包括一些手写的日志,显示出2007年之前的5年间宁边核反应堆生产钸的情况。宁边核反应堆已经根据北韩核项目问题协议的第一阶段规定于2007年关闭。The official said the logs will be critical in determining the validity of the pending declaration, including North Korea's accounting of how much fissionable material was produced at Yongbyon. 这位官员说,对于确定北韩公布情况的真实性方面,这些日志至关重要,包括确定北韩在宁边生产出的核裂变材料的规模。In addition to declaring its plutonium stockpile, and the number of weapons produced, North Korea is also to account for the uranium enrichment project U.S. officials believe it conducted, and any proliferation activity it engaged in. 除了公布储存的钸以及生产出多少武器之外,北韩还要公布美国官员相信北韩进行的浓缩铀项目,以及它所进行的核扩散活动。U.S. officials believe North Korea was helping the Damascus government build a nuclear facility in northern Syria that was destroyed in an Israeli air strike in September of last year. 美国官员相信北韩在叙利亚北部帮助大马士革政府建立一个核设施,这个核设施去年9月在以色列的空袭中被摧毁。200805/39932Olmert Vows Not to Resign Over Corruption Scandal奥尔默特政治处境艰难但拒绝辞职  The noose may be tightening around Israel's embattled prime minister in a corruption scandal, but he is pressing on.  身陷腐败丑闻的以色列总理奥尔默特的处境可能越来越艰难了,但是他仍然没有退意。Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is brushing off demands to resign after an American Jewish businessman said he gave him envelopes stuffed with cash to support a lavish lifestyle. Prosecutors suspect money laundering and bribery; but Mr. Olmert said he is innocent until proven guilty, and like other scandals that have dogged him, nothing would come of it.  以色列总理奥尔默特拒绝那些要他辞职的要求。在这之前,一名美国犹太商人说,他曾经交给奥尔默特许多装满现金的信封,用于维持奥尔默特奢侈的生活方式。以色列检察官怀疑这是在洗钱和贿赂,但是奥尔默特说,在实他有罪之前,他是无辜的。他说,就像针对他的其它丑闻一样,这件丑闻也不会明他有罪。Mr. Olmert's grip on power was put in doubt on Wednesday, when his defense minister, Ehud Barak, demanded that he step down over the corruption allegations. Barak threatened to pull his Labor Party out of the coalition government and force early elections if the Prime Minister does not comply.  以色列国防部长巴拉克星期三要求奥尔默特因腐败指控而辞职,这使奥尔默特对权力的控制受到质疑。巴拉克威胁说,如果奥尔默特不下台,他领导的工党就会退出联合政府,迫使提前选举。But while Mr. Olmert may be down he is not out, says Jerusalem Post editor David Horovitz.  但是,以色列的耶路撒冷邮报编辑霍罗维茨说,奥尔默特可能已经倒在地上,但是还没有失败。"He is a political fighter, and he is going to fight through this," Horovitz said. "Every day that he staves off the immediate threat will be a victory, and knowing Olmert as we do, this is what he is going to try to do."  他说:“他是个政治斗士,他会斗争到底。他能每天挡住对他的直接威胁就是一次胜利,正如我们所了解的一样,奥尔默特就是要争取这么做。”While the corruption scandal is embarrassing and damaging, it is still not clear whether Mr. Olmert broke the law.  虽然这次腐败丑闻令人尴尬,有损名声,但是目前还不清楚奥尔默特是否触犯了法律。"We have to think about first of all, 'Is it a criminal offense, is it against the law on the books or is it not?' And [despite] the circus we've seen in the media, it's a little early to indict him," attorney Haim Katz said. 律师卡茨说:“我们首先必须考虑,这是刑事犯罪吗?触犯了法律没有?尽管媒体进行了大量报导,但是现在起诉奥尔默特还为时过早。”Mr. Olmert says that if indicted he will resign. But a possible indictment is still months away, and until then, the Prime Minister appears determined to hang on to his job. 奥尔默特说,如果他被起诉,他会辞职。但是,即使奥尔默特受到起诉,也将是几个月以后的事情。在受到起诉之前,看来奥尔默特决心继续担任总理。200805/40518襄樊中心医院做割包皮

襄阳宜城市妇幼保健院中医院治疗妇科炎症多少钱国家地理:China's Lost Girls 被抛弃的女孩[6](and I'll be) an orphan. But my mom and dad adopted me and I'm pretty happy.Today was one of the most emotional workdays I've ever had. The anxiety and the anxiousness was just something that I have never witnessed before.This is the moment, you know, it's complicated in it, in this.Here we are. On your right, the entrance road into the Civil Affaires Office. How many get in, you and me? Here we go, sweetie. This is it. So please wait inside. I will go upstairs. Let them know we are here.When they started bringing the babies in...em... you know they all had this really bright cheeks because the room was really really cold ...They looked terrified. These families have been waiting and planning for this day for more than a year. None of them has ever met their daughters, until now...Garry, the, the deaf gentleman. He was just bawling, and it was such a beautiful beautiful face..Look at this one...You know, these little girls, they have been through so much, you can just see it in their faces.And the look of terror that they all had was just, like just was like a knife through the heart, you know, because after every thing they've been through, and then, you know, to be given to these people they've never seen before who look nothing like them.Ross... Congratulations!I have been, I don't know, I really don't even know what to say... this is so unbelievable.Dannis, who has just been so cool and composed, I guessed, I really saw this, you know, nervousness and this fear. That's the picture you've had?As I stood in their room today, just all of these people, you know, with tears in their eyes, it was like everyone was going through labor at the same time.Isn't that something? I am so glad somebody has this filming because you don't remember it. 200709/17508襄阳市襄州区人民医院治疗肛瘘肛裂怎么样 Envoys Cite Progress in Talks on North Korea's Nuclear Programs六国特使称北韩核项目谈判有进展   Negotiators seeking to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue are making progress on how to verify Pyongyang's own account of its nuclear activities. 参加北韩核项目问题六方会谈的各国代表就如何核实平壤申报的核项目清单问题取得进展。After two days of negotiations in Beijing, the envoys from six countries have reached what the Chinese side calls a "principled consensus" on verifying North Korea's declaration of its nuclear activities. 经过在北京的两天谈判后,六国特使就核实平壤申报的核项目清单问题达成了中国方面所说的“原则性协议”。The declaration was presented to China at the end of June, one day before Pyongyang destroyed the cooling tower at its main Yongbyon nuclear facility. 北韩在6月底向中国递交了申报清单。在此前一天,平壤还炸毁了宁边主要核设施的冷却塔。Washington has called for the document to include a complete and accurate accounting of all of North Korea's activities. 华盛顿要求北韩提供完整和准确反映北韩所有核项目活动的清单。There are many outstanding verification issues, according to Robert Gallucci, who was a top U.S. North Korea negotiator during the Clinton administration. 美国克林顿政府时期的北韩问题首席谈判代表罗伯特.加卢奇说,在如何核实问题上还有很多悬而未决的事情。Gallucci, who is now dean of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, says one priority is to find out whether North Korea has as much plutonium as it says it does. 加卢奇目前是美国乔治敦大学外交学院院长。他说,首先需要解决的一个问题是确认北韩是否拥有他们自己所说的那么多的金属钸。"The world would be interested in being able to confirm or verify that the plutonium amounts are correct and begin to look at what circumstances or arrangements there might be for disposition of separated plutonium," he said. 他说:“全世界都将有兴趣实或是核实北韩公布的钸的数量是否正确,然后开始考虑怎样处理这些分离出来的钸。”He says another major verification question is the question of highly-enriched uranium, a program Pyongyang is accused of pursuing in secret. 他说,另一个重要的核实问题是高浓缩铀问题。外界指责平壤秘密进行浓缩铀工作。And, yet another issue involves questions regarding North Korea's nuclear assistance to Syria. All this, he says, touches on how the international community will monitor Pyongyang's nuclear activity in the future. 还有一个问题是有关平壤向叙利亚提供核技术援助问题。他说,所有这些都与国际社会将来如何监控平壤的核活动有关。"In other words, how can we assure ourselves that there won't be more exports of nuclear material or equipment, there will not be a secret uranium enrichment facility somewhere, or a secret reactor?" he asked. "What sort of access will be granted, and to whom? Is the IAEA to be the executive agency, the International Atomic Energy Agency, or is there to be some sort of ad hoc regime?" 他说:“换句话说,我们如何确认将来不会出现更多的核材料和核设备出口,不会在某个地方还有一个秘密的浓缩铀设施或是秘密的核反应堆?北韩允许有哪些途径解这些情况,允许谁有这些途径?是让国际原子能机构执行这个任务呢?还是临时建立某个机构?”In return for declaring and disabling its nuclear facilities, North Korea is to receive aid and diplomatic incentives. Among those incentives are U.S. moves to drop Pyongyang from the Trading with the Enemy Act and to remove it from the state sponsors of terror list. 作为对北韩公布并摧毁自己的核设施的交换,北韩将得到援助和外交上的好处,包括美国将把北韩从《与敌国贸易法》中拿掉,并且把北韩从持恐怖主义的国家名单中去除。The nations involved in the talks are the ed States, North Korea, China, South Korea, Japan and Russia. The current meeting came after a nine-month stalemate. 参加北韩核项目问题六方会谈的国家有美国、北韩、中国、韩国、日本以及俄罗斯。这次会议是在会谈停滞了9个月后召开的。 Chinese spokesman Qin Gang says the six parties are hoping to issue some sort of joint document at the end of this round of talks, which is expected Saturday. 中国外交部发言人秦刚说,六国希望在这一轮谈判星期六结束时发表某种联合声明。200807/43905襄阳人民医院妇科疾病多少钱

襄阳市中医医院处女膜修复怎么样Kenyan Parliament Passes Power-Sharing Amendment 肯尼亚议会就分享权力通过修正案Kenya's Parliament has unanimously approved a bill to amend the constitution to allow for a power-sharing agreement between the country's two main parties. Both sides have expressed strong support for the deal, but the bigger test will be to see how well the parties cooperate in a coalition government. 肯尼亚议会一致通过一项议案,修改宪法,附加承认两个主要政党签署的权力分享协议。双方表示坚决持这项协定,但是,更大的考验是,两党在联合政府如何更好的合作。The power-sharing agreement signed late last month by President Mwai Kibaki and his challenger in December's disputed elections, Raila Odinga, calls for the creation of the position of prime minister - which would go to Odinga. The Cabinet would be split evenly between the two sides. 齐贝吉总统和他在去年12月有争议的选举中的挑战者奥廷加上月底签署的权力分享协议呼吁设立一个总理职位,这个职位将由奥廷加担任。内阁职位将由两党平分。Kenya's constitution needs to be amended to accommodate such changes. After finalizing the amendment, the parliament will take up another bill to put in place the power-sharing arrangement. 需要修改肯尼亚宪法以适应这样的变化。在最后确定这个修正案之后,议会将审议另一个法案,实施权力分享安排。Both leaders had strongly urged support for the necessary amendment and debate in parliament was marked by conciliation and optimism. Odinga called for Kenyans to unite behind the agreement.  双方领导人强烈敦促持对宪法进行这种必要的修改,议会举行的辩论显现出和解与乐观的气氛。奥廷加呼吁肯尼亚人团结一致持新协议。"Let us not look at each other, Mr. Speaker, as PNU, ODM-K, ODM and so on," he said. "Let us now fuse together now as one people who want to do something for the people of Kenya. Let us strengthen the foundation of multiparty democracy in our country." 奥廷加说:“议长先生,我们不要把对方看成是民族团结党、肯尼亚橙色民主运动或者橙色民主运动等等。现在让我们融汇在一起,团结起来,就像希望为肯尼亚人民作一些事情的同一个人,让我们一起巩固我国多党民主制的基础。”President Kibaki made an unusual appearance before parliament, expressing hope that the political and ethnic violence that killed over 1,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands following the election, can be left behind. 齐贝吉总统不同寻常地出现在议会。他表示,希望这些政治暴力和民族间的暴力能够被抛在脑后。选举后发生的这些暴力事件夺去一千多人的生命,数10万人流离失所。"We were developing apart earlier on. And now we are going together," said President Kibaki. "That we are going together is a joy, for the reason that we shall succeed. Where we were headed a little while ago it was terrible. And I am quite sure myself that we have found an answer." 齐贝吉说:“早些时候,我们走向分裂,但是现在我们正走到一起。走到一起是一件让人高兴的事情。因为我们将获得成功。不久前我们到了一个危险阶段,太可怕了。现在我自己十分肯定,我们找到了。”While politicians have united behind the power-sharing agreement, there remains some uncertainty over how the coalition will function in practice. A statement by the head of the country's civil service last week, which seemed to imply a lesser role for the prime minister and less sharing of government jobs than the opposition had expected, prompted criticism from Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement. 虽然政界人士一致持权力分享协议,但是就联合政府如何在实践中运行,仍然存在一些不确定因素。上个星期,国家行政事务部负责人发表的声明似乎暗示,总理发挥的作用较小,反对党分享政府职位的数量比原先预期的要少,声明引起奥廷加的橙色民主运动的批评。The coalition government will also oversee a year-long overhaul of Kenya's constitution, which critics charge now grants the president too many powers.  联合政府还将监督对宪法进行的为期一年的修改,批评人士指控现有的宪法给予总统过多的权力。In parliament, there was widesp support for the need to change the document. But discussion on the details of reforms - including curtailing the president's powers, decentralizing the government, and changing laws of land ownership - is likely to prove far more contentious.  在议会,议员广泛持对宪法进行必要的修改,但是,就具体的修改进行的讨论很可能会引发更多的争议,具体修改包括:减少总统权力、政府权力下放、修改土地所有权法等。200803/31228 襄阳市第四人民医院治疗腋臭狐臭怎么样襄阳四院不孕不育多少钱



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