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This Week in Michigan Politics, Michigan Radios senior news analyst Jack Lessenberry and Morning Edition host Christina Shockley discuss the first female mayor of Grand Rapids, this weeks elections, accusations of racism against Gov. Snyder and Detroit emergency managers, the number of college degrees among Michigan lawmakers.Grand Rapids is in on BlissTuesday was the August primary election and Grand Rapids elected the citys first female mayor. Lessenberry says new Mayor Rosalynn Bliss not only has an impressive personal story, she is currently quite popular. But given the citys own share of problems, who knows if it will stay that way, he says.And now, the rest of the raceWhen it comes to the rest of the election, Lessenberry says most of the renewal millages passed, but those asking for new millage money were not so lucky.Calling it a ;mixed bag,; Lessenberry says people are willing to keep paying the current taxes, but are reluctant to add any new items.A kitchen sink lawsuitGov. Rick Snyder and emergency managers are being accused of discriminating against black children by members of the Detroit Public School Board. The board says Snyder and the managers have created a separate and unequal education system and they have filed a federal civil rights case.Lessenberry says the Detroit school board has indeed been disempowered, but the lawsuit isnt just about discrimination.;Part of this is theyre trying to get people to remember they still exist,; says Lessenberry. ;Theyre trying to get attention.;Lessenberry says although the board is using the ;kitchen sink; method and suing for everything they can think of, some charges are credible. However, Lessenberry says the idea that the state is discriminating by creating an all-black school district is ;a bit absurd; because the school district itself is mainly an all-black population.Where did you go to school?One out of five Michigan lawmakers do not have a college degree, which isnt too surprising to Lessenberry. Lessenberry says a minority of adults in Michigan have a college degree; so the real question becomes how much does the piece of paper matter?Researchers say the paper isnt as important as the experience of going to college, Lessenberry explains.;So it may be a question of how great your life experience is,; he says. ;How broad your outlook is, and how many intellectual resources you have rather than paper degrees.;Michigan Radio Newsroom - Cheyna Roth201508/390931

Fresh air is not the norm anymore in China.在中国,新鲜空气已不是常态。Earlier this month, Beijing issued its first-ever red alert for smog — the most serious warning on a four-tier system adopted a little over two years ago.本月早些时候,北京发布首个雾霾红色警报,是两年多前采用的四级系统中最严重的。Now, fresh bottled air from the Canadian Rockies is selling out in China because people are seeking for ways to breathe in non-smoggy air.现在,新鲜的瓶装空气正从加拿大落基山脉销往中国,因为人们正在寻找无雾霾的空气。Vitality Air, which bottles and resells air from the resort town of Banff in Alberta and Lake Louise in Banff National Park, has sold out its first shipments to China, which it began selling there less than two months ago. The cans of compressed fresh air come with a face mask attached for the user to breath through.“活力空气”从阿伯达班夫旅游圣地和莱克路易斯班芙国家公园装瓶和售卖,已经向中国售出第一批货物,在那里销售不到两个月。压缩的新鲜空气罐可以通过连接的面罩呼吸。Depending on the size of the bottle, its products range from to .根据瓶子的大小,其产品价格从10美元到60美元不等。译文属。201512/416726

  Have you ever noticed that while its pretty easy to tell your dog is sick,its much harder to know how your cat or bird are feeling? 你有没有注意到,自家生病很容易就被你发现,但很难知晓你的猫或鸟是何感觉?Well, before you start asking your dog why it cant be more stoic like animals half its size, its probably worth considering each animals place in the food chain. 好吧,在开始前问问你的为什么不能像身材不及一半大小的动物们更强韧,这可能要考虑每种动物处在食物链当中的位置。You see, the lower down the food chain you are, the more important it is for you to hide any sign of illness. 你看,你越是处于食物链下层,隐藏任何疾病的迹象就显得越发重要。Obvious illness or pain function as red flags for predators. 明显的疾病或疼痛表象就是对捕食者们举起了白旗。You may as well wear a sign saying, “Easy meal, guys. Come and get me.”你就仿佛穿着标志,上面写道:“伙计们,我是顿白来的大餐。过来抓我吧。”201501/357023

  Class on stage社会舞台上的社会阶层Charlie and the aspiration factory查理和巧克力工厂Why British theatre is obsessed with social mobility为何英国戏剧如此痴迷社会流动性主题THERE are several ways of retelling “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. In 2005 Hollywood focused on Willy Wonka, the factorys owner, portraying him as a purple-gloved man-child. A new musical production of Roald Dahls childrens story at the Theatre Royal in London concentrates on the up-from-poverty fortune of Charlie Bucket, the boy who finds the golden ticket. Mr Wonka lurks in beggars dress at the side of the stage, as if selecting a specimen for a social experiment.《查理和巧克力工厂》有好多个复述版本。2005年的好莱坞版从工厂主威利·王卡下手,剧中他是一位带着紫色手套,充满孩子气的男子。伦敦皇家剧院新上演的罗尔德·达尔儿童故事音乐剧则侧重于表现穷孩子查理发现金券,脱贫的经历。在该剧中,王卡衣着褴褛如乞丐隐藏着自己的身份,好似要选一个标本做社会实验。Tales of upward social mobility attempted or achieved are crowding the London stage. “Billy Elliott”, the story of a miners son who contends with bereavement, strikes and the north-south divide to make it as a ballet dancer, recently celebrated its four-millionth visitor. “Port”, an account of a Stockport girls attempts to escape her girm origins, was a success at the National Theatre this spring. Last year “In Basildon” depicted strivers in the quintessential upwardly-mobile Essex town.伦敦舞台上充斥着各种尝试或成功转为上流社会的故事。舞动人生,最近刚迎来它四百万访问者,它讲述的是一个关于一个矿工儿子不顾家人的反对,社会罢工及南北的分裂,毅然选择成为芭蕾舞者的故事。Port,关于一个斯托克波特女孩试图摆脱其悲惨出身的故事,在国家剧院热映取得巨大成功。去年上映的《在巴斯尔顿》描述的是一群奋斗者在埃塞克斯镇—一个典型的向上爬人群的小镇。It is a venerable theatrical (and literary) theme, but it is being handled in a different way. John Osbornes 1956 play “Look Back in Anger” showed a working-class mans fury at the middle class he had married into. By the 1970s and 1980s writers were looking down their noses at social climbers, in plays like “Top Girls” and “Abigails Party”, in which a middle-class arriviste serves cheesy nibbles and the wrong kind of wine.这是个可敬的戏剧艺术主题,它却以不同的方式呈现出来。约翰·奥斯本的1956年的剧本《愤怒中回顾》呈现的是一个通过婚姻,一个工人阶级转变为中产阶级,处于中产阶级他的不满与愤怒。20世纪七八十年代,作家们着眼于眼前的向上爬的社会群体,戏剧《巅峰女孩》,《阿比盖尔的政党》中产阶级暴发户就像低劣的老鼠,不合时宜的红酒。Social mobility receded as a topic for a while, as playwrights like David Hare turned to scrutinising the state of the nation. Now it has returned—and is depicted much more sympathetically. Dominic Cooke, who directed “In Basildon” at the Royal Court Theatre, says this may be a delayed reaction to the collapse of state socialism in Europe. Left-wing writers can no longer look to an alternative ideal. Instead they focus on how people navigate British society.当剧作家诸如戴维海尔等转身开始审视国情,向上层社会爬的话题才稍微退热。而今,这个话题又成为热议,并且现在更多地是表现出一种同情。在皇家宫廷剧院上演的戏剧《在巴斯尔顿》的导演多米尼克这样说道,这也许是国家社会主义在欧洲崩溃的延迟效应。左派作家无法寻求到另一个理想,于是他们将目光投向人们如何操纵英国社会。A possible reason for the sympathetic tone is that upward mobility can no longer be taken for granted. In 2011 researchers at the London School of Economics concluded that intergenerational social mobility, assessed by income for children born between 1970 and 2000, had stalled. Another study, by Essex University academics, found matters had not improved during the slump.也许出现这种同情的语调还有另一个原因,那就是向上层社会爬不再是种理所当然的想法。2011年,伦敦经济学院的调查人员通过评估1970至2000年为孩子存储的收入,总结道:两代人的社会流动性停滞不前。另一项由埃塞克斯大学学者进行的研究发现各项问题并没有在经济衰退期得到改善。So it is fantastic fun to see people make it. Charlie Bucket does so spectacularly. At the end of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” he is a pint-size entrepreneur, with an immigrant workforce of Oompa-Loompas to ensure he does not tumble back down the social ladder.所以看看人们演绎它也很有趣。查理令人啼笑皆非。 在“查理和巧克力工厂”的结局,他是一个小型的企业家,有一群奥古伦伯人在巧克力工厂工作,以确保他永远不会从社会的楼梯中跌落下来。 翻译:朱玲 校对:周洋 译文属译生译世 /201512/419019。


  Thank you so much! Thank you so much!Hi! Thank you so much!Oh boy! Thanks so much!Yeah! Right? Okay. Have a seat.Thanks so much! That is so nice of you.谢谢 谢谢大家 谢谢你们 非常感谢 好的 大家请坐 很感谢大家 你们真好Back at you. I feel the same way,about all of you, each everyone of you,thanks so much.我也爱你们 爱你们每一个人 谢谢大家I think I wave too, just about all of you.I am pretty sure.Any closer, and than it is weird.我也在对你们招手 我很肯定 再近一点就会很奇怪了Its... You can wave from this far,and then but if you get too close,its so weird to wave to something just like that.这么远招手很正常 要是距离太近了 会感觉怪怪的Suppose to be waving. I think its 6 feet, thats the rule.I dont know.合适的招手距离 我觉得是六英尺 我也不知道Boy, oh boy, its nice outside, its spring.You can tell its spring.外面天很好 春天到了 你能看出来是春天I am seeing the signs everywhere in Los Angeles.洛杉矶到处都能看到 春天的迹象The grass is turning from greenish-brown to brownish-green.草地从绿棕色 变成了棕绿色So,here is what I want to talk about today.所以说 这就是我今天的话题You know what I wanna talk about?Well, cant tell you. Its mystery.你们知道话题是什么吗 才不告诉你 这是秘密I love a good mystery, do you?Dont tell me, its a mystery.我喜欢有趣的秘密 你们呢 别告诉我 这是秘密Our story began two weeks ago,it was a simpler time.故事发生在两周前 那是纯真年代Zayn was still in One Direction,and Indiana you can still have a pizza at weddings.泽恩还在单向乐队 在印第安纳州 你还能在婚礼上吃披萨It was Tuesday evening.The Mrs and I were in the our parlor, and we were ing.那是在星期二的晚上 太太和我在起居室 我们在看书By parlor, I mean living room.By ing, I mean watching Netflix.起居室的意思是 客厅 阅读的意思是 看网飞剧 /201602/428337

  I am in the infantry with a segregate,second infantry division.Ive been fort Lewis我曾在路易斯要塞的步兵营 第二步兵师Im a vehicle commander on a Shrike,and I konw a lot of people dont understand whats that我是一辆百舌鸟战车车长 大家可能不清楚Thats basically a big tank with rubber wheels most people explain,Im just the commander of the vehicle,I command where it goes and what it does就是一种有胶轮的大型坦克 我就是一辆战车的车长 可以决定战车的进退攻守At the first injury,you had seems like such a freak accident,can you talk about what happened你上次负伤 好像是一件很可怕的事故 能给我们讲讲发生了什么吗Yeah.Last deployment I was in Afghanistan,I was getting y for a mission好的 上次我在阿富汗部署 准备执行一项任务We were upon top of our shriker,a bullet had been left around from shooting prior当时我们在战车的顶上 一个左边前锋队员打出的炮弹That had not gone off.A live round basically exploded on top of the vehicle却没有避开 一个炮弹在战车的上方爆炸了and it cut through my hand and took off my index finger on my right hand,wow然后刚好打中我的右手 弹片把我的食指打掉了 哇Ive regained all my strength in my hand,they said Id only get 50 percent strength现在右手的握力已经像以前一样 虽然医生曾说只能恢复一半But I can use my hand fully to the ability,Iam able to use it now.Amazing,amazing.但我现在想用右手做什么都可以 已经完全好了 太惊人了And we cut the letter down a tiny bit actually,but in the letter you told us what youre doing because youre struggling to pay bills刚刚读信的时候 其实有所删减 信中还写道 你们做的许多为了付各种费用的事情And tell us,tell them.I know what youre doing,to pay bills和大家聊聊 你们是怎样应付生活开销的Well,we got kind of creative,we put together things we didnt need anymore and things we could live without and we put them on我们想了个点子 把不再需要的东西 生活必需品以外的东西整理出来卖Like what?what are you selling on.We sold some baby stuff,some appliances,some furniture,what appliances were you using举个例子 都卖什么 一些婴儿用具啊 家用电器 家具 用什么电器啊Like coffee pot and stuff like that you know you dont need你不需要的那些咖啡壶之类的东西I found some unloader parts set I have done my car before I bump my truck我还找到了一些以前为我自己的卡车做的减震的装备You are selling stuff like that,just a little things you know.all right.你们就卖这些 差不多的小东西 好的 /201609/464625Spains economy西班牙经济The worst may be over最糟的情况即将结束Mariano Rajoy predicts economic joy, but Spain still has a long way to go马里亚诺·拉霍伊预测经济形势可喜,但是西班牙仍然任重道远。THE Prado museum, lined with works by Goya, Velázquez and El Greco, is a sanctuary of peace in busy centralMadrid. When the museum advertised for eleven gallery attendants recently, it also seemed the perfect refuge fromSpains job-starved economy: 18,700 people applied.陈列着戈雅,委拉兹开斯,格列柯等人作品的普拉多物馆无疑是喧闹的马德里市中心最宁静的天堂。尤其是当18700人申请它登出的11个画廊务员招聘广告时,在导致西班牙大面积失业的经济危机中它似乎也成为了完美的避难所。 AsSpaintimidly emerges from a double-dip recession that has ripped 7% out of GDP over five years, job-seekers remain desperate. Unemployment is stuck at 26% and emigration is picking up. So will the recovery create jobs and sendSpaininto a virtuous cycle of increased domestic consumption, a higher tax take, healthy public finances and more jobs?由于在过去5年的双底衰退中“胆怯”的西班牙国内生产总值已经降低了7%,求职者们仍然显得非常绝望。失业率达到了26%,而且移民的人数也在持续增长。所以经济复苏是否会带来更多工作并且将西班牙送入一个良性循环?——持续增长的国内消费,更高的税收,公共医疗资金和更多的工作岗位。Presenting next years budget on September 30th, Cristobal Montoro, the budget minister, did not offer rapid relief. Projected growth of 0.7% next year falls short of the governments own estimates for job creation. And with a planned deficit of 5.8% of GDP adding to an aly worrying debt pile, stimulus spending is impossible.9月30日在报告第二年财政预算时,预算部长克里斯托 瓦尔蒙托罗并没有送出让人迅速解脱的消息。预期的0.7%的增长将会低于政府自身对明年增加就业机会的估计。而且随着一个有计划的占GDP5.8%的财政赤字增添到一堆已经很让人担忧的债务上,刺激消费已经是不可能的了。Civil-service pay is being frozen for a fourth year in a row and pensions will not keep up with inflation, yet the public debt will still reach almost 100% of GDP. Spanish companies and households are busy trying to pay off their own debts. After taking a 41 billion (.6 billion) bail-out last year,Spains banks find it safer to lend to the government than to business.公务员薪金已经连续第四年被冻结而且养老金即将跟不上通货膨胀的势头,但是国债仍然将接近国内生产总值的100%。西班牙企业家和民众都忙着还清他们自己的债务。在去年得到了410亿欧元(556亿美元)的经济援助之后,西班牙的发现借钱给政府比借钱给商人更安全。Even so,Spains story is now one of hope. Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister, says the third quarter will show a return to growth. Deep in the real economy, exciting things are happening. Car plants are humming, taking work from less competitive factories inEurope. Retail sales figures are improving elsewhere. Even consumer credit has crept up in recent months. Recession inflicted a brutal cull on businesses, but those still standing are more efficient and productive than ever. Exports, spurred bySpains new competitiveness, should grow more than 5% both this year and next, doubling their pre-recession weight in the economy. With exports booming, the current account has swung into surplus.即使是这样,西班牙的形势现在仍然是存在希望的。首相拉霍伊表示第三季度将会呈现出恢复增长的态势。深入到现实经济中,一些令人激动的事正在发生。汽车工厂都是非常活跃的,并且正从欧洲那些缺少竞争力的工厂手中争得业务。在其它方面零售数据也正在改善。甚至是贷款消费在最近几个月也在缓慢增长。经济衰退对企业进行了一次残酷的淘汰,但是那些依然坚挺的企业比以往任何时候都更有效率和创造力。由于西班牙新的竞争环境的鞭策,它的出口业在今明两年会得到超过5%的增长——这是经济衰退前的两倍数值。随着出口业的蓬勃发展,往来账户已经开始变得有盈余。Recovery in the European Union,Spains main export market, will help further. The stockmarket is soaring, with the Ibex-35 indicator gaining 11% in September. After a bruising 21 months in office, Mr Rajoy predicts economic happiness next year. His Popular Party (PP) has even seen a bounce in opinion polls.同时随着西班牙主要出口市场——欧盟的经济好转,将进一步地帮助西班牙经济复苏。股市也在疯涨,9月Ibex-35指数上涨了11%。在办公室中度过了21个月“难熬”的日子之后,拉霍伊预测明年经济将大为好转。民意调查显示他的人民党持率甚至出现反弹。But Javier Díaz-Giménez, of the IESE business school, warns that the recovery is anaemic, fragile and unlikely to create jobs. Average GDP growth of 1%, he points out, would not seeSpainreturn to pre-recession levels until 2021. The IMF sees 25% unemployment through to 2018.但是IESE商学院的哈维尔·迪亚斯—希门尼斯警告说这种复苏是无力的和脆弱的并且不太可能去创造更多工作。他指出平均国内生产总值只增长了1%,不太可能在2021年之前看到西班牙经济恢复到经济衰退前的水平。国际货币基金组织(IMF)认为25%的失业率将持续到2018年。The danger, warns Angel Laborda of the Funcas think-tank, is relaxation. Aly he worries that this years 6.5% deficit target will be missed. Overall fiscal pressure is relatively low for a country that wants a sophisticated welfare system. Structural reforms are still needed, he says, butSpainenters a two-year period of elections in 2014, sapping political courage. Overconfidence threatens to slow the fall in house prices, making it even harder to sell the 700,000 new homes left by the housing bubble that pitchedSpaininto recession. Fitch, a ratings agency, warns that at current rates of selling it will take six years to clear the overhang. Prices have fallen 30% or more from the peak, but Jesús Encinar of idealista.com, a property portal, sees a further 20% drop.智库储蓄联合会的安格列 拉发出警告说政府的松懈是危险的。他已经开始担心今年6.5%的财政赤字会被人们所忽视。总的来说一个国家的财政压力与它复杂的福利体系相比相对较低。他表示体制改革仍然是有必要的,但是西班牙在2014年即将进入一个为期2年的选举阶段,这有可能会削弱政府的勇气。过分的自负预示着房价下调将会变慢,这让由房地产泡沫遗留下来的70万余套房屋更难售出,这也是导致西班牙经济衰退的主要原因。来自评价机构的菲奇警告说以当前的水平要将房屋的过剩量全部售出将需要6年。房价比顶峰时期已经下降了30%,但是来自idealista网站的房地产专家Jesús Encinar认为将来还会有20%的降价。The next test for Mr Rajoy is pensions. A diet rich in olive oil, wine and fresh vegetables helps make Spaniards among the longest-living people inEurope. The baby-boomers will retire over the coming decade. By 2050, the number of pensioners will have leapt from just over 9m to 15m; and the social-security system aly loses the equivalent of 1.4% of GDP. The previous government hiked the retirement age to 67, but that is not enough. “To claim that the current system is sustainable is like saying smoking does not cause cancer,” says Mr Díaz-Giménez. The government has made bold proposals to calculate pensions according to life expectancy and the size of the state pension pot. But Mr Rajoy is under pressure to backtrack. Even the employers federation has warned of pensioners lost spending power.对于拉霍伊的下一个考验就是养老金。既节制的又富有的包含着橄榄油,酒和新鲜蔬菜的饮食习惯帮助西班牙人民成为欧洲最长寿的人之一。在接下来10年生育高峰期即将过去。到2050年,领取养老金的人数将从900万猛增到1500万;但同时社保体系却已经失去了相当于1.4%的国内生产总值的资金。早先政府将退休年龄提高到67岁,但这并不足以解决问题。吉姆表示“如果宣称现行体系是可维系下去的就像宣称吸烟不会导致癌症一样可笑。”政府已经开始根据平均寿命和国家养老金的余额去分配养老金了。但是拉霍伊依然承担着走老路的压力。即使雇主联合会已经警告过已经丧失消费能力的养老金领取者。Labour reforms have helped to boost productivity, allowing employers and unions to opt for wage moderation rather than sackings. More may be needed if jobs are to be created. Lowering, or scrapping, the minimum wage might help. Taxes could also be cut, but only if public spending is cut. Luis de Guindos, the finance minister, says jobs will come when growth reaches 1%. Until then, the Prado museum remains a safe harbour.劳务改革确实对提高生产效率有帮助,允许雇主们和公会去自行调整工资水平而不是一刀切。但如果有可能还是需要更多地工作机会。降低或者废除最低工资标准可能会有效果。税收也应该降低,但仅仅在公共花销也降低的情况下。财政部长Luis de Guindos 表示当经济增长达到1%时将会有更多地工作。在那之前,普拉多物馆依然是一个安全的港湾。译者:曾擎禹 校对:周雨晴 译文属译生译世 /201511/412328


  Were back with Dierks Bentley欢迎回来 这里是Dierks BentleyYou look fantastic and congratulations on the CD,its NO.1,Its doing very well你看起来棒极了 恭喜你又发了一张新专辑 现在在榜单上排到第一位了Congratulations on that.Thank you,thank you.恭喜 恭喜 谢谢Tell everybody when you were writing this,when you were working on the CD,what were you thinking about 告诉大家 当你在创作这张专辑的时候 你的创作灵感是什么Well,sure the song Home is a customary country that I was called home当然这首歌是写一个被我称作家的地方For me Home is obviously my girls Catherine Albin Jordan,but对于我来说 家当然指的是我的几个丫头们 Catherine Albin JordanSort of the road has been home for the last 10 years,met great people on the road,no matter what town we are in great fans good friends某种意义上 这十年来走过的这条路也是我的家 在这期间 我遇见了无数伟大的人 无论在哪儿都有热情的粉丝 好朋友I think about the country in general,this is the place we all call home甚至连整个国家 都可以被称为家 这是我们共同的家People have their individual states,hometowns and teams虽然我们来自不同的州 有不同的故乡 团队but you think of the guys in the military when theyre flying on a plane seeing the eastern seaboard for the first time但是想想那些当兵的人呢 当他们驾驶着飞机 刚刚看到东海岸线Like,thats home.the whole country,not just a particular state.I think that counts a lot他们会觉得那就是家 整个美国 而不是特别的哪个州 我觉得这很有意义Its a kind of combination of things,and certainly country music has been home for last five years我想这包含许多东西 当然 乡村音乐这么多年一直是我的家Well,I know its important to you,the military families and its important to us我明白这个对你很重要 我是说军人军属啊 有些事对我们来说也很重要Supporting all of the families and all the sacrifices that are made持这些军人家庭啊 还有感激他们所付出的一切And we get thousands of E-mails every week,and I wanted to share this one E-mail that I received每周我们节目组都会收到许多邮件 我想给大家读读这一封 /201609/464302。

  Anyone with even a passing knowledge of world history knows about the horrors that came out of the Nazi attempt to exterminate the Jews of Europe.Some six million of Europes Jews – 63% of Europes Jewish population at the time – killed in the Holocaust.Barbara Stark-Nemons debut novel, Even in Darkness, is the true story of her great-aunt Klare Kohler and her experiences living through the Holocaust.Kohler was the only one of her siblings to remain in Germany after the fall of the Nazi regime.Stark-Nemon worked with deaf and language-disabled children for 30 years in Ann Arbor as a speech and language pathologist before deciding to write her first novel.She says that she first considered writing a biography or a memoir, but felt that neither of those would have had the desired effect.;Im a er and a fiction writer, and I love a novels ability to transport us,; she says. ;I wanted the er to be in the story. And for those reasons I decided to write it as a novel.;201506/382777

  Its true that I gave them all the clothes I wore to, uh, not the fitting what he called,我确实把我穿过的所有衣都给他们了 嗯 他说衣大小和人像the sizing, the... I dont know what they measuring you.They measured you and they... - You havent done that?不大合... 我不知道他们量了些什么 他们给你量身定制而且-你没有过吗No.Oh, they fools.They gotta get you immediately. Do they... No!Yeah, thats not gonna happen for me.没有 哦 这些傻瓜 他们马上就会给你做个蜡像的 他们... 不要 是啊 这不会发生在我身上Oh, Ellen! No.Its a wonderful day And youll look beautiful like this.No, no, no.哦 艾伦 不 今天多棒啊 蜡像的你也会很漂亮的 不不不Like they can Write letters. Get, get involved, people.No.Get her in wax.No, thanks. I dont want it.比如说他们能.写信吧 大家都写信推荐 别 给她做一个蜡像 别这样 谢谢 我不想要这样Okay, thats enough. Allright.See, we gotta cut all that out.好了 够了 好吧 等着 我们会把这一段切掉Cause we dont have time for it.Lets talk about the movie. Lets talk about.因为我们时间紧张 谈谈电影吧 我们谈谈Wanna talk about the Home? Lets talk about the Home.Tell everybody what Home is about.谈;疯狂外星人;吗 -我们来谈谈;疯狂外星人;吧 跟大家说说;疯狂外星人;讲了些什么Um... Quickly Home is an alien invasions turned into two kinds of road buddy movie嗯 概括来说;疯狂外星人;是一部叙述了从外星人入侵 到两类物种变成好伙伴的电影with two characters voiced by me and Rihanna.And, that is this is all it sounds, and, um.其中的两个角色是我和蕾哈娜配音的 整个故事差不多就是这样 嗯...and, and, and we found love in the hopeless place.No,I mean, we, we... They find friendship.还有 还有 我们在走投无路的时候明白了真爱 不 我是说 我们 我们... 他们明白了友情They find friendship.And, and Steve Martin, right? Yes,Wow.Steve Martin.And Jennifer Lopez. Yeah. Wow.他们成了好朋友 史蒂夫·马丁也参与了 对吗 是的 哇塞 史蒂夫·马丁 还有詹尼弗·洛佩斯 是啊Jennifer Lopez plays Rihannas mother, voicing.Uh, theres Rihannas character. Oh.Can I tell you.. Yes.詹尼弗·洛佩斯给蕾哈娜的妈妈配音 噢 这个就是蕾哈娜配音的角色 我能跟你说..说吧Ive been doing presses, for like past four days with Rihanna and Steve.在之前和蕾哈娜还有史蒂夫在一起的四天里 我一直都很有压力 /201601/423153

  Workers in Turkey土耳其工人Not so safe不太安全Turkeys building and mining boom raises questions about workers safety土耳其建筑业和矿业的繁荣也给工人们的安全带了了问题“THAT building was erected on my brothers blood,” Damla Kiyak, a 20-year-old student, declares. Two years ago her 30-year-old brother, Baris, a construction worker, burned to death, with ten others, in a tent on the site of a shopping mall in Esenyurt. This urban sprawl on the outskirts of Istanbul is a symbol of the building boom that is enriching Turkeys businessmen and politicians—and claiming the lives of thousands.“那座建筑正建立在我兄弟的血肉之上,”年仅20的学生达姆拉·基亚克如是宣称。两年前她30岁的兄长巴里斯与其他10名建筑工人在Esenyurt的购物中心建筑工地的一个帐篷里被烧死。伊斯坦布尔郊区的这种城市扩张现象正是建筑业繁荣的一个标志,这也为土耳其的商人和政客们带来益处,但有数以千计的生命作为代价。The tent in which Baris died was meant for 50 people, but over 100 were crammed into it. They jammed electric blankets and stoves into a power outlet meant for telephone chargers. The tent was flammable. “Inspectors kept warning the owners that a fire was around the corner. They did nothing,” says Ms Kiyak, whose mother was approached by the firm to buy her silence. A legal fight over negligence by the owner continues.巴里斯丧命的那个帐篷原本是只能容纳50人,但却被强制塞进了超过100人。他们通过一个原本用作手机充电的插座用来共用电热毯和炉子。帐篷是可燃物。“检察员一直都在警告住户火灾随时都会发生,但他们无动于衷,”基亚克称。公司试图收买她的妈妈使其保持沉默。关于巴里斯所属公司的疏忽的合法控诉还在继续。At least 14,455 workers have died in industrial accidents since the Justice and Development (AK) party came to power in 2002. “Turkey has the worst worker safety record in Europe,” says Murat Cakir of Yangin Kulesi, an advocacy group. The neglect was revealed by a recent mine explosion in Soma, which killed 302, the highest toll in Turkish history. There was no refuge chamber; oxygen masks did not work; methane leaks and fires occurred daily.自正义与发展党(AK)于2002年掌权后,至少有14455名工人死于工业事故。“在欧洲,土耳其的工人安全问题最严重,”来自宣传小组Yangin Kulesi的穆拉特·卡吉尔如是说道。这种疏忽因为最近索马的一场矿井爆炸而被揭露出来,那场爆炸致使302人死亡,伤亡人数创土耳其历史最高。在那个矿井里没有救生硐室,氧气面罩也不管用,每天都有甲烷泄漏和火灾发生。In October in Ermenek, another mining town, 18 miners died when a shaft flooded. “My son doesnt know how to swim,” cried a mother as rescue teams worked. Leaks had been detected, yet the owners did nothing, pushing workers to the limit. Miners talk of being forced to urinate in water bottles to save time.10月,在另一个矿业城镇埃尔梅内,18名矿工克死于传送轴淹没。“我的儿子不会游泳,”当救援队救援时,一位母亲哀嚎。泄露的隐患早就被检测出来了,但是矿主无动于衷,仍旧将矿工们逼入绝境。矿工们称他们被强迫在水瓶内小便以节省时间。“Safety inspectors typically tip off owners, palms are greased,” explains Erbay Yucak, a lawyer helping Ms Kiyak. “But previous governments seem less corrupt only because the economy was far smaller.” AK has rammed through laws to punish negligent employers, but Ahmet Davutoglu, the prime minister, concedes that to improve safety “mentalities must change”.“安全检查员尤其和那些老板们暗中勾结,收取贿赂,”帮助基亚克的一名律师Erbay Yucak解释道:“但是以前的政府没这么腐败只是因为经济没有现在这么发达。”AK强行通过法律来向疏忽的雇主们施压,但是总理艾哈迈德·达甫托鲁承认为了提高安全质量“心态必须做出改变”。In Esenyurt danger lurks in a high-voltage line near a cluster of new high-rise blocks. “Crime, drugs, pollution, unemployment, ethnic tensions, Syrian refugees. Its all there,” says Ayse Cavdar, a social anthropologist. Esenyurt is a recruiting ground for jihadists, who are said to have been behind arson attacks on two Shia mosques in the summer. “Most people buy these flats online. They have no idea of the dangers,” says Atakan Ciftci, an opposition councillor.在Esenyurt危险潜伏在一根靠近集群的新高楼街区的高压线中。“犯罪、毒品、污染、失业、种族关系紧张以及叙利亚难民。全都集中在那儿。”社会人类学家Ayse Cavdar称。Esenyurt是圣战者的招募园地,这些圣战者们据说是夏天两起什叶派清真寺纵火案的幕后凶手。“大多数人上网买这些旗帜。他们对危险一无所知,”反对派议员Atakan Ciftci称。The government is reviving plans for a shopping centre at Gezi Park that triggered lethal protests last year. The president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is building an extravagant new palace in Ankara. The culture ministry wants a madrassa in the courtyard of the Haghia Sophia museum. Might this boost AKs hopes of converting the old church into a mosque?政府正在重新计划在加济公园一家购物中心,这一计划在去年引发了强烈抗议。总统埃尔多安正在安卡拉修建一座极为豪华的新宫殿。文化部想要在Haghia Sophia物馆拥有的土地上修建一所伊斯兰学校。这会帮助AK达成将老教堂转变为一个清真寺的希望吗?译者:邵夏沁 校对:王颖译文属译生译世 /201412/347354

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