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Milk is one of the best things we can eat or drink for our body. It’s so full of goodness and it tastes pretty good too. Milk is rich in calcium, which makes our bones and teeth strong. This makes milk essential for babies and growing children. It makes them grow up stronger. Milk is also full of many important vitamins and minerals. When I was little, I didn’t really like milk. I think I had a bad experience with sour milk, which turned me off of it. I remember drinking it again when I was a teenager and liking it. Now I think it’s one of the most refreshing drinks you can drink. Just looking at its whiteness makes me feel healthy. I like all kinds of milk, including goat’s milk and even camel’s milk. It’s all good for us. Article/201106/138769Harry watched the girl and her mother disappear as the train rounded the corner. Houses flashed past the window. Harry felt a great leap of excitement. He didn#39;t know what he was going to ; but it had to be better than what he was leaving behind.当列车转弯时,哈利清晰地看到那位母亲和脸上失望的表情。铁道两旁的一排排房子从车窗外飞快地闪过,这令哈利感到无比兴奋。他并不知道接下来会遇到些什么,但他明白未来一定会比过去更美好。The door of the compartment slid open and the youngest redheaded boy came in.最年幼的那个红发男孩推开哈利的包厢门,走了进来。;Anyone sitting there?; he asked, pointing at the seat opposite Harry. ;Everywhere else is full.;;这儿有人吗?;他指着哈利对面的座位说,;其他地方都坐满了人。;Harry shook his head and the boy sat down. He glanced at Harry and then looked quickly out of the window, pretending he hadn#39;t looked. Harry saw he still had a black mark on his nose.哈利摇了摇头。那孩子于是便坐了下来。他瞥了哈利一眼,然后又迅速将目光移至车窗外,装出一副若无其事的样子。哈利看到了他鼻子上仍有一块黑斑。;Hey, Ron.;;嘿,罗恩。;The twins were back.那对孪生兄弟回来了。;Listen, we#39;re going down the middle of the train ; Lee Jordan#39;s got a giant tarantula down there.;;告诉你,我们现在就到火车中部去;;那儿的李。乔丹有一只大毒蜘蛛。;;Right,; mumbled Ron.;嗯,是的。;罗恩嘟哝道。;Harry,; said the other twin, ;did we introduce ourselves? Fred and George Weasley. And this is Ron, our brother. See you later, then.;;哈利,我们做个自我介绍好吗?我是弗来德。威斯里,他是乔治。威斯里,这是罗思,我们的弟弟。我们待会儿见。;;Bye,; said Harry and Ron. The twins slid the compartment door shut behind them.哈利与罗恩和他们道别之后,孪生兄弟俩关上车厢门回去了。;Are you really Harry Potter?; Ron blurted out.;你真的是哈利;波特吗?;罗恩不加思索地问道。Harry nodded.哈利点点头。;Oh ; well, I thought it might be one of Fred and George#39;s jokes,; said Ron. ;And have you really got ; you know;;He pointed at Harry#39;s forehead.;噢,真是这样。我开始还以为是弗来德和乔治跟我开玩笑呢。;罗恩说,;你真的有那个;;;说着,用手指住哈利的前额。Harry pulled back his bangs to show the lightning scar. Ron stared.哈利拨开遮住前额的发梢,露出额头中央那闪电状的疤痕。罗恩目不转睛地看着。The Cuthberts had another friend, Mrs Rachel Lynde. She liked to know everything that was happening in and around Avonlea.雷切尔·林德太太是卡斯伯特家的另一个朋友。她喜欢打听发生在埃文利村及其四周的一切事情。She was very interested in the Cuthberts#39;little or-phan girl, so one day she visited Marilla.她对卡斯伯特家收养的小孤女很感兴趣,因此有一天她特意来拜访玛丽拉。#39;I was very surprised to hear about the child, #39;she told Mar-illa. #39;So you and Matthew have adopted her! #39;“听到小女孩的事我很吃惊,”她告诉玛丽拉。“那么你们已经收养她了!”#39;I#39;m surprised myself, #39;answered Marilla with a smile. #39;But she#39;s a clever little thing, you know. And she#39;s always dancing, or singing, or laughing. #39;“我自己也很吃惊,”玛丽拉笑着答道。“但你知道,她是个小机灵鬼。总是唱啊、跳啊、笑啊。”Mrs Lynde shook her head sadly. #39;What a mistake, Marilla! You#39;ve never had any children yourself, so how can you look after her? #39;林德太太难过地摇摇头。“玛丽拉,你犯了一个大错误。你自己从没有过孩子,你怎么能照顾她呢?”Just then Anne ran in from the garden. She stopped sudden-ly when she saw a stranger in the kitchen.这时安妮从花园里跑进来。当她看到厨房里的陌生人时突然停了下来。Mrs Lynde looked at the thin little girl in the short dress, with her freckled face and red hair.林德太太看着这个穿着短小衣的瘦弱女孩、她的红色头发和一张布满雀斑的脸。#39;Isn#39;t she thin, Marilla? #39;she said. #39;Just look at those freckles! And hair as red as carrots! #39;“她多瘦啊,玛丽拉。”她说,“看她那些雀斑!还有像胡萝卜一样红的头发!”Anne#39;s face went red. She ran up to Mrs Lynde.安妮的脸红了。她跑向林德太太。#39;I hate you! #39;she shouted angrily. #39;I hate you! You#39;re a horrible, fat old woman! #39;And she ran upstairs.“我恨你!”她生气地喊道。“我恨你!你是个可怕的胖老太婆!”说完跑上楼去。#39;Oh dear, oh dear! #39;said Mrs Lynde. #39;What a terrible child! You#39;ll not have an easy time with her, Marilla. #39;“天哪,天哪!”林德太太说道。“多可怕的孩子。你就甭想省心了,玛丽拉。”#39;You were rude to her, Rachel, #39;Marilla replied, before she could stop herself.“你对她太粗鲁了,雷切尔,”玛丽拉说道,话没说完,玛丽拉已经后悔了。#39;Well! #39;said Mrs Lynde. She got up and walked to the door. #39;I think this orphan is more important to you than I am.“好吧!”林德太太说。她站起身走到门边。“我想这孤儿对你来说比我重要。When I think how long we#39;ve been friends…You#39;ll have trouble with her, I can tell you. Well, I#39;m sorry for you, that#39;s all. Goodbye. #39;当我想到我们成为好朋友已经多年……这孩子会给你找麻烦的,我敢保。好吧,我只想说我为你感到难过,再见吧。”Marilla went upstairs to Anne#39;s room. The child was lying on her narrow bed, sobbing loudly.玛丽拉来到楼上安妮的房间里。孩子躺在她窄小的床上,正在大声地哭泣。#39;You mustn#39;t get angry like that, Anne. Mrs Lynde is my friend, and you were very rude to her. #39;“你没必要那么生气,安妮。林德太太是我的好朋友,而且你对她太没礼貌了。” /201205/182379有声名著之黑骏马 Chapter9黑骏马Black.Beauty英文原著下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200809/50194

Court rejects'stolen children' claim 澳“被偷走的孩子”败诉The policy aimed to "civilise" Aborigines 当时的政策是为了“教化”土著居民 An Australian court has rejected a landmark claim for compensation by two Aborigines who claimed they were taken from their families as young children by the government. The ruling will be a major setback to hundreds of other claimants from the so-called "stolen generation", as well as to the Aboriginal community, which is fighting for the government to acknowledge past injustices. The Northern Territory Federal Court said the government was not liable to pay Peter Gunner and Lorna Cubillo compensation and punitive damages. Mr Gunner and Ms Cubillo sued for psychological trauma, emotional distress and isolation from the cultural lives of their Aboriginal mothers. Thousands of Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their families and raised by whites in a government policy to "civilise" them. The policy lasted for nearly a century until the 1960s. 两名澳大利亚土著居民称他们小时候被政府从家中带走,因此提出了有标志意义的赔偿诉讼。法庭判他们败诉。这一裁决对于其他许多被称作“偷走的一代”的告状者,以及一直在斗争并要求政府承认自己过去的不道义行为的土著居民团体都是一个很大的打击。北方联邦法庭说政府不能给予彼德-古纳和劳纳-库比劳补偿或是伤害赔偿。彼德-古纳和劳纳-库比劳的控告理由是心理伤害、精神上的压抑以及与土著母亲的文化氛围分离所带来的孤独。按照政府“教化”土著居民的政策,成千上万的土著孩子曾被强行从家中带走并交由白人抚养。这一政策持续了近一个世纪,一直到20世纪60年代才结束。 Article/200803/30655

The crowd at the airport surged forward. The passengers had been waiting for a couple of hours for an airline employee to open the door leading to the plane outside. No one was in a good mood. An old man got trapped in the middle of the rush. He fell down without being able to break his fall. His head hit the concrete floor. Blood gushed from his forehead. He appeared to be unconscious. Everyone rushed past him, except for Dana. She called for help.A minute later, a young airline employee showed up. Hardly looking at the old man, she told Dana to get aboard her plane. She said the old man would be okay, and walked away.Dana screamed for help. An airport supervisor appeared. He told Dana to get on the plane. Dana said that she was not moving until an ambulance arrived. The supervisor said her plane would leave without her. Dana said that she didn’t care.An ambulance and two paramedics finally arrived. The paramedics said that the man would be okay, but he would need stitches. They put him into the ambulance and drove off.On her way out to the plane, which was still refueling, Dana saw the employee who had initially ignored the old man. The employee said, “You’re lucky the plane didn’t leave without you.”“The plane?” Dana asked. “Who cares about the plane? How could you be so cold? That was an old man; he could have been your grandfather! How would you like it if everyone just stepped over your grandfather and went on their way?” Article/201108/150643

I’d like to know more about psychology. I think it’s a very interesting subject to study. I’d like to know why I do the things I do. Looking at how the brain works and how we behave might make me understand people more. I’d particularly like to study child psychology. I love looking at children playing, thinking, drawing… doing anything really. But what makes them tick? What goes on in their little minds? Or perhaps I should say their big minds. If we all knew more about child psychology, perhaps we could do more to be a positive influence on children. Being a psychologist must be a very interesting job. Listening to people talk all day and then analyzing their behaviour. I wonder if they ever get bored. Article/201107/144486

The two gentlemen left Rosings the next morning, and Mr. Collins having been in waiting near the lodges, to make them his partingobeisance, was able to bring home the pleasing intelligence, of their appearing in very good health, and in as tolerable spirits as could be expected,after the melancholy scene so lately gone through at Rosings.To Rosings he then hastened, toconsoleLady Catherine and her daughter; and on his return brought back, with great satisfaction, a message from her ladyship, importing that she felt herself so dull as to make her very desirous of having them all to dine with her.那两位先生第二天早上就离开了罗新斯;柯林斯先生在门房附近等着给他们送行,送行以后,他带了一个好消息回家来,说是这两位贵客虽然刚刚在罗新斯满怀离愁,身体却很健康,精神也很饱满。然后他又赶到罗新斯去安慰珈苔琳夫人母女;回家去的时候,他又得意非凡地把咖苔琳夫人的口信带回来……说夫人觉得非常沉闷,极希望他们全家去同他一块吃饭。Elizabeth could not see Lady Catherine without recollecting that, had she chosen it, she might by this time have been presented to her as her future niece; nor could she think, without a smile, of what her ladyship#39;sindignationwould have been. ;What would she have said? how would she have behaved?; were questions with which she amused herself.伊丽莎白看到咖苔琳夫人,就不禁想起:要是自己愿意跟达西要好,现在已经成了夫人的没有过门的侄媳妇了;而且她想到夫人那时将会怎样气愤,就不禁好笑。她不断地想出这样一些话来跟自己打趣:“她将会说些什么话呢?她将会有些什么举动呢?”Their first subject was the diminution of the Rosings party. ;I assure you, I feel it exceedingly, ; said Lady Catherine; ;I believe no one feels the loss of friends so much as I do.But I am particularly attached to these young men,and know them to be so much attached to me! They were excessively sorry to go! But so they always are. The dear Colonel rallied his spirits tolerably till just at last; but Darcy seemed to feel it most acutely, more, I think, than last year. His attachment to Rosings certainly increases. ;他们一开头就谈到罗新斯佳宾星散的问题。咖苔琳夫人说:“告诉你,我真十分难受。我相信,谁也不会象我一样,为亲友的离别而伤心得这么厉害。我特别喜欢这两个年轻人,我知道他们也非常喜欢我。他们临去的时候真舍不得走。他们一向都是那样。那位可爱的上校到最后才算打起了精神;达西看上去最难过,我看他比去年还要难受,他对罗新斯的感情真是一年比一年来得深。”Mr. Collins had a compliment, and an allusion to throw in here, which were kindly smiled on by the mother and daughter.说到这里,柯林斯先生了一句恭维话,又举了个例子,母女俩听了,都粲然一笑。1.obeisance n.鞠躬, 敬礼, 敬重He made obeisance to the king. 他向国王表示臣。2.….after the melancholy scene so lately gone through at Rosings.这两位贵客虽然刚刚在罗新斯满怀离愁go through 经历The country has gone through too many wars.这个国家经历了太多的战争。3.consolevt.安慰, 慰藉I tried to console her, but in vain. 我试着去安慰她,但是无效。4. indignation n. 愤怒, 愤慨Indignation bereft him of speech. 他气愤得说不出话来。5. But I am particularly attached to these young men.我特别喜欢这两个年轻人。be attached to喜爱I’m attached to novels.我喜欢看小说。 Article/201111/162719

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