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The Queen has landed a starring role in the latest issue of Vanity Fair - by appearing as its cover girl for the second time.女王纵身一跃成为了最新一期《名利场》的明星——第二次成为。Her Majesty appears on the front of the magazine#39;s summer edition which hits UK newsstands on Friday, in a colourful image shot by acclaimed fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz.女王陛下出现在将于本周五在英国上架的此杂志夏季版本封面,而这色斑斓的照片,出自著名时尚摄影师安妮·莱柏维兹之手。In the relaxed portrait, the monarch sits by a camellia bush in the grounds of Windsor Castle surrounded by her four beloved dogs Willow, Vulcan, Candy and Holly.在这一放松的肖像中,女王坐在温莎城堡的山茶花丛中,被四只心爱的Willow, Vulcan, Candy 还有Holly簇拥着。It is just one of a series of photographs that was shot by contributing photographer Leibovitz to mark the Queen#39;s 90th birthday in April.这只是特约摄影师莱柏维兹在四月份为了纪念女王90岁生日所拍一系列照片中的一张。The photographer told Vanity Fair: #39;The most moving, important thing about this shoot is that these were all her ideas.#39;摄影师告诉《名利场》说:“最重要而且最感动的事情就是这些照片所有的创意都来自于女王陛下。”The late Princess Diana appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1997 - just two months before her death.戴安娜王妃也曾经出现在《名利场》封面的时间是1997年,就在她去世前的两个月。 /201606/448575

  1. These sad ninjab cookies:这些哀伤的忍者饼干:;Ninja NO#39;s!;“绝对算不上忍者!”2. This Frozen fail:失败的《冰雪奇缘》“Pinterest fail on a Frozen-themed birthday cake for my daughter. I gave up and called a bakery.”“按照Pinterest网上的一个图片给女儿做的《冰雪奇缘》主题生日蛋糕失败了。我放弃了,给面包店打电话。”3. This chocolate chip disaster:巧克力碎屑饼干的灾难:;I tried to make these chocolate chip cookies filled with Funfetti frosting, and clearly Pinterest was a freaking lie…;“我尝试做这种带有碎巧克力的饼干,里面满是Funfetti糖霜,很显然Pinterest网站上都是骗人的……”4. This shitty mug cake:做坏了的杯子蛋糕:;I tried to make a mug cake #39;cause they looked so fun#39;. I#39;m not sure what went wrong here.;“我试着做个杯子蛋糕,因为看起来很有趣。我不知道哪出错了。”5. This single vodka gummy bear container:一个一个的伏特加小熊软糖大集合:;Vodka gummy bears! Oops.;“我的伏特加小熊软糖们呀!” /201606/451432

  Prince George became the star of the Kensington Palace party after greeting Michelle and Barack Obama in his dressing gown and slippers.  乔治王子穿着睡袍和拖鞋会见了米歇尔和奥巴马夫妇!他顿时变成了肯辛顿宫的大明星。  The Obamas arrived at the palace for an informal dinner with Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry.  奥巴马夫妇前日抵达肯辛顿宫与威廉王子、凯特王妃和哈利王子进行非正式会见,并共进晚餐。  But it was the two-year-old prince who stole the limelight after pictures emerged of George shaking hands with Obama wearing his nightwear - a pair of freshly-pressed blue gingham pyjamas, monogramed dressing gown and a pair of slippers with aeroplanes on.  然而当晚最抢风头的却是2岁大的小王子,他穿着睡衣与奥巴马握手的照片一经传出,他就成为了人们瞩目的焦点。小王子穿着刚熨好的蓝色格纹睡衣,印有字母组合的居家,穿着一双带有飞机图案的拖鞋。  The third in line to the throne was allowed to stay up for a few minutes by his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, so the two-year-old could thank the couple for a rocking horse and stuffed toy they had previously given him as gifts.  乔治王子是英国下下任王储,他的父母,剑桥公爵和公爵夫人让小王子在他们的房间里多呆一会儿,他们刚送了一只小木马和一个填充玩具给小王子作为礼物,小王子非常感激。  It is the first time that any of the young royals have entertained a head of state privately and the most significant event they have ever hosted at Kensington Palace.  这是有史以来第一次,一位年幼的英国皇家成员与另一国的国家首脑进行了非正式会见,也是在肯辛顿宫举行过的最重要的会议。 /201605/440801。

  The sun has gone ;completely blank; for the second time this month suggesting that Earth could be heading for a mini ICE E.本月已经第二次出现太阳黑子“完全消失”,这预示着地球可能迎来迷你冰期。Earlier this month, there were no sunspots on the massive star#39;s surface for four days - something which hadn#39;t happened since 2011. This has since happened again.本月早些时候,这颗巨大恒星的表面持续4天没有太阳黑子。这种情况自2011年就没再出现过。现在,它又发生了。A lack of sun spots is totally normal, but it does hint that the sun is heading for its next ;solar minimum phase;.太阳黑子减少是完全正常的,但这确实暗示了太阳正步入下一个“太阳活动极小期”。The next solar minimum phase is expected to take place in 2019 or 2020, says meteorologist Paul Dorian of Vencore Weather, who expects to see an increasing number of spotless days over the next few years.美国Vencore公司的气象学者保罗#8226;多里安说,下一个太阳活动极小期预计开始于2019年或2020年。他预测未来几年将会看到更多没有太阳黑子的日子。The last time the sun saw a such a long phase with no sunspots, it ushered in what scientists refer to as a the #39;Maunder Minimum#39; back in 1645.上一次如此长时间不见太阳黑子,地球就迎来了科学家所说的“蒙德极小期”。那是在1645年。This caused temperatures to plunge dramatically, and even resulted in the Thames freezing over.那时的气温大幅度下降,泰晤士河甚至全面结冰。Some experts think that a similar mini ice age could be coming again soon.一些专家认为,类似的迷你冰期不久可能会再次到来。The solar phenomenon could even prove dangerous for astronauts, says Paul Dorian.保罗#8226;多里安说,这种太阳现象甚至可能对宇航员构成危险。During these spotless phases of the sun, extreme ultraviolet radiation drops, resulting in lower aerodynamic drag as the Earth#39;s atmosphere cools and contracts.在太阳黑子消失的时期,极紫外辐射下降,地球大气层冷却收缩,导致气动阻力变小。The lower drag can cause space junk to accumulate in orbit, which could result in a collision with the International Space Station or other spacecraft.阻力变小会使太空垃圾积聚在轨道上,可能会与国际空间站或其他航天器相撞。 /201607/452141

  It#39;s the winner of pregnancy product of the year for Boots, so it has to be something that#39;s great for pregnant women, right? Pregnacare Max, according to the Boots website, is ;the ultimate formula; for mums-to-be. It includes not only folic acid and vitamin D at amounts recommended by the Department of Health, but also zinc, magnesium, niacin, vitamins B6, B12 and C, iron and a host of other vitamins and minerals. All for ?19.99 for a 42-day supply. So is that the price a mother has to pay for the health of her and her newborn?姿是期产品的赢家,所以一定有对妇实用的产品对,对吧?根据姿网站,Pregnacare Max维生素是给准妈妈的;终极方程式;。按照卫生部推荐的数量,它不仅包括叶酸和维生素D,而且包括锌、镁、烟酸、维生素B6和B12、维C、铁和其他维生素和矿物质。仅需19.99英镑就可以享受42天的维生素补充,这个价格难道不值得一位母亲为她和新生儿的健康买单吗?Well, according to a review of vitamin supplements in pregnancy in the latest Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, the true price may be less. The article said: ;For most women who are planning to become pregnant or who are pregnant, complex multivitamin and mineral preparations promoted for use during pregnancy are unlikely to be needed and are an unnecessary expense.;最近一期的药物与治疗通报显示,根据期维生素补充的回顾,维生素的真实价格可能会更低。文章说;对于大多数计划怀或已怀的女性,在期间进行复杂的复合维生素和矿物质的推广应用可能不太需要或者是一种不必要的消费;。Women would be better off, said the bulletin, sticking to vitamin D (10 micrograms a day) and folic acid (400 micrograms before pregnancy and until the end of the first trimester) and spending their money on a healthy diet. Buying both tablets separately is usually cheaper than multivitamin preparations - Boots sells vitamin D at ?1.09 for 90 tablets. But surely the more vitamins your developing baby gets, the better?公告说,女性坚持用维生素D(10毫克每天)和叶酸(怀前400微克直到第一期结束)、花钱买健康的饮食,身体变得更好。分开购买维生素药片通常比维生素复合制剂便宜-姿卖的维D90片1.09英镑,但是宝宝得到的维生素肯定是越多越好吗?译文属 /201608/457524

  The Chinese film and TV industry wants better ;foreign voices; on overseas screens.中国影视行业走出国门需要更加原汁原味的“当地声音”。Translation is still a problem, though. At least, that is the consensus of a recent symposium co-organized by the Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.不过翻译仍然是个大问题。至少这是文化部、国家新闻出版广电总局近日联合主办的一次座谈会上的一项共识。During a 10-day Sino-Foreign Audiovisual Translation and Dubbing Cooperation Workshop and Symposium in both Beijing and Shanghai, nearly 60 filmmakers, translators and film company managers from 30 countries shared their insights on how to better promote Chinese productions in their home countries.在北京、上海举行的为期十天的中外影视译制合作研究班和研讨会中,来自30个国家约66位制片人、翻译和电影公司经理,分享如何更好地促进中国作品在他们的家乡发展的有关见解。Nussipzhanov Yertay, a symposium attendee and a major promoter of Chinese films and TV series in Kazakhstan, says he watched last year#39;s popular 48-eposide spy thriller The Disguiser within five days.作为此次研讨会的一名参与者、以及中国影视剧在哈萨克斯坦的主要推动者,Nussipzhanov Yertay表示,他用了五天的时间看完了去年非常受欢迎的间谍惊悚片《伪装者》。;I was looking for someone to translate it into Kazakh, but it has to be someone savvy in history with a wide international horizon rather than someone who does only direct translation,; he says.他说:“我一直在寻找能把它翻译成哈萨克斯坦语的人,但是要求必须是精通历史,有广阔的国际视野,而不仅仅是直译的人。”Deanna Gao, founder of the China Film Festival in Paris, said, ;In most cases, dubbing is replaced by subtitles to save money and time. But subtitles are difficult to for many people, for example, children.巴黎中国电影节创办人高醇芳表示,在多数情况下,为了省钱省时,制作方会用字幕代替配音。但对很多人来说,比如儿童,看字幕很费劲。Gong Lanwei, president of the Australian International Chinese Film Festival, says that ticket holders for internationally award-winning Chinese films sometimes leave the cinema before the end due to poor translation of subtitles.澳大利亚国际华语电影节主席宫岚薇称,在影院观看国际上获奖的华语影片的观众有时会因为字幕翻译太差而提前离场。A report released by Beijing Normal University in March showed 70% of overseas filmgoers were unsatisfied with subtitles in Chinese films.北京师范大学3月发布的一份报告显示,70%的外国观众不满意华语电影的字幕。 /201606/451040

  This season is all about the tunic, it#39;ll look devine on you ...本赛季是束腰外衣,你穿上看起来神圣……Timm, a fearless pioneer in big-game styling, lost his life that day蒂姆,一个无所畏惧的大猎物的造型先驱,那天失去了他的生命 /201607/452824





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