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The jury chose Shaymaa Abdelrahman, a tall, green-eyed 20-year-old from Iraq#39;s multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk.2015年伊拉克的选美冠军是Shaymaa Abdelrahman,20岁,身材高挑,黑发碧眼。她是一位来自伊拉克基尔库克多民族城市的佳丽。The decision was popular with those in attendance, especially in the back rows, where young men with hipster beards and tight blazers had been standing on their chairs shouting her name.当宣布冠军得主时,台下的观众都沸腾了,特别是后排的那些留着时髦小胡子,身穿紧身西装的年轻小伙子,高站在椅子上呼喊她的名字。;I#39;m very happy to see Iraq going forward,; the new beauty queen told AFP as she tried to fend off a scrum of admirers hoping to clinch a selfie. ;This event was huge and put a smile on the faces of the Iraqis.;“我很高兴看到伊拉克在进步,”选美冠军在躲避崇拜者的合照要求时告诉法新社记者。“这是个大事件,它把微笑印在了伊拉克人的脸上。”Wearing her sash and holding her bouquet, Shaymaa Abdelrahman was fast learning her new trade, saying all the right things without ever breaking her smile.佩戴着冠军束带,手握花束,Shaymaa Abdelrahman快速适应了选美的这一身份,一直面带微笑着完美回答所有的问题。There was more talking than glamorous strutting during the pageant as the contestants, in high heels and evening dresses that were sleeveless but below the knee.选美穿着高跟鞋和无袖长款晚礼,在舞台上的表演却不及人们对此的言论。The winner said she would use her fame to forward educational initiatives, especially among the massive population of people who have been displaced by conflict.这位选美冠军表示,她会用她的名气来持教育活动,尤其是促进那些因地方冲突而流离失所的人的教育问题。Iraq is wracked by an ongoing war against the Islamic State, the world#39;s most brutal jihadist organisation, and plagued by deep sectarian tensions and corruption.伊拉克饱受世界上最残忍的ISIS组织战争的肆虐,也被教派冲突和腐败所困扰。The last time the Miss Iraq competition was held was in 1972, when the oil-rich country was on an upward track.上一次举办伊拉克选美比赛还是在1972年,当时的伊拉克因石油资源丰富而国力正蒸蒸日上。;What we#39;re hoping to accomplish is to make Iraq#39;s voice heard, show that it is still alive, that its heart is still beating,; said Senan Kamel, the 2015 pageant#39;s artistic director.“我们希望做到的是,让全世界听到伊拉克的声音,表明伊拉克仍然有活力,它的心脏还在跳动”,此次选美比赛的艺术总监塞南·卡迈勒表示。 /201512/417242

Can#39;t afford Beats headphones买不起Beats耳机Can#39;t afford to take the whole family to the Bahamas this winter这个冬天不能带全家去巴哈马群岛了I have bent my iPhone 6+ and now it#39;s broke我把我的iPhone 6 plus弄弯了,现在坏了 /201601/421245

Three Moves by Mencius’Mother孟母三迁In Biographies of Outstanding Women ·The Biography of Mencius’Mother, Liu Xiang recorded:据汉刘向《列女传·母仪·邹孟轲母》记载:Meng Ke’s mother, also known as Mencius, mother, is a great mother of Zou State.邹国孟轲的母亲很了不起.人称孟母。Meng Ke, later known as Mencius, lived near a graveyard in his childhood.开始的时候,孟轲的家靠近墓地,Therefore, as he played, he amused himself by imitating the others’ digging tombs.当时孟轲还很小,整天在坟墓之间玩耍,蹦蹦跳跳地玩一些筑坟埋葬之类的游戏。His mother said,“It’s not good for a child to live in this kind of place. ”孟母说:“这里不是我们可以居住教子的地方。”They moved to a house near a market.于是就搬走了,在市场旁边找了间房子住了下来。Then the son took pleasure in imitating the peddler’s hawking.孟轲又开始玩一些商人叫卖之类的游戏。Again the mother said “It’s not good for a child to live here. ”孟母又说:“这里也不是我们可以居住教子的地 方。”She changed their residence a second time and housed themselves near a school.于是第二次搬家,住到了学宫旁边。There her son played imitating the sacrificial rites on ceremony and formalities of courtesy.孟子便开始玩一些设供祭礼、揖让进退之类的游戏。The mother said, “This is the right place for a child.”孟母说:“这个地方真的可以让我的儿子住下来了。”They settled there.于是就住了下来。After Meng Ke grew up, he acquired six classical arts (rites,music, archery, riding, writing and arithmetic) and became a scholar well-known for his erudition and one of the representatives of Confucianism.孟子长大成人后,精通六艺,成了一位学鸿儒。Since then this idiom has been used to eulogize mothers’ inculcation.后人因此将“孟母三迁”用作颂扬母教之词。 /201509/395391

The number of people living with HIV/AIDS in China hit 575,000 by the end of October, with 177,000 deaths, said the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday.中国疾病预防控制中心11月30日称,截至10月底,中国有57.5万人携带艾滋病病毒或感染艾滋病,死亡病例17.7万人。Six out of every 10,000 people in China may be infected with HIV/AIDS.每一万人中就可能有6人感染了艾滋病病毒。Sexual transmission is the main infection channel, with infection through heterosexual activities accounting for 66.6% of total cases, those through homosexual activities, 27.2%.性传播是艾滋病传染的主要渠道,其中66.6%为异性传播,同性传播占27.2%。Around 8% of men who have sex with men in China are living with HIV/AIDS, according to the 2015 statistics.据2015年的数据,我国约有8%发生男男关系的男性携带艾滋病毒。Infections among young people have become particularly noticeable, as 2,662 new cases of students living with HIV were reported from January to October, a surge of 27.8% year on year.年轻人群中感染速度明显上升,今年1至10月新增2662个学生感染病例,同比增加27.8%。The 28th World AIDS Day falls on Dec 1, and the theme this year is, ;The time to act is now. Getting to zero;.12月1日是第28个世界艾滋病日。今年的主题是;行动起来,向#39;零#39;艾滋迈进;。 /201512/413163

In 2015, China’s citizens wanted to find out about health, money, the law and love — or marriage, at least.在2015年,中国网民想要了解关于健康、金钱、法律和爱情——至少是婚姻——的事情。And they were preoccupied with deadly explosions, the erratic stock market, second children and a very public sex act in a dressing room.但是他们却不得不全神贯注于致多人伤亡的爆炸、飘忽不定的股市、二孩政策以及一间更衣室里的公开性行为。Those topics dominated China’s national psyche this year, if Internet searches are any indication, according to a year-end review by Baidu, the country’s most popular search engine.如果网络搜索可以作为风向标的话,根据中国最受欢迎的搜索引擎百度所做的年终回顾,正是这些话题在今年占据了中国国民的精神世界。While not a formal survey, and subject to the limits of online censorship, the results are a snapshot into the thinking of China’s more than 668 million Internet users. The results broadly agree with other lists of topics discussed on social media in China over the past year.虽然这并非一项正式调查,而且碍于网络审查的限制,但是结果让人得以一窥逾6.68亿中国网友的想法。它与其他一些有关过去一年中国社交媒体讨论话题的榜单大体一致。The news of the year was led by the Sept. 3 military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory over Japan in World War II. A rather less sanctioned display, of a couple who filmed themselves in a Uniqlo fitting room, was fourth on the list. The deadly explosions in Tianjin in August and the ending of China’s “one-child” policy were second and third.位于年度新闻排行榜之首的是9月3日为纪念二战战胜日本70周年举行的阅兵仪式。排行第四的表演可就没怎么获得批准:一对情侣在优衣库(Uniqlo)试衣间自拍影片。排第二和第三的分别是8月的天津大爆炸,以及中国终止“独生子女政策”。A separate list, ranking the top questions posed on the search engine, was led by inquiries about how quickly people could marry. Baidu users asked about the legal age of marriage — it is 20 for women and 22 for men — and the necessary paperwork.另外有一个榜单列出的是搜索引擎上的热门问题,位居第一的是人们多快可以结婚。百度用户问了法定结婚年龄——为女性是20岁,男性是22岁——以及结婚需要准备的文件。Several questions related to health and safety: What are the best foods to eat during menstruation? What color car should one buy for safety reasons? Are the nitrites in food really so terrible?其中几个问题涉及了健康与安全:月经期间吃什么好?买什么颜色的汽车会比较安全?食品中的亚硝酸盐真的那么恐怖吗?The list included a question that permeates much online activity: Why do people get bored?榜单中还包括一个在网络间广泛流传的问题:为什么人会感到无聊?Perhaps the most mysterious question was: “How is our subconscious leaking our secrets?” Part of the answer might be online search queries.或许最玄妙的问题是:“潜意识是如何泄露我们的秘密的?”一部分的或许就是上网询问。 /201512/419094

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