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A: Can you tell me where it hurts?B: I am so glad they called you. It feels like something is really wrong with my stomach!A: Does it hurt when I push here?B: It’s mostly on my right side. Right here!A: Have you been feeling this way awhile?B: I started feeling kind of sick last night after dinner, but this morning the pain got really bad!A: Have you eaten anything unusual lately?B: No, not that I remember.A: We are going to take you to an emergency room right now.B: I will feel better when I know what the problem is. Thank you. 31A: Are renters allowed to have pets?B: We allow a small well-behaved pet, but you need to sign an agreement saying you’ll pay any damages.A: Do you allow both cats and dogs?B: We only allow a medium or small dog or a cat.A: Are there any special areas where animals are allowed or not allowed?B: Cats are to be kept indoors at all times. Dogs must be on a leash and with the owner when outdoors.A: Are there places where I can take my dog a run?B: There are quite a few hiking trails nearby.A: Are there a lot of pets in this building?B: We don’t have a lot of pet owners, but there are a few around if you have any questions about local pet supplies and dog parks.Useful Expressions常用语句1.Go straight on请直走.Turn left.请向左转3.Turn right.请向右转.Turn left and go straight on.向左转后请往前走5.Turn left at the first crossing.请在第一个十字路口向左转6.Cross the bridge.请通过桥梁7.Follow this streetcar line.请沿着电车路线走下去8.It in that direction.就是那个方向9.Youve come too far.你走过头了.It about three blocks from here.从这里开始约有三条马路.It quite a distance from here.离这里很远.Youd better take a taxi.你最好坐出租车.Get on Streetcar NO..请坐号电车.Take the bus.请坐公共汽车.The bus stop is on that corner.公共汽车站在那个转角处.Please ask at the police box over there.请问那边的治安亭.It the third house from the corner.在转角的第3家18.It on the left_hand side of the street.就在街的左侧19.It near that tobacco shop.靠近那个香烟店.It not far.You can walk.路不远,你可走路去1.It on the other side of the railroad tracks.就在铁路的对面.It in that alley.就在那条小巷3.I think it in that building.我想可能在那高楼里面.Youd better ask that policeman.你最好问问警察5.Have you a map?你带有地图吗?6.Where do you wish to go?你想去哪里呢?7.What is the address of the person you are seeking?你想找的人的住址在哪儿呢?.I know where it is.Ill take you there.我知道它在那里,我带你去吧9.Please follow me.请跟着我走30.It that house with the red roof.是那个有红色屋顶的住宅31.Youre in the wrong district.你走错地方了3.It at the end of this street.You cant miss it.在这条街的尽头,你不会走错路Dialog对话A:Excuse me,but which way is to the Zhong Shan Road?对不起,到中山路应从哪条路走?B:It that way.由那条路走A:Is it very far?很远吗?B:No.不远A:Thank you.谢谢您B:Youre welcome.不客气A:Could you kindly tell me where the Rome Building is?请问罗马大厦在哪里?B:Certainly.It that white building on the corner.好的,是那个转角的白色大楼A:Much obliged.谢谢B:How far is the Hilton Hotel from here?希尔顿旅馆从这里走要多远?A:It quite a distance from here.Youd better take a taxi.从这里走很远的,最好坐出租车去B:Thank you.谢谢您 197导购口语:Can I interest you in these smart silk scarves?我能向您介绍这些真丝围巾吗?Tremendous work and eft have gone into every one. It is not only ornamental, but also useful.每一条均是精工细作,不仅装饰性强,而且很实用This wool makes up into a warm shawl.这种羊毛制成的围巾很暖和 语句:Can I interest you in…直译就是“我能让你在……感兴趣吗?”,也就是说“我能向您介绍……吗?”是一个很应景的句型;silk scarves真丝围巾;tremendous work and eft精工细作;make up into编织成 情景再现:What kind of glove would you like best? Wool, leather, or fur?您喜欢什么样的手套,绒绒的,皮革的还是毛皮的?Rich-colored silk scarves can serve as good presents.真丝围巾,色丰富,送礼佳品This scarf is excellent and the style is smart.这条围巾质量特别好,而且样式很时髦 198

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