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a!s8K;@vH;Gcthqd.wrrTTaA;s!(OBNelson Mandela Is Freed From JailSouth African anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela is freed after nearly 30 years imprisonment.In 1990, Nelson Mandela was released after spending almost 30 years in jail opposing South Africa apartheid regime.He then became the first democratically-elected State President of South Africa, leading the country from 199 to 1999.His leadership helped to e the country after many years of conflict between the black and white commies.R+ZJdIimDF[VhVZ!.Nh1Q#veAjZ3+(,bujKGavELtZuGrW]z];t),xcvp9]Dg 38797。

Cookies Students学生的饼干Cindy’s teacher was Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones was old. But she didn’t walk slow. She walked fast. She didn’t have white hair. She had black hair. She wasn’t bent over. Her back was straight. All the students liked Mrs. Jones. They especially liked her on Friday. On Friday she brought cookies to class. She gave cookies to all the students. The cookies were delicious. All the students liked the cookies. All the students ate the cookies. Today was Friday. Mrs. Jones gave cookies to all the students. All the students said thank you. Then they ate the cookies. But Cindy didnt eat her cookie. Mrs. Jones asked, “Why aren’t you eating your cookie, Cindy?” She said, “Im not eating my cookie because I will take it home. I will share it at home with my sister.” Mrs. Jones said, “You’re so sweet. Here a cookie your sister.”辛迪的老师是琼斯女士琼斯很年迈但她走路不慢她走得很快她没有白头发她是黑头发腰也没有弯她的腰很直学生们都喜欢琼斯女士尤其是在周五每周五,她都会给学生带饼干并向所有学生分发饼干饼干很美味学生们都喜欢饼干他们食用了饼干今天是周五,琼斯女士向所有学生分发饼干学生们说谢谢他们吃了饼干但辛迪并没有食用她的饼干琼斯问道:“辛迪,你为什么不吃?”她说:“我要把饼干带回家我要和一起吃”琼斯说:“你真可爱,这是给你的饼干”译文属原创,,不得转载 567。

Item Three.Vocabulary. unchecked.We are not born with courage, but neither are we born with fear.May be some of you fears are brought on by your own experiences, by what someone has told you, or by what youve in the paper.Fears, even the most basic ones, can totally destroy our ambitions.Fears can destroy tunes. Fears can destroy relationships.Fears, if left unchecked, can destroy our lives.Do battle with the enemy, do battle with your fears.Build your courage to fight what holding your back, what keeping you from your goals and dreams.Be courageous in your life and in your pursuit of the things you want, and the person you want to become. 353650。

.What Motivates Consumuers to Purchanse?.是什么让消费者掏腰包?One factor that can influence consumers is their mood state. Mood may be defined as a temporary and mild positive or negative feeling that is generalized and not tied to any circumstance. Moods should be distinguished from emotions which are usually more intense, related to specific circumstances, and often conscious.能够影响消费者的其中一个因素是他们的情绪状态心情可以定义为一个临时而轻微的积极或消极的感觉,是广义而不受特定环境制约的情绪应有别于通常所说的情感,情感更为激烈,与特定的环境相关,而且往往是有意识的In one sense, the effect of a consumer mood can be thought of in much the same way as can our reactions to the behavior of our friends — when our friends are happy and ;up;, that tends to influence us positively, but when they are ;down;, that can have a negative impact on us.从某种意义上说,影响消费者的情绪可以被认为是在大多程度上与我们对朋友的行为的反应相一致的当我们的朋友感到高兴和“高昂”时,这往往会使得我们积极,但是当他们“低落”时,会对我们有一个负面的影响Similarly, consumers operating under a given mood state tend to react to stimuli in a direction consistent with that mood state. Thus, example, we should expect to see consumers in a positive mood state evaluate products in more of a favorable manner than they would when not in such a state. Moreover, mood states appear capable of enhancing a consumer memory.同样,消费者在特定的情绪状态下对刺激物作出的反应与那个情绪状态相一致,举例来说,我们应该会看到消费者在一种积极的情绪状态下对商品做出的评价比不在这种状态中进行的评价对商品更有利此外,情绪状态似乎能够增强消费者的记忆Moods appear to be ily influenced by marketing techniques. example, the rhythm, pitch, and volume of musice has been shown to influence behavior such as the amount of time spent in supermarkets or intentions to purchase products. In addition, advertising can influence consumers moods which, in turn, are capable of influencing consumers reactions to products.情绪似乎容易受到营销技巧的影响例如,音乐的节奏、声调和音量已被明对消费者在超市逗留的时间和购买意愿等行为具有影响力此外,广告可以影响客户的心情,发过来说,也就是能够影响消费者对产品的反应 3953。

冬天里,再也没有比泡温泉更暖人心的休闲方式了,可以愉悦身心,增强体质下面就为您几处不错的好去处...Hot Springs Steam up Winter Excursions When winter comes, nothing is more relaxing than a hot spring bath. It is the perfect remedy recharging your mind and body when the fierce cold overtakes you and diminishes your desire to step out of a warm house. If you are y to brace yourself against the cold of winter and go all out total relaxation, we have several destinations you to consider. In today's 'On the Road', Ning Yan takes us to one of these ideal destinations, the hot springs.Believed to have properties to improve health, hot springs often come from deep within the earth, bringing to the surface a combination of minerals that can soothe the body and are even believed to heal some diseases.Situated at the northern foot of Mt. Lishan in Lintong County, Shaanxi Province, lies the 'Huaqing Hot Springs'. It's famed both its beautiful spring scenery and was the setting the romantic love story of Emperor Xuanzong and his concubine Yang Guifei during the Tang Dynasty more than 1,000 years ago.With a history stretching back 6,000 years, Huaqing Pool is one of the most famous hot springs in China. Limpid and mild, the water in the pool is about 3 degrees Celsius all year round.It is said that Emperor You built a palace there during the Western Zhou Dynasty about 3,000 years ago. Additions were subsequently made by later emperors. During his reign more than 1,000 years ago, Emperor Xuanzong spent dizzying amounts of his funds and built a luxurious palace and changed its name to 'Huaqing Palace'. He visited the palace 36 times during his 1 years in power. The palace has been listed as one of China's top one hundred gardens. It is also a cultural relic under state level protection.Xiao Yin, a tourist from central China, came especially the hot spring spa. He says he was longing to come here a long time and found it deserves its reputation."It feels great. Huaqing Hot Spring was a royal pool in ancient times. But now everyone is allowed to visit. It's a nice place to come to, especially in winter."Huaqing Pool receives one million visitors from home and abroad every year. It is also one of the favourite places local residents. Costing just 0 yuan during off-season or 70 yuan during busy season, people come here to socialize with friends while enjoying a bath in the hot spring. 933。

Malala Visits The White House马拉拉前往白宫Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani activist who was shot in the head by the Taliban last year, is touring the US to promote her memoir, I am Malala. Malala was shot because she defied the Taliban and campaigned girls education. The -year-old was up the Nobel Peace Prize this weekend. If she had won, she would have been the youngest recipient in history. While at the White House, Malala told the Obamas that she believes drones are fuelling terrorism. She asked the president to stop using drones, and to improve relations with her country’s government.马拉拉·优素福造访美国,宣传自己的个人回忆录《我是马拉拉,而就在去年,马拉拉遭到塔利班击,头部中弹由于他反对塔利班,并争取女性教育而遭到击本周,岁的马拉拉将争夺诺贝尔和平奖如果获奖,她就将成为史上最年轻的获奖者马拉拉在白宫会见了奥巴马一家,并认为无人机助长了恐怖主义她呼吁奥巴马总统停止使用无人机,并改善美巴关系译文属原创,,不得转载 13。

Those fans who follow their teams (footy fans) are indeed fanatical. There are currently 18 teams in the top level competition, the Australian Football League (called the AFL). The oldest team in the AFL competition is Melbourne (also known as the Demons), which med in 1858. It is the oldest football team in the world. The team with the largest following today is Collingwood (also known as the Magpies), which has 7,600 paid up members. Collingwood fans are very fanatical indeed, and it is probably true to say that Collingwood is the team which all other football fans love to hate. I follow a team called Essendon (also known as the Bombers), and our two biggest rivals are Carlton (also known as the Blues) and, of course, Collingwood.追随自己持球队的球迷(澳式足球迷)非常狂热目前澳式足球顶级联赛——澳式足球联盟(简称AFL)中有18球队澳式足球联盟中历史最悠久的球队是成立于1858年的墨尔本魔鬼队这球队也是世界上成立最早的球队目前球迷最多的球队是科林伍德喜鹊队,其付费会员达7.6万人科林伍德队的球迷非常狂热,可以说,科林伍德队是让其他球队的球迷又爱又恨的球队我持的球队是艾森顿轰炸机队,我们球队的两大竞争对手是卡尔顿布鲁士队,当然还有科林伍德队So what it like to attend a big game of Australian Rules Football? Well, it exciting, loud, fun and passionate. And it played fast and furious. Top level players run approximately kilometres during a game, further than in any other game. Footy Fans arrive early, usually with a colourful club scarf, beanie and perhaps a club jumper.那现场观看澳式足球比赛是什么感觉?嗯,可以说既兴奋、热闹、有趣又充满热情澳式足球比赛的进程快速而激烈顶级球员在一场比赛中的平均跑动距离为公里,比任何比赛都要多澳式足球迷会很早到现场,通常他们会戴着鲜艳的球队围巾、帽子,可能还会穿着球队帽衫Up the mighty Bombers! The crowd love to shout, cheer and clap whenever a goal is kicked, or a high mark taken. And disagreeing with the umpire (the man in white) is an old tradition amongst footy fans. most footy fans, the umpire makes the wrong decision about half the time.强大的轰炸机队加油!在进球或是接到球时,球迷会大喊、欢呼、鼓掌不认同裁判是澳式足球迷的古老传统大部分澳式足球迷认为裁判有一半时间做出的都是错误的判罚 译文属 355。