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昆山第一人民医院激光祛斑手术多少钱昆山百达丽整形医院做双眼皮手术多少钱You can’t take the Warner out of Time Warner TWX -2.94% , but apparently you can kick Time to the curb. And get paid in the process.你不能将“华纳”从“时代华纳”(Time Warner, TWX-2.94%)中剔除,但显然可以将“时代”扫地出门,而且还能从中赚一笔。Time Inc., the venerable magazine publisher whose titles include Fortune, this morning was spun out into an independent company by Time Warner and has begun trading on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol TIME -0.77% . Not only do shareholders in the former parent get new Time Inc. stock, but Time Warner also received 0 million via a one-time dividend paid out of Time Inc.’s .3 billion in recently-issued debt.周一上午,时代公司(Time Inc.,旗下杂志包括《财富》)这家备受尊崇的杂志发行商从时代华纳分拆出来,开始在纽交所上市,交易代码为TIME(TIME-0.77%)。不仅原先母公司的股东获得了这家新公司的股票,而且时代华纳也到手6亿美元的一次性分红,资金从时代公司近期通过债务融资募集的13亿美元中付。Here’s the bull case for Time Inc: For years, the company had basically served as a piggy-bank for Time Warner, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in profit that it rarely got to reinvest in its own business. Why rock the boat with new digital initiatives when the paper mags provided steady, if declining, treasure? Now Time Inc. gets to chart its own course with new management, and aly has begun bulking up its Web properties (including this site, which launched just last week with more than a dozen new staffers). In short, innovation will no longer be stifled. Time Inc. aly has plenty of brand equity, and now it actually gets to evolve the brands to meet the current market.看涨时代公司的观点是:多年来,这家公司基本上就是在充当时代华纳的摇钱树,催生数亿美元的利润,而又极少得以再投资于自身业务——印刷版杂志带来的财源虽然日益萎缩,但好歹也算稳定。既然如此,何苦大兴数字改革撼动现状?而如今,依靠新的管理层,时代得以规划自己的道路,而且已经开始壮大自己的网络财产(包括上周刚刚上线、聘请了十几名新员工的全新Fortune网站)。简言之,创新将不再受到遏制。时代业已拥有足够庞大的品牌资产,如今又得以发展品牌以满足当前的市场需求。Here’s the bear case: Time Inc. may not actually know how to innovate, or at least not how to do it at scale. After all, it’s pretty tough to flip the switch when those mental muscles have been atrophied after more than a decade of being told “No, don’t spend money on that.” The up-and-coming digital talent wants pre-IPO stock at places like Buzzfeed, not options in a maxed-out Time Inc. Plus, there is all that new debt. It’s not completely unwieldy, but certainly makes Time Inc. less nimble than a rival like News Corp., which received billion in cash and zero debt when it was spun off NWSA -0.17% last year.看跌时代公司的观点是:时代也许并不知道该如何创新,或者至少不知道如何大规模创新。毕竟,听了十多年“别在这上面花钱”的忠告,这方面的思维肌肉都已经萎缩,再要扳上开关就颇为困难。那些崭露头角的数字人才要的是像Buzzfeed等公司首次公开募股前的股份,而不是几近被榨干油水的时代公司的一笔期权。况且还有那笔新债务。虽算不上负债累累,但时代的确已在灵活性上不及新闻集团(News Corp., NWSA -0.17%)这样的对手,后者在去年分拆时不但没有债务,而且还到手20亿美元现金。Here’s the pragmatic case: There have been concerns that Time Inc. shares would sink like a stone in the early days. After all, Time Warner shareholders have been told for years that Time Inc. is a drag on earnings, so wouldn’t they want to dump fast when given the new shares? Short-seller paradise. But Time Inc. stock actually climbed in pre-market trading, suggesting two factors in play: (1) Shorts may be holding off, out of fear that they’d get squeezed if Time Inc. manages to sell off a crown jewel or two. (2) Time Inc. still does have much better financials than its reputation indicates, and even skeptics may be a bit curious to see a quarter or two of independent performance.比较务实的观点是:一些人担忧时代股价会在上市初期一落千丈。毕竟多年以来,时代华纳股东都被告知,时代拖了集团盈利的后腿。一旦新股票到手,他们难道不会立刻抛售?这样,它就成了做空者的天堂。但时代股票在盘前交易中不跌反涨,意味着有两个因素在起作用:(1)空方暂且按兵不动,害怕假如时代成功抛售掉旗下一两个最有价值资产,他们就会惨遭轧空。(2)时代公司的财务状况仍然比传说中好得多,就连抱着怀疑态度的人也想先观察它独立后前一两个季度的业绩,然后再说。This is where it’s worth emphasizing that I don’t come to this as an unbiased reporter. Instead, I’m on the inside looking out. My colleagues and I seem to share a sense of time-constrained optimism. It’s a sprint for the privilege of running the longer race. Consider Time Inc. a startup of sorts, or at least a leveraged reboot with an extraordinary amount of brand equity. Like most startups, there is a high probability of failure. But it is hardly predetermined.写到这里有必要强调一下,在这个话题上,笔者的视角不能算客观。这些都是内部观察的结果。我和我的同事们似乎都只在一定时间内持乐观态度。这是一场为争夺长跑竞赛资格而展开的短跑冲刺。不妨将时代视为某种类型的初创企业,或至少是一场携巨额品牌资产进行的杠杆重启。跟大多数初创企业一样,失败的几率很高,但并非一定如此。 /201406/305475昆山市周市镇陆杨医院隆胸多少钱 The Chinese government will waive a 10 per cent sales tax on electric vehicles in its latest attempt to spur consumer interest in environmentally friendly transportation.中国政府将针对电动汽车免征10%的车辆购置税,这一最新举措旨在增强消费者对有利于环境的交通工具的兴趣。More than 20,400 electric vehicles were sold in the first half of this year, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), exceeding the number of pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids sold in all of 2013.根据中国汽车工业协会(China Association of Automobile Manufacturers)发布的数据,今年上半年,中国的电动汽车销量超过2.04万辆,超过了2013年全年纯电动汽车和插电式混合动力汽车的总销量。But in the context of the world’s largest auto market, with sales of 18m cars last year, uptake has been anaemic. Wan Gang, China’s science and technology minister, said at a briefing on Thursday that there were only about 78,000 electric vehicles – primarily public buses and taxis – on the country’s roads.然而,中国作为全球最大汽车市场,去年的汽车销量为1800万辆,人们对电动汽车接纳热情并不高。。中国科技部部长万钢在周四的一个发布会上表示,中国的电动汽车保有量仅为7.8万辆左右,主要是公交车和出租车。According to a notice posted on the State Council’s website, the tax will be waived from September 1 until the end of 2017. Shares in BYD, an electric carmaker based in southern China, rose 3 per cent in Hong Kong on the news.根据中国国务院网站发布的通知,从今年9月1日至2017年底,将对国产以及进口电动汽车免征10%的车辆购置税。这笔税收本用来为公路建设融资。受此消息影响,总部位于中国南方的电动汽车制造商比亚迪(BYD)在香港上市的股票上涨3%。The 10 per cent sales tax, used to fund road construction, will be waived on locally produced and imported electric vehicles.行业高管和分析师表示,在充电站和其他基础设施建成之前,大众市场电动汽车的销量可能仍会疲弱。“基础设施是关键,”万钢表示,“我们需要在靠近用户的地方修建充电桩和充电站。”Industry executives and analysts say sales of mass market electric cars are likely to remain sluggish until charging stations and other infrastructure is in place. “Infrastructure is key,” Mr Wan said. “We need to build charging posts and stations that are close to users.”特斯拉(Tesla)和宝马(BMW)只会向那些在家或办公场所有充电设施的消费者销售它们的电动汽车,它们正与房地产开发商合作,在小区安装必要的基础设施。今年5月,宝马宣布在上海小规模试建充电网络。Both Tesla and BMW will only sell their electric cars to customers who have charging facilities at either their home or workplace, and are working with property developers to install the necessary infrastructure. In May, BMW announced a small pilot charging network in Shanghai.特斯拉正推出太阳能充电站网络,并希望其最终推广到全国范围。中国汽车工业协会秘书长董扬表示:“充电设施缺乏正限制电动汽车市场的发展。”Tesla is introducing what it hopes will eventually become a nationwide network of solar-powered charging stations. “The lack of charging facilities is constraining the development of the electric vehicle market,” said Dong Yang, CAAM secretary-general.中国推广电动汽车的举措与中国国务院总理李克强今年3月宣布的“向污染宣战”行动一致。中国政府还将要求所有汽车在明年初之前符合更为严格的排放标准———国四标准。 /201407/311475(Reuters) - Ukraine#39;s protest leaders namedthe ministers they want to form a new government following the overthrow ofPresident Viktor Yanukovich, as an angry Russia put 150,000 troops on highalert in a show of strength.(路透社)——在推翻总统亚努科维奇后,乌克兰抗议领袖们任命新的部长来组成他们所想要的新政府,而愤怒的俄罗斯为了展示自己的实力而让15万军人处于警戒状态。*President Vladimir Putin#39;s order onWednesday for soldiers to be y for war games near Ukraine was the Kremlin#39;sboldest gesture yet after days of sabre rattling since its ally Yanukovich wasousted at the weekend.普京周三发布命令,要求士兵们做好在乌克兰附近进行战争的准备,这是其盟友亚努科维奇于周末被驱逐后,克林姆林宫所做出的最大胆举动。Moscow denied that the previouslyunannounced drill in its western military district was linked to events in itsneighbor but it came amid a series of increasingly strident statements aboutthe fate of Russian citizens and interests.莫斯科否认在其西部军事地区突然举行的军事演习与乌克兰发生的事件有关,但是在这期间,俄罗斯就在乌克兰的俄公民以及俄国家利益问题发表了一系列越来越刺耳的声明。U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warnedMoscow that ;any kind of military intervention that would violate thesovereign territorial integrity of Ukraine would be a huge - a gravemistake;.美国国务卿克里警告莫斯科“任何违反乌克兰主权完整的军事介入都将是一个巨大且严重的错误”。 /201402/277817昆山吸脂减肥多少钱

昆山割双眼皮医院排名French police are taking DNA samples from more than 500 male students and staff at a school in La Rochelle where a girl was raped last September.据B网站4月14日报道,去年九月,一名女孩在法国拉罗谢尔一所学校被强奸,因此法国警方对学校500多名男学生和工作人员进行了DNA样本检测。The 16-year-old was assaulted in dark toilets at Fenelon-Notre Dame, a private Roman Catholic school in the Atlantic port city.这名16岁的女孩在菲尼圣母中学黑暗的厕所被袭击,这所私立罗马天主教学校位于法国临大西洋西部的一座海港城市。Investigators hope to find a match for DNA traces found on her clothing.调查者希望能够找到与女孩衣上相符的DNA。No such mass testing has been done before at a French school, AFP news agency says. The test is voluntary.法新社称,之前在法国学校从未有过这么大规模的检测。检测是自愿的。Saliva samples will be taken from 475 students, 31 teachers and 21 other adult males who were on the premises at the time.警方将会对当时在校的475名学生,31位老师和另外21位成年男子进行唾液样本检测。While the testing, by plain-clothes police, is voluntary, any male refusing to take part could come under suspicion.尽管检测由便衣警察负责且是自愿的,但是任何一位拒绝参与的男子都可能受嫌疑。Two classrooms are being used for the collection of DNA, which is due to end on Wednesday. The school has nearly 1,300 pupils in total.两间教室用于DNA采集,将于本周三结束。这所学校总共有大约1300名学生。All the DNA samples testing negative will be destroyed, AFP reported, ing local prosecutor Isabelle Pagenelle.法新社引述当地当地检察官Isabelle Pagenelle的话说,所有呈阴性的检测结果都会被毁掉。 /201404/289216昆山厚唇手术哪家好 太仓市中医院口腔美容中心

昆山市中医医院开双眼皮手术多少钱 Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong are developing innovative ways to help inhabitants of tiny apartments as the Chinese territory embraces a micro-living trend that is catching on in London, New York and beyond.香港企业家正在开发创新方法来帮助居住在微小公寓的市民,这个中国的特别行政区正在拥抱伦敦、纽约和其它国际都市正在兴起的“微型生活”趋势。From suitcase rental to external goods storage managed by smartphone apps, businesspeople in Hong Kong have established a range of start-ups designed to capitalise on the lack of living space.从行李箱出租到通过智能手机应用管理的外部储物,香港商人创立了一批旨在获利于居住空间狭小的创业型企业。Hong Kong has the world’s most expensive residential property after Monaco, according to estate agents Knight Frank, with tiny 20 sq mapartments on sale for as much as HK.5m (0,000). Three-quarters of apartments in this densely populated city of 7m people have no dedicated storage space, according to Colliers, another estate agent.根据地产代理莱坊(Knight Frank)的数据,香港住宅价格在世界上排名第二,仅次于纳哥,区区20平方米的狭小公寓每套售价就高达450万港元(合58万美元)。另一家地产代理高力(Colliers)称,在这个700万市民的人口密集的城市,四分之三的公寓楼没有专门的储物空间。As they struggle to afford decent housing, young professionals from London to Hong Kong are increasingly opting for micro-apartments that range from ill-fitting conversions to slickly designed buildings with shared facilities such as gyms and lounges.从伦敦到香港,年轻的专业人士在很难负担体面的住房之际,越来越多地选择微型公寓单位,此类住宅既有不怎么宜居的旧楼改造,也有设计新潮、配备健身房和休息室等共用设施的新建公寓楼。“Prices are rising all the time and apartments are getting smaller by the day,” says Rachel Cheung, a former public relations officer who launched Hong Kong’s first suitcase rental business in October. “A suitcase takes up a huge amount of space at home but doesn’t get used that often.” Her company, Rent-a-Suitcase, leases upmarket Rimowa suitcases from HK a day and she has served 300 customers so far as she looks for investors to help expand her business.“楼价不断上涨,公寓单位一天比一天小,”前公关人员、去年10月推出香港第一家行李箱租赁公司的Rachel Cheung表示。“行李箱在家里占用大量空间,但用得并不是太频繁。”她的公司“租游列国”(Rent-a-Suitcase)出租高档的Rimowa行李箱,每天收费68港元,迄今她已向300位客户提供务。目前她在寻觅投资者以求扩大业务。Norman Cheung, a former investment banker, has got much further with his micro-storage start-up, which has raised .1m since January from some of Asia’s best-known investors, including the founders of Ting Hsin group, the world’s biggest maker of instant noodles.前投资家张迅豪(Norman Cheung)的迷你储物务创业型企业走得更远。自1月份以来,他已从亚洲一些最知名的投资者募集810万美元,包括世界上最大方便面生产商顶新集团(Ting Hsin group)的创始人。Mr Cheung’s company, Boxful, offers a much more flexible version of the traditional self-storage model, where customers have to travel to a distant warehouse and hire large amounts of space for fixed periods.张迅豪的公司宝易存(Boxful)提供远比传统自助储物模式更为灵活的自助储物务。传统的自助储物模式要求客户亲自往返遥远的仓库,租用较大储物空间,而且期限固定。Boxful’s staff go to the customers, providing standard-size crates, and offer an on-demand pick-up and drop-off service from HK a month.宝易存的员工上门取送,提供标准尺寸的储物箱和预约取件/送件务,费用从每月49港元起。Boxful, like US counterparts Boxbee and MakeSpace and London’s SpaceWays, has an app that allows users to photograph their belongings and generate an electronic inventory.就像美国同类企业Boxbee和MakeSpace,以及伦敦的SpaceWays那样,Boxful有一个应用,允许用户对入箱的物件拍照,生成一份电子清单。“Most of our customers have never used self-storage before and that is unexpected but very encouraging because we’re creating a new market,” says Mr Cheung, whose company stored 3,500 boxes as of April, with growth accelerating month by month.“我们的多数客户以前从未用过自助储物,这是令人意外但又非常鼓舞人心的,因为我们正在创造一个新的市场,”张迅豪表示。他的公司截至4月储存了3500个储物箱,业务增长速度逐月加快。Stuart Cerne, who co-founded Boxful’s main Hong Kong rival Spacebox, says the business model will generate economies of scale as individuals outsource personal storage and the companies buy warehouse space in bulk.宝易存在香港的主要竞争对手Spacebox的联合创始人斯图尔特张尼(Stuart Cerne)表示,随着人们外包私人物品储存,随着企业批量购买仓储空间,这种商业模式将形成规模经济效益。Spacebox is also working on a new service that will allow customers to share boxes of their belongings, whether they contain baby clothes or electronics.Spacebox还在研究一项新的务,让客户分享装有自己物品(从婴儿衣物到电子设备)的储物箱。Mr Cerne says his company, which has 500 users and is targeting 5,000 by the end of the year, is not just about storing goods but “using technology to unclutter your life”.Cerne表示,他的公司有500名用户,争取到今年底发展到5000名,其意义不只在于储物,而是“用科技去除你生活中的杂乱”。Boxful’s Mr Cheung is convinced the service will take off around Asia as property prices rise sharply in developed and developing cities alike. “We’re thinking about expanding internationally from next year and we’re looking at Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing in China as well as Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok and Tokyo,” he says.宝易存的张迅豪确信,随着发达国家和发展中国家的城市楼价大幅上涨,他的务将在亚洲各地起飞。“我们正考虑明年开始国际扩张,我们在研究中国内地的深圳、上海和北京,还有新加坡、雅加达、马尼拉、曼谷和东京,”他表示。 /201507/387777昆山褐青色痣多少钱昆山市第一人民医院疤痕多少钱



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