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盐城/市第三人民医院男科盐城/协和医院治疗早孕多少钱盐城看妇科哪家医院好 Corporate political donations Lighten our darkness公司政治献金拨云见日There are big differences in what firms reveal about their political donations政治献金信息披露因公司而异IT IS not just the incestuous make-up of News Corporations board that annoys its shareholders.不仅仅是新闻集团董事会排外的组织结构让其股东感到懊恼,Activist investors such as the Nathan Cummings Foundation also complain about the firms lack of transparency about its political donations.就连诸如内森·卡明斯基基金会这样的投资积极分子也抱怨该公司在其政治献金项目上缺乏透明度。Although News Corp opened up a bit this year,尽管,今年新闻集团对该项目透露了稍许信息,it is still more opaque than its peers in the Samp;P 100, as a new index of corporate political disclosure shows.但是根据一项新的旨在披露公司政治捐赠行为的指数显示,新闻集团较其在标准普尔500指数上市的同行们显得更加不透明。The index, launched by the Robert Zicklin Centre for Corporate Integrity at Baruch College on September 15th,9月15日,由纽约市立大学巴鲁克学院的罗伯特金科林企业诚信中心发布了该指数。does not argue that corporate political donations are good or bad.该指数并未表明赞同抑或否定公司政治捐赠行为的意见。But its compilers believe that the public and shareholders have a right to know what firms are up to.但是该指数的众多编者相信公众和股东有权利知道公司做出捐赠决议的理由。It looks at 57 measures of transparency, including how many clicks it takes to get from the firms website to information about political donations and how detailed that information is.指数考察了57项透明度指标,其中包括为获得公司政治捐赠信息而产生的公司网页点击量及信息的详细程度。News Corp is one of 28 companies rated “opaque”,新闻集团是28家被评为不透明的公司之一,along with popular bogeymen such as Halliburton and Walmart—and fashionable firms such as Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, Google, Nike and Walt Disney.这些公司还包括诸如哈利伯顿和沃尔玛这样受人欢迎的怪物公司,以及亚马逊、伯克希尔·哈撒韦公司、谷歌、耐克和迪斯尼这样的新贵公司。Only a handful of firms were deemed “transparent”, including Colgate-Palmolive, IBM, Pfizer and Goldman Sachs.仅有部分公司被该指数认为是透明的,这包括高露洁、国际商业机器有限公司,瑞辉制药有限公司和高盛。Finance is, surprisingly, the third-most-transparent industry, behind drugs and oil.令人惊奇的是,金融业位列透明度第三的产业,居于制药业和石油行业之后。Mining, manufacturing and utilities are the most opaque.采矿业、制造业及公用事业是最不透明的行业。As firms donate more to politicians, they tend to disclose more.鉴于公司对政客的捐赠行为越来越多,他们倾向于披露更多的信息。Yet the very biggest donors are not the most transparent,作为该指数创始人之一唐纳德·施皮尔斯说,尽管最大的献主是那些最不透明的公司,says Donald Schepers, one of the creators of the index, which they aim to expand next year to cover the entire Samp;P 500.但他们打算明年将该指数拓展到囊括所有的标准普尔500公司。That said, several firms have “made big improvements in their disclosure since we wrote to tell them that we were doing the index,” says Mr Schepers. That alone suggests that measuring transparency is worthwhile.施皮尔斯说,由于被告知他们正在编排该指数,一些公司改善了政治捐赠项目的信息披露状况。仅此就表明对透明度的衡量是值得的。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201304/234081盐城/第一医院体检多少钱

盐城月经推迟几天的原因分析Lots of people have had dreams that seem to foretell thefuture.许多人都做过一些好像可以预知未来的梦。Some psychologists attribute this to “retrieval cues.”心理学家把这种现象归因于“提取线索”。Retrieval cues?提取线索?A retrieval cue is a coincidence in the real world thattriggers a dream memory which otherwise would have goneunnoticed.提取是一种巧合:现生活中的某个场景让你回忆起一个不被注意梦境。For example, did you know you dreamed about a little dog before the real dog showed up?比如,你知道你梦到的那只小出现在真实的之前吗?Oh, yes, I was thinking about it all morning.是的。我整个早上都在想这个梦。Really?真的吗?Welll, I think so.我想是吧。Maybe, or maybe the real event triggered a recollection of a dream, which not seems like itmust have been in your thoughts all along.也许吧,有或许是真实事件让你回忆起某个梦境,而这个梦境不一定一直都在你的脑海中。By the way did you have any other dreams last nightthat didnt come true?顺便问一下,你昨天晚上还做了其它没有实现的梦吗?Hmm, I dont remember what other else I dreamed.嗯,其他做过的梦都不记得了。Why not? Some studies suggest we have literally hundreds of dreams each night.为什么不记得了呢?有研究称我们每天晚上要做数百个梦。Ok, I get the point.好,我知道了。Maybe this dreaming the future stuff is more like picking and choosingdreams when they happen to fit. 也许梦见未来这种事更像是从成千上百个梦的中挑选一个碰巧合适情景的。Coincidences are bound to come up.所以,巧合就发生了。And if the coincidence acts as retrieval cue, the sensethat you predicted something can be pretty convincing…even if its just a dream.如果巧合作为提取线索,你能预测未来就相当有说力,尽管那只是一个梦。201406/303191盐城市亭湖区人民医院治疗腋臭狐臭多少钱 How the world sees America世界如何看待美国?Still on a hill依然在巅峰The NSAs snooping has done less damage than previously thought美国国家安全局的窥探造成的破坏比预想的要小VOTERS, journalists and just about everyone paying attention to politics all tend to overestimate the power of the president. When Barack Obama won the White House in 2008, many Americans were dazzled by his promises of change at home and a more judicious mix of strength and humility abroad. Indeed, it was hoped that Mr Obama would rescue Americas image after eight years of George Bushs brand of cowboy-booted diplomacy. Since then, Americas worries about how the world sees the president, and by extension the country, have divided between those who think he is aloof and reluctant to use military force, which makes America look weak, and those who think his administration intervenes too much, making the country seem callous.选民、记者以及关注政治的民众貌似都高估了总统的权力。当奥巴马总统2008年竞选成功入主白宫时,众多的美国民众被其国内改革和判断准确的实力与谦虚并重的国外政策弄得眼花缭乱。确实,在经历了布什总统8年的牛仔外交之后,人们希望奥巴马能够拯救美国的国家形象。自此以后,美国民众对世界如何看待美国总统及其怎样让国家富强的担忧已经分为两大阵营。一些人认为他不愿意使用军事力量,这让美国看起来十分懦弱,另一些民众则认为他干涉过多,让这个国家看起来很不近人情。This seems to have passed the rest of the world by, according to a Pew Research Centre world poll, published on July 14th. Foreigners do not much like being snooped on, and most countries disapprove of Americas use of drones. Yet most places outside the Middle East still view America favourably. Nor does Americas disenchantment with its president, whose job approval numbers hover around 40%, seem to be echoed elsewhere. Taking Pews numbers on whether countries expect Mr Obama to do the right thing in world affairs and comparing them with state-by-state presidential approval numbers from Gallup, it turns out that the 44th president is more popular in China than in all but three of the 50 states: Maryland, Massachusetts and Hawaii.根据皮尤调查研究中心7月14日发布的国际民意思调查报告,这种观点似乎不为外界所知。外国人不是很喜欢被窥视,许多国家都反对美国使用无人机。然而在中东以外的许多地区人们依然很喜欢美国。美国民众并没有对其总统失去信心、不抱幻想。总统的工作得到40%的民众的持,这也在其他方面得到回应。Mr Obamas popularity in China could come in handy. The most alarming finding in the study is that 62% of those polled in China worry that its border disputes will lead to armed conflict. Some 67% of Americans say the same thing. The presidents approval ratings did drop considerably in the two countries most affronted by the NSA: Brazil and Germany. Yet these opinions should be placed in context. Brazilians have long harboured suspicions of America. The countrys president, Dilma Rousseff, was once tortured for her opposition to a military government that most people on the Brazilian left believe was supported by America; the government that did the torturing fretted that Yankees might come and grab the Amazon.奥巴马在中国的欢迎程度极易可得。最令人警醒的结果是调查中,接受调查的中国人里约62%的人担心边界争端将会导致武装冲突。约67%的美国人也表达了同样的看法。总统的持率在被美国国家安全局公然侮辱的两个国家(巴西和德国)骤降。然而这些观点必须放在特定的语境中审视。长期以来,巴西人就对美国持怀疑态度。巴西总统迪尔玛·卢瑟福曾经因为她反对军事政府而遭折磨,而绝大多数的巴西左派人士认为这一军事政府是美国持的。实施折磨的政府担心美国人可能会入侵并攫取亚马孙地区。Meanwhile Germanys internal history with snooping has left the country wary of all government surveillance. And even Germans view America more favourably now than they did when Mr Bush was in charge. The one place where Obamas America is much less popular than Mr Bushs is Russia, a fact likely to be passed over when Republicans discuss how Mr Obamas weakness has emboldened Vladimir Putin.与此同时,德国窥探的内部历史使这个国家堤防所有形式的政府监视。现在,甚至连德国,相较于布什主政时期,对美国的态度更为友善。唯一一个让奥巴马通知下的美国不如布什时代受欢迎的国家是俄罗斯,这是共和党人讨论奥巴马的羸弱怎样给普金壮胆很可能会忽视的一个环节。Unfortunately what Pews numbers also suggest is that being well regarded does not count for much. Mr Obamas presence in the White House has improved Americas image abroad, but that has not helped to bring trade pacts, peace in the Middle East, a worldwide deal to cut carbon-dioxide emissions or any of the other things Mr Obamas boosters once thought he could achieve. Like most presidents, Mr Obama has so far had a foreign policy that consists of making unpleasant and unsatisfactory choices when faced with crises, rather than reshaping the world.然而不幸的是,皮尤调查中心的数据同时还表明被友好地对待并不能说明太多问题。奥巴马入主白宫确实提升了美国在国外的国家形象,但是这并没有帮助带来贸易协定、中东地区的和平、全球范围的二氧化碳减排协议抑或是其他奥巴马总统的持者曾经认为他所能带来的变化。正如许多其他的总统一样,目前为止,奥巴马总统在面对危机的时候,他所倡导的外交政策是做一些令人不愉快不满意的选择而非重整整个世界的秩序。 /201407/315756盐城/治疗前列腺增生哪里好

江苏省国营新洋农场医院看男科怎么样Butterflies in America美国的蝴蝶To marvel at all things所有事都值得惊奇A splendid twinning of natural science and America自然科学与美利坚民族的完美结合Butterfly People: An American Encounter with the Beauty of the World.By William Leach.蝴蝶客:美国与世界之美的相遇“BUTTERFLIES and butterflies”, wrote Walt Whitman, “continue to flit to and fro, all sorts, white, yellow, brown, purple”. Whitman may have had an eye for colour, but as a mere journalist and poet with perhaps a touch of lepidopterophilia, he does not quite qualify as one of William Leachs “Butterfly People”.“蝴蝶、还是蝴蝶”,沃尔特惠特曼写道,“它们不停地来回飞过,各种各样的,有白的、黄的、棕色的还有紫色的”。惠特曼对颜色是有判断力,但是仅仅作为一位知道点鳞翅类昆虫的记者和诗人,并不是威廉所称的“蝴蝶客”True butterfly people were far more serious. They were enthusiasts and obsessives who took advantage of the unfettered access to undeveloped land afforded by a young country pressing its frontier westward. They were artisans and aesthetes: scientists of a sort that gradually ceased to exist as the natural sciences grew more formal and mature.真正的蝴蝶客远远严谨的多。他们狂热而迫切,年轻的国家正在向西部扩充领土,所以他们可以利用这种优势,自由使用未开发的土地。他们是手艺人兼审美家:这类所谓的科学家,随着自然科学发展得更加正式和成熟,这类科学家渐渐不存在了。Mr Leachs compelling thesis is that 19th-century America provided a uniquely hospitable time and place for lovers, and especially collectors, of butterflies. Agricultural toil and westward expansion brought droves of ordinary people into intimate contact with vast expanses of pristine lands. Most 19th-century Americans, Mr Leach writes—uncharitably but probably accurately—saw nature “as something to dig up or harvest from the earth or to be torn down and transformed into real estate or money”, and yet because there was so much untouched land, even the most rapacious miner or builder would in the course of his life come into contact with the natural world on a scale and in a way unknown to Americans today.里奇先生的有趣命题是:19世纪的美国为蝴蝶爱好者,特别是收藏家提供了一个独一无二的热情好客的时代。农业耕作和西部扩张将大批的普通人与广袤无际的未开垦土地紧密联系在一起。大多数19世纪的美国人,里奇先生写道,视自然为“可以从地下挖掘或从地上收割的,可以推倒盖房子或者卖钱的东西”,他的评语尽管尖刻,却也许十分精准。可是因为有如此之多未开垦的土地,即使是最贪婪的财主和建设者也会在他一生中与大自然发生联系,这种联系无论从规模上、在形式上, 都是如今的美国人无法想象的。Perhaps more important, “natural science” had not yet become “biology”. It was practised out of doors rather than in a laboratory, and aside from the classification madness of Linnaeus, it was light on systems and formality. Its early titans, such as Charles Darwin and Alexander von Humboldt, a Prussian aristocrat whose masterwork, “The Cosmos”, began being published in 1845, “seemed indifferent to drawing lines between art and science,” Mr Leach writes. “Their prose was often excellent and able, so much so as to later seem unscientific. They often wrote on behalf of the artistic attractions of nature.” They led with a sense of curiosity driven by rapture and wonder. Natural science belonged not to the trained and pedigreed biologist, but to the passionate amateur: they were “naturalists”, not biologists.或许更重要的是,“自然科学”没有发展为“生物学”。它的研究在户外进行而不是在实验室,不像林奈繁杂的分类法,体系和形式是次要的。有关研究它的早期的泰斗,像查尔斯达尔文,以及亚历山大洪堡特,一位在1845年出版名著《大宇宙》的普鲁士贵族,“似乎对划分科学与艺术的界线漠不关心”,里奇先生写道。“他们写的散文总是出色易懂,以至于对后人来说显得不科学,他们常常为了自然的艺术吸引力而写文章。”他们引领了一种由狂喜和惊奇驱使的好奇感。自然科学不属于受过训练的正统生物学家,但却属于热情激昂的业余爱好者:他们是“物学家”,而不是生物学家。Butterfly people learned by observing, thinking and arguing. They included Samuel Scudder, who named the monarch butterfly and wrote a magisterial, three-volume work about North American butterflies that won raves from lepidopterys literary champion, Vladimir Nabokov, 70 years after its publication. Another was William Henry Edwards. His great grandfather was Americas most renowned Puritan theologian, and he eventually wrote his own three-volume doorstop.蝴蝶客们从观察、思考和争论中学习。他们中包括萨缪尔斯卡德,他命名了黑脉金蝴蝶,写了一本关于北美蝴蝶的三卷的权威著作,这部书出版70年后令鳞翅类昆虫的文学巨匠弗拉基米尔纳科夫惊叹不已。另一位是威廉亨利爱德华。他了不起的祖父是美国最有名望的普鲁士神学家,他最终写出了自己三卷鸿篇巨著。Mr Leach is at his best when profiling men such as Edwards, Scudder and others, including solitary, taciturn Herman Strecker and resentful, bilious Augustus Grote. These are the amateur giants on whose broad shoulders much contemporary biology and entomology rests.里奇先生最擅长介绍爱德华、斯卡德等等,包括沉默寡言的隐士斯特雷克和坏脾气的奥古斯塔斯格罗特。当代生物学和昆虫学正是站在这些业余研究巨匠宽阔的肩膀上。 /201405/297251 盐城治疗无症状炎症性前列腺炎多少钱江苏省阜宁县人民医院割包皮多少钱



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