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鸠江区人民医院前列腺炎多少钱芜湖治疗尿路感染多少钱 The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack early Monday morning in Kabul, killing at least 14 people on a minibus and wounding several others.塔利班声称对喀布尔星期一清晨的自杀袭击负责。爆炸袭击对象是一辆小巴士,造成至少14人死亡,数人受伤。Police say the bomber approached the bus on foot and set off explosives.警方说,爆炸手徒步接近这辆小巴,然后引爆炸弹。Afghanistans Interior Ministry says those killed were Nepalese security guards. Five other Nepalese nationals were wounded along with four Afghans.阿富汗内政部说,遇难者都是尼泊尔安全警卫,受伤的个尼泊尔人和4个阿富汗人。Afghanistans Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has condemned the violence as an ;act of terror and intimidation.;阿富汗首席执行官阿卜杜拉谴责这起暴力事件,称其为“恐怖和恐吓行径”。The Taliban has also now claimed responsibility for a roadside bomb in Kabul Monday morning in which a provincial council member was wounded along with his two bodyguards.塔利班还宣称对喀布尔星期一上午发生的路边炸弹袭击负责。一名省议员和他的两名警卫被炸伤。NATO has condemned the attacks, saying ;Horrific attacks like these show that, despite the Talibans promises, they have a complete disregard for the lives of innocent civilians.;北约谴责这起袭击,指出塔利班虽曾做出承诺,但这类可怕的袭击显示,他们完全漠视无辜平民的生命。Elsewhere in Afghanistan, there are reports a suicide bomber riding an explosives-packed motorbike has blown himself up in a busy marketplace in northeastern Badakhshan province, killing at least eight people and wounding more than 40 others.据报道,在阿富汗东北部巴达赫尚省,一名自杀爆炸手在一个市场将一辆装满炸药的托车引爆,炸死至少8人,炸伤40余人。来 /201606/450176芜湖正规男科医院就诊

芜湖哪有医院治阴虱的Chinese President Xi Jinping Tuesday announced with his Saudi host that the two countries welcome the progress made in China-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) free trade area negotiation, and agreed to establish the free trade area as early as possible as he started his two-day visit to Saudi Arabia.周二,中国国家主席习近平开启了他对沙特阿拉伯为期两天的访问。在访问期间,习主席同沙特国家领导人宣布了两国就中国—海合会自由贸易区谈判取得的进展,并且就尽早建立自由贸易区达成了共识。They also pledged to resolutely oppose terrorism in any form that threatens world peace and stability, vowing to strengthen security cooperation.双方还宣布要加强安全方面的合作,互相承诺坚定不移地反对以任何形式威胁世界和平稳定的恐怖主义;We are against linking terrorism with any religion or religious sect,; the two countries announced in a joint statement signed as Xi is visiting the kingdom.在习近平主席访问沙特时签署的两国共同声明中这样写道:“我们反对将恐怖主义与任何宗教或宗教派别联系在一起”。Wu Yihong, an expert on the Middle East, told the Global Times that another main focus of Xis Saudi trip will be upgrading Chinas and Saudi Arabias energy cooperation, which is at the center of the two countries economic ties.中东问题专家吴艺红告诉《环球时报》,习近平主席访沙的另一个主要关注点是提高中沙之间的能源合作,这也是两国经济关系的核心问题。Saudi Arabia is Chinas biggest global supplier of crude oil and its biggest trading partner in West Asia and Africa, as well as a heavyweight among Gulf monarchies. In 2013, China became the biggest trading partner of Saudi Arabia for the first time.沙特阿拉伯是中国的最大原油供应商,也是中国在西亚和非洲的最大贸易伙伴,同时是海湾地区的重量级君主国013年,中国首次成为沙特阿拉伯的最大贸易伙伴。Two-way trade reached .1 billion in 2014, 230 times more than at the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1990. Today, one in six barrels of the crude oil China imports comes from Saudi Arabia.2014年,双方贸易值达到了六百九十一亿美元,990年两国建交时多达230倍。今天,中国每进口六桶原油就有一桶来自沙特阿拉伯。Analysts said the upgrade is driven by Chinas weaker-than-expected crude oil demand and Saudi Arabias desire to diversify its economy.分析人士称,这次合作升级是由中国的原油需求疲软推动的,而沙特阿拉伯则希望能使其经济多样化。Xis visit also seeks to enhance cooperation with Saudi in infrastructure and investment.习近平主席的访问还将寻求与沙特扩大基础设施建设和投资的合作。来 /201601/423391 Julian Assange on Friday claimed “victoryin his legal battle against UK and Swedish authorities after a UN panel said the WikiLeaks founder should be allowed to walk free after his three and a half year confinement at the Ecuadorean embassy in London.朱利安阿桑奇(Julian Assange)周五宣称他对英国和瑞典当局发起的法律战取得了“胜利”,此前联合国一个工作小组表示,已在伦敦厄瓜多尔驻英使馆避难三年半的维基解密(WikiLeaks)创始人应该被允许获得自由。A statement by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention said Mr Assange’s confinement amounted to “arbitrary detentionand that he should be afforded “the right to compensation联合国任意拘留问题工作小UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention)发表的一份声明称,阿桑奇被迫困于厄瓜多尔驻英使馆一事,相当于受到“任意拘留”,他应当得到“赔偿权利”。Mr Assange, an Australian, was originally arrested in London in 2010 under a European warrant issued by Sweden, where he was sought for questioning in relation to sexual assault and rape allegations.澳大利亚籍的阿桑奇最初于2010年在伦敦被捕,警方的依据是瑞典签发的一份欧洲逮捕令,瑞典方面要求将他缉拿归案,接受有关性侵和强奸指控的讯问。He was granted asylum by Ecuador and entered the country’s embassy in Knightsbridge, London, after the UK Supreme Court ruled the extradition against him could go ahead.在英国最高法院裁定对他的引渡可以执行后,阿桑奇设法获得厄瓜多尔庇护,并躲进该国位于伦敦骑士桥(Knightsbridge)地区的大使馆。Mr Assange denied the allegations but was reluctant to fight the claims in Sweden for fear of being transferred to the US, where he could face official secrecy and anti-espionage charges that could see him jailed for life.阿桑奇否认上述指控,但不愿到瑞典抗辩,担心被移交给美国,他在美国可能面临泄露官方机密和间谍罪名,若被定罪可能被判终身监禁。This followed WikiLeaksrelease of thousands of secret US government documents on the internet, including highly sensitive diplomatic cables which US officials say put its agents at risk and caused embarrassment for America’s allies.此前维基解密在互联网上发布了数以千计的美国政府秘密文件,包括一些高度敏感的外交电文,美国官员们表示,这些文件被泄露,使美国的一线特工陷入险境,还让美国的盟友难堪。Speaking from inside the embassy on Friday, a bearded Mr Assange welcomed the report as a “serious finding adding it was a “vindicationand “victorywhich “brought a smile to my face and I hope many others as well周五,蓄起胡须的阿桑奇在厄瓜多尔驻英使馆发表讲话,对联合国工作小组的报告表示欢迎,称其为“严肃的调查结论”,并补充称,它相当于“洗冤”和“胜利”,“给我的脸上带来微笑,我希望也给其他很多人带来微笑”。A UK government spokesperson had earlier rejected the findings and said the ruling “changes nothingand that it will formally contest the UN panel’s opinion.早些时候,英国政府发言人拒绝接受调查结果,称这一裁定“改变不了什么”,英国将正式抗辩联合国工作小组的意见。“Julian Assange has never been arbitrarily detained by the UK. The opinion of the UN Working Group ignores the facts and the well-recognised protections of the British legal system,the spokesperson said.“朱利安·阿桑奇从未被英国任意拘留。联合国工作小组的意见忽略了相关事实和英国司法制度所提供的广受公认的保护,”这名发言人表示。A UK statement said Mr Assange was “voluntarily avoiding lawful arrest by choosing to remain in the Ecuadorean embassy英国官方的一份声明称,阿桑奇“自愿选择滞留厄瓜多尔使馆,以逃避合法逮捕”。It said an allegation of rape was still outstanding and a European arrest warrant in place, so the UK continues to have a legal obligation to extradite him to Sweden.声明称,强奸指控和欧洲逮捕令仍然有效,因此英国在法律上仍有义务把他引渡到瑞典。The statement said the UK was “deeply frustrated that this unacceptable situation is still being allowed to continueand called on Ecuador to “engage with Sweden in good faith to bring it to an end声明称,英国“对于这一不可接受的局面仍然被允许持续下去深感沮丧”,并呼吁厄瓜多尔“与瑞典真诚接触,解决这件事”。Philip Hammond, the UK foreign secretary, described the ruling as “ridiculous He said the working group is “made up of lay people not lawyers and their conclusion is flawed in law英国外交大臣菲利普·哈蒙德(Philip Hammond)形容联合国工作小组的裁决“荒谬”。他说,这个工作小组“由外行而不是律师组成,他们的结论在法律上是有缺陷的”。On Thursday, before the official publication of the UN ruling, a spokesperson for the Swedish foreign ministry said Sweden rejected the working group’s conclusions and would write to the panel on Friday to explain its position.周四,在联合国正式发表裁决结果之前,瑞典外交部的一位发言人表示,瑞典拒绝接受该工作小组的结论,并将在周五致函该工作小组,解释瑞典的立场。来 /201602/426174芜湖治疗性病医院排名芜湖治疗生殖器疱疹最好医院




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