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鸠江区人民医院治疗生殖感染价格芜湖男友早泄芜湖割包皮的医院 CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)When it comes to taking charge, while you may occasionally pretend you don#39;t absolutely adore it, to be perfectly honest, you know you do - and you know we all love it when you#39;re ;driving,; because you#39;re so good at it. So what absolutely makes you nuts is having to take orders from someone who#39;s not only less qualified than yourself, but also pitifully less suited to the position. Fortunately, that doesn#39;t happen much, now does it?羯:你会偶尔假装不热衷权力,那是因为你知道大家希望你掌控大局,这是你擅长的。你最不能忍受的就是让你听命于那些才干不如你且并不适合这个位置的人。幸运的是,这种情况并不经常发生,对吗?AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)You#39;re the rebel, the radical, and the eccentric in every group, whether it#39;s family, friends, or your team at work. You love and cultivate those labels because of the freedom they allow you to be yourself. The worst thing, then - the very worst thing of all, in your eyes - is being pressed into a mold, being told what to do, having to obey, and being forced to act like everyone else.水瓶:无论在家人、朋友还是同事的眼中,你都是一个激进反叛、行为古怪的人。你热爱自由,喜欢创意。在你看来,最糟糕的事莫过于将你模式化,告诉你必须遵循什么或是和其他人做一样的事。PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)Your specialty, Pisces, is emotions, maybe even more so than sentimental Cancer. You#39;re comfortable sniffling and dabbing at your eyes during a sad movie (or a commercial, for that matter) and rather - no, extremely - proud of your ability to sense what#39;s wrong with a loved one before they even realize it themselves. So what makes you most irritated is when someone tells you you#39;re being ;overly emotional.;双鱼:鱼儿最注重的就是感情,你甚至比蟹子还要敏感。在看完一部悲情的影片后能酣畅淋漓地大哭一场会让你觉得很舒。你还会为自己能敏锐地感觉到爱人情感的变化而骄傲。那么,最让你怒不可遏的事就是有人告诉说你“感情过于丰富”了。ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)Yours is the most impatient sign of all, Aries, so naturally, what irritates you most is waiting. Period. You want to be the first one in, the first one out, and at the very head of the pack in the left hand lane, whether it#39;s rush hour or 3 a.m. Your impatience also extends to your temper.白羊:你可是12星座中最没耐心的一个,自然,能让你“抓狂”的事就是“等待”了。无论是高峰时间还是下午3点,你通常都是第一个来,也是最先离开的那个。急性子的你很容易发脾气。TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)Unlike your Aries and Gemini neighbors, you, Taurus, can#39;t stand rushing. You believe in measuring twice (at least) and cutting once, in thinking before you act, and in choosing your words and actions as carefully as possible. What drives you crazy more than anything, then, is haste - but unexpected change is a close second. In fact, unlike most of us, you#39;re not particularly fond of surprises, even if they#39;re pleasant ones.金牛:牛儿可不像白羊和双子座人那样,你最不能忍受的就是急急忙忙了。无论说话还是做事,谨慎的你凡事都会再三考虑。那么,当然不会有什么比急躁更让你发疯的事了。实际上,和大多数人不同,即便是非常令人开心的事也不能给你带来太多惊喜。GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)Mercury is your planet, Gemini, the guy with the wings on his head and his feet, symbolizing his quicksilver abilities when it comes to mental and physical speed. So, understandably, nothing makes you crazier than someone who just won#39;t cut to the chase when they#39;re telling a story or refuses to take a shortcut when they know they#39;re running late.双子:水星是双子座的守护星。传说中这个双子男孩的头和脚上各有一对翅膀,这便暗示了无论在思维方式还是在身体素质上,双子座人都渴望快速多变。因此,可是理解的是,没有什么比下面的事更让你恼羞成怒了:比如有人对你说谎而又不允许你刨根问底,或是他们明知道已经来不及了却又拒绝走捷径。CANCER (June 22 - July 22)Safety, security, and your home and family are what matter most to you, Cancer, and there#39;s nothing you love more than spending an evening at your place, surrounded by loved ones, snuggled up under a quilt. So what makes you nuts? Being dragged out by a well-meaning friend who#39;s decided that you ;need more socializing.;巨蟹:所有与家庭及家人有关的事情都会让你牵挂。还有什么比依偎在爱人的身旁、静静地享受一个浪漫的夜晚更美好的事呢?那么,什么事最能激怒你呢?当然是有朋友硬把你从家里拖出来,告诉你“需要多一些社交活动”的时候了。LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22)Yours is the sign of the performer, Leo. You can turn any place into a stage, from an actual podium to a bar to the front of a classroom. What makes you crazy is one thing: someone who tries to steal your applause. You work hard to keep everyone amused and entertained, and you enjoy it as much as they do. The spotlight is only so wide, though, so when someone tries to snag some of it, you won#39;t hesitate to show your disapproval.狮子:狮子是天生的表演者。任何地方都可以成为你展示自己的舞台,无论是真正的舞台,还是酒吧或是教室的讲台上。最让你“抓狂”的事只有一件:有人企图阻止你的表演。为了让每个人都能快乐开心,你努力展示自己并乐在其中。所以,一旦有人挑战你的权威,你会毫不犹豫地表达不满。VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)Cleanliness. Order. Organization. That#39;s what you need to function at your best, Virgo, in your personal surroundings, your workplace, and your daily schedule. So what drives you crazy more than anything else is filthy, unsanitary, or disorganized conditions, as well as people who exhibit those qualities.处女:整洁有序、组织性强,这是处女座人时刻追寻的生活信条。它也自始至终贯穿在你的日常工作安排之中。最让你难以忍受的事莫过于脏乱不堪、杂乱无章了。LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)Contrary to popular opinion, your specialty, Libra, is not ;balance; itself, it#39;s restoring balance to unbalanced situations. So what you can#39;t stand, more than anything else, is seeing lopsided, prejudiced, unfair, or discriminatory conditions. It brings out the cruise director, mediator, and judge in you. In other words, you put your own feelings aside to become whatever it takes to make things ;nice; again.天秤:恰恰与大多数人的观点相反,你的专长并不是”平衡“本身,而是将不平衡变成平衡。因此,偏见和歧视,不公正和不公平是最让你受不了的事了。每当遇到这种情况,你就成了当仁不让的调解人。换句话说,你会暂时把个人的感情搁置一边,让一切有争议的事再次”平衡“起来。SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)Your sign is famous for its love of depth, intensity, and digging below the surface. So what makes you crazier than anything is meeting up with someone who goes out of his way to be shallow, cavalier about important issues and superficial. It makes you wonder what he or she is really up to - and wondering is what keeps you from getting a decent night#39;s sleep.天蝎:蝎子以感情丰富、心思细密、洞察力强而闻名。最让你愤怒的事莫过于有人掩饰事情的真相或是喜欢做表面文章。你还会为了某些没搞明白的事弄得夜不能昧。SITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21) You love to learn, travel, and have fun with interesting others. In short, if it#39;s new, uncharted territory, if you feel that you#39;re boldly going where no one has gone before - yourself in particular - then you#39;re game. What you can#39;t stand - what you absolutely cannot and will not tolerate, no matter what - is boredom.射手:你喜欢探求新知,爱好一切有趣的事情。简而言之,只要是新奇的东西,特别是没人敢尝试的玩意,你都愿意大胆一。因此,你绝对不能忍受和容忍的事就是-枯燥乏味。 /201208/194384A drug used to treat AIDS-triggered lung infections may prevent the reproduction of HIV and possibly provide a new method for the control and elimination of the virus, Chinese scientists said Thursday.近日,中国科学家指出,一种用来治疗艾滋病触发性肺部感染的药可能可以阻止艾滋病病毒的繁殖,并且可能提供一种新的控制和消除艾滋病病毒的方法。A research team led by Shen Binghui, a life science professor at Zhejiang University, found that a drug containing pentamidine can cut the life cycle of HIV and prevent the reproduction of the virus, helping the body#39;s immune system and fight off AIDS.由浙江大学生命科学教授沈炳辉领导的研究小组发现,一种含有戊烷脒的药能够减短艾滋病病毒的生命周期并且能够阻止这种病毒的繁殖,有助于帮助免疫系统对抗艾滋病。HIV has an incubation period of 10 years on average, during which the virus infects immune cells and uses the cells and proteins to reproduce and sp, gradually damaging the immune system. Research indicates that a kind of human protein called FEN-1 has a decisive function in the reproductive process of HIV.艾滋病病毒的潜伏期平均为10年,在这期间,艾滋病病毒会感染人的免疫细胞并利用这些细胞和蛋白质进行繁殖和传播,慢慢地破坏整个免疫系统。研究表明,一种名为FEN-1的蛋白质在艾滋病病毒的繁殖过程中起决定性作用。Shen said his team found that the drug can prevent the reproduction of HIV by destroying the protein. The virus can no longer damage the immune system once it cannot reproduce, and a small amount of HIV can even be eliminated by a healthy immune system.沈炳辉说他的研究小组发现这种药能够通过破坏FEN-1蛋白质从而阻止艾滋病病毒的繁殖。一旦艾滋病病毒不能繁殖,它们也就无法破坏人的免疫系统,而少量的艾滋病病毒是可以被一个健全的免疫系统所消灭的。Shen said the drug that his team is developing can greatly lower treatment costs.沈炳辉还指出他们研究小组正在研发的药能够在大大地降低治疗费。 /201207/192244芜湖看男科那家好

芜湖治疗早泄医院Last we heard from media and presentation coach Mary Civiello, she weighed in on lessons from the Oscar-winning The King#39;s Speech. She#39;s back in the movie theater studying another icon of British history: Margaret Thatcher, portrayed by Meryl Streep in Iron Lady. Civiello knows of what she speaks: She works with executives at such companies as Morgan Stanley (MS), American Express (AXP), DreamWorks Animation (DWA), Merck (MRK) and Fortune#39;s parent, Time Inc. (TWX);and in fact, worked with my colleagues and me to help us win the crowd at the 2011 Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. Here#39;s Civiello#39;s latest dispatch from the cinema:媒体演讲教练玛丽bull;西维尔罗在上一篇文章中探讨了我们能从奥斯卡获奖影片《国王的演讲》(The King#39;s Speech)中获得的启示。现在她再次回到电影院,开始研究英国历史上的另一位标志性的人物:撒切尔夫人,梅丽尔bull;斯特里普在最近上映的电影《铁娘子》(Iron Lady)中饰了这个角色。西维尔罗对自己所谈论的话题有着深刻的了解。她的合作对象包括了各大公司的高管,比如根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)、美国运通(American Express)、梦工厂(DreamWorks Animation)、默克(Merck)和《财富》(Fortune)杂志的母公司时代公司(Time Inc)。实际上,她还与我和我的同事合作过,帮助我们在2011年财富杂志最具影响力女性峰会(Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit)期间如何赢得听众。以下是西维尔罗从电影院发回的最新文章:In Iron Lady, Meryl Streep shows us how hard Margaret Thatcher worked to become Prime Minister of England. That hard work included lowering her voice tone.梅丽尔bull;斯特里普在《铁娘子》中向我们展示了撒切尔夫人努力工作,最终成为英国首相的历程。这些艰辛的工作甚至包括降低声调。Her handlers told her that no one wanted to listen to;let alone be led by;a ;screeching woman.; They also told her to ditch her pearls. And while Thatcher kept the jewelry, she did work with a voice coach to lower her tone.她的助手告诉她,没人愿意听;声音尖利的女人;说话,更别提接受她的领导了。他们还告诉她放弃珍珠项链。虽然撒切尔保留了珠宝,但她确实找了个发声教练,帮助自己降低声调。In fact, two recent studies focus on the value of lower-pitched voices. One study found that voters rated lower-pitched speakers higher for leadership potential, honesty, intelligence and dominance. The other study suggested that people;both men and women;with lower voices do better at attracting the opposite sex.实际上,最近有两项研究都是针对降低声调的好处。其中一项研究发现,选民认为声调较低的发言人更具有领导的潜力和控制力,而且为人更诚实,也更有智慧。另一项研究显示,声调较低的人;;无论男女;;更能吸引异性。So, lowering your voice tone can mean reaching the corner office and finding someone interesting to dine with! I often work with women executives to use the lower range of what#39;s natural for them. Here are my top three tips:因此,降低声调不仅有助于在职场上获得晋升,还能吸引到更有意思的人共进晚餐!我在与女性高管合作的时候,常常建议她们使用比天生更低的声调。以下是我的三个最佳建议:1) Recognize your range. Women have a greater pitch range than men, which means they are less likely to be monotone but more likely to hit squeakier octaves. I will tape clients when they don#39;t realize it to illustrate their range. Clients also see that a higher pitch is often connected to nerves. When they#39;re in the spotlight, everything, including vocal chords, constricts.1. 认识自己的音域。女性的音域比男性更宽广,这意味着她们说话声音一般不会单调沉闷,但也更有可能会发出刺耳的高音。如果客户不能意识到这一点,;尽情;展现自己的音域时,我就会把她们的声音录下来。客户还发现,提高声调常常与紧张有关。他们身处聚光灯下的时候,包括声带在内的所有部位都会收紧。2) Relax. Breathe deeply, lower your shoulders, and loosen up before you start to speak. A Columbia University study suggests that tight body language before your perform leads to a less confident performance.2. 放松身体。深呼吸,肩膀下沉,说话之前先放松身体。哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)的一项研究显示,演讲前紧张的肢体语言会导致信心下降。3) Rehearse right. As you practice your presentation out loud, place your fingers lightly against your throat. You#39;ll feel your vocal chords rise and fall with your pitch and you#39;ll be able to monitor your own progress.3. 正确练习。大声练习演讲时,轻轻将手指放在喉咙处。你会感觉到声带随着音调的变化而上下起伏,这样就可以自我监督,慢慢提高。If you want to lower your voice tone, know that it requires work over time. But for those who have the Iron Lady#39;s will, it can pay off.要知道,降低声调需要假以时日,不能急于求成,但拥有铁娘子般意志的人必将获得回报。 /201201/167868芜湖男性专科医院在那里 Fathers will be able to share parental leave to care for babies and will have greater access to their children after couples divorce, under government plans.根据英国政府的计划,英国的父亲们将能共享产假,照看宝宝,离婚后也将获得更多陪伴孩子的机会。David Cameron and Nick Clegg promised ;unprecedented support for parents; with a new Children and Families Bill, which also contained measures to make it easier to adopt, and more support for children with special needs.英国首相大卫#8226;卡梅伦和副首相尼克#8226;克莱格承诺将颁布一项儿童与家庭新法案,“为父母们提供前所未有的持”。法案中还包含让收养孩子变得更容易、以及对有特殊需要的孩子提供更多持的举措。Parents#39; groups ;cautiously welcomed; the proposals but business leaders warned that making parental leave more flexible would impose complex ;burdens; on employers.父母群体对这一提案“有所保留地表示欢迎”,但企业主们警告说让产假变得更灵活将给雇主们带来复杂的问题,造成负担。Officials said current rules on maternity and paternity leave were ;outdated; because they presumed that women will do the ;vast majority; of caring for infants.政府官员称,当前的产假规定已经“过时了”,因为旧法规想当然地认为女性将承担照顾婴儿的“绝大部分工作”。A spokesman for the Department for Business said: ;Parents should be able to choose their childcare arrangements for themselves.;英国商业部的一位发言人说:“父母应该能自主安排谁来照顾小孩。”There were few details about how the new flexible parental leave arrangements could work. Possible options include allowing mothers to return to work and transfer up to nine months of a year#39;s parental leave to fathers.关于灵活的新产假相关安排如何运作,并未透露多少细节。也许会允许母亲回到工作岗位,并且最多能将9个月的假期转让给父亲。However, business groups criticised the move. John Longworth, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, warned that companies would face ;endless; legal challenges and grievances resulting from ;gender-neutral; parental leave.但是,商业群体批评了这一举动。英国商会的总会长约翰#8226;朗沃斯警告说,公司将会因“不分性别的”产假而面临“无休止的”法律挑战和申诉。;Ministers have chosen to ignore the fact that a complex new system of shared parental leave brings fiendish complexity and huge uncertainty for employers,; he said. ;These proposals will hit business at precisely the time ministers are asking companies to create jobs and spur growth.他说:“复杂的产假共享新体系将给雇主们带来极其糟糕的复杂状况和非常大的不确定性,而部长们选择忽视这一事实。就在部长们让企业创造就业机会、刺激经济增长的同时,这些提案却会对企业造成打击。”;While most businesspeople identify with the idea of gender-neutral parental leave, they#39;ve warned time and again that the Government#39;s proposals are unwieldy, difficult to understand and fraught with potential complications.;“尽管大多数商界人士认同产假不分性别的想法,但他们已经屡次得到告诫,知道政府的提案施行起来很麻烦,难以理解,而且暗藏许多纠葛。”Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors, also warned that allowing parental leave to be shared risked adding to the burden on companies.英国董事学会的总会长西蒙#8226;沃克也警告说,让父母亲共享产假将可能增加企业的负担。;The Government should be careful not to use this as an opportunity to increase levels of leave,; he said. ;Sharing the allowance is fine, but putting heavier burdens on business in these tough times would not be a sensible move.;他说:“政府应该注意别让这个新产假方案成为人们增加休假的机会。共享产假很好,但是在这样的艰难时期让企业背上更沉重的负担不是一个明智之举。” /201205/182212芜湖附属医院治疗早泄多少钱

芜湖人民医院治疗淋病好吗The surprise announcement last week that Chinese novelist Mo Yan had won this year#39;s Nobel Prize in literature has focused unprecedented global attention on Chinese literature. #39;Tao Te-Ching#39; and #39;Art of War#39; notwithstanding, books from the world#39;s most populous country have tended to get meager play in the Western press. Luckily, that hasn#39;t kept publishers from commissioning translations of some of China#39;s best-loved works.当中国小说家莫言意外荣获2012年诺贝尔文学奖时,中国文学界也随之受到了前所未有的关注。虽然这个人口大国出了像《道德经》和《孙子兵法》这样的名著,但中国书籍在西方出版界的表现仍乏善可陈。幸运的是,西方出版商并未因此而放弃对一些最受喜爱的中国作品的翻译工作。But with dozens of titles to choose from, where should the intrepid er start?但在众多的书籍中,尝鲜者该从哪本着手呢?To answer that question, China Real Time turned to the editors of Pathlight, a literary magazine dedicated to translating new Chinese fiction and poetry jointly produced by the translation website Paper Republic and People#39;s Literature Magazine. Below, Pathlight staff recommend four of their favorite Chinese books in translation, starting with one from the new Nobel winner:为了回答这个问题,“中国实时报”栏目请教了《人民文学》(People#39;s Literature Magazine)英文版杂志《路灯》(Pathlight)的编辑。《路灯》致力于翻译《人民文学》杂志与翻译网站Paper Republic联合出品的中国新小说与新诗歌。以下的五本中国书籍都由《路灯》工作人员力荐,第一本的作者是诺贝尔文学奖得主莫言。(Garlic Ballads)《天堂蒜薹之歌》#39;Garlic Ballads,#39; Mo Yan作者:莫言Readers who want to get a taste of Mo Yan before they commit to ing a whole book may want to pick up #39;Shifu, You#39;ll Do Anything for a Laugh!, #39; a collection of Mo#39;s short stories, or check out Zhang Yimou#39;s film version of the novel #39;Red Sorghum.#39; For those who want to a full-length novel, the Nobel committee#39;s recommendation of #39; The Garlic Ballads#39; as a first Mo Yan novel is a good place to start.在埋头开始完整地阅读一部莫言的小说前,读者若想对其作品风格有所了解,他的短篇小说集《师傅越来越幽默》(Shifu, You#39;ll Do Anything for a Laugh!)也许是一个不错的选择,或者去看看张艺谋根据莫言小说改编拍成的电影《红高粱》(Red Sorghum)。而对于那些热衷于长篇小说的读者而言,《天堂蒜薹之歌》是一个很好的选择。诺贝尔文学奖评委会就曾建议,阅读莫言应当从这部小说开始。#39;The Garlic Ballads#39; opens with a e attributed to Stalin -- though Mo admitted to making it up in the preface to the second edition of the novel -- that takes on new resonance in the light of recent criticisms of Mo for not being more outspoken in his support of imprisoned fellow Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo and other politically active writers:《天堂蒜薹之歌》曾在卷首引用了一段斯大林语录──虽然莫言在第二版的前言中承认那段话是他自己杜撰的──但这仍引发了公众对他新一轮的批评。此前,莫言就曾因未替同是诺奖得主却身陷囹圄的刘晓波及其他异见作家大声疾呼、出言相助而受到指责。Novelists are forever trying to distance themselves from politics, but the novel itself closes in on politics. Novelists are so concerned with #39;man#39;s fate#39; that they tend to lose sight of their own fate. Therein lies their tragedy.一直以来,小说家都试图与政治保持距离,但小说本身却永远无法脱离政治而单独存在。小说家都极度关注人类的命运以至常常忽略了自己的命运,他们的悲剧也因此而生。#39;The Garlic Ballads#39; has as its backdrop the story -- based on real events in 1987 -- of poor farmers who storm the county government offices in protest over extortionate taxes, tolls, and fees after their garlic crops, planted at the urging of the local government, rot, unsold, in the fields. The novel begins with the arrest and beating of Gao Yang, one of the leaders of the protest, in front of his blind daughter, then cuts to the doomed lovers Gao Ma and Fang Jinju as they attempt to resist Jinju#39;s betrothal to an older man in an illegal arranged marriage.《天堂蒜薹之歌》取材于1987年发生的真实事件:贫困的农民响应当地政府的号召大量种植蒜薹,结果蒜薹滞销、烂在地里。农民因此冲击了县政府办公室,抗议过高的税费、过路费及规费。这部小说一开始就描绘了抗议活动领导者之一的高羊被逮捕、被拷打的情景。而这一切,都发生在他瞎眼的女儿面前。接着,作者笔锋一转、切换场景,讲述了一对注定永诀的恋人──高马和方金菊──与非法包办婚姻抗争的故事(金菊在这桩婚约中被许配给一位比她年长许多的男人)。Like many of Mo#39;s longer novels, #39;The Garlic Ballads#39; combines gritty realism with surreal imagery, depicts the venal cruelty of official power, and presents personal tragedy in the context of the long, slow-motion tragedy of history.就像莫言其他的长篇小说一样,《天堂蒜薹之歌》将活生生的现实与超现实的意象融为一体,描绘了官僚权势的贪赃枉法之为与农民个体的悲凉窘迫之态,并将其置于长期渐变的历史悲剧大背景中。(Dream of Ding Village)《丁庄梦》#39;Dream of Ding Village,#39; Yan Lianke作者:阎连科Although a work of fiction, #39; Dream of Ding Village#39; is based on the very real #39;blood boom,#39; a phenomenon of the last 20 years that has led to the sp of HIV among Chinese villagers because of the selling of contaminated blood. Yan Lianke zooms in on individual stories such as the ex-mayor of Ding Village, cajoled into selling blood by blood merchant Ding Hui, even as his energy for his job toiling the fields wanes by the moment.《丁庄梦》虽然是一部文学作品,但它却架构在真实的“卖血潮”之上。“卖血潮”风行于过去的二十年间,由于很多人在卖血过程中接触了受感染的血液,致使艾滋病在中国农村蔓延开来。阎连科在小说中将个体的故事放大:丁村前任村长在血头丁辉的哄骗下踏上了卖血之路,即便那时他连在田间劳作的力气都已消失殆尽,也依旧在卖血。Though Yan writes emotions as if they#39;re one shade and paints death and suffering with large brush-strokes, #39;Dream of Ding Village#39; is an extremely able tale with observations in Yan#39;s famous satirical style. He#39;s positively effusive on the absurdities of modern rural China and the novel is resplendent in details such as peasants, who have probably never set foot outside of Ding Village, being buried in coffins carved with scenes #39;depicting famous landmarks: Beijing#39;s Tiananmen Square, Shanghai Oriental Pearl television tower, Guangzhou#39;s high-rise hotels, and various bustling commercial districts, department stores, suspension bridges, fountains, parks and public squares.#39;虽然阎连科在写作表达情感时用的好像是同一种腔调、且常常用恢弘的笔触描绘死亡与苦难,但《丁庄梦》这部小说却因以著名的“阎式”嘲讽口吻洞察人情而可读性极强。他对现代中国农村地区愚谬生活的刻画绝对不吝笔墨且饱蘸深情。这部小说也因此类细节而出,比如,那些可能一辈子都没有走出过丁村的农民,却在离世时躺在了刻有繁华胜景图的棺材里:“是大城市的胜景图。如北京的天安门,上海的电视塔,广州的大宾馆,还有哪些大城市的商业街,繁华道,跨江桥、百货楼、喷泉池,这些等等的,七七八八的。”Yan#39;s homage is the more touching as the HIV/AIDS crisis has affected mostly those from his birth province of Henan. The brutal story is smoothly translated by Cindy Carter, whose rendering is practiced, always to the point, and poetic at times. (Full disclosure: Ms. Carter is a co-founder of Paper Republic.当艾滋病潮席卷阎连科的出生地河南省、并广泛地影响了生活在这片土地上的父老乡亲时,他的这部致敬之作就更令人动容。这个冷峻残酷的故事由辛迪?卡特(Cindy Carter)翻译,她的笔触流畅、文风老练,切中主旨要害且常常直指人心,字里行间有时还透着诗意。(辛迪?卡特是Paper Republic联合创始人之一。)(A Dictionary of Maqiao)《马桥词典》#39;A Dictionary of Maqiao,#39; Han Shaogong作者:韩少功A welcome relief from the overripe camp of much contemporary Chinese literature, #39; A Dictionary of Maqiao#39; is a tightly written, gnomic work that packs epic historical sweep into a series of dense vignettes. Disguised as a #39;dictionary#39; of the dialect of Maqiao, a small village in Hunan, the novel defines 115 local terms such as #39;Curse-Grinding,#39; #39;He-Ground (and She-Field),#39; #39;Nailed Backs#39; and #39;Streetsickness,#39; quickly expanding from a mere compendium of definitions into a patchwork tale of bizarre power. Though the story and its setting are familiar from other Chinese fiction -- an #39;educated youth#39; is sent down to a village during the Cultural Revolution -- the author#39;s narrative choices make that whole world feel new.在陈朽的当代中国文坛,《马桥词典》是一部受人青睐的先锋之作。整部小说通过讲述古往今来一系列丰富动人的小故事呈现了史诗般的历史,其结构紧凑,语言精辟。《马桥词典》以词典的形式收录了湖南一个小村寨──马桥──的方言。全书共录有115个当地词条:从“磨咒”、“公地(以及母田)”到“背钉”、“晕街”,它以这些词条为引子,从纯词典的形式延伸扩展、过渡为由一个个小故事拼绘成的大图景,饱含意蕴。虽然《马桥词典》的故事内容及背景与其他一些中国小说相似,叙事者是一位在文化大革命期间下放到农村的知青,但作者选用的叙事文体却让世人眼前一亮。That#39;s the appeal of the book in a nutshell. Plenty of Chinese novels claim to be heir to the magical-realist tradition, but #39;A Dictionary of Maqiao#39; does it right: Presenting the known world as a foreign land, promising to guide the er through it and teach him its ways, but only deepening the mystery with each patient, detailed definition.简言之,用词典的语言来写小说的方式使这本书与众不同、引人入胜。虽然很多中国小说都自诩继承了魔幻现实主义的传统,但《马桥词典》诠释的这种风格才称得上纯正到位:将熟知的世界描绘成一幅异乡的摸样,通过对每个词条进行耐心、细化的定义来深化语义的神秘意蕴,以这样的方式引领读者在字里行间探索领悟。(To Live)《活着》#39;To Live,#39; Yu Hua作者:余华Even if you#39;ve seen Zhang Yimou#39;s film adaptation of Yu Hua#39;s #39;To Live,#39; that is no excuse to pass up this fantastic 1993 novel. Both the film and the novel are authentically Yu Hua, owing to the writer#39;s intimate involvement in the screenplay, but the novel is significantly darker: In the up-and-down life of the protagonist, a wealthy-scion-turned-peasant named Fugui, the scales lean increasingly toward the downs.即使你已看过张艺谋导演根据余华同名小说改编拍成的电影《活着》,你也应该再去读一读1993年的原着小说,内容精不该错过。不论是电影还是小说原着,你都能读到真正的余华,因为他亲身参与了影片《活着》的创作过程。相较而言,他的原着小说要沉重得多:主人公福贵一生浮沉起伏,出身为地主少爷的他最终沦为贫苦佃户,生活日渐潦倒。Despite its tragic strains, #39;To Live#39; manages to redeem itself from the #39;rural misery#39; stereotype that plagues many modern Chinese epics. As we follow the shifting fortunes of Fugui and his family through the capricious evolution of 20century Chinese politics, from the Republican to the Communist period, the Great Leap Forward to the Cultural Revolution, what emerges is a meditation on the nature of suffering itself, and the considerable resources the human spirit employs to lessen its sting.尽管《活着》烙有悲剧故事的特性,但它还是跳出了现代中国文学作品惯用的“乡土苦难”的老套模式,从众多庸作中脱颍而出。这部小说讲述了福贵及其整个家族在20世纪中国政局风云变幻中浮沉起伏的过程:从民国时期到共产党执政,从大跃进到文革时期。故事揭示了有关苦难本身的思考以及人类精神上所依仗的、用来减少人生痛楚的大量财富。The result is not a simple accumulation of misery, but rather a clear-eyed attempt to come to grips with the fact of misery, fortified by the sublime assertion that this unflinching attempt is in itself worthwhile. In this sense, the satisfaction of ing #39;To Live#39; is comparable to that of ing existential philosophy--just watch out for the cathartic punches. They could knock you flat, as they did to me when I burst into tears while ing this book on a road trip, leaving my travelling companions perplexed. None of them knew the name Yu Hua. All I could do was point to the book in my hands, and say, #39;It#39;s China, man.#39;这部小说不是苦难本身的简单堆积,而是一次对苦难剖析的尝试。作者试着用清晰的思路解读苦难的事实,他的解读因为这个论断而得到深化:即坚持不懈的尝试本身是值得的。从这个层面上讲,读《活着》带来的满足感可与阅读存在哲学相提并论,但要留意那些情感丰盛的抓人字句,它们可能会让你的感情决堤、彻底击垮你的内心防线,这是我的切身感受。当时,我在一次公路旅行中读了这本书,看到动情处眼泪便像决了堤的洪水,那情景让与我结伴而行的人不知所措。他们之中没有一个人认识余华,所以我只能指着手中的书说,“讲的是中国,伙计。”Endure(英译本)#39;Endure,#39; Bei Dao作者:北岛Clean-voiced lutes and lantern-lit parties on the water have not been the concern of Chinese poets for over a century, and yet they still seem to invade the imagination whenever the term #39;Chinese poetry#39; is introduced in English-speaking contexts. This is unfair and a great shame. Just as classical Chinese poetry, its subject matter and aesthetic precepts, invigorated English-language poetry in the mid-1900s, the poetry of contemporary China has the power to uncover new paths of focus for poets today. Former exile poet Bei Dao is by far the best-known of Chinese poets since 1978, and the quality of his work is recognized by poets both within China and without. He has spoken as the oracle of the conflicted zeitgeist of a modernizing China, while his poetics have stepped past the fashions of his time into new territory.一百多年来,清远琴音与浆声灯影中的故友相聚并不是中国诗歌关注的焦点。但在英语语境中只要一提到“中国诗歌”这个词,人们似乎还是会联想到这些。这对中国诗歌不公,也令译者蒙羞。就像中国古诗词一样,当代中国诗歌在题材选择与审美观上都促进了20世纪中期英文诗歌的发展,它也为现在的诗人创作开辟了新径。1978年迄今为止,曾背井离乡的诗人北岛在中文诗歌界最为知名,他的作品得到了国内外同仁的一致认可。在中国的现代化进程中曾涌现出互相对抗的时代思潮,北岛在这些思潮中如先知一样写作发声,他的诗歌创作也超越了时代局限、步入到一个新境地。#39;Endure,#39; the newest collection of Bei Dao#39;s poetry in English, is a collaborative effort between the poet-translator Clayton Eshleman and Lucas Klein, translator and assistant professor at City University in Hong Kong. The poems the present have been carefully selected to represent Bei Dao#39;s best and most significant work from the 1970s to the present. The English editions take some inspiration from earlier translations, but far outpace their ancestors for clarity and full re-creation of poetic ideas. The volume even includes an appendix that depicts the process of interpretation through an email exchange between Klein and Eshleman. This isn#39;t just an important book; it#39;s a good one.Endure是一本收录了北岛作品的最新英译本诗集,由诗歌翻译家克莱顿埃·什尔曼(Clayton Eshleman)与香港城市大学(City University in Hong Kong)助理教授、译者卢卡斯·克莱因(Lucas Klein)合力译成。收录其中的诗歌均是精选之作,代表了1970年代至今这段时期北岛最好、最重要的诗作。《Endure》汲取了之前英译本的一些灵感,但在语句清晰度与诗学思想重建方面远远超过了他们的前辈。这本诗集甚至还在附录中收集了克莱因与埃什尔曼在翻译过程中交换意见、共同探讨的电子邮件。Endure不单单是一本重要的书,更是一本好书。 /201211/208043 芜湖什么医院好芜湖市区男性医院



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