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We#39;re living during one of the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.我们处在世界上最严重的人道主义危机之中。Being able to affect as many people as we have here, that#39;s just powerful.能够影响和我们同样多的人,是非常强大的。I was part of the emergency unit that the IRC sent to Greece我是国际红十字会派驻希腊的应急小组的一员,to assess and provide life-saving support to refugees.来给难民评估并提供求生持。This is 30 days worth of arrivals on this gigantic mound, can you imagine eight months?这一大堆是30天内到达这里的人积攒下来的,你能想象八个月是种什么情况吗?There were boats coming in day or night carrying 50, 60, 70 people each,有很多船只昼夜不停地抵达这里,每只载有50,60,70人不等,having survived this hellish trip, to face chaos.他们从地狱般的旅途中幸存了下来,却到这里来面对动荡。We were a handful of volunteers and some NGOs trying to provide basic stuff我们是一些志愿者及非政府组织,尝试提供一些基本的物品,such as food, dry clothes, medical attention and these people were totally helpless.比如食物,干燥的衣,医疗照顾。这些人们真的非常无助。Information was so scarce, they were full of anxiety of what comes next.信息不足,他们对未来充满了焦虑。You know, they had this first big step achieved, and then uncertainty.要知道,他们实现了这关键的第一步之后,接下来就不知所措了。It was incredibly important to be here and to see what was happening on the ground.来到这里亲眼看到这片土地发生了什么真的是非常重要。There were people carrying their children, a few of their personal belongings,有人带着孩子以及他们的一些私人物品,but what was interesting to see that many of them were holding phones, mobile phones.但是非常有意思的是他们中的很多人都带着电话,移动电话。And we thought, well maybe we could use our technology, with the IRC and Mercy Corps#39; understanding of the crisis itself所以我们就想,或许可以利用我们的技术,配合国际红十字会及慈善组织对于危机本身的理解in order to give the refugees the information to stay safe.来给难民提供保持安全的信息。So together we made Refugee InfoHub.所以我们一起创办了难民信息中心。It#39;s a mobile site that gives refugees information like where to get medical attention,它是一个给难民提供信息的移动门户。用他们的母语告诉他们哪里可以获得医疗照顾,how to find refugee camps and anything else needed all in their own language.怎样找到难民收容所,以及其他任何需要的信息。- When we went live, it was powerful.这些功能上线的时候非常强大。What would take a few days, now it#39;s a matter of minutes.之前需要几天才能做到的事情现在几分钟就可以了。What we started here – delivering life-saving information through technology我们从这里开始——通过技术传递拯救生命的信息。I think that#39;s going to be done more in the future.我想这项技术在未来会有更进一步的发展。And the amount of people that we#39;ve touched is, it#39;s incredible.我们所接触的人数是令人难以置信的。 Article/201706/515078。

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  • Sites like these where many plant-eating dinosaurs have been killed in an accident像这种植食恐龙集体死于意外的地点lead paleontologists to believe these herbivores were living together in herds when they died together.使得古生物学家相信,这些植食动物直到死前都是群居生活With plant-eating dinosaurs, it#39;s very frequent to find groups of animals preserved together in the rocks.对于植食恐龙来说,成批的骨骼一起埋葬于岩石中是很常见的现象Because they#39;re all associated together closely, and they#39;re mixed ages together,因为它们都亲密无间,大大小小都聚在一起that#39;s good evidence they were living together as a herd.这些据都能充分说明,它们是群居生活的Bone beds containing herds of plant-eating dinosaurs are common.植食恐龙的骨骼化石群是很常见的But there was no such convincing evidence that large meat-eating dinosaurs lived and died in groups.但是并没有类似的据能明大型食肉恐龙也是同生共死In the case of the early fossil finds of meat-eating dinosaurs,根据早期发现的食肉恐龙化石they sort of reinforce this idea of meat-eaters as solitary hunters.他们更加确信了大型食肉恐龙独自狩猎的观点People had only found individual specimens of each of the species.人们每次只能找到某种恐龙的一具标本They never found a group of assemblages, they never found a bunch of individuals together.他们从来没有发现过一群食肉恐龙,或是聚在一起的食肉恐龙All of the evidence indicated these predators lived and died as solitary hunters.所有据都显示,这些掠食动物是孤独的猎手And if they were solitary hunters, no single carnivore, however big,倘若它们真是独自狩猎,单凭一只食肉恐龙,无论它有多大would have gone for a prey as huge as the giant herbivore, Argentinosaurus.也不可能将巨大的植食恐龙--阿根廷龙变成它的腹中之物It looks like the tantalizing idea of a clash of the titans down in Patagonia was doomed.看来调足人们胃口的巴塔哥尼亚,巨兽之争纯粹只是天方夜谭Or so most paleontologists thought.至少大部分古生物学家是这么想的 Article/201611/480940。
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