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2019年10月19日 11:28:37 | 作者:大河爱问 | 来源:新华社
It`s a mystery that started on March 8th of 2014. 自2014年3月8日以来就是一个迷。After taking off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, heading to Beijing, China, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished with 239 people onboard.搭载239人的马航370在从吉隆坡飞往北京的途中失踪。Investigators believe the plane dramatically changed course during its flight and eventually went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean, 调查人员坚信飞机在飞行过程中突然改变了航道,最终在印度洋的某个地方坠落,far off the western coast of Australia.远离澳大利亚西海岸。A possible clue emerged late last month on Reunion Island. 上个月在留尼汪岛发现可疑线索This is a French territory located east of Madagascar, 这是位于马达加斯加东部的法国领土,in the western Indian Ocean, where debris from the plane might have drifted. 在西印度洋可能漂流着这架飞机的残骸。A beach-cleaning crew found part of an airplane wing. 一名海滩清理员发现了部分机翼。Malaysian officials say it`s from Flight 370, but it`s still being investigated. 马来西亚官员称这是来自马航370,但目前仍在调查中。And investigators still don`t know what happened to the plane or where any other wreckage might be.至今调查人员仍不清楚飞机发生了什么,以及其它可能的残害在哪里。Veteran oceanographers tell CNN this could be the new front line of the search for MH370,资深海洋学家告诉CNN,这可能是搜寻MH370的前线,which is why search teams are now looking off not only Reunion Island but nearby Madagascar, the Seychelles Islands, Mauritius, Mozambique, and off the east coast of South Africa. 这就是为什么搜索队不仅在留尼汪岛寻找,也在附近的马达加斯加,塞舌尔群岛,毛里求斯,莫桑比克和南非的东海岸寻找。The reason? A powerful stream of currents circulating in the Indian Ocean, called a gyre. 这是为什么呢?因为在印度洋上形成巨大的循环水流,称为环流。译文属原创,。 /201508/396077In 2009, the Chinese government began a 300 million pound clear up2009年,政府开始了一项规模达3亿英镑的of Kashgar, demolishing mosques, markets and centuries-old houses对喀什的清理,拆除维族聚居的老城区里的清真寺in the Uyghur dominated old city.市场以及百年老屋How many people still live around here?还有多少人住在这,住在这周围吗About 200,000, more than half of the population of the Kashgar city大概有20万左右吧,喀什城半数以上的人口are living in the old city.聚居在老城It#39;s really packed now!实在是太拥挤了Is it because it#39;s convenient?是因为这里很方便吗Because they#39;ve been living in this town for many, many generations,是因为他们祖祖辈辈都住在这里about 1,000 years and, you know, they grew up here,大概有千年的历史了吧,他们都在这里长大they like their home, you know most of the houses are inherited他们爱自己的家,这些房子大多都是代代相传的from their, you know, parents, or grandparents.从他们父母,祖父母那里传给他Everybody knows each other in the neighbourhood.每个人都熟识他的邻居Right.嗯Many Uyghurs are trying hard to resist assimilation很多维族人都在反对with the Han Chinese.生活方式发生变化And one way they#39;re doing it is through food.其中一种方法就是通过食物One thing us Cantonese don#39;t eat much of is lamb.我们广东人确实是不太吃羊肉But in Kashgar, it#39;s both a ceremonial and an everyday meat.但是在喀什,节庆,平时都是要吃羊肉的And every Kashgari knows there#39;s only one place to buy it.同时,每个喀什人都知道只有一个地方能买得到Thousands of people swarm into Kashgar every Sunday每个星期天,数以千记的人涌进喀什for the livestock market.就为了到牲畜市场赶集It#39;s a disorientating cacophony of animals,这声音太刺耳了car horns and bartering traders.车的轰鸣声,人的讨价还价声Today is particularly busy because Noruz is coming up,今天貌似特别的热闹,因为诺鲁孜节(迎春)快到了an ancient Persian festival celebrated by Uyghurs,这是维族人保留下来的一个古老的波斯节庆which marks the coming of spring.这个节庆意味着春天要来了And lamb is as essential to that as turkey is to a British Christmas.一头羔羊是这一节庆的核心,就像火鸡对于英式圣诞一样重要With the market so busy,市场在继续忙碌着we#39;re relieved to have Mohammed#39;s friend Wahub to show us around.我们则让穆罕默德的朋友瓦呼德带我们四处闲逛一下 Article/201511/407952The Puritans looked around them,but all they could see from this king was a betrayal of the godly Reformation.清教徒们上下打量他们 而他们从查理身上看见的 只有对宗教改革的背叛Peace with Catholic Spain abroad,and at home, even worse,在外与天主教的西班牙握手言和 而在国内 情况则更糟a church ruled by bishops who were little better than Papists 大主教统治下的宗教与教皇统治半斤八两bishops who berated the puritans for having taken the Reformation too far.他们呵斥清教徒们 对于宗教改革过于狂热In the face of this cosmic battle,to stay still, to keep silent, was a sin and a crime.在这场浩大的战争中 坐以待毙 就是不可饶恕的罪恶For the Puritans,Charles I ought to have been a custom-built king,austere, decorous and chaste.对于清教徒们来说 查理一世本该是一个国王的典范 严谨 儒雅而高尚的The fact was, his religion still seemed to need Protestant mumbo-jumbo,all those signs and mysteries.但事实上 他的宗教信仰 似乎需要新教的种种神力 所有的符号和神话Even this would have been palatable had he not wanted to foist it on everyone else,to force everyone to kneel at its shrine.就算这些也能令人满意 如果他不欺骗他人 强迫人们跪在他的圣坛前The Puritans declared war against any creeping signs of Romanism in the Church 清教徒们发起了战争 反对教堂中任何耸人的天主教教义的标志paintings and statues, crucifixes and altar rails.画作 雕像 十字架和圣坛的扶手And it escaped nobody#39;s notice that Charles was married to a Catholic.而且众所周知 查尔斯娶了一个天主教的妻子These men were very much in a minority.这些人诚然是少数派But of course, being the elect,they expected to be in a minority,the party of redemption.但是 作为被选中之人 他们希望他们是少数派的 救赎党In fact, they glorified in the slightness of their numbers,the self-purifying troop of Gideon#39;s Army.实际上 他们对于人数的稀少感到很自豪 他们是自净的军队 基甸的勇士 /201703/495698

Without water, there can be no life,没有水就没有生命but its distribution over the land is far from even.不过,水在陆地上的分配极不平均Deserts cover one third of the land#39;s surface and they#39;re growing bigger every year.沙漠覆盖了地球表面的1/3,而且面积每年都在增大This is the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa.这里是南部非洲的卡拉哈里沙漠It#39;s the dry season and thousands of elephants have started to travel in desperate search for water.现在是旱季,数千头大象开始长途跋涉,不顾一切地寻找水源All across Southern Africa animals are journeying for the same reason.所有横穿南部非洲的野生动物都怀有同样的目的Buffalo join the great trek.非洲水牛也加入了这浩大的队伍Nowhere else on Earth are so many animals on the move with the same urgent purpose.如此之多的动物出于同一个紧急目的而进行大规模迁徙,这在地球上其它地方可看不到They#39;re all heading for the swamps of the Okavango, a vast inland delta.它们的目的地是奥卡万戈大沼泽,一片巨大的内陆三角洲At the moment it is dry, but water is coming.这时它仍处于旱季,可是水马上就要来了。The travellers are hampered by dangerous dust storms.肆虐的沙尘暴困住了这群迁徙的动物。 Article/201702/490412

栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201511/399305

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