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Iran's Nuclear Chief says IAEA Head 'Biased'伊朗核机构负责人称天野之弥“有偏见”It was another day of bullhorn diplomacy by Iran's top nuclear officials, who appear to be struggling to halt momentum for a new round of international sanctions. The head of Iran's atomic energy agency, Ali Akbar Salehi, began the day by calling IAEA chief Yukiya Amano "biased." 这又是伊朗高级核事务官员显示强硬外交态度的一天,他们似乎在竭力阻止新一轮国际制裁的趋势。在这一天开始之际,伊朗的原子能机构负责人萨利希指责国际原子能机构总干事天野之弥“存在偏见”。Salehi added that Iran hopes that Amano will change his approach. 萨利希补充说,伊朗希望天野之弥能改变他的态度。The remarks coincide with a meeting of the IAEA board in Vienna, which began Monday, in which Amano complained that Tehran "has not provided the agency with the necessary cooperation," and that he could "not confirm that all nuclear material in Iran is [being used] in peaceful activities."与此同时,刚巧国际原子能机构在维也纳召开董事会议。这次会议从星期一开始,天野之弥在会上指责德黑兰“没有给国际原子能机构提供必要的配合”,他“不能确定伊朗所有的核材料会被用于和平活动。”Amano's report to the IAEA board also stressed that Tehran may be working to develop a nuclear warhead, and its recent decision to enrich uranium to the 20-percent level could, in theory, give it the material needed to produce an atomic bomb.天野之弥向国际原子能机构董事会汇报时还强调说,德黑兰可能正在研制一枚核弹头,而其最近决定将铀提纯到20%的浓度,这从理论上说给伊朗提供了制造一枚原子弹所需的材料。Iran has repeatedly insisted that its nuclear program is intended for peaceful civilian purposes, but the West suspects it is covertly working to produce nuclear weapons.伊朗一再坚持自己的核项目只是出于和平的民用目的,但西方国家怀疑伊朗正在秘密制造核武器。Iran's Ambassador to the IAEA, Ali Asgar Soltaniyah, added his voice to the diplomatic debate Tuesday, insisting Iran has been cooperating in good faith with the IAEA.伊朗驻国际原子能机构的代表苏丹尼耶在星期二的外交辩论中发言,坚称伊朗一直坦诚地与该机构进行配合。201003/97736。

  • Paul McGuinness, manager of the rock band U2, discusses the battle against illegal music downloading The basic premise is the music industry is in a crisis. Tell us about it.Well,what's,what has replaced, physical product sales is an illegal peer to peer file sharing across the Internet, and that means that the industry which is decreasing in volume by about 15-20 percent a year is on the way to oblivion. Em, it will be followed by the movie industry, if cooperation from the ISPs on a worldwide basis, is not forthcoming.Where do you attach the blame in the primary sense?Well, that is very, very directly to the Internet service providers around the world who sell broadband subscriptions all over the world which are primarily used to illegally download content whether it's music, films, television programs or books. And what we would like the ISPs to do is, first of all, prevent the flow which they can do through filtering of illegal content, but also join us in a new business model, where they would actually collect on behalf of content owners and share that revenue, with record companies and film companies.Why has it been so hard to get these,these people on board to get some sort of shared arrangement?Well, personally, I believe the ISP industry has been quite cynical. They have claimed that it is not possible to filter. That's not true. And several courts in Europe in Belgium, and in Denmark and other countries have determined that this is not a good enough excuse. They must sooner or later take responsibility for this because what's happening is that the deluge of illegal content is now clogging up their pipes and they are unable to deal with the vast amount of illegal material passing through their systems.Now I know that baidu.com is one of those that's been singled out by the music industries, it's the biggest Chinese search engine, it's listed on Nasdaq and it's been subject/ to be deliberately named. We couldn't get Baidu to talk to us, but they issued a statement in which they say they believe in copyright protection. They have announced a series of partnerships with companies including EMI, Rock Music Group and more than half of the domestic recording companies in China. They take intellectual property rights seriously so they say they continue to work to fight piracy on the Internet. Sounds great, isn't it?It sounds very good, but I'm afraid the practice is not as good as the rhetoric. Baidu particularly made very very large sums from other people's content and passed on very very little of it to the content owners and the content makers, the musicians and the performers.Is there a legal strategy? Is there a legal place in which you can seek redress for this?Yes, the best example is what the French have decided to do. The French are introducing legislation which will, which will warn once, twice and then on the third time will disconnect a serial downloader of illegal material, illegal downloader of material. And that is being recommended by certainly the music industry to governments all over the world. It's known as the Olivennes Initiative and should become law later this year in France. And we certainly approve of that.And briefly, could U2 have been as big as it was if it was starting now, and can you...?It's not, this is really not a fight on U2's behalf. This really to the extent that I'm,I'm,I'm a representative. I'm representing all artists.Sure, but if a new band, a new potential U2's starting today, could it get it underway given that there’s such a leeching away of potential profits?It is a very big problem because the record companies, the traditional record companies are no longer able to make the investment in new talent that they used to be relied upon for.Fascinating. Paul McGuinness, glad to have you in here.Thank you.200812/59181。
  • When I was about 12 years old, I remember at Christmas one year being ashamed of how much I liked it because of all the presents I got. It's a pretty complicated thought for a 12 year old kid but I had it. I've always liked presents though. People send me a lot of things and I wish they wouldn't but I can't help liking them. Look at this - just a few of the things that have come in recently: this is a bottle of some kind of sauce. Now it's probably very good and from some one who likes me but it could be very bad and from someone who hates me too, so I don't dare eat it. Someone sent me this sports whistle. Why would anyone send me a whistle? The package says it's made of solid brass. It's triple plated and it has an extra sharp tone. Well good for it. But I certainly wouldn't want a whistle that was only double plated and made of brass that wasn't solid. This goes under a door to keep the draft out. Someone's idea of what John McCain and Barack Obama look like. Not my idea of what either of them look like but what do I know? "The American Government In Action" - this is a game. I never cared much for games. There's enough to play with in real life. "The Baseball Dictionary." This book has a lot more than I want to know about baseball. I'm a football fan. Baseball is too caught up with numbers for me. This is a pair of socks; I don't know who they’re for. They come up over my knees. I don’t know what these two bags are for - why would I want two of them anyway? This is called Almond Orange Honey. Seems like a good idea and the bees are certainly done a good job, but I never liked honey. I said I liked fudge and that I never got any good fudge anymore - I haven't had any good fudge in years - so a lot of people sent me good fudge. And I guess it's good. I haven't eaten all if it yet. I said I shine my own shoes. The letter that came with this stuff says it brings leather back to life. Nice to think about bringing leather back to life isn't it? I'll see if this brings my shoes back to life. I just hope my shoes don't eat my fudge.07/78634。
  • Bikini-clad baristas 1:28Brewing coffee in bikinis has some Washington locals up in arms. KING's Mimi Jung has the details. Sex sells, and here At Cowgirls Espresso in Bonney Lake business has never been better. The baristas here wear bikinis, nothing different they say than what you see at the beach. "You see people, you know, out on the lake in their swimsuits and I don't see how it's any different, right? We are just making coffee."But it is what this mother saw at another Espresso stand that really gave her a jolt. "All of a sudden, my kids that were in the back of the car said: "Mom, there is a naked lady!"Tawnya McLavey says inside Hot Chick-a-Latte was a pasty-clad barista serving coffee. "From her middle, up, nothing but two stickers."That's why McLavey is organizing a protest in Bonney Lake this Memorial Day weekend as a way to send a message. "I just thought there could be a law to say, you know, these are "adults only" facilities, not for children and there is no warning, and… and seeing a barista just in pasties, you know, out in the open, on a busy road, it…it's just terrifying."She even started a clothing drive for the baristas, to which the workers at Cowgirls Espresso say bring 'em here, they'll put those clothes to good use. We are just coming back and say, ok, if you, if you want to drop off your clothes for us and we will take them and we are going to donate them to a local charity.pasties: small round coverings for a woman's nipples worn especially by a stripteaser barista: one who has acquired some level of expertise in the preparation of espresso-based coffee drinks. 200812/59746。
  • Obama Says Economy, Security Are Top Priorities奥巴马:经济、安全是首要议题  U.S. President-elect Barack Obama says he intends to do whatever it takes to stabilize the U.S. economy, restore consumer confidence and create jobs. Mr. Obama spoke during his first major post-election interview. 美国当选总统奥巴马说,他将尽一切可能稳定美国经济、恢复消费者信心和创造就业机会。奥巴马是在总统大选之后首次接受重大采访时说这番话的。Speaking Sunday night on the CBS news program, 60 Minutes, President-elect Barack Obama laid out what are the top priorities his new administration will face.  在美国哥伦比亚广播公司的“60分钟”新闻节目中,当选总统奥巴马列出了他的新政府将面临的优先议题。Mr. Obama said he has spent days since the November 4 election planning to stabilize the economy. He credited Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson for trying to remedy the financial crisis and refrained from criticizing efforts by the Bush Administration. 奥巴马说,自从11月4号的总统大选之后,他花了很多天的时间计划如何稳定美国经济。他对财政部长保尔森在为金融危机提供解救办法方面所做的努力表示认可,而且避免对布什政府的努力提出批评。"We have got an unprecedented crisis, or at least something that we have not seen since the first depression," Obama said. "And I think Hank [U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson] would be the first to acknowledge that probably not everything that has been done has worked the way he had hoped it would work. But I am less interested in looking backward than I am in looking forwards." 他说:“我们面临的是一个前所未有的危机,至少是自从第一次大萧条以来所没有见过的。我想,财政部长保尔森会是第一个承认这样一个事实的人,即使不是所有已经采取的行动都像他希望的那样收到了效果。但是我对回头看没有兴趣,我要朝前看。”Mr. Obama said fighting back a deepening recession is more important than balancing the country's budget. He also said it is important to restore faith in financial markets to allow the economy to move forward in a strong way. 奥巴马说,对抗一个日益加深的衰退比平衡美国的预算要更为重要。他表示,恢复金融市场的信心,使经济得以强有力地向前发展是非常重要的。"We have to do whatever it takes to get this economy moving again," he noted. "We are going to have to spend money now to stimulate the economy. And that we should not worry about the deficit next year or even the year after. That, short term, the most important thing is that we avoid a deepening recession." 他说:“我们不得不采取一切必要的措施使经济再次启动起来。我们现在不得不靠增加出来刺激经济。而且我们不应该担心明年或是后年的财政赤字。在短期内,最重要的事是避免一场日益加深的衰退。”Mr. Obama said he intends to focus on homeowners facing foreclosure. The president-elect said the government should set up a system of negotiation between banks and borrowers to help people stay in their homes. 奥巴马说,他将把注意力放在那些面临丧失房屋赎回权的房主身上。这位当选总统表示,政府应该为和借贷者之间的谈判设立一个机制,帮助大家保留自己的房子。Concerning national security matters, Mr. Obama said he will make the selection of his national security team a top priority because transition periods are times of vulnerability to terrorist attacks."We want to make sure that there is as seamless a transition on national security as possible," Obama stressed. 他说:“我们要确保国家安全上的过渡尽可能天衣无缝。”Mr. Obama reaffirmed his campaign pledges to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and to work with military commanders to draw down U.S. troops in Iraq. He said he also plans to capture or kill al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, saying doing so will be a critical aspect of stamping out the terrorist network. 奥巴马在接受采访时再次重申了他在竞选期间做出的关闭古巴关塔那湾监狱以及同军事指挥官协商从伊拉克撤军的承诺。Mr. Obama acknowledged meeting with former Democratic primary rival Senator Hillary Clinton last week. But he refused to say whether she was being considered for secretary of state, as has been widely reported. 奥巴马承认上个星期同曾经是他的民主党总统提名初选对手希拉里.克林顿参议员进行了会晤。但是他拒绝说希拉里是否会像媒体普遍报导的那样是国务卿的人选。Mr. Obama will be sworn into office on January 20. 奥巴马将在明年1月20号宣誓就职。200811/56496。
  • Airlines pinch passengers Major air carriers are passing increased fuel costs on to passengers in the form of surcharges and feesIt really comes down to jet fuel prices,if you think about it just as we are paying more to fuel up our cars,and on much larger scale the airlines are paying more to fuel up their planes.Jet fuel prices are up a whopping 200% over last year and that's affecting everyone's bottomline. Talk about going up,up and away,jet fuel prices are sky high and climbing.A tough combination especially for low-cost airlines.Those low fares are just simply not enough to cover the high cost of fuel.Three airlines folded under the pressuring recent weeks,ATA,Aloha and Sky Bus,all closed up shop,leaving passengers holding their bags and looking for a way home. We decided to rent a car,that is our cheapest way to get back.Vigor carriers are also feeling the pain.American,the nation's biggest has stopped tiring.Delta is looking to cut 2000 jobs.Continental has hinted it could follow suit.North Western ed say they'll fly fewer planes.And then there are the extra fees,checking more than one bag,be y to pay up an extra 50 bucks on most airlines.Wanna talk to a real person on the phone or bring fight along on your flight you got it,pay up. Airlines have to become more creative about how they make money,we are now paying for things that once were included in the cost of an airline ticket.We are paying another price too.Customer complaint shot up 60% last year according to new numbers from the Airline Quality Survey.There were more delays with one out of every four fights showing up late. Airlines trying to fuel flight's take capacity men,more people got bunt,even though they had tickets. And luggage,good luck finding it,the number of bags lost also up for the year.The airlines as an industry just returned to profit ability last year after that rough period following 9.11,that makes what's happening now,all the more paniful and it's painful for the passenger too,those higher cost at the airlines are paying most certainly are being passed on to the flying public.Lina Chow,CNN,New York.01/60971。
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