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to bum someone out ———— 使……懊恼英文释义 To annoy or disappoint someone.例句 It bummed me out when I missed my flight to my brothers wedding.错过了前去参加我兄弟婚礼的航班让我很懊恼。 /201605/445090青岛鼻部整形医院探索世界奥秘之万里长城 6It is a staggering 2,700 miles longer than the first Great Wall of the Emperor Qin. There is no wood, water or stone in the desert. But the Han managed to build a wall that has resisted 2,000 years of erosion. You can still see the layers constructed with only local materials, layers of compressed sand, twigs, bark, tamarisk and horse manure. The wall has withstood conditions that alternated between torrid heat for half the year and freezing winds for the rest. Building this wall in the middle of the barren desert was only half the task. It had to be manned. Soldiers were constantly told to be vigilant and not to move an inch from their posts. This was particularly true of those manning these towers, built miles in front of the actual wall. Despite millions of soldiers in the army, the wall was so long they didn't have enough men to post a sentry every few yards, so plenty of advance warning from these towers was crucial. Using smoke signals, the Chinese evolved a highly sophisticated and successful signaling system. A beacon lit here in the Gobi can pass its message some 700 miles in only 24 hours, alerting the entire frontier to the danger. "Chariots and horsemen are directed to keep on guard and the men at the watchtowers to keep a sharp lookout for fire signals and keep the border clear." says a Han military document. Each beacon was constructed within clear view of its nearest neighbor so that fire signals at night or smoke in the day could be seen and the message passed on. And this was their most precious commodity in the barren desert. It is firewood, used to light the ancient signal fires. It's still here where it was abandoned some 2,000 years ago. We know so much about these ancient lives because the dry Gobi Desert has preserved their letters, buried next to the watchtowers where they lived and often died. Dear all, in this far-off labor camp, I miss clear grounds in the middle of the sands. This is no camp. It's like a tomb. And I miss you so much. Last week, I received a punishment. I can't express properly (coldest . . .) my gratitude toward you, dear elder brother. Do you remember that night? (Dear old parents) We drank so much.Thanks for the food and medicine you sent to me. Words can't translate what my heart feels for you. There is only something for you…Today, we made 150 bricks . . . We all look like slaves. The moon is shining through a sea of clouds. When we are on guard, all we can see is this desolate landscape, devoid of any sign of life. The memory of our home become so painful. Our exile seems as though it will never end. torrid: scorching; burningman: supply with men, as for defense or servicedevoid of: completely wanting or lacking200707/15846山大齐鲁医院青岛院区正规吗会不会乱收费3 索赔原因3句英文任你选Have you found the cause of the breakfast?你们找到了破损的原因吗?It is obvious that it was due to careless packing.很明显包装太马虎了。Well let you know when we find out the reason.我们查明原因后会通知贵方。半个句型要记牢find out(找出,查明,发现)Tip:find out表示查明(真相等);查出……的罪行;揭发出;使受惩罚(或报应),如:查明(真相等): Ill find out her secret. (我要弄清她的秘密。), All you have to do is to find out the KEY to escape. (你所要做的就是找到藏在某个馒头里的钥匙然后逃跑。)另外还有;对(某弱处)起作用;的意思,如: This cold weather finds out my old wound.这个寒冷的天气使我的老伤发作了。 /201605/434153Indonesia Cancels Plans to Reopen Stock Market Amid Global Financial Turmoil印度尼西亚连续三天关闭股市 Indonesia kept its stock market closed for a third consecutive day Friday to stem panic selling as global markets continued to fall over concerns about the U.S. financial crisis.就在美国金融危机引发全球股市下跌之际,印度尼西亚连续第三天关闭股市以防止恐慌抛售。The Jakarta Stock Exchange President Erry Firmansyah told reporters plans to reopen the market Friday were shelved to "protect investors and prevent further sharp falls."雅加达券交易所总裁艾利.佛曼斯亚告诉记者说,原定星期五开市的计划被迫推迟,主要原因是为了“保护投资者以及防止股市继续滑坡”。Indonesian authorities had planned to reopen the market after a two-day suspension, but shelved the idea after Asian stocks fell Friday morning as traders dumped stocks in favor of cash amid the global uncertainty.印尼政府原计划在闭市两天后重新开市,但是由于全球经济前景难料,交易商继续在股市抛售以取得现金,亚洲股市星期五普遍下跌,印尼政府只好推迟这个计划。Fuad Rahmani, head of Indonesia's capital market watchdog, says the market might resume trading on Monday.印尼资本市场监管机构的负责人弗阿德.拉马尼说,印尼股市可能会在星期一复市。"We hope we will be better prepared for Monday to open the market…because the market [has] become very irrational, we have to feed the right information to the market so then the market can take decision more rationally on Monday," he said.拉马尼说:“我们希望到星期一的时候我们会准备的更充分。市场现在缺乏理性,我们必须向市场发出正确的信息。这样,星期一,市场会做出更加理性的决定。”Indonesia's benchmark index dropped more than 20 percent this week, driven by the financial turmoil in the ed States, and has fallen 47 percent this year.由于受到美国金融动荡的波及,印尼基准股市指数本星期下跌了20%,今年已经下滑了47%。Late Thursday evening the government announced new measures to safeguard the economy, including easing reserve requirements for commercial banks, making it easier for listed firms to conduct share buybacks, and easing accounting rules on the fair value of assets.星期四晚间,印尼政府宣布了新的经济救助方案。其中包括放松对商业的资本储备要求,简化上市公司股权回购,以及采用更灵活的资产定价会计制度。But Helmi Arman, economist at Bank Danamon Indonesia, says the new government measures are unlikely to calm the stock market, the money market, or the banking sector.不过,印尼金融的经济师赫尔米.阿尔曼说,这些新举措很难稳定股市、货币市场、以及业。"Everybody's got their eyes on what's happening globally. This is more of a global rather than a domestic issue that's driving down the market. The measures that they've taken, for instance, relaxing of market rules and easing of reserve requirements - it's positive, it's better than nothing," he said. "But whether or not it can stop the decline in the market - I think it will do very little, honestly."阿尔曼说:“每个人都在关注全球动态。推动市场下滑的不是国内因素,而是国际因素。政府的一些措施,比如放松市场规则和降低资本储备要求,这些是积极的动作,可以说是聊胜于无。不过,老实说,这些措施能否阻止市场的继续下滑,我看作用不大。”Along with plunging Asian markets, Asian currencies were also battered Friday prompting dollar selling intervention in Indonesia, India, and South Korea.在亚洲股市下跌的同时,亚洲一些主要货币星期五也遭受重创,促使印尼、印度、以及韩国等国家采取销售美元的措施来加以干预。200810/52537胶州人民医院整形价格表

李村中心医院评价烟台毓璜顶冰点脱毛Red Cross Warns of Further Misery for Burma's Cyclone Victims红十字警告缅甸灾民将面临新苦难   The International Red Cross says heavy rains will bring new misery to survivors of the cyclone in Burma's Irrawaddy Delta region.  国际红十字会说,暴雨将给缅甸伊洛瓦底三角洲地区的强热带风暴灾民带来新的苦难。Officials with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies fear rain during the next few days will worsen conditions for tens of thousands of people made homeless by Cyclone Nargis.  国际红十字会和红新月会的官员担心,未来几天的降雨将使在纳尔吉斯强热带风暴中失去家园的数十万民众的处境雪上加霜。Red Cross officials in Bangkok said the seasonal rains will bring new floods and complicate relief efforts.  在曼谷的红十字会官员说,季节性的降雨将造成新的洪水,并且给救援努力带来麻烦。The ed Nations and aid organizations fear more than 120,000 people perished in the storm, which came ashore May 2. Now 2.5 million people are in urgent need of water, food, shelter and medical assistance.  联合国和各救援组织担心,5月2号的强热带风暴造成多达12万多人死亡。目前,有250万人急需水、食物、住处和医疗援助。A Red Cross coordinator in Thailand, Joanna Maclean, says international relief workers need more access to the region. She warns that Burmese relief workers and volunteers will soon be exhausted from the effort to help storm victims.  在泰国的一名红十字会协调员乔安娜.麦克林说,应当允许更多的国际救援人员进入灾区。她警告说,缅甸救援人员和志愿人员很快将在救灾行动中筋疲力尽。"Of course those working, they are going to be burnt out very quickly and this is a long-term effort," she said. "If there can be additional support either from the region from outside or with additional people brought in - to work with the Myanmar Red Cross and with the International Federation - then that absolutely has to happen." 她说:“当然,那些参加救援的人员将会很快耗尽体力,而这是一项长期的工作。 如果没有来自本地区和外面的更多帮助,或者不让更多人进去跟缅甸红十字会和国际红十字会一道工作,那种情况势必会发生。”Relief efforts are slowly being stepped up. But Burma's military government has been reluctant to allow international aid workers into the country to direct the effort. Some aid experts and storm survivors say only a small number of victims have received help. 救援作业目前在缓慢加速。但是,缅甸军政府一直不愿意准许国际救援人员进入缅甸指导救援努力。一些救援专家和风暴幸存者说,只有少数灾民得到了援助。Burma's government has come under intense international pressure to allow in aid. The senior U.N. relief expert is headed to Burma to discuss relief efforts.  缅甸政府受到强烈的国际压力,要求它准许救援物资和人员进入。联合国高级救援专家正在前往缅甸,商讨救援事宜。Despite the warnings of aid agencies, Burmese officials told Thailand's prime minister they do not need international aid workers and say there have not been widesp hunger or disease among the survivors.  尽管救援机构发出警告,缅甸政府官员对泰国总理表示,缅甸不需要国际救援人员,强热带风暴的幸存者当中也没有出现普遍的饥饿和疾病。Meanwhile, Burma's government says 92 percent of voters approved a new constitution in a referendum held Saturday in areas that were less affected by the storm. International rights activists criticized the government for going ahead with the vote, given the storm damage.  与此同时,缅甸政府说,上个星期六在没有遭受风暴危害的地区举行的全民公决中,有百分之九十二的选民投票赞同新宪法。国际人权活动人士批评缅甸政府在缅甸大灾之后依然举行这样的全民公决。The government says the new constitution is another step in its path to democracy. But the main opposition party, the National League for Democracy, and other rights groups condemn the draft constitution, which they say will only keep the military in power. 缅甸政府说,新宪法是走向民主的又一步。但是,主要的反对党全国民主联盟和其他人权团体强烈谴责政府推出的宪法草案,说这个草案的目的就是让军方继续掌权。200805/39107US Envoy Arrives in North Korea, Hoping to Break Stalemate美特使抵平壤期说北韩履行承诺 Washington's main envoy on the North Korean nuclear issue is in Pyongyang, aiming to convince leaders there not to reverse promises they made last year. If the talks fail, the stage could be set for the North to produce more material that can be used for nuclear weapons.美国北韩核问题特使抵达平壤,希望能够说北韩领导人不要违背他们去年所作的承诺。 如果会谈失败,北韩可能会生产更多用于制造核武器的材料。U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill made the short drive Wednesday from Seoul to South Korea's heavily armed border with North Korea, headed for a rare visit to Pyongyang.美国国务院助理国务卿希尔星期三从首尔驱车前往和北韩接壤的重兵把守的边境线,准备对平壤进行一次不同寻常的访问。Hill has been the point man in six-nation negotiations aimed at getting rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons capabilities. He says Pyongyang's recent moves to eject international inspectors and resume activity at its main nuclear reactor have dealt a serious blow to the process.希尔是北韩无核化六方会谈的关键人物。他说,平壤最近驱逐国际核查人员以及恢复其主要核反应堆的作法都对和谈进程造成了严重的打击。"What they've been doing obviously goes counter the spirit of what we've been trying to accomplish... so I would say we're in a very difficult, very tough phase of the negotiation," he said.希尔说:“他们的所作所为显然和我们努力要实现的目标背道而驰,因此我认为我们正处于非常艰难的谈判阶段。”Before leaving the South, Hill told reporters he wants to persuade North Korea to fulfill its promise to set up verification for the nuclear declaration it made earlier this year. American and South Korean officials say the North offered clear verbal assurances at Beijing talks, last year, it would agree to a verification system in line with usual international practices - such as surprise visits by international inspectors to nuclear sites.希尔离开首尔之前对媒体表示,他希望说北韩恪守承诺,为今年稍早公布的核清单建立核查机制。美国和韩国官员说,北韩去年在北京曾做出明确的口头承诺,将接受符合国际惯例的核查机制,其中包括国际核查人员对核设施的突然检查等。Hill says he understands the North is reluctant to follow through, but says the process cannot move forward without a verification agreement.希尔表示,他了解北韩不情愿接受核查,但是没有核查机制,去核过程就无法向前推进。"It's not to say that we're going to have anything verified. The verification will actually take place later on," he said. "But we need to know what the rules of the road are for verification."希尔说:“这并不是说我们就要检查所有的东西,其实核查还要稍后才会进行。但是我们需要知道核查的规则是什么。”In August, President Bush cited the North's delay on a verification agreement when he decided not to remove North Korea from a State Department list of nations suspected of sponsoring terrorism. North Korea has maintained the verification issue is separate from the American promise to remove it from the terror list. 今年8月,布什总统决定不将北韩从国务院列出的持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,原因就是北韩拖延就核查机制达成协议。北韩则坚持说,核查问题跟美国将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上除名的承诺是两回事。South Korea's Yonhap news agency es an unnamed South Korean government source as saying there are signs of activity near the site of North Korea's 2006 underground nuclear test. The source in the report speculates North Korea may be trying to repair the site - possibly for a followup test - and says the South is monitoring the activity closely.韩国联合通讯社引述没有透露姓名的官方消息人士的话说,在接近北韩2006年地下核试验的地点,又出现了活动迹象,估计北韩可能在试图修复这个地方,有可能是为了继续进行核试验。这位消息人士说,韩国正在严密监视有关活动。200810/51428青岛丰胸医院EU Ministers Reach Agreement on Immigration Pact欧盟成员国就移民政策达成协议   European Union ministers reached broad agreement on a common immigration and asylum policy during a meeting in France. France holds the rotating EU presidency, wants the proposal to be formally adopted in October. 欧盟各国部长在法国开会期间就统一的移民和庇护政策达成一项内容广泛的协议。欧盟轮值主席国法国希望这项协议在10月份获得正式通过。Authored by the French government, the proposed immigration and asylum guidelines aim to set common European standards for legal and illegal immigrants. They would toughen policies against illegal immigration - for example, making sure those caught are expelled while basing legal immigration criteria on the needs of individual European Union states.  这项拟议中的移民和庇护指导方针由法国政府执笔,目的是为欧盟各国在合法和非法移民问题上制定统一标准。新协议对非法移民采取严厉政策,比如确保那些被抓到的非法移民被驱逐出境,而合法移民的标准则根据欧盟各个国家的需要。France also wants to establish common European asylum policies. 法国还希望建立共同的欧盟难民庇护政策。A number of European interior and justice ministers meeting in the resort city Cannes hailed the French proposals, with Greece's interior minister saying he hoped it would be finalized by the end of France's EU presidency in December. The Interior minister of Spain, which has voiced reservations about parts of the French proposals, said he was "satisfied." 在法国度假城市戛纳出席会议的许多欧盟成员国内政和司法部长欢迎法国的建议。希腊内政部长表示,希望法国的欧盟轮值主席国在12月期满之前最后通过这项协议。西班牙内政部长对法国的建议表示“满意”,不过对其中的部分内容保留意见。The proposed guidelines have been amended to take into account European concerns. French calls for European nations to reject mass regularization of illegal immigrants, which Italy and Spain have done in recent years, has been watered down, as has a French demand that immigrants sign a so-called "integration contract." 所提议的指导方针在修改时顾及了欧洲的担忧。法国呼吁欧洲国家拒绝让大批非法移民的身份合法化。意大利和西班牙近年来已经这样做了。而法国要求移民签署一个所谓的“融入契约”, 以这一措施来缓冲大规模身份合法化的做法。But immigrant rights groups like CIMADE are critical of the immigration pact. Sonia Lokku, the head of the non-governmental organization's international cooperation department, says the proposals are based more on European security concerns than on human rights or Europe's economic needs. 不过,非政府组织“帮助离散者互助会”等移民权利团体对欧盟的移民协议提出批评。“帮助离散者互助会”国际合作部负责人索妮亚.洛库表示,这项协议主要考虑欧盟国家的安全,而不是人权或者欧盟的经济需要。"Europe needs immigration a lot," she said. "It has been made clear for geographic reasons but also for economic reasons. There are lots of reasons for a country such as Spain, for instance, to have mass regularizations. Because they realize that migrants contribute a lot to the economy once they are at the peak of their growth.  洛库说:“欧盟需要大量移民。无论从地理因素还是经济原因看来,这都是显而易见的。对于像西班牙这样的国家来说,有充分理由让非法移民大规模合法化。因为,他们认识到一旦他们的经济增长达到顶点时,流动人口将对经济做出许多贡献。”"And once they are regularized and once they become documented migrants they also pay taxes, they contribute to the social security system, to the pension system and so on. So it is really a win-win situation," she continued. “而且一旦这些流动人口合法化,成为有移民,他们还纳税,对社会福利保障制度、养老金制度等都有贡献。因此这的确是双赢的局面。”In recent years, a number of EU countries have been cracking down on illegal aliens, alarmed by the tens of thousands of would-be immigrants arriving on their shores each year. At the same time, immigrant rights groups like CIMADE argue that an aging Europe will need more immigrants in its labor force in the future. 每年都有数万名有可能成为移民的人进入一些欧盟成员国,给这些国家造成恐慌,因此近年来它们一直在打击非法移民。而同时,“帮助离散者互助会”等移民权利组织认为,人口老龄化的欧洲将来会需要更多移民补充劳动力的不足。200807/43628青岛市第八人民医院祛疤多少钱

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