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本期内容:Cleanup continues in Chinas eastern Fujian and Zhejiang provinces following deadly typhoon Merantis landfall Thursday, but the region is also on the alert as typhoon Malakas approaches.随着强台风;莫兰蒂;在周四的登陆,中国东部省份福建和浙江遭到袭击,清理工作还在继续。但是,台风警报仍未解除,因为台风;马勒卡;正在逼近。At least 13 people in China were killed in the wake of Meranti, the Associated Press reported, and another 14 are missing. Millions of homes also lost electricity.据美联社报道,;莫兰蒂;台风在中国至少造成了13人死亡,另有14人失踪,数百万人断电。On Saturday, typhoon Malakas brushed Taiwans eastern coast, closing offices and schools and disrupting transportation in the countrys capital, Taipei. No major damage was reported, despite wind gusts near 200 kilometers per hour.周六,台风;马勒卡;袭卷台湾东部海岸,导致台北政府机关停工,学校停课,交通中断。风速达到了200千米/小时,但是没有重大伤亡报道。单词及实用短语:1. cleanup 英 [ kli:n#652;p ] 美 [ kli:n#716;#652;p ] 清扫;清除(污染物); 清理; 整顿2. deadly 英 [#712;dedli ] 美 [#712;d#603;dli ] 极端的,非常的;致命的,致死的3. landfall [l#230;ndf#596;#720;l] n.登陆;着陆4. approach 英[#601;pr#601;#650;t#643;] 美[#601;prot#643;] n. 方法;途径;接近 vt. 接近;着手处理 vi. 靠近5. In the wake of 由于,因某件事...6. gust 英 [g#652;st] 美 [ɡ#652;st] 一阵狂风;风味; 突发的一阵; (感情)迸发 (风)猛刮关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201610/469441。

unit 448办理登记dialogue 英语情景对话A:Is this the right counter to check in for this flight?A:这次班机是在这个柜台办理登记手续吗?B:Yes,it is. Please put your luggage on the scale.B:是的。请将您的行李放在秤上。A:You luggage is overweight. The free allowance for luggage is 20 kilos.A:您的行李超重了。免费行李限额是20公斤。B:Oh, can I keep this little suitcase as hand-luggage?B:哦,那我可以把这个小手提箱随身携带吗?A:OK, in this way its just below the limit.A:可以,这样您的行李刚好低于限额。A:Heres your ticket and your boarding card.A:这是您的机票和登机牌。B:All right. I will begin boarding soon.B:好的,我马上要登机了。 /201606/450993。

讲解文本:why bother 何苦呢,何必烦恼呢bother 烦恼,操心Nothing I do makes any difference, so why bother?既然我做什么都于事无补,还何苦费那个劲呢?The exam is coming anyway, why bother?考试终会到来的,何必烦恼呢?You aly know the end, so why bother seeing it?嗯,你已经知道结局了嘛,何必还要去看?疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201608/460253。

Katia: Hello Felipe, how are you?卡蒂亚:你好,菲利佩,你好吗?Felipe: Fine thank you and you?菲利佩:我很好,谢谢,你呢?Katia: Good, good. Listen, I heard that you know a lot about Ecuadorean food. Can you tell me a little bit about it? What is your favorite or what is it that you dont like? Can you just enlighten me a little bit?卡蒂亚:我也很好。我听说你对厄瓜多尔食物非常了解。你能跟我说说吗?你最喜欢的厄瓜多尔食物是什么?你不喜欢哪些食物?你能稍微给我介绍一下吗?Felipe: Well, in Ecuador, well pretty much all the food in Ecuador is delicious. For example, we have frita which is some fried meat, pork meat, and also potatoes and corn because I love corn and theres also some typical dish called ceviche. Ceviche is a coastal traditional food and its made out of shrimps and lemon and tomato. I think its quite unique and nowhere else in the world you can find something like that. Its quite delicious. And theres also a really spicy food so maybe thats the kind of food that I dont like too much because its too spicy and it makes you sweat.菲利佩:好,厄瓜多尔几乎所有的食物都非常好吃。比如佛瑞塔,这是用炒肉、猪肉、土豆和玉米做的美食,我喜欢玉米,我们还有很多不同种类的水果,所以我们会用这些水果来做果汁和各种甜点。厄瓜多尔还有一种传统美食——酸橘汁腌鱼。这是一种沿海地区的传统美食,是用虾、柠檬和番茄做的。我认为这是厄瓜多尔特有的美食,世界其他地方没有这种食物。这道菜非常美味。厄瓜多尔也有非常辣的食物,可是我不太喜欢那种食物,因为太辣了,辣到会让人冒汗。Katia: It sounds actually very exotic. What about staple food in Ecuador? What is it, the staple food? For example in Mexico we have tortilla. What about Ecuador, what is the most common food?卡蒂亚:听起来很有异国风情。厄瓜多尔有什么主食?厄瓜多尔的主食是什么?像墨西哥的主食是墨西哥薄馅饼。那厄瓜多尔呢,厄瓜多尔最常见的食物是什么?Felipe: Well, yeah, in Ecuador we also have tortillas but they have different names. For example we have arepas which are made of corn also so the staple food in Ecuador is similar to Mexico and Colombia also because its made, its composed of corn and potatoes and mainly people in Ecuador they love potatoes and corn and especially corn because there are many different kinds of corn so they can make many different kinds of soups and also a kind of a b made of corn and cookies and so on.菲利佩:厄瓜多尔也有薄馅饼,不过名字不一样。我们厄瓜多尔有用玉米做的玉米饼,可以说厄瓜多尔的主食同墨西哥和哥伦比亚的类似,因为也是用玉米和土豆做成的,厄瓜多尔有很多人喜欢土豆和玉米,人们尤其喜欢玉米,因为厄瓜多尔有很多种玉米,他们可以用玉米做不同的汤、面包和小饼干。Katia: Hmm, it really sounds delicious. Now Im very curious to try it but thank you for enlightening me about Ecuadorean food.卡蒂亚:嗯,听起来很美味。我现在非常想品尝一下,谢谢你给我介绍厄瓜多尔的美食。Felipe: Oh, youre welcome. Have a nice trip.菲利佩:哦,不客气。祝你旅途愉快。Katia: Thank you.卡蒂亚:谢谢。 译文属 /201612/482687。

Daniel: And while we drink this, we dance cueca.丹尼尔:我们通常一边喝酒一边跳奎卡舞。Olga: What is cueca?奥尔嘉:什么是奎卡舞?Daniel: Cueca is our national dance.丹尼尔:奎卡舞是智利国舞。Olga: How do you, how can you explain it?奥尔嘉:你能介绍一下吗?Daniel: Its about, OK, its the Chilean cowboy dancing in order to flirt with the girl.丹尼尔:好,这是智利牛仔为了和女孩调情而跳的舞。Olga: Do you wear any kind of special dress?奥尔嘉:那要穿特别的装吗?Daniel: Yes. The girl is wearing a long dress.丹尼尔:对。女生要穿长裙。Olga: Yes.奥尔嘉:好。Daniel: And the guy is wearing sombrero.丹尼尔:男生要戴阔边帽。Olga: Yeah.奥尔嘉:好。Daniel: Its not like, its not as big as Mexican sombrero but its smaller and a small poncho.丹尼尔:不是墨西哥的那种大阔边帽,比那个要小一些,男生还要穿庞乔斗篷。Olga: Oh yeah, I think Ive seen it before. Yeah, like the small poncho is like almost like every time its brown and with like kind of like colorful lines?奥尔嘉:哦,好,我以前看到过。是那种小的庞乔斗篷,通常是棕色底色条纹的,对吧?Daniel: Yes.丹尼尔:对。Olga: Oh yeah, Ive seen it before, yeah.奥尔嘉:哦好,我以前看到过。Daniel: And we also wear boots and spurs which makes it really, really difficult to dance.丹尼尔:我们还要穿靴子,靴子上要配靴刺,这使跳舞变得很难。Olga: Have you danced it before?奥尔嘉:你以前跳过这种舞吗?Daniel: I have but I dont think I succeeded.丹尼尔:我跳过,不过我想我没有成功。Olga: Oh, I see. And what do you mean its kind of romantic dance?奥尔嘉:哦,我明白了。你为什么说这是种浪漫的舞蹈?Daniel: It is a romantic dance.丹尼尔:这是浪漫舞蹈。Olga: How?奥尔嘉:为什么?Daniel: Because you have to flirt with the girl.丹尼尔:因为是用来和女孩调情的。Olga: Oh, I see.奥尔嘉:哦,我明白了。Daniel: Thats the point of the dance.丹尼尔:这是这种舞蹈的精髓。Olga: And is it, does it mean anything? Does it have any meaning?奥尔嘉:这有什么意义吗?有意义吗?Daniel: Its related to how, because we use a handkerchief so its how, it symbolizes a rope so you can, you have to catch the girl with your rope.丹尼尔:这与……因为我们要跳舞时要用手帕,这象征着绳子,代表你可以用绳子套住那个女孩。Olga: Oh, I see, thats pretty cute.奥尔嘉:哦,我明白了,这太可爱了。Daniel: Yeah, it is.丹尼尔:对,没错。 译文属 /201611/474803。