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The company behind China’s home-grown range of armed drones is to seek a public listing in a sign of new openness to private capital in the country’s secretive defence industry.中国一家自主生产武装无人机的公司将寻求公开上市,表明中国神秘的国防工业对民间资本进一步开放。Nanyang Technology, a little-known and mostly inactive company aly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, 南洋科技(Nanyang Technology)是一家鲜为人知、通常行事低调的公司,本身已在深圳券交易所上市。quietly moved last summer to acquire the unit that makes the Caihong (Rainbow) series of drones from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), according to two people briefed on the plans.两位听取过相关计划介绍的人士表示,今年夏天,南洋科技悄然对中国航天科技集团公司(CASC)旗下制造虹系列无人机的公司启动了收购。Once the acquisition is complete, Nanyang will change its name and allow investors to pick up shares in what amounts to a backdoor public offering. 一旦完成了收购,南洋科技将变更该公司名称,允许投资者认购这家借壳上市的公司的股票。The new name for the drone maker has not yet been publicly announced.该无人机制造公司的新名称目前尚未对外公布。In addition to military drones, the unit also makes two types of air-to-ground missiles eagerly sought by Middle Eastern and African buyers. 除了制造军用无人机,该公司还生产两款颇受中东和非洲买家欢迎的空对地导弹。Many of those governments have been refused military drones by the US, which has raised concerns about how they will be used. 美国拒绝向这些地区许多国家的政府出售军用无人机,主要出于对无人机用途的担忧。Chinese drones have aly appeared in conflicts in Iraq, Yemen and Nigeria.而中国制造的无人机已经出现在伊拉克、也门以及尼日利亚的冲突中。The planned listing has aly led the company to open itself up to unprecedented public scrutiny. 此次上市计划使该公司史无前例地暴露在公众目光之下。On Tuesday CASC held the first press conference in its history, inviting Chinese journalists and one western publication to a briefing by its chief engineer and a tour of a training facility.周二,中国航天科技集团公司举行了公司历史上首次新闻发布会,邀请中国媒体及一家西方新闻机构的记者听取了其首席工程师的情况简报并参观了一处训练设施。The target market was evident by the computer graphics on the training centre’s computer simulation: a Middle Eastern desert landscape laced with palm groves and a terrorist training camp that trainee pilots learn to bomb.该训练中心计算机模拟的电脑图像清楚地表明了该公司的目标市场:画面中包括一片点缀着棕榈树的中东沙漠以及一个供受训飞行员学习投弹的恐怖分子训练营。The bestselling CH-4 drone is remarkably similar in appearance to General Atomics’ MQ-9 Reaper that has been widely used in combat by the US.卖得最好的虹4无人机在外观上神似美国通用原子公司(General Atomics)生产的、美军广泛应用于作战的MQ-9死神(Reaper)无人机。It’s not a direct copy, but it sure does look familiar, said Peter Singer, an expert on drone warfare at the New America Foundation in Washington. 这不是直接仿造,但看起来的确很眼熟,华盛顿新美国基金会(New America Foundation)无人机作战专家彼得.辛格(Peter Singer)说,So it’s either pure coincidence, or something else. 所以,要么纯属巧合,要么是什么别的原因。I’ll take something else.我相信后者。CASC declined to detail its export markets, but a spokesman said there were currently 10-20 end users. 中国航天科技集团公司拒绝详细列举其出口市场,但一位发言人称,目前有10到20家终端用户。CH drones are mainly used against anti-government armed forces, including Isis, the spokesman said. 虹无人机主要用于打击反政府武装,包括伊斯兰国(ISIS),上述发言人表示。Shi Wen, chief engineer of the Caihong drones, added: We mainly sell to poor and middle-income developing countries.虹系列无人机总工程师石文补充说:我们主要卖给较穷和中等收入的发展中国家。American armed drones are subject to strict export controls by Washington, but China has swooped into the market, selling to Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iraq. 美国武装无人机受到政府严格的出口管制,而中国已迅速打开国际无人机市场,产品销往埃及、尼日利亚、沙特阿拉伯、巴基斯坦和伊拉克等国。Several of those were turned down by the US when they asked for export licences.其中一些国家曾请求美国颁发出口许可,但遭到了美方拒绝。China is also believed to have provided technological assistance to Pakistan’s armed drone programme.中国据信还曾向巴基斯坦的武装无人机项目提供技术持。A publicly listed unit is not uncommon in the defence sector in China, 让下属公司上市的情况在中国国防工业并不少见。where the top 10 state-owned defence groups, including China State Shipbuilding Corporation and Aviation Industry Corporation of China, have listed more than 70 subsidiaries. Most of these are not involved in defence-related businesses,中国前十大国有防务集团——包括中国船舶重工集团公司(China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation)和中国航空工业集团公司(Aviation Industry Corporation of China)——已经有70多家子公司上市。 however, and even fewer deal with sensitive technologies.不过这些上市公司大多不涉及与国防有关的业务,涉及敏感技术的就更少了。Allowing a maker of highly sensitive technology to sell shares to the public appears to indicate a new tolerance for private capital as Beijing seeks to drive expansion of defence exports.允许一家拥有高度敏感技术的制造商向公众发售股票,似乎表明北京方面在谋求扩大国防出口之际,开始对民间资本抱着更为宽容的态度。The long-term goal of gradual privatisation appears to be to transform some of China’s leading defence contractors and to emulate the US military industrial complex.逐步引进民间资本的长期目标似乎是为了推动一些主要国防承包商进行改革,效仿美国军工复合型产业发展中国国防工业。 /201610/474599


  “十一”带你走进“西藏江南”Nyingchi becoming first stop for tourists to TibetNyingchi in the southeast of China's Tibet Autonomous Region is becoming the first stop for domestic and overseas tourists to the mysterious autonomous region.With an average altitude of 3,100 meters, Nyingchi has received 199,159, or nearly one third of all the tourists to Tibet, and made a revenue of 79.66 million yuan in the first five months of this year, 20 percent and 24 percent higher than the respective figures for the corresponding period last year, said local tourism bureau.Zhang Yang, a tourist from Southwest China's Yunnan Province, believed that as Nyingchi's altitude is relatively lower than other parts of the region, "tourists can adapt to plateau condition gradually before touring to other areas of Tibet."The Nyingchi airport, which began operation on September 1, 2006, has contributed a lot to the boost of tourism in the prefecture.Surrounded by mountains with average altitude of more than 4,000 meters, the Nyingchi airport has handled 53,000 tourists to Tibet by September this year, despite its location that makes flights more difficult and restricts theairworthy time to only 100 days a year.Altitudes of the other two civil airports in Tibet, located in the regional capital Lhasa and Xigaze, were measured at 3,650 meters and 3,836 meters respectively.Nyingchi Prefecture, covering 117,000 square kilometers, is known for its humid and mild climate, charming scenery and rich natural resources.During the upcoming week-long National Day holiday, Nyingchi is expected to receive about 350,000 tourists, according to local tourism bureau.(Xinhua) 位于西藏自治区东南部的林芝县正成为海内外游客进藏的第一站。林芝平均海拔3100米,据当地旅游局介绍,今年1月至5月,林芝共接待游客199159人次,占进藏游客的近三分之一,旅游总收入达7699万元,分别比去年同期增长了20%和24%。一位名叫张杨的云南游客说,与西藏其它地区相比,林芝的海拔相对较低,因此“游客前往其它地区之前,可以在这过渡一下,逐步适应高原环境。”去年9月1日,林芝机场正式通航,极大促进了当地旅游业的发展,林芝机场的周围都是平均海拔达四千多米的高山峻岭,尽管地势险峻、飞行困难,全年的适航时间仅有100天,但截至今年9月,林芝机场已安全运送游客53000人次。西藏其它两个民用机场位于西藏自治区的首府拉萨和日喀则,海拔分别为3650米和3836米。林芝地区总面积为11万7千平方公里,气候宜人、景色优美、自然资源丰富。据当地旅游局介绍,“十一”国庆黄金周期间,林芝预计将接待约35万名游客。 /200803/30011。


  In an unusual move that may have serious *implications for both the US presidential election and US-Russian relations, Washington has officially accused Moscow of *interfering in the showdown for the US presidency between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.日前,美国已正式指控俄罗斯在美国大选的关键时刻,干扰希拉里#8226;克林顿和唐纳德#8226;特朗普之间的竞选。而这个不寻常的举动,可能将严重影响美国总统选举和俄美关系。Although the US Democratic Party said as early as June that Russian government hackers were behind the major leak of emails that embarrassed the Party leadership and Hillary Clinton, the White House did not immediately confirm the accusation, or join the *condemnation of Russia.美国民主党早在今年6月就曾表示,使党内领导层和希拉里#8226;克林顿陷入窘境的邮件门事件,其幕后黑手便是俄政府的黑客,然而白宫却没有立即明确表态,也没有对俄罗斯进行谴责。But on Oct 7, just two days ahead of the second US presidential debate between Trump and Clinton, the Obama administration made public the official accusations.但到了10月7日,就在希拉里和特朗普将要进行第二轮美国总统大选辩论的前两天,奥巴马政府公开宣布了官方指控。The US Intelligence Community is confident that the Russian government directed the recent compromises of emails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations, said the administration in a statement. These *thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process.美国情报局确信,俄罗斯政府操控了近期的美国政治组织、个人及机构的邮件信息泄露,美方在一份声明中表示,这些盗窃和曝光行为意图干扰美国的选举进程。Russia has denied any involvement in the hacking. 对此,俄罗斯方面否认参与任何黑客行动。Just hours after the accusations were published, whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks released thousands of emails stolen from a Clinton campaign official, including some that contained *excerpts from speeches Clinton made to Wall Street banks. 而就在美方发布指控几个小时后,维基解密网公布了一位希拉里竞选团队成员所收到的数千封电子邮件,其中包括希拉里在华尔街演讲的摘录。The *revelations are expected to bring *embarrassment to Clinton, despite currently leading Trump by a comfortable *margin in the polls.尽管目前希拉里在民意调查中持率略胜特朗普一筹,但这些披露预期将会使她深陷窘境。 /201610/472509We've heard the classic expression, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Chickens hatch from the eggs, but eggs are laid by the chickens, arousing endless debate over each side of the arguments.I've come up with an equally controversial expression to perturb your mind, "which comes first, the success or the happiness?" Before you jump the ropes, I wanted to warn you that arguments could be made to prove which gives rise to the other. Success comes from within, knowing the true worth of our human potential.I have several profound reasons to prove that happiness leads to the success.Positivity is the mother of success: We all know that positivity leads to attitude and unwavering faith to achieve success. In the history of the human race, no negative person has ever climbed the peaks of success; happiness is a virtue of positivity. Without happiness, positivity dies a horrible death.It's all in my head: Success begins with self-affirmation. It's that staunch belief that when I love what I do, success has to come. When the mood is positive, we give rise to our self-esteem leading to relentless pursuit of success.I succeed when others succeed: It is a known fact that success comes to those who invest in other people's success. Being happy is a prerequisite to have a pro-social attitude leading to generosity with time and money.I'm happy, so I am healthy: Happiness tends to instill positivity towards life goals including a healthy mind and healthy relationships. With the virtue of healthy mind, body and soul, I now am focused to achieve success.Be confident: I've noticed that staying under sun energizes my mood and willingness to pursue my goals. Similarly, with happiness, I get an abundance of confidence in my skills and in my resilience towards temporary failures to achieve success.Constancy of purpose: Success comes to those who have a definite purpose. Their relentless efforts towards definite purpose come from happiness within to affirm that victory is the only acceptable outcome.Success holds no limits: Happiness leads to creative vision that seeks achievement without limits. My success is limited only to the limits I impose on my thoughts. With happiness, I take my self-esteem to unseen heights to achieve success beyond my wildest expectations.In the moment: Enjoying every moment with focus of mind, body and soul leads to happiness that shows in the activity that we engage in. I tend to be at my best when my mind is neither engaged in the past failures nor in the future fantasies. I am giving all I have to the task at hand with unbound happiness. I am destined to arrive at success.Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.- Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) Preeminent leader of Indian nationalism.Our profound view towards success and happiness shapes our destiny. You may focus solely on success and sacrifice happiness with the belief that happiness will follow success. That may prove to be wrong; sharing laughter with family, helping others, being personable and establishing social relations are all forms of happiness, essential to the health of you success.You may have arguments from the other side of the fence. If so, I'd love to hear why you think success gives rise to happiness? 我们都听过那个经典的命题,“先有鸡还是先有蛋?”鸡是蛋孵出来的,但是蛋又是鸡生下来的,就这两个论点引发了无休无止的争论。我提出了一个同样会让你困扰的具有争议性的命题,“现有成功还是先有幸福?”在你?之前,我想告诉你这个论点是用来明谁产生了谁。成功来源于内在,成功让我们得知人类潜能的真实价值。我有几个很有说力的理由来明是幸福带来了成功。乐观是成功的母亲:我们都知道乐观带来实现成功的态度和坚定不移的信念。在人类历史上,没有一个悲观的人曾攀登上成功的高峰。幸福是乐观的原动力。没有幸福,乐观的态度就会胎死腹中。一切都取决于我自己的想法:成功来源于自我肯定。我有着一个坚定的信念,那就是当我热爱我所做的工作时,成功自然而然就来了。当心情很乐观开朗时,会产生自尊,自尊会引发对成功无休止的追求。当其他人成功时我也成功:那些投资他人的成功的人自己也会成功,这是一个人所共知的事实。幸福是保持一种对社会的正面心态的前提,这种心态会使得人们对时间和金钱的慷慨。我幸福,所以我健康:幸福会给生活注入乐观,包括健康的头脑和人际关系。有了健康的头脑、身体和灵魂,我现在可以更专注于追求成功了。保持自信:我注意到在阳光底下使我更有心情和意愿来追求我的目标。同样地,拥有幸福,我从我的技能和对暂时失败的恢复力中得到了许多自信来实现成功。恒久的目标:成功只给那些有些明确目标的人。他们对既定目标所付出的持久努力来源于内在的幸福感,确信胜利是唯一可能的结果。成功无界限:幸福感带来充满创造力的视野追求无止尽的成就感。我的成功只会被我自身的想法所局限。拥有幸福,我便拥有自信去达到从未企及过的超越我想象的高度。活在当下:全身心享受每时每刻带来幸福感,这在我们所参与的活动中将有所体现。当我的思绪既不沉溺在过去的失败中、也不沉浸在对将来的幻想中时,我的状态最佳。我满心愉悦地尽全力做好手边的工作。我注定要成功。幸福就是当你所思、所言、所做都处于和谐的状态。—甘地(1869-1948),印度民族独立运动的伟大领袖。我们对成功和幸福的深刻见解将会决定我们的命运。你可能会只专注于成功,牺牲了幸福,你认为幸福会随着成功而来。那被明是错误的;和家人分享欢笑、帮助别人、举止优雅、建立良好的社交关系都会带来幸福,对你的成功至关重要。你可能会有不一样的见解。如果是这样的话,我很想听听为什么你认为幸福来源于成功? /200805/39979With the Olympic Games well underway, some Australian athletes are looking for a match off the field. 里约奥运正在火热进行中,而同时,一些澳大利亚运动员也在赛场外寻找配对。Single athletes are using the wildly popular hook-up app Tinder to spice things up at the Olympic Village in the Brazilian city. 单身的运动员们纷纷使用热门约会软件Tinder,来为里约奥运村的生活增添趣味。Instagram accounts Tinderrio and Sportsswipe have uncovered the profiles of a string of Australian sporting names who are swiping left and right at the Games. Instagram上的两个账号Tinderrio和 Sportsswipe公布了一连串在奥运会期间使用该软件的澳大利亚选手资料。Tennis star Thanasi Kokkinakis is among the legion of the world#39;s sporting elite who are apparently turning to the location-based matchmaking app. 网球明星塔纳西#8226;科基纳基斯也名列用户大军中。这些体坛精英显然都在使用这款基于地理位置的配对软件。Figures from the app reveal the number of people who #39;matched#39; had jumped 129 percent since the athletes arrived at their accommodation over the weekend. 软件数据显示,自从运动员们周末入住奥运村以来,“配对”人数暴涨129%。Cyclists Kaarle McCulloch and Sam Welsford and swimmers Madeleine Grove and Leah Neale have also been supposedly spotted on the dating app. 自行车手卡尔丽#8226;麦克库罗斯和山姆#8226;韦尔斯福德,游泳选手玛德琳#8226;格鲁夫和莉亚#8226;尼尔似乎也出现在了该约会软件上。Water polo player Ashleigh Southern has been active on her account, with one of her profile pictures featuring a selfie in a white and green pinstripe blazer in front of Australia#39;s tower in the village. 水球选手阿什莉#8226;萨瑟恩的账号非常活跃,其个人资料里还有一张她穿着白绿相间的细条纹运动,站在村内澳洲公寓楼前的自拍。The number of active users within the athletes#39; village shot up by 64 percent, while the number of #39;swipes#39; soared by 69 percent. 运动员村的活跃用户数量狂增64%,而使用该软件时的“滑动”操作次数上涨了69%。Profiles from international athletes of nearly every sport can be found with updates like #39;Got plenty of time to kill,#39; or #39;Looking for fun in Rio!#39; 几乎所有项目的各国运动员更新着自己的动态,可以看到他们的个人状态上写着“大把时间需要消磨”或者“里约寻乐”。Despite the Olympics now getting into full swing, technicians for the app claim the figures are still rising by the day. 尽管奥运赛事正在如火如荼地进行,Tinder的技术人员称,相关使用数据每天仍在上涨。The International Olympic Committee perhaps anticipated Rio 2016 becoming the steamiest on record by handing out 450,000 free condoms - the most ever for an Olympics Games. 国际奥委会或许预感到里约奥运会成为史上最狂野的一届,于是分发了45万个免费避套——这是迄今发放最多的一次。And in addition, Australians have also been given 1,500 double-strength rubber following concerns of the Zika virus. 此外,考虑到寨卡病毒的威胁,澳大利亚选手还拿到了1500个双重防护避套。The condoms contain an antiviral lubricant for #39;added protection#39; designed to combat against the mosquito-borne disease, which can also be transmitted through sexual contact. 这些避套含有抗病毒的润滑剂,形成针对寨卡病毒的“额外防护”。该病毒也可以通过性接触传播。The IOC says the condoms, which are known as #39;Little shirts of venus#39; in Brazil, would encourage 10,500 athletes and staff to practice safe sex. 国际奥委会称,提供避套将鼓励10500名运动员和工作人员进行安全的性行为。在巴西,避套还被称为“维纳斯的小衬衫”。Free condoms have been supplied since the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. 自1988年汉城奥运会起,就开始提供免费避套。Australian swimmer Melanie Schlanger, 29, said recently that athletes will not be abstaining from sex during the games in the village. 29岁的澳大利亚游泳选手梅拉妮#8226;施伦格最近表示,赛会期间,村内的运动员并不会禁欲。 /201608/460078

  Apple has traditionally overhauled its flagship handset every other year - but that is set to change this year, the Wall Street Journal has claimed.据《华尔街日报》报道,从传统上来说,苹果每隔一年就会对旗舰手机进行大幅修改--但是今年的情况似乎要改变了。It says the tech giant will offer only #39;subtle changes#39; the the handset, including removing the headphone socket and making it slightly slimmer.据说,这家科技巨头只会对iPhone进行“微调”,包括取消耳机插孔、让机身更加纤细一些等。#39;The biggest planned change in this year#39;s phones is the removal of the headphone plug, which will make the phone thinner and improve its water resistance, said people with that matter,#39; it claims.该篇文章报道:“据知情人士透露,今年iPhone计划中最大的改变是取消耳机插孔,这会使得机身更加纤细,并提高防水性能。”In a note to clients last week, the WSJ says Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha said he expects #39;muted#39; sales increases for the forthcoming models because he expects them to be a #39;modest upgrade#39; to the existing phones.在上周给客户的一份报告中,《华尔街日报》表示,瑞士信贷分析师库宾德·戈查宣称,他预计即将发售的iPhone 7能够有“轻微”的销量增长,因为他预计到新iPhone在旧版本上只有一些“适度的升级”。Recent leaks of the highly anticipated iPhone 7 suggests also Apple is rethinking its famous home button for this year#39;s handset.iPhone 7受到万众瞩目,而最近泄露消息也显示苹果正在重新考虑是否要在今年发售的设备中保留其著名的Home键。The latest images to surface appear to present this feature not as a button, but as a touch sensitive pad. Sources say the new #39;button#39; will be flush with the body of the smartphone, instead of protruding from the bottom bezel, and users will have to perform tapping actions to activate specific functions.据最新的图片显示,这款手机表面的“Home”将不再是一个按键,而是一个触摸垫。据知情人士透露,这个新的“按键”将和机身保持平整,而不会在底部边框那里突出来,用户们将不得不轻敲这个“按键”来执行其他命令。The blurry photos were first reported by MobiPicker, who points out the missing metal ring that currently encases the home button.这些模糊的照片首次曝光是在MobiPicker网上,通过照片可以看到。Home键被嵌在一个金属环里。In addition to a revamped home button, the images also suggest that the lower and upper areas of the bezel are much narrower than the iPhone 6 family, and the front camera and proximity sensor have both been shuffled around.除了Home键的更新以外,这些照片还显示,新手机底部和顶部的边框要比iPhone 6系列窄得多,前置摄像头和传感器的位置也被打乱了。This button is perfectly in level with the rest of the bezel and cannot be pressed,#39; sources told MobiPicker.知情人士在MobiPicker网站透露道:“Home键和边框的高度完美一致,并且不能够往下按。”If this feature is implemented, users will have to perform tapping actions to activate functions, like tap and hold for Siri or double tap to see a specific category of apps.如果这个设计针对被采用到了iPhone 7上的话,手机用户们将必须通过轻敲的动作来执行其他的手机命令,例如单击一下可以实现和Siri对话,单击两下可以浏览特定分组的应用软件。 /201606/452014


  Building a huge ball out of more than 175,000 rubber bands(1) is dangerous business. Really. "The rubber bands ... sometimes they'll break. That hurts," said Steve Milton, whose 4,594-pound rubber band ball was certified Tuesday as the world's largest by Guinness World Records officials. "As long as you wear your safety goggles(2), you're good."Milton, 26, of Eugene, Ore., watched as four bodybuilders rolled the multicolored(3), rubbery mass — 5 1/2 feet high and 19 feet around — onto a giant scale in downtown Chicago for the official weigh-in(4).He raised his arms over his head in Rocky-esque style when Guinness judge Sarah Wagner announced his ball had bounced(5) the previous 3,120-pound record-holder from the books. That record was set by John Bain of Wilmington, Del., in 2003."It was just a great project with me and my kids," said Milton, who worked on the ball with his 6-year-old son, Bryce Milton, and soon-to-be stepson(6), Austin Johnson, 7. "We did a little bit of research on how big rubber band balls are, and realized there was one out there that was 3,120 pounds and we knew we could do it."Milton credited his success to a simple credo(7): add to the ball every day, even if it was for just a few minutes."We tried to do at least ten to 20 pounds a day," said Milton, who moved the ball to the garage after it dawned on(8) him the growing globe would soon be too big to fit through the door. "Some days we'd take off, and not do anything, but we definitely stuck with it."Milton's fiancee, Nicole Johnson, said she thought at first that her family might be a little crazy."I was wondering," Johnson said. "But it turned into a fun project for all of us."Milton bought the rubber bands, finally striking a deal with a manufacturer to buy them in bulk(9).Guinness judge Wagner, who is based in London but flies around the globe certifying records (her previous assignment was the world's longest line of pizza in Italy), said the atmosphere for the weigh-in was great."You meet all kinds of people all over the world, and it's lovely because people have passions and you get to help realize them." 用175000根橡皮筋做成一个球是很危险的工作。真的。Steve Milton说:“有时候,橡皮筋会断,会伤到人。除非戴上护目镜,否则很危险。” 周二,他制作的4594磅橡皮筋球通过吉尼斯世界纪录官方审核成为世界最大橡皮筋球。26岁的俄勒冈州尤金小伙儿Milton看着四个大力士将高5 1/2英尺、周长19英尺的色橡胶团推上位于芝加哥的巨型天平,进行官方称重。吉尼斯评委Sarah Wagner宣布Milton打破2003年特拉华州威尔明顿John Bain创下的3120磅纪录。Milton像拳击获胜者一样把手臂高举过头顶示意。Milton与六岁的儿子Bryce Milton和7岁的准继子Austin Johnson一起制作,他说:“这是我和孩子们的大工程。我们首先了解到世界上最大的橡皮筋球为3120磅,我们认为我们可以超越。”Milton透露简单的成功秘诀:每天都缠,哪怕只缠几分钟。Milton说:“我们试图每天增加10至20磅,中途也停止过,不过最终又专心制作了。” 当他意识到这样下去球会越变越大,可能很快就出不了门的时候,他把球移到车库中。Milton的未婚妻Nicole Johnson说,最初她认为她的家人有点疯狂。Johnson说:“开始我觉得很困惑,但是后来这变成全家人的活动。”Milton负责购买皮筋,后来索性从生产商那里批量购买。基尼斯评委Wagner说称重时候的氛围太棒了。Wagner住在伦敦,终日在世界各处飞来飞去为世界纪录做见人,上一次是在意大利见世界最长的比萨队。“你在世界各地见到各种各样的人,很高兴看见人们心怀,而你能帮助他们实现梦想。” /200805/39778。

  Chinese patenting applications surged 45 per cent in 2016, according to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, putting the country on track to overtake Japan and the US to become the largest user of the international patent system within two years.据世界知识产权组织(WIPO)统计,2016年中国专利申请数量激增45%,使其有望在两年内成为国际专利制度的最大用户,超越日本和美国。ZTE and Huawei, two of China’s largest telecoms and electronics companies, topped the 2016 rankings for corporate patenting compiled by the Geneva-based UN agency.中兴通讯(ZTE)和华为(Huawei)——中国最大的两家电信电子设备制造商——在总部位于日内瓦的这家联合国机构编制的2016年企业专利申请排行榜上名列榜首。“China-based filers are behind much of the growth in international patent and trademark filings?.?.?.?as the country continues its journey from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’,” said Francis Gurry, Wipo director-general.“中国申请人是国际专利和商标申请很大一部分增长背后的推手……目前中国继续从‘中国制造’转向‘中国创造’,”世界知识产权组织总干事弗朗西斯?高锐(Francis Gurry)表示。Wipo’s analysis covers international applications through the patent co-operation treaty, which tend to be of higher quality than purely domestic filings. If trends continue, China will move ahead of Japan this year and the US within two years to become the leader in the international patent system.世界知识产权组织的分析覆盖通过专利合作条约提交的国际申请,这些申请往往比单纯的国内申请具有更高质量。如果当前趋势延续下去,中国将在今年超越日本,在两年内超越美国,成为国际专利制度中的领先者。Chinese inventors made 43,000 international applications in 2016, while domestic filings make China’s patent office much the busiest in the world, handling more than 1m applications a year.中国发明家在2016年提交了4.3万件国际申请,同时国内申请使中国专利机构成为世界上遥遥领先的最繁忙专利主管机构,每年受理100多万件申请。Since Huawei and ZTE started filing international patents in 2000 and 2002 respectively, their applications have risen quickly to take them comfortably to the top two positions in the global patenting table.自华为和中兴分别在2000年和2002年开始申请国际专利以来,他们的申请数量迅速上升,使他们轻松地在全球专利申请榜单上占据前两位。“The two Chinese companies are still in a big catch-up race with competitors elsewhere in the world,” said Frank Tietze of Cambridge university’s Centre for Technology Management. “They are filing, filing, filing to build up a big patent portfolio that they can use as a bargaining chip when negotiating with other companies.”“这两家中国公司仍在与世界其他地方的竞争对手进行一场大规模追赶比赛,”剑桥大学(Cambridge University)技术管理中心(Centre for Technology Management)的弗兰克?蒂策(Frank Tietze)表示。“他们正在申请、申请、申请,以便打造一个庞大专利组合,在与其他公司谈判时用作议价筹码。”Japan and South Korea have also increased their international patent applications more rapidly than most European and North American companies, though not at the same pace as China. As a result, Asia accounted for 47.4 per cent of all applications last year, just short of the combined share of Europe (25.6 per cent) and North America (25.3 per cent).日本和韩国也比多数欧洲和北美公司更快地增加了他们的国际专利申请,尽管不像中国那样快。其结果是,去年亚洲占所有申请的47.4%,仅略低于欧洲(25.6%)和北美(25.3%)的份额之和。“Japanese domestic filings have been declining for eight or nine years while international filings continue to grow strongly,” said Mr Gurry. “There is a clear strategy in Japan to concentrate on patenting and exploiting the best inventions as widely as possible.”“日本的国内申请已经连续8、9年下降,而国际申请继续强劲增长,”高锐表示。“日本有一套明确的战略,专注于专利申请,并且尽可能广泛地利用最好的发明。”The US share of global patent activity has been falling since 2000, when it was 34 per cent of the total. Mr Gurry does not expect Donald Trump’s election to affect American intellectual property policy or practice.美国在全球专利活动中的份额自2000年以来一直在下降;那年它占总量的34%。高锐不认为唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)的当选会影响美国的知识产权政策或实践。“You might say that President Trump represents the old economy of real estate, manufacturing and energy but the US remains very science and technology oriented,” he said. “I would be surprised to see big changes, even with increasing protectionism.”“你可能会说特朗普总统代表着房地产、制造业和能源这些旧经济产业,但美国在很大程度上仍是以科学技术为导向的,”他说。“即使有越来越多的保护主义,我也会对大的变化感到意外。”Among large industrialised countries Canada has experienced the largest declines in patenting in recent years. Wipo linked this to the woes of two of the largest Canadian technology companies, with Nortel in liquidation following bankruptcy in 2009 and Research In Motion / BlackBerry making big cuts in research and development.在大型工业化国家中,加拿大近年来经历了最大的专利申请下降。世界知识产权组织将其与两家最大的加拿大科技公司的困境联系起来:北电(Nortel)在2009年破产后已被清盘,而黑莓(BlackBerry)背后的Research In Motion大幅削减了研发。 /201703/498404



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