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黑龙江省哈尔滨中医院咨询电话肇州县流产多少钱Prank destroying new Apple smartphone receives 10m views, with some seemingly tricked into making 3.5mm hole in the bottom of their devices.这则破坏新款苹果手机的恶搞视频浏览量高达1000万,有些人甚至还真的上当,在自己的苹果手机底部钻出一个3.5毫米的耳机孔。A claiming that users can add a headphone socket to the iPhone 7, which only has a Lightning port, by drilling into the bottom of their phone has been watched almost 10m times.视频中,用户可在只有一个Lightning接口的iPhone 7手机底部电钻出一个新的耳机接口。该视频已被观看近1000万次。The prank shows a man drilling a 3.5mm hole into the bottom left edge of the iPhone 7 held in a vice. 这一恶搞视频中,男子先用钳子将iPhone 7固定住,然后在手机左侧底部钻出一个3.5毫米的手机孔。It points to the row of small holes on the left side that replaced the headphone socket present on the iPhone 6S and claims that drilling into the second hole on the left reveals a hidden socket.手机左下方有一排小孔,正是iPhone 6S耳机接口所在的位置。视频称电钻左侧第二个孔可显示出隐藏的耳机插孔。Once the hole has been drilled the shows an iPhone 7 playing music, although the sound comes out of the speakers, not the white headphones now inserted in the DIY hole.视频中,电钻出小孔的iPhone 7手机能够播放音乐,虽然这音乐不是通过插入自制小孔的白色耳机而是通过手机扬声器传出来的。‘This is for those who don’t want to get 9 wireless AirPods or have to insert your headphones into an adapter every time you listen to music’ says the caption of the .视频说明称这一视频主要针对那些想听音乐,却又不想花159美元购买苹果AirPods无线耳机,或者不得不将耳机插入适配器的用户。The was produced by Sacramento, California-based Ukrainian YouTuber Taras Maksimuk who specialises in smashing technology for your pleasure according to his profile. 视频由擅长只为‘虐待’苹果的Taras Maksimuk制作,这位乌克兰裔的YouTube使用者来自加利福尼亚萨克拉门托。Some of Maksimuk’s other s include what happens if you microwave an iPhone 7 and can the iPhone 7 survive in liquid nitrogen for five minutes.Maksimuk还制作过一些其他视频,如将iPhone 7放在微波炉里会发生什么?,放于液态氮中5分钟,iPhone 7还能否‘存活’?等。In total Maksimuk has seven separate s showing him destroying iPhone 7s, but that seemingly hasn’t stopped people drilling holes into the bottom of their new iPhones and causing irreparable damage.Maksimuk共上传了7个破坏iPhone 7的独立视频,但似乎未能阻挡人们在新买的iPhone手机底部钻孔,造成不可挽回的巨大损失。The YouTube ’s comment section – normally a place filled with vitriol and despair for humanity – was full of people claiming to have performed the operation and destroying their iPhone 7 in the process, the sincerity of which is questionable.YouTube视频讨论区通常充满了各种尖酸刻薄和对人性感到绝望的,此次区很多网友表示他们动手电钻的过程中iPhone 7崩溃坏掉了,的真实性让人怀疑。Some Dude said: WTF? Fuck you! My screen turned black the moment I started drilling and now I can’t even open it.一些网友开骂:这是什么玩意!×××!我刚开始钻,屏幕就全黑了,现在开机都开不了。TECHRAX YOU PIECE OF SHIT I DID THIS AND THE SOUND DOESN NOT WORK AT ALL, said Artur.网友亚瑟:TechRax,×××!我钻了孔之后手机根本不出声音。Lukelaluke123 said: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I WAITD TILL MY DAD WAS SLEEP THEN I WENT TO THE GARE AND GOT HIS DIRLL AND DID THIS AND NOW MY IPHONE WONT NOT EVEN WORK!!!!!网友Lukelaluke123:你是在和我开玩笑吗?我一直等到我爸睡着了,才跑到车库拿出他的电钻,但钻完我的手机连用都不能用了!!!The received over 134,000 likes, but just under 88,000 dislikes. 这一视频目前已收到超过13.4万的赞,但不喜欢的人也高达8.8万之多。It’s unclear how many of the dislikes were from people who had been tricked into drilling a hole into their £600-plus smartphone.尚不清楚这些不喜欢的人里究竟有多少人上当受骗,在他们花600多英镑买来的苹果手机上钻孔。Not only will drilling a hole into the bottom of the iPhone 7 not reveal a hidden headphone socket, but it will also ruin the waterproofing of the smartphone, which requires the membranes covering the holes in the bottom of the phone to be undamaged.在iPhone 7底部钻孔不仅不能显示出隐藏的耳机接口,还会破坏手机的防水性能,因为防水要求手机底部小孔上覆盖的一层防水膜要完好无损。Maksimuk’s is the latest in a long run of pranks targeting gullible iPhone buyers. Maksimuk最近上传的这一视频是为了恶搞那些容易受骗的苹果手机用户。Pranksters managed to convince some users that the iOS 7 update magically made their iPhones waterproof in 2013, while some iPhone 6 users were tricked into microwaving their smartphones while seeking longer battery life. 之前就有恶作剧者成功使用户上当受骗,如2013年将iOS升级能让手机防水,将iPhone 6手机放到微波炉里加热以延长手机电池寿命。Both pranks only led to destroyed smartphones.两者的最终结果都是手机罢工坏掉。 /201610/469341哈医大附属三院人流收费标准 The revenue of -game console facility sales in China is estimated to reach 3.37 billion yuan (488 million U.S. dollars) in 2016, an official said last Sunday.一位政府官员上周日表示,2016年家庭主机游戏设备在中国的销售收入预计将达33.7亿元(折合4.88亿美元)。Ma Feng, a deputy department director with the Ministry of Culture, told a gaming conference in Shanghai that console sales in China will grow 56.7 percent over that in 2015, surpassing growth pace of the entire gaming industry.文化部副司长马峰在上海召开的一场游戏大会上介绍称,主机游戏设备在国内的销售将同比2015年增长56.7%,超过游戏行业的整体增长速度。;The console market is becoming China gaming industry#39;s most active and fastest growing sub-sector,; said Ma.马峰说道:“家庭主机游戏市场正在成为我国游戏行业最活跃、增长最快的市场分类。”He attributed the boom to improving the environment for home-grown game designers and console manufacturers to do businesses and opportunities to cooperate with foreign partners.他将该市场的繁荣归因于本土游戏设计师和家庭主机游戏设备制造商的经营环境有所优化,以及与外国伙伴开展合作的机会。More domestic companies are investing in developing new games, while the latest products, including virtual reality gadgets, from foreign titans like Microsoft and Sony are faring well on the market, Ma added.马峰补充说道,越来越多的国内公司正在开发新的游戏,而像微软和索尼这样的国外巨头开发的如虚拟现实设备这样的最新产品,也拥有很好的市场。At the conference, Chinese gamers were also told that they would have access to Square Enix#39;s popular role-playing game Final Fantasy XV upon its global release.在论坛上,中国的游戏玩家也表示,在史克威尔艾尼克斯公司颇受欢迎的角色扮演游戏《最终幻想XV》的全球发布会上,他们会获得该游戏。 /201612/481538Good old tap water will go a long way toward washing pesticide residues off your fruit and vegetables, but “getting it down to zero is not feasible, ever,” said Dave Stone, a toxicologist who is the director of theNational Pesticide Information Center, a cooperative effort between Oregon State University and the Environmental Protection Agency. While washing can reduce pesticide residues on the surface, it cannot eliminate pesticides that are absorbed by the roots into the very tissue of the fruit or vegetable.美国国家农药信息中心(National Pesticide Information Center,由俄勒冈州立大学[Oregon State University]和美国国家环境保护局[Environmental Protection Agency]合作建立)主任、毒理学家戴夫·斯通(Dave Stone)表示,使用质量较好的普通自来水洗涤蔬菜和水果对清除其上的残留农药大有助益,但“要想把它们洗得一点不剩是不可能的”。虽然清洗可以减少蔬果表面的农药残留,但这样做并无法清除被根部吸收进入到蔬菜或水果内部组织中的农药。Scrubbing with a vegetable brush helps, Dr. Stone said, but using a store-bought veggie wash might not: A 2000 study by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station found that rinsing lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes under tap water for 60 seconds worked just as well as using a commercial vegetable wash to significantly reduce pesticide residues. Using a veggie wash might even backfire, Dr. Stone said, because detergent residue could be added to fruits with porous outer layers.斯通士还说,使用蔬菜清洁刷来刷洗蔬果也有一定的帮助,但使用从商店买来的蔬果清洗剂却可能没有这样的效果:2000年康涅狄格州农业试验站(Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station)的一项研究发现,在自来水下清洗生菜、草莓和西红柿60秒与使用市售蔬果清洗剂一样可以有效地显著减少农药残留。斯通士说,使用蔬果清洗剂甚至还可能适得其反,因为洗涤剂有可能会残留在水果多孔的外层中。The best way to wash is to place the fruit or vegetable in a colander and run water over it, rather than just dunk it in a bowl. “The force of the running water will drive off residues,” Dr. Stone said. Peeling also helps get rid of pesticide residues in the skin.清洗蔬菜或水果的最佳方法是将它们放在滤器里用流水冲洗,而不是简单地将它们泡在盆子里。“流水的力量可以冲掉农药残留,”斯通士说。削皮也有助于去除蔬果外皮上的农药残留。The Environmental Working Group’s so-called Dirty Dozen and the Consumer Reports Always Buy Organic list, both of which are based on data from the federal Department of Agriculture, which tests fruits and vegetables after they have been washed, include items deemed to have relatively higher pesticide loads. Both lists include strawberries, nectarines and American-grown apples. If you’re considering buying organic, you might put these items at the top of your list.美国农业部(Department of Agriculture)对经过清洗的蔬菜和水果(包括被认为带有较多农药的品种)进行了检测,在这些数据的基础上,美国环境工作组(Environmental Working Group)提出了“12种受污染食品(Dirty Dozen)”,《消费者报告》(Consumer Reports)也列出了若干种“必选买有机产品(Always Buy Organic)”的食品。草莓、油桃和美国出产的苹果均同时名列上述两份“黑名单”之中。如果你考虑购买有机食品,不妨把这几样放在购物清单的首要位置。 /201508/395607巴彦县治疗早孕多少钱

拜泉县无痛人流需要多少钱哈尔滨七院怎么去 使你的网站在周末拥有更多流量的七种简易方法Web traffic for most websites drop during the weekend because less people are using the internet to look for information or checking their favorite websites for new content.This is a natural and inevitable occurrence and a corresponding dip in traffic figures or sales is nothing to be alarmed about.Jay Wilson recently asked if I had any recommendations to stop traffic from reducing during the weekends and as a matter of fact, I do have some suggestions that might work, although they will require some effort on your part.Getting traffic to your site during the weekends is no different from methods commonly used to increase visitors to your site during the weekdays. The key is to focus on hitting defensible traffic sources for referral traffic, since these are factors which you can control to a certain extent (as opposed to organic search traffic).Seven Easy Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site on the WeekendYour goal is to target websites with regular traffic flows and large numbers of users and make them referral sources which will send visitors to your website. Naturally, you should try to focus on getting targeted traffic whenever possible.These short-term strategies will allow you to get traffic very soon after you implement them. They will not only reduce your weekend traffic dip but may get you even more traffic to your website than the weekdays.I have omitted other long term traffic building methods like building a community, product development, joint ventures or affiliate programs because they are not something you can easily implement for immediate results.1. Network within Social Communities. This includes posting and interacting with other people on relevant forums, social networks like Facebook, news sites like Digg/Reddit as well as blog sites like Blogcatalog or MyBloglog. There will always been people on crowded online communities and you will always get some visitors if you plug your site discreetly in the right places.2. Create a Weekend Link Bait. Establish the habit of creating and promoting a weekend Link Bait on popular social websites like Digg, Reddit, del.icio.us or StumbleUpon. This is by the far the easiest and most powerful way to get traffic to your site during the weekends.Social news sites usually get less news during the weekend, and it is likely that your bait will be more successful during this time.3. Comment on Blogs. While many blogs don’t update during the weekend, you can still comment on the ones that do. Focus on those with more traffic and try to be the first few to leave a comment. Make your comment relevant and you’re likely to receive some visitors from others who visit the same blog.4. Email Pitch Your Website. Write an email to bloggers within your niche to promote your website, business or best article for last week. Give away a product or offer premium access for selected publishers in return for a mention.Some blogs like Daily Blog Tips have a habit of doing weekend speed-linking. Pitch your site to these blogs and you’ll get some traffic if you get a link.5. Try Blog Traffic Exchanges. Blog traffic exchanges are tools which allow you to get traffic by visiting other blogs. They are more useful for newer blogs and as they require more time and effort on your part, I suggest using them strategically to find new blogs within your niche as well.6. Use Paid Advertising. This involves spending money on paid advertising in order to get traffic to your website. Pay per click advertising and social media advertising on sites like StumbleUpon can bring in traffic on the weekends. The benefit of this method is that you don’t have to do any work whatsoever.7. Publish During the Weekend. Publishing during the weekend will get you some traffic, especially if you have many feed subscribers as some of them will visit your site to the full article or comments. Smaller sites can also benefit as new content will bring in a small amount of long tail search traffic.Future publish your post during the weekend so you don’t have to sit down in front of the computer to write. Asking a question is sometimes the quickest way to put out an extra blog post.The downside of all of these methods (with the exception of paid advertising) is the time-investment. Do you really want to spend time in front of the computer on the weekend? The amount of time needed for these tasks will vary and perhaps it would be better to alternate them each weekend to lessen the workload.Another way to deal with this would be to get someone to help promote your site for the weekend instead of doing it yourself. Learning how to oursource marketing is important, even for amateur webmasters or bloggers because they can really help your website to grow much faster.If you have the time and interest, try implementing some of the tactics listed in this article. I’ll love to hear if it helps you to get more visitors this weekend. 由于几乎没有人会在周末利用网络搜索查找信息或者去查看他们感兴趣的网站是否更新,所以每当周末,大多数的网站流量都会有所下降。这一现象是正常且普遍存在的,所以无论是流量测量及出售者都习以为常。然而最近Jay Wilson问到了我关于如何防止流量在周末下降的问题,事实上,对此我的确有点见解,不过这可能需要大家付出些努力。吸引访客在周末浏览你的网站所需要的做的工作总体来说和平时无二,关键在于要将推广重点集中在那些有流量来源保的站点上以为你自己带来流量,这些流量来源相对于搜索引擎来说其推广广度是可以控制的。七种为你的网站在周末带来更多流量的方法你的主要目标是那些有固定流量以及大量用户的网站,以这些网站为中介,为你的站点带来访客。当然,如果可以的话,你应该尽可能以与你相关的网站为目标。这种短期策略将在你执行后不久便为你带来实际流量。这将不仅仅作用于周末的流量同时也能为你在平常的日子也带去更多流量。在此,我会略去的一些长期的流量策略如:建立社区、开发产品、参与合作或建立分等一些你无法立刻看到效果的方法。1.社会化网络群体在一些网站发布文章并和别人互动交流,比如facebook这样的社区论坛或社会化网络站,又比如类似Digg这样的新闻站,当然还有各种各样的客站。这些站点永远会有大量的在线用户,你只要选对符合你需要的网站参与进去便可以得到源源不断地访问者。2.建立一个周末链接诱饵(Linkbaiting)拥有在流行的社会化网站(如Digg,Reddit,del.icio.us,StumbleUpon等)上投放周末链接诱饵的习惯。这是一个使网站在周末拥有流量最容易最有效的方法。社会新闻网站在周末几乎得不到新闻,在此时投放诱饵往往容易获得成功。3.客尽管多数客在周末不会更新,但是你依然可以。对那些流量大的客做出,且尽可能第一个做出。作出中肯的可以为你带来浏览了同样客的访客。4.以Email带动你的网站写一封宣传你的网站,介绍商务或者推荐最新最好的文章的Email寄给客主们。放弃一些产品或酬劳以换取其他发布者为你宣传。有些客比如Daily Blog Tips就有做周末快速链接的习惯。向这些客推荐你自己的网站,如果被其链接,你就会得到一些流量。5.尝试客流量交换客流量交换是一种通过浏览其他客文章获得流量的方法。这对一些新的客来说是非常有用的方法,由于这需要花费你的时间和精力,建议对一些新的文使用该策略。6.使用付费广告为你的网站购买付费广告已获得流量。 在StumbleUpon这样网站上购买按点击次数付费广告及社会媒体广告就可以为你的带去周末流量。这么做的好处是,你不用再为推广做任何事。7.在周末发表文章在周末发表文章页可以为你带来流量,特别是如果你的网站有很多订阅者,他们中的一些人会去你的网站查看完整文章或作出。即使一些小网站也可以因为新文章带来长尾搜索流量从而受益。预先发布篇在周末公布的文章,你就不一定要做在电脑前写作了。有时候提个问题是最快速保留文位置的方法。所有这些方法(除了付费广告外)的共同的坏处是花费时间。你真的想在周末也坐在电脑前花费时间吗?所有这些工作所耗费的时间是无法确定的,或许在每个周末交替着选用其中几个方法会减少工作量。还有一种方法是请人帮你在周末宣传你的站点,学习一些营销方法是很重要的,因为即使是业余的站长和主们也能帮助你的网站快速成长。如果你有时间有兴趣的话,请尝试一下文章中所列的方法。我很希望听到你通过这些方法在周末获得了更多访客和流量的消息。 /200803/31206哈尔滨人工流产价位

哈尔滨市第六医院妇产科最好 Samsung#39;s heir apparent Lee Jae-yong has been placed under arrest in South Korea, accused of bribery and other charges.日前,三星公司的继任人李在镕因被控行贿及其他罪名,已在韩国被逮捕。The case is linked to a scandal that led to the impeachment of the country#39;s President Park Geung-hye.该案件与导致韩国总统朴槿惠被弹劾的丑闻有关。Prosecutors accused Mr Lee of giving bribes worth 41bn won (m/29m pounds) to President Park and her close friend Choi Soon-sil to win government support for a smooth leadership transition within Samsung.韩国检方指控李在镕向总统朴槿惠及其密友崔顺实付了价值410亿韩元(约合3600万美元;2900万英镑)的贿赂,从而获得政府持三星内部领导权的平稳过渡。Mr Lee and the Samsung Group deny any wrongdoing.不过李在镕和三星集团都否认有任何不当行为。;We will do our best to ensure that the truth is revealed in future court proceedings,; the Samsung Group said in a brief statement following Mr Lee#39;s arrest.在李在镕被捕之后,三星集团在一份简短声明中表示:“我们将尽最大努力确保在未来法庭审理中揭露事情的真相。”The Samsung chief had aly been questioned with several other company executives in January but a subsequent court ruling decided there was insufficient grounds for an arrest.这位三星掌门人和其他几家公司的高管已经在1月接受了问询,但是随后法庭裁决没有充分的理由对其进行逮捕。But last Friday, a court spokesman said in a statement: ;It is acknowledged that it is necessary to arrest Lee Jae-Yong in light of a newly added criminal charge and new evidence.;不过就在上周五,一位法庭发言人在声明中表示:“根据一份新增加的刑事指控和新据,我们有必要逮捕李在镕。” /201702/494288哈尔滨医院做人流手术多少钱黑龙江省边防总队医院治疗妇科怎么样



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