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鹰潭人流安全的医院鹰潭打胎医院Indonesia Cancels Plans to Reopen Stock Market Amid Global Financial Turmoil印度尼西亚连续三天关闭股市 Indonesia kept its stock market closed for a third consecutive day Friday to stem panic selling as global markets continued to fall over concerns about the U.S. financial crisis.就在美国金融危机引发全球股市下跌之际,印度尼西亚连续第三天关闭股市以防止恐慌抛售。The Jakarta Stock Exchange President Erry Firmansyah told reporters plans to reopen the market Friday were shelved to "protect investors and prevent further sharp falls."雅加达券交易所总裁艾利.佛曼斯亚告诉记者说,原定星期五开市的计划被迫推迟,主要原因是为了“保护投资者以及防止股市继续滑坡”。Indonesian authorities had planned to reopen the market after a two-day suspension, but shelved the idea after Asian stocks fell Friday morning as traders dumped stocks in favor of cash amid the global uncertainty.印尼政府原计划在闭市两天后重新开市,但是由于全球经济前景难料,交易商继续在股市抛售以取得现金,亚洲股市星期五普遍下跌,印尼政府只好推迟这个计划。Fuad Rahmani, head of Indonesia's capital market watchdog, says the market might resume trading on Monday.印尼资本市场监管机构的负责人弗阿德.拉马尼说,印尼股市可能会在星期一复市。"We hope we will be better prepared for Monday to open the market…because the market [has] become very irrational, we have to feed the right information to the market so then the market can take decision more rationally on Monday," he said.拉马尼说:“我们希望到星期一的时候我们会准备的更充分。市场现在缺乏理性,我们必须向市场发出正确的信息。这样,星期一,市场会做出更加理性的决定。”Indonesia's benchmark index dropped more than 20 percent this week, driven by the financial turmoil in the ed States, and has fallen 47 percent this year.由于受到美国金融动荡的波及,印尼基准股市指数本星期下跌了20%,今年已经下滑了47%。Late Thursday evening the government announced new measures to safeguard the economy, including easing reserve requirements for commercial banks, making it easier for listed firms to conduct share buybacks, and easing accounting rules on the fair value of assets.星期四晚间,印尼政府宣布了新的经济救助方案。其中包括放松对商业的资本储备要求,简化上市公司股权回购,以及采用更灵活的资产定价会计制度。But Helmi Arman, economist at Bank Danamon Indonesia, says the new government measures are unlikely to calm the stock market, the money market, or the banking sector.不过,印尼金融的经济师赫尔米.阿尔曼说,这些新举措很难稳定股市、货币市场、以及业。"Everybody's got their eyes on what's happening globally. This is more of a global rather than a domestic issue that's driving down the market. The measures that they've taken, for instance, relaxing of market rules and easing of reserve requirements - it's positive, it's better than nothing," he said. "But whether or not it can stop the decline in the market - I think it will do very little, honestly."阿尔曼说:“每个人都在关注全球动态。推动市场下滑的不是国内因素,而是国际因素。政府的一些措施,比如放松市场规则和降低资本储备要求,这些是积极的动作,可以说是聊胜于无。不过,老实说,这些措施能否阻止市场的继续下滑,我看作用不大。”Along with plunging Asian markets, Asian currencies were also battered Friday prompting dollar selling intervention in Indonesia, India, and South Korea.在亚洲股市下跌的同时,亚洲一些主要货币星期五也遭受重创,促使印尼、印度、以及韩国等国家采取销售美元的措施来加以干预。200810/52537鹰潭市宫颈炎 ‘Look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Anna.’期待很快收到您的回信。祝好,安娜。And Margery said: I dont think Ive ever seen a vegetable quite that size before...玛杰里说:“我不认为我之前见过这么大的蔬菜……”Wheres that hole punch? !订书器在哪?!Ah, business as usual in the offices of Tip Top Trading.Tip Top Trading办公室的工作日常。Oh for goodness sake! What a disaster! I cant believe it!上帝!真是灾难!我简直不敢相信!But one member of the team seems bothered.但是团队里的一名成员似乎很烦恼。Anna, this is the moment to show you’re willing to help. Yes!安娜,这是你表示愿意提供帮助的机会。 是的!Use phrases like Is there anything I can do?使用这样的表达,如“我能帮你做什么吗?”Let me help! or, to be more informal, you can say, Can I give you a hand? or Give me a shout if you need anything!“让我来帮你!”或者更随意一点的说法“我能帮你一把吗?”或“需要我的时候叫我!”Right.好的。Go on!去吧!Are you okay Tom? No.你还好吗,汤姆? 不好。Is there anything I can do? No.我能帮你做什么吗? 不能。Oh. Whats wrong? Everything.出什么事了? 一切都不顺。I see. Can I give you a hand?我明白了。我能帮你一把吗?My computer has crashed. Ive lost my phone. And theres a big, big problem with my timetable.我电脑死机了,我手机丢了。而且我的时间表有严重的大问题。I’ve got two meetings scheduled at the same time with two extremely important clients.我同时有两个会议安排和两个极其重要的客户。I cant do them both at once!我不能一次把这俩都做了! /201612/483602gory details ———— 可怕的细节英文释义 Unpleasant, sickening descriptions; usually involving serious, bloody injuries.例句 I turned off the radio because I dont want to hear all the gory details about todays terrible railroad accident.我关掉收音机,因为我不想听有关今天可怕的铁路事故的血淋淋细节。 /201607/451630余江县生孩子哪家好

鹰潭市人流哪里好black sheep ------ 另类(成语) 英文释义(IDIOM) An outcast, disgraced, or non-conforming member of a group, such as a family. 例句My sister was always the black sheep in our business-minded family, and no one was surprised when she became an artist.我一直是我们这个有着生意头脑的家庭的另类,对于她后来搞艺术,家里没有人感到奇怪。 /201609/466478鹰潭希正妇科医院治疗盆腔炎怎么样好不好 Who's the odd one out of these four: Is it the footballer Wayne Rooney, The cricketer Andrew Flintoff, The Olympic Gold medal heptathlete Denise Lewis? Or the Conservative MP and legendary launching Nicholas Soames.It is, of course, Nicholas Soames, because all of the others were born between September and December.New research, this is the serious bit, shows that children born in the latter part of the academic year, that's from June to August are less likely to become elite athletes. It's simply because they are smaller than others in their school year who have been picked to join teams and academies. Richard Watson reports.Yes!I think I was one of the lucky ones. I very quickly was picked for the football team, the basketball team, and obviously when the cross-country season started in the middle of the winter, I found I was pretty good at it. er, possibly because I was a bit taller, a bit stronger, a bit quicker and than a lot of my pals, and I think that then I guess for me, cemented my love of sport straight away. And I wanted to be involved. 6 times gold medalist and former world record-holder, Steve Cram, the man who went on to break 3 world records in 19 days, one of Britain's most successful ever athletes, has always suspected of being born in October gave him a big advantage.I think I with, er, you know I was fairly tall because that helped me, with my running certainly helped me with getting on the basketball team and football. And I might have been lucky in little bit in skill, to be honest, but you know, I was physically developed enough to stand out at the age of 11 or 12. And ,and I think that's, what teachers tend to look for. Don't they? At that age, that they are looking for the ones, who just look a little bit more developed, a bit quicker, a bit stronger, they get them in the team.The report from a new think-tank headed by Steve Cram, has correlated performance against age. It says that 67 percent of the football association's youth academy were born between September and November, while just 2 percent were born between Junes to August. In athletics, 65 percent of top teenage performers were born in the autumn term, while 8 percent were born in the summer. And the team noted that a 14-year-old boy born in September will be on average 7 centimeters taller and 5.7 kilograms heavier than a boy born in August.I think the research that is actually quite startling in terms of the strength of the evidence. You know, The high percentages of people who do go onto a successful career is born in literally 3, 4 months of the year.This is one of the government's flagship sports colleges, Landon School, just a couple of miles from the 2012 Olympic Site in London. Across the country, close to a billion pounds has been invested in school sport over the past 4 years. The proportion of the children doing more than 2 hours of P.E. a week has increased from 25 to over 80 percent. But there's still a concern that an early focus on teen selection is teaching failure based on nothing more than physical strength linked to date of birth.What we are very concerned about is that children all dropping out of sport and recreational exercises because they are being overlooked. And we know that there are more and more people in the country who are becoming obese, we want people to enjoy healthy and active lives. And if we can give them every opportunity taking part in sport at school level and not be overlooked, we very firmly believe that they would then go on; maybe not to represent the country but to exercise regularly throughout their lifestyles. So it's about winning more medals but it's also crucially about improving the level of participation in sport across the whole society.The sports asserted here in Landon School are probably second to none. But if this academic research due to be published tomorrow is correct, that implies that even in schools like this, more could be done to help children who were born in the early part of the year. But the key question is in pouty terms, what could or should be done about it?200805/39569江西铜业集团医院医生在线咨询

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