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端午临近,粽子热销。不少成本只有几元钱的粽子,穿上华丽的外包装之后,就要价上百元甚至上千元。其实对于普通顾客来说,散装的粽子就已足够。请看中国日报网报道:According to the report, many attractively packaged zongzi priced above hundreds of yuan were displayed in the most prominent positions of stores while cheap ones with bulk packaging were left out in the cold in many food stores or supermarkets.根据报道,在很多食品店或是超市,售价在几百元以上的、包装精美的粽子都被摆放在最显眼的位置。相比之下,散装的便宜粽子则备受“冷落”。上面报道中的bulk packaging就是“散货包装”,简称散装,散装食品英文叫bulk food。跟“散装”相对的是excessive packaging(过度包装)。国家规定,包装成本不能超过商品retail price(零售价)的20%,超过这一标准,则为过度包装。目前市场上rice dumplings/zongzi(粽子)的超高价格,很大程度上由过度包装和tied good(搭售产品)造成,很多粽子gift-box(礼盒)中很多都包含了酒、茶叶等产品,进行bundling(捆绑销售)。另外,有些粽子的stuffing(馅料)由abalone(鲍鱼)、dried scallop(瑶柱)等做成,“高贵”的馅料抬高了粽子的成本。此外,商场还会利用cash back(返点,即客户购买东西后给予客户一定比例的现金返还)作为rebate(回扣)的手段促销礼盒装粽子,这或许也是extravagant packaging(奢华包装)屡禁不止、各种sky-high price(天价)粽子不断出现的一个原因。 /201207/191933Im going to talk a little bit about an embarrassing situation. In Japan, Ive lost my wallet four times. The first time I lost my wallet I was in a taxi cab going home late at night and my wallet slipped out of my pocket and I didnt notice. The second time I lost my wallet I went to a night club with my friends and I drank too much and I wasnt paying attention and I left my wallet on the counter of the bar. The third time I lost my wallet I was hiking in a mountain region in Japan and I went into a small convenience store on the way home and I bought an ice-cream and I left my wallet on the counter and forgot about it. The fourth time I lost my wallet I was in Ueno station, a really, really busy station in Tokyo and I left my wallet on the counter at a supermarket, and the most amzing thing is that I still have the same wallet. In each of these instances I got my wallet back. In two of the cases the person at the store called me and I just had to go back to the store and get it. In one instance, the person that ran the convenient store in the mountains mailed me my wallet, and another time I had to go to the police station and pick it up, but I think that says a lot about Japanese people. Theyre very, very honest and sometimes I think maybe Japan is the only country in the world where you could lose your wallet four times and still get it back.我要说一件有些尴尬的事情。在日本的时候,我的钱包丢了四次。我第一次弄丢钱包是在出租车上,当时时间非常晚了我坐出租车回家,我的钱包从口袋里滑了出去,我并没有注意到。第二次丢钱包是在我和朋友去夜店的时候,我喝了太多酒,没有意识到我把钱包落在了吧台上。我第三次丢钱包是在日本山区徒步旅行的时候,我在回家的路上走进一家小便利店买了冰激凌,我把钱包落在柜台并完全忘了这件事。第四次是在上野车站,那是东京一个非常非常繁忙的车站,我把钱包落在了超市的柜台,最神奇的事情是现在我仍然在用这个钱包。每次这些情况发生后,我都把钱包找了回来。其中有两次是店员叫住了我,我回到商店找回了钱包。还有一次是经营山区便利店的人把我的钱包寄还给我,另一次是我去警察局找回了钱包,不过我认为这很能说明日本人的特质。他们非常非常诚实,有时我认为日本可能是世界上唯一一个即使你的钱包丢了四次也总能找回来的国家。 /201310/259207学渣的三个片段:1.传纸条---Pass notes in class.2.开溜---Sneak off.3.逃学旷课---Play truant.大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。本期我们的主题是学渣的生活,一起来看跟学渣有关的三个片段:No.1 Pass notes in class. 传纸条。很多朋友可能都做过,不管你是学渣还是学霸。事实上,Passing notes in class is an age-old tradition. 课堂上传纸条是一项古老的传统。What students are really concerned about is how to not get caught passing notes in class. 学生们很关心怎样传纸条才不会被抓。没说错吧。No.2 Sneak off. It means to leave furtively and stealthily. 偷偷地走,开溜,比如说下面这个句子:The lecture was boring and many students sneaked off when the instructor turned towards the blackboard.这课很无聊,当老师转向黑板的时候,很多学生开溜了。童鞋,你肿么可以介样?No. 3 Play truant. 逃学,旷课。比如说:Students play truant because the teaching is truly dissatisfactory.学生们旷课,因为课上得实在是太让人感到不满意了。好了,本期我们学习了三个跟学渣有关的表达。Pass notes in class,传纸条;sneak off,开溜;play truant逃学。当然,并不是说每位学渣都会做这些事情,也不是说做这些事情的都是学渣,只不过学渣们做这些事情的频率总体会高一点儿。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201405/298887

Adrienne: So, Mary, my battery has almost ran out. Im so glad you had some but theyre cold.埃德里安娜:玛丽,我的电池快没电了。我很高兴你有电池,不过它们太凉了。Mary: Well, I keep them in my frigerator along with several other sizes of batteries just so I have them on hand. Its a little quirky habit of mine but I always like to have backup whenever I need it so Ive got into the habit of stock piling batteries and keeping them in the fridge.玛丽:我把它们和其他型号的电池一起放在冰箱里了,所以我有现成的电池可以用。这是我的一个有点奇怪的习惯,不过在我需要的时候我喜欢准备一些备用电池,所以我就养成了储备一些电池并把它们存放在冰箱里的习惯。Adrienne: Well, its very practical but why do you keep them in the frigerator?埃德里安娜:这很实用,不过你为什么要把电池存放在冰箱里?Mary: I somewhere a long time ago that thats how you extend the life of batteries by keeping them cool, that and film too so I also have several canisters of film in there, too, no room for the butter but.玛丽:我很久以前在某个地方看到过介绍如何通过保持低温来延长电池寿命的方法,当然胶卷也是一样的道理,所以我也在冰箱里放了一些胶卷,不过冰箱里没有地方放黄油了。Adrienne: Do you have any food in your frigerator?埃德里安娜:你冰箱里有食物吗?Mary: Some but its mostly batteries and film.玛丽:有一些,不过大部分都是电池和胶卷。Adrienne: What kind of food do you keep in your frigerator?埃德里安娜:你冰箱里都有什么食物?Mary: Right now because its winter time, I have some oranges and actually some grapes and things so those are kind of coveted at this time of year, otherwise just the standard things. I have yogurt, milk, and some b and I think six brusselsprouts.玛丽:因为现在是冬季,所以我放了一些橙子,还有葡萄和类似这种在现在这个时候大家都想吃的食物,其他就是普通的食物了。有酸奶、牛奶、面包,还有六个小甘蓝。Adrienne: Just six.埃德里安娜:只有六个。Mary: Just six.玛丽:只有六个。Adrienne: Why do you have brusselsprouts?埃德里安娜:你为什么要放小甘蓝?Mary: Just got in the habit of eating them. Theyre really very good, so I thought well Ill keep on, just handfuls so they dont spoil.玛丽:只是因为我有吃小甘蓝的习惯。实际上它们非常好,所以我想我会继续存,不过我只存少量的小甘蓝,所以并不会变质。Adrienne: How so you prepare your brusselsprouts?埃德里安娜:那你一般怎么烹饪小甘蓝?Mary: Um, I steam them for about 10 minutes or so and eat them just perfectly plain, a little salt and a little pepper, thats about it.玛丽:大概蒸10分钟左右,然后基本不放调料,只放一点盐和一点辣椒,就可以吃了。Adrienne: Really, I find them a little bitter.埃德里安娜:可是我觉得它们有点苦。Mary: I find them a little bitter too, but the longer you steam them the bitterness kind of goes away and of course theres ways you can dissipate the bitterness with a little bit of butter or salt or seasonings too, so theyre not so bad.玛丽:我也觉得有点苦,不过你蒸得时间越长,那个苦味就越淡,当然你也可以加一点黄油、盐或是其他调味品来去掉那个苦味,所以味道还不算太坏。Adrienne: Well, Ill have to try that.埃德里安娜:好,我要做试试。 /201406/304647

Wishing you a sparkling Christmas and bright happy New Year! May the season bring much pleasure to you.愿你的圣诞光夺目,愿你的新年灿烂辉煌!佳节快乐! /201212/216586

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