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There are some industries that are immune to economic downturns, and others that are on the upswing. If you like job security, consider one of these fields.有一些行业不受经济低迷的影响,其他一些行业则起伏不定。如果你喜欢稳定的工作,可以考虑以下领域。You Will Need你需要Post-secondary school education中学以上学历Steps步骤Step 1 Go into health care1.进入医疗保健行业Go into health care. The job outlook is good for home health aides, physicians assistants, physical therapist assistants, pharmacy technicians, dental hygienists, mental health counselors, substance abuse social workers, and physical therapists.进入医疗保健行业。前景比较好的职业包括家庭卫生助理,外科医生助手,物理治疗助手,药房技师,牙科工作者,精神健康顾问,药物滥用社会工作者和物理治疗师。Step 2 Explore computer science2.探索计算机科学Get a degree in computer science or software engineering. The need continues to grow for computer scientists, database administrators, network systems and data communication analysts, and computer software engineers.获得计算机科学或软件工程文凭。对计算机科学家,数据库管理员,网络系统和数据交流分析师,电脑软件工程师的需求持续增长。Step 3 Work with animals3.与动物打交道Work with animals. The future is bright for veterinarians, veterinary technologists, and veterinary technicians.与动物打交道。兽医,兽医工艺学家和兽医技术员的未来非常光明。Step 4 Study finance or accounting4.学习金融或会计Study finance. Theres a growing demand for personal financial advisors and financial analysts. And there will always be a need for accountants.学习金融方面。社会对个人理财顾问和金融分析师的需求不断增长。会计行业永远都需要人。Step 5 Become a CSI5.犯罪现场调查员Become a crime scene investigator. Forensic science technician is one of the 30 fastest growing occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.成为犯罪现场调查员。根据美国劳工统计局公布的数据,司法科学技术人员是30个增长最快的行业之一。You need a minimum of a bachelors degree in biology or chemistry; many CSIs have masters of science or medical degrees.你至少需要生物学或化学学士学位;许多犯罪现场调查员拥有科学或医学硕士学位。Step 6 Save the earth6.拯救地球Study environmental science. The need to protect Mother Nature is only going to become more urgent in the coming years.学习环境科学。未来几年,保护地球母亲的需求只会越来越迫切。Did you know? The jobs with the highest fatality rates include fishing, logging, flying, construction involving iron and steel, farming, and ranching.你知道吗?死亡率最高的行业是,伐木,飞行,钢铁建筑,农业和畜牧。201412/348235The sundews tentacles are living fly-paper.小毛毡苔的触须 有如活生生的捕蝇纸Struggling only makes matters worse.挣扎只会让情况越变越糟With each contact, the plant tightens its grip.每一次接触 都会让小毛毡苔卷得更紧As more and more tentacles envelop the prey,卷住猎物的触须越来越多the droplets sp across its body.液滴沾满了猎物的身体The Venus fly trap.这是捕蝇草Like the sundew, it makes itself very attractive,它和小毛毡苔一样 都想办法让自己变得香甜可口oozing nectar across the brim of each leaf.每一片叶子的边缘都渗出蜜汁Eventually, the insect is smothered and drowns in sticky fluid.最后昆虫窒息,在黏液中淹死Digestive enzymes break down the body into a nitrogen-rich meal消化酵素把昆虫的身体 分解为一顿富含氮的大餐which is absorbed by the plant.由植物吸收Without animal tissues this plant would not survive.若少了动物的组织 这种植物也无法存活But theres another carnivorous plant但另一种食肉植物的thats an even more sophisticated predator.狩猎策略更高明201310/262913

Play your cards right, and your buddys nuptials can be nookie central for you.采取正确的策略,好友的婚礼可能成为你吸引异性的舞台。You Will Need你需要Charm魅力Discretion慎重A sense of humor幽默感A baby to dance with舞伴Steps步骤STEP 1 Circulate and smile1.沟通,微笑Let your social animal run free. Work the crowd, introduce yourself, and keep the conversation flowing.自由发挥你的社交能力。在人群中走动,自我介绍,保持对话流畅。Don’t ignore couples, kids, and grandparents. Impress just one, and you’ll have an automatic wingman.不要忽视夫妻,孩子和长辈。只要给一个人留下深刻印象,你就能获得一位好帮手。STEP 2 Show your best side2.展现自己最好的一面Show your best side to the opposite sex. If you’re a girl, ask if someone knows the score of the game. If you’re a guy, now’s the time to boogie with that toddler.向异性展现自己最好的一面。如果你是女孩子,问其他人询问游戏如何记分。如果是男孩子,现在是时候展现你的舞姿了。If you’re drinking, don’t get too drunk. You’ll just embarrass yourself.如果你饮酒,千万不要过量,否则会让自己很尴尬。STEP 3 Keep it real3.真实When you meet that knock-out, keep the conversation light, and devote some time to finding out a bit about them. Be charming and down to earth. Hotties can detect a phony faster than it takes to say I do.当你遇到合适的人时,保持对话轻松,花费一点时间了解对方。保持迷人的魅力,同时脚踏实地。如果是骗子,辣们很快就能鉴别出来。STEP 4 Participate4.参与Have fun with all the silly wedding conventions, and make your object of desire your partner in crime. When you’re a team, watch the hokey pokey turn from an embarrassment into an aphrodisiac. Don’t overdo it. Being too interested in the wedding activities will just make you look creepy.参与所有愚蠢的婚礼活动,并从中获得乐趣,将你看中的异性作为你的同伴。当你们成为一个团队时,把游戏转变为你们关系进展的催化剂。不要过分。对婚礼活动太感兴趣只会让你看上去非常猥琐。STEP 5 Give a compliment5.赞扬Find a sincere reason to give that special person a little boost. Keep your compliment fresh and original, and steer clear of anything clichéd or pre-planned.找个真诚的理由,给对方一点鼓励。你的赞美之词要新颖而真实,杜绝陈词滥调或有备而来。STEP 6 Be discreet6.谨慎Whatever your arrangements are, keep the details quiet. Your date will be thrilled that you can both have fun while keeping things on the down low.无论你的安排是什么样的,细节一定要秘而不宣。既可以获得乐趣,又可以低调,你的约会对象会感到非常激动。In one survey, nearly 60% of respondents said they’d at least kissed someone they’d met at a wedding.在一项调查中,接近60%的受调查对象表示他们至少亲吻过一个在婚礼上遇到的人。视频听力译文由。201404/284712

American Airlines ends bereavement fares American Airlines is the latest major U.S. airline to stop offering bereavement fares. CNNs Alison Kosik reports.A much appreciated convenience wont be available from American Airlines anymore. The airline says it will no longer offer special fares to passengers who have to book a sudden flight because of a relatives death. American explains to CNN why it made the decision, saying in order to have a single, consistent program for American and US Airways, we will adopt the US Airways policy and now offer customers the option to purchase changeable and refundable fares.American and US Airways recently merged. And US Airways has no bereavement discounts, so essentially American will drop its special fare as well. Prices for walk-up tickets are generally higher and that puts additional pressure on passengers dealing with the loss of a loved one. Other airlines still offer bereavement fare. ed offers a discount of 5% on fares in the event of a death or serious illness of an immediate family member. Deltas website says it offers additional flexibility on the best-published fare for such situations. So discounts are still available at least for now. /201403/278174


  Sometimes the seas of your relationship get choppy. Achieve happiness in your marriage through the faith in the strength of the two hearts, who sometimes forget the gift theyve been given.有时恋情的海洋也会风起云涌。有时人们会忘记自己生命中的礼物。通过两颗心的坚定信仰,在婚姻中获得快乐。You Will Need你需要Attention关注New outlook新的展望Sound finances健全的经济基础Honesty诚实Silence安静Steps步骤STEP 1 Pay attention1.关注Pay more attention to your partner than you do to your hobbies or the TV. Marriage is not a part-time job -- you cant achieve happiness in your marriage until youre present and participating.多花点心思关注你的伴侣,而不是沉迷于自己的爱好或电视。婚姻不是一份兼职,除非认真参与,否则不可能从中获得快乐。STEP 2 Change the outlook2.尝试新的经历Change the way both of you act and experience the marriage instead of always trying to recapture some fleeting memory of your early relationship, using the same old ineffective methods.改变双方的行为和婚姻经历,而不是一味地通过一些无效的陈旧的方法抓住恋爱初期已经渐行渐远的经历。STEP 3 Be there3.持Give credence to your spouses judgment, tastes, interests, and opinions, so they know they matter and have worth. Be their strongest supporter, buddy, fan, and soul mate.相信配偶的判断,品味,兴趣和观点,这样他们就知道自己很重要,有价值。做他们最坚定的持者,兄弟,粉丝和灵魂伴侣。STEP 4 Manage finances4.管理财务Manage your financial security. Face debt and money problems together by creating a plan that will help you get your financial situation under contrl. Relationships are hard enough to sustain without the friction monthly bills can introduce.保财务安全。一起面对债务和经济问题,创建可以帮助你们控制经济状况的计划。即使没有每月账单带来的擦,恋爱关系维护起来也已经很艰难了。STEP 5 Take a hard look5.面对困难When you encounter hardships, realize that marriage isnt always easy. Try not to beat yourself up or blame your partner.Predictability can be monotonous. Dont resist the idea that marriages are up and down, and are therefore always interesting works in progress.当你们遇到困难的时候,要意识到婚姻并不是一帆风顺的。不要打击自己或谴责伴侣。如果什么问题都可以提前预料,生活就没有趣味了。不要否认,婚姻中充满浮浮沉沉,因此才会更有趣味。STEP 6 Shut up6.闭嘴Speak up to solve problems, but limit bickering by not picking a fight every time your partner does something you dont like. Silence, or taking a few moments to think before you speak, can help you avoid unnecessary conflict. Fix what you can change -- which is most often your own behavior.大胆说出解决问题的方法,但是不要在每次你的伴侣做了你不喜欢的事情就争吵不休。安静,或者说话之前先冷静一会儿,这样可以避免不必要的冲突。力所能及地做一些改变。STEP 7 Pursue your own things7.追求自己的爱好Allow yourself and your spouse space to pursue your own interests. Couples dont need to be joined at the hip. Observing that absence makes the heart grow fonder may add some years to the marriage.允许自己和伴侣一定的空间来追求自己的兴趣爱好。夫妻不需要每天都绑在一起。意识到距离可以让两颗心靠的更近,这样可以让婚姻更加持久。University of Chicago researchers found that the health of married people who became single again through circumstance or choice declined, precipitating 20 percent more chronic health issues.芝加哥大学研究人员发现,已婚后离异人群的健康状况下降,患慢性疾病的风险增加20%。视频听力译文由。201403/280129。

  Black rhinos are critically endangered.;黑犀牛濒临灭绝;That is what here, at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy,那正是我们莱瓦野生动物保护组织were trying to do,正在努力做得事情save the animal,拯救动物provide a safe and secure sanctuary提供一个安全的避难所where the animal can breed and live freely.让动物们能够在这里自由地繁衍生息There arent many true wild rhinos left in Africa.非洲真正的野生犀牛所剩不多Most, like these, in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy,大部分 如同莱瓦野生动物保护组织下的这些are under armed guard.都处于武装保护之下This young female has reached the age眼前的年轻雌犀牛已达到合适的年龄when Matthew must do some health checks,马修必须为她做一些健康检查including taking blood samples.包括采集血液样本This will help deter poachers and traffickers,那能阻止偷猎者以及非法商人as DNA in illegally traded rhino horn因为根据被非法交易的犀牛角中的DNAcan be tracked back to its origin.可以追踪到其来源If you have to do anaesthesia in the wild,如果必须在野外进行麻醉you will expect some degree of risk.将会有一定程度的风险This female has reacted badly to the anaesthetic.那头雌犀牛对麻醉剂产生了严重不良反应Shes not breathing.她没有呼吸了Its a rare and extremely serious situation.此情况很少见 也很棘手He knows that the next few minutes are crucial.他知道接下来的几分钟相当关键201405/301971

  Most winds from the Indian oceans...来自印度洋的潮湿季风sweep north towards the Himalayas.向北吹向喜马拉雅山As the air rises, so it cools and the water falls as snow.随着空气上升冷却水气变成雪降落The scene is set for one of nature most challenging migrations.这个地点是自然界最具挑战性的迁徙之一Each year, thousands of demoiselle cranes try to escape the harsh winters in Mongolia,每年数千只蓑羽鹤试图躲避蒙古的严冬by flying south to the warmer climes of lndia.藉由向南飞向印度温暖之地To get there,想要到达那里they have to cross the highest mountain range on Earth,它们必须穿越地球上最高的山脊the Himalayas.喜马拉雅山As the sun heats these great slopes,当太阳晒热这些巨大的斜坡 warm air rises from the valleys,温热的气流从峡谷升起旋转turning, by late morning, to ferocious winds.到上午晚些时候转变成烈风201409/328913As the last Ice Age came to an end, somebody picked a pebble out of a small river not far from Bethlehem. Its a pebble that must have been tumbled downstream, banged and smoothed against other stones as it went, in the process that geologists poetically describe as chattering. 随着最后一个冰河时代宣告结束,有人从伯利恒附近流水淙淙的小溪边,捡起了一枚鹅卵石。这肯定是一枚来自下游的卵石了,逐流而下的过程中,受流水冲刷,在砂石间反复翻滚擦,直到棱角尽失,成为圆滑可爱的卵石。地质学家们很诗意地将这过程描述为“千锤百炼,终成正果”。But about 11,000 years ago, a human hand then shaped and chipped this beautifully chattered, rounded pebble into one of the most moving objects in the British Museum. It shows two naked people literally wrapped up in each other. Its the oldest known representation of a couple having sex.然后大约在一万一千年前左右,一双人手巧妙地将这枚“终成正果”的美丽卵石雕刻成了如今大英物馆馆藏展品中最动人的一件。它显示了一对赤身裸体的人缠绵紧拥的姿态,这是世界上最早描绘男女性爱的物品。Well its the classic thing that we always imagine that we discovered sex, and that all other ages before us were kind of rather prudish and simple, whereas in fact obviously human beings have been emotionally sophisticated since at least 8,000 when this sculpture was made, and just as sophisticated as us, Im sure. “这么经典的东西总能引发我们的想象,我们发现了性爱,而后在当代人之前的漫长岁月里,在这话题上我们总是显得那么拘谨避讳。然而在公元前八千年左右这件雕塑制造出来时,显然我们人类在这方面早已拥有复杂的情感。我相信当时的人类情感之复杂,大概与你我一样。” And I think its clear that sexuality was a very very important part of the symbolic and social world. “我认为很明显的,在当时整个人类象征性与社会性的世界里,性行为已经占据了相当重要的一部分。”Ain Sakhri lovers,A stone sculpture discovered near Bethlehem , approximately 11,000 years oldAin Sakhri的恋人塑像,石雕,距今约一万一千年前,出土于伯利恒地区附近。At the end of the last Ice Age, as the climate warmed up across the world, humans gradually shifted from hunting and gathering to a settled way of life based on farming - and in the process, our relationship to the natural world was transformed. 在最后一次冰河时代后期,随着全球气候变暖,人类逐渐由过去狩猎与采集过渡到定居农耕的生活方式;在这个过程中,我们与大自然世界的关系在产生了巨变。From living as a minor part of a balanced ecosystem, we start trying to overcome nature, to take control. In the Middle East the warmer weather brought a sp of rich grasslands. People had been moving around, hunting gazelle and gathering the seeds of lentils, chick peas and wild grasses. But in the new, lusher savannah, gazelle were plentiful and they tended to stay in one place throughout the year, so the humans settled down with them. 以前我们仅仅是作为一个平衡生态大系统中的一小部分因子,现在我们开始尝试来克大自然,想要赢得主动权。在中东地区,转暖的气候带来了一望无际的浩瀚草原,水草丰茂,土质肥沃。人类曾经迁徙奔波,猎捕瞪羚,采集小扁豆、鹰嘴豆与各种野草的种子;然而在这片崭新而肥沃的稀树大草原之上,瞪羚的数量十分充足,往往常年累月停留在同一地方不迁移,因此人类也随之定居下来。201404/283575

  Step away from the caffeine! Stay peppy and awake the all-natural way.远离咖啡因,用全天然的方法保持精力充沛。You Will Need你需要Healthy meal健康的饮食Brisk walk轻快的步行Cold water冷水Bright light明亮的光线Decaf coffee无咖啡因咖啡Peppermint or rosemary essential oil薄荷油或迷迭香精油Almonds and cashews (optional)杏仁和腰果Nap (optional)小睡(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Eat right1.饮食恰当Eat plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid overeating starchy foods like pastas, bs, and rice. They can make you drowsy.食用足够的蛋白质,水果和蔬菜。避免过量食用含有大量淀粉的食物,例如意大利面,面包和米饭。这些食物会让你昏昏欲睡。Snack on almonds and cashews, which contain magnesium, a mineral that converts sugar into energy.嚼一点杏仁和腰果,其中含有矿物元素镁,可以将糖转化为能量。Step 2 Stay moving2.保持运动Stay moving. Go for a brisk 10-minute walk to give you a boost that could last up to two hours.保持运动。轻快地步行10分钟,可以让你精力充沛长达两小时。Step 3 Get a quick jolt3.刺激Splash cold water on your face and pulse points and expose yourself to bright light for a temporary jolt of energy.向面部洒冷水,或者暴露在强光中,暂时增加能量。Step 4 Have some decaf4.饮用无咖啡因咖啡Try the placebo effect. One study found that drinking a cup of decaf coffee left most people feeling just as awake as drinking the real thing.尝试一些无咖啡因咖啡。一项研究发现,饮用一杯无咖啡因咖啡可以让大部分人感觉像喝了真正的咖啡一样清醒。If you need to be up late, take a preemptive nap to keep from nodding off; its more effective than caffeine at keeping people up and alert.如果你需要熬夜到很晚,可以提前小睡一会儿,以防打盹。这比咖啡因更有效地让人保持清醒。Step 5 Use aromatherapy5.使用芳香疗法Use stimulating smells. The scent of peppermint and rosemary essential oils has been shown to increase alertness. So breathe deep and enjoy a natural, caffeine-free boost of energy.使用芳香疗法。薄荷油和迷迭香精油的味道可以增强敏捷性。深呼吸,享受天然的,没有咖啡因的方法来提神吧。In 1965 17-year-old Randy Gardner stayed awake for 11 days straight for a science fair.1965年,17岁的Randy Gardner为了参加科学览会连续11天没有睡觉。视频听力由。201311/264046More than a hundred fishermen make their living from the lake. Its mineral-rich waters are highly productive, and there are nets everywhere.上百渔夫依靠这个水质富矿的高产湖泊为生,并在此布下天罗地网。The next morning, Geng returns with his son to collect his catch. At first sight, it looks disappointing.第二天清早老耿和他的儿子回来收获他们猎物。乍看之下收获平平。Tiny fishes, lots of shrimps, and some wriggling bugs. Geng doesnt seem too downhearted. The larger fish are kept alive, the only way theyll stay fresh in the heat.小鱼,虾米,和扭个不停的虫子。然而老耿看上去来并不那么消沉。大鱼被保持存活,这是唯一在酷暑下保鲜的办法。Surprisingly, some of the bugs are also singled out for special treatment. Theyre the young stage of dragonflies, predators that feed on worms and tadpoles.令人吃惊的是,一些虫子也被专门挑捡出来。它们是蜻蜓的幼虫。以蠕虫和蝌蚪为食的掠食者。Nowhere else in the world are dragonfly nymphs harvested like this.这里是世界上蜻蜓卵收获最丰的地方。 /201407/310582

  Protected by the Great Wall in the north, and fed by the Yellow and Yangtze rivers, Chinas eastern heartland is the centre of a flourishing civilisation which spans more than 5,000 years.北有长城的庇护,南得长江黄河的滋润灌溉,中国东部的心脏地带成为了五千年中华文明繁荣发展的核心。To outsiders this is a mysterious land. It contains dazzling man-made structures. And its home to some of Chinas rarest and most charismatic creatures.对外来者而言,这是一块神秘的土地。夺目的人造建筑屹立在这里。这儿也是中国最稀有最具魅力的动物之家。 注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201408/317316




  媒体大拿Felix Dennis吼出了他激烈的,滑稽的,有时裸的诗,回顾了难以忘记的过去和从鲁莽的人那里得到的来之不易的战斗的伤疤-但不悔-的生活。喝着酒欣赏的效果最好。201411/344462

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