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抚顺煤矿神经精神病医院前列腺炎多少钱抚顺新宾县妇幼保健院割包皮哪家医院最好望花区人民医院网上预约咨询 探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 12This correlation is the most important thing we've learned about supermassive black hole so far. Astronomers are always looking for correlations. Whenever you find one that's really tight like this one, it's a sign that there is some basic physics there that you need to look for. As it happens, the physics that might explain what was going on had been suggested years before by theorists Martin Rees and Jo Silk. Jo Silk has spent much of his life trying to solve the mystery of galaxy formation. Three years ago it became clear that he had been missing a vital ingredient. If there was a black hole in every galaxy, then scientists would need to explain what it was doing there. We had to rethink our ideas of how galaxies were made. To understand the first light at(of/in) the universe we really have to include the role of the supermassive black holes in galaxy formation. All previous ideas of galaxy formation had assumed that gas in the early universe simply condensed to form stars in galaxies. Silk and Rees came up with a completely different idea. They proposed that the center of each early gas cloud could have collapsed to form a giant black hole. The black hole would immediately start feeding on the gas around it creating a brilliant quasar.correlation: a mutual relationship of interdependence between two or more things200808/46189US Fed Chief Says Growth Depends on Stabilizing Markets伯南克:经济增长取决于稳定市场 As Congress debates President Bush's proposed bail out of the bad loans of financial institutions, central bank chief Ben Bernanke told lawmakers Wednesday that the U.S. economy risked "very serious consequences" if measures were not taken. 美国国会正在辩论布什总统提出的挽救陷于坏帐的金融机构的建议,美国联邦储备系统主席伯南克星期三对立法人员说,如果不立即采取措施可能给美国经济带来严重后果。Appearing before the Joint Economic Committee, Bernanke cautioned against reducing the size of the proposed 0 billion rescue plan constructed by the U.S. Treasury. 伯南克出席了两院联合经济委员会会议,他提醒说,不要减少美国财政部拟定的动用七千亿美元的救市计划的金额。He said the package, which Congress may vote on by the end of the week, is needed to rescue an aly weak U.S. economy. 他说,国会可能在本周末表决的这一方案是挽救业已疲软的美国经济所必不可少的。He said 0 billion, while a very big number, represents only five percent of the value of all outstanding U.S. home mortgages, which total trillion.他说,七千亿美元虽然金额巨大,却只相当于美国所有尚未偿付的住房贷款价值的百分之五,这笔未偿贷款高达十四万亿美元。The proposed package would aim to sell off these mortgage-related debts in the future when, the Treasury says, their value might have risen. 财政部说,提议的方案其目的是以后当房价上升后出售这些和房贷有关的债务。But skeptical lawmakers from both sides said they wanted assurances that the plan would benefit ordinary American homeowners as well as Wall Street.但是心存疑虑的两党立法人员说,他们希望确保有关计划能够既有利于拥有住房的美国大众,也有利于华尔街。Bernanke said the bailout, if successful, would not boost inflation and that interest rates would not rise.伯南克说,这一救市计划如果成功就不会出现通货膨胀,也不会导致利率升高。"If it does in fact strengthen the financial markets, increase credit extension, and help the economy grow, then the Fed would perhaps have to act sooner in raising rates, than otherwise perhaps," he said. "But that would be part of the normal part of recovery."他说:“如果这一计划果真能强化金融市场、促使信用扩张、并促进经济增长,那么联邦政府提高利率的速度也许必须比其它情况更为迅速。然而这只是经济正常复苏的一部分。”Bernanke was asked about the parallels between today's financial crisis and the earlier period of sustained economic decline in the Great Depression of the 1930s.人们问伯南克:当今的金融危机是否相当于上世纪三十年代大萧条时经济持续衰退的早期阶段。"When there are major dislocations in the financial sector, in the credit creation process, it can have significant effects on growth and employment in the economy," he said. "And that has been true not just in the ed States but in a number of countries, both emerging market and industrial countries."伯南克说:“当金融业及信用产生程序发生重大动荡时,可能会对经济发展和就业机会产生重大影响。这不仅在美国是如此,在许多其它国家也是如此,在新兴市场和工业化发达国家都是这样。”The Fed Chief pointed out that labor markets are weak and unemployment is high. And, he said, despite an easing of oil and gas prices, consumer spending is likely to be sluggish in the near term.这位美联储领导人指出,目前就业市场疲软而失业率高升。他还说,尽管石油和汽油价格有所平缓,但近期内消费者的消费量很可能低落。In addition, slower growth around the world is likely to blunt demand for U.S. exports, which had been helping buoy the economy.此外,世界各地的经济发展减缓很可能减少对美国出口商品的需求,而美国出口商品向来有助于加强美国经济。200809/50339清原满族县妇幼保健院网上预约咨询

抚顺市新抚区第二医院治疗男性不育多少钱Bush Wraps Up Olympic Visit, Stresses Ties to China布什强调继续加强美中关系重要性  U.S. President George Bush is stressing the importance of continued American ties with China, saying while there are disagreements, there are also important areas where the two countries can work together. He spoke on the final day of his stay at the Beijing Summer Olympics. 正在北京观看奥运会的美国总统布什强调继续加强美中关系的重要性,他指出,尽管存在分歧,但两国间也有可以共同合作的重要领域。布什是在北京停留的最后一天说这番话的。Mr. Bush spent his last hours in Beijing watching swimming and baseball, and reflecting on his visit to the Chinese capital. 布什总统离开北京前,最后观看了游泳和篮球比赛,并谈到他这次对中国首都访问的感想。During an interview with America's N television network, he talked about the changes that have taken place in China since the 1970's when his father was a top U.S. diplomatic in Beijing. And he offered some advice for his successor: move quickly to build a cooperative but candid relationship with Chinese leaders. 布什总统在接受美国全国广播公司电视采访的时候谈到中国1970年代以来发生的变化。他的父亲老布什总统当时是美国驻华首席外交官。布什总统给他的继任者提出衷告说,应当迅速与中国领导人建立合作但同时是坦诚的关系。"It's really important for future Presidents to understand the relationship between China and the region, and it's important to make sure that America is engaged with China - even though we may have some disagreements," he said. 布什说:“未来的总统要了解与中国和这个地区的关系,这的确很重要。尽管我们可能有一些分歧,但美国与中国保持接触非常重要。”Mr. Bush said he brought up areas of disagreement during his talks in Beijing with Chinese President Hu Jintao. But he also stressed that by working together on sensitive international issues, the ed States and China can make a big difference. 布什总统说,他在北京同胡锦涛主席谈话时提出了双方存在分歧的领域。但是他同时强调指出,通过在敏感的国际问题上进行合作,美国和中国可以带来重大的改变。"I think you ought to look at the relationship as one of constructive engagement where you can find common areas, like North Korea and Iran, but also be in a position where they respect you enough to listen to your views on religious freedom and political liberty," Mr. Bush said. 布什说:“我认为,应当把这种关系看作是建设性接触,我们可以找到共同领域,例如北韩和伊朗,但同时要使自己处于这样一种地位,使他们对你有足够的尊重,会在宗教自由和政治自由等问题上倾听你的看法。”During his stay in China, President Bush attended Sunday worship services at a state-registered church, rather than a so-called "underground" church, which operates without government approval. He defended his decision to pray there, saying it gave him a venue to make an important point. 在中国停留期间,布什总统星期天在一个中国政府认可的教堂,而不是所谓的家庭教会,做了礼拜。他为自己在那里做礼拜辩护说,这使他有机会强调一个重要问题。"It gave me a chance to say to the Chinese people, religion won't hurt you, you ought to welcome religious people," he said. "And it gave me a chance to say to the government, why don't you register the underground churches and give them a chance to flourish?" 布什说:“这使我有机会告诉中国人民,宗教不会伤害你们,你们应当欢迎信教的人。这使得我有机会告诉中国政府,你们为什么不接受地下教会注册,让他们有机会发展壮大呢?”Mr. Bush said he came to Beijing to cheer on the American Olympic team, but also to show his respect for the Chinese people. He said China is a big, important nation, and in order to find common ground and overcome disagreements, it is necessary for the ed States and China to respect each other. 布什说,他到北京是为了给美国奥运代表队加油,但也是为了表示对中国人民的尊重。他说,中国是一个重要的大国,为了寻找共同点、克分歧,美国和中国应当相互尊重。200808/45786抚顺包皮龟头炎 Russians go to the polls on Sunday for a presidential election in which the victory of Kremlin-backed candidate Dmitri Medvedev is considered a foregone conclusion. Medvedev's path toward high office has been very different from the one facing American presidential hopefuls.  俄罗斯民众计划星期天在总统选举中投票,克里姆林宫持的候选人梅德韦杰夫在这次选举中获胜已经被视为定局。梅德韦杰夫通往总统宝座的道路与美国总统候选人非常不同。Russians today are witnessing the twists and turns of an exciting presidential campaign. 俄罗斯人今天正在目睹一场激动人心的总统竞选的曲折过程。But … it is not their own. 但是这不是俄罗斯的总统竞选。Russia's presidential contest stands in sharp contrast to America's hotly-contested presidential primaries.  俄罗斯总统竞争与美国竞争激烈的总统初选完全不同。Unlike his American counterparts, Dmitri Medvedev - the candidate of the ruling ed Russia Party - did not need to submit his ideas, style and political record to the scrutiny of open competition, in which various party constituencies select their nominee based on discrete interests, be they regional, social, industrial, or financial. 与美国总统候选人不同的是,代表执政的统一俄罗斯党的梅德韦杰夫不需要暴露思想、方式和从政记录,来接受公开竞争的检验。在公开竞争中,不同政党的选民根据地区、社会、工业或者财政等不同利益来挑选候选人。Instead, Medvedev was nominated in private, though the exact procedure is unknown. Word of his candidacy came in December after the leaders of several parties, not just ed Russia, presented his name to current president Vladimir Putin. But it is widely believed Mr. Putin selected Medvedev himself. 尽管无法了解确切的程序,梅德韦杰夫却是私下任命。统一俄罗斯党等几个政党的领袖去年12月向现任总统普京提名梅德韦杰夫之后,梅德韦杰夫就成为候选人了。但是人们普遍相信,是普京本人挑选了梅德韦杰夫。The 42-year-old candidate also did not have to agree to a single debate against his opponents. President Putin says there is no need. 今年42岁的梅德韦杰夫也不用答应与任何一个对手进行辩论。总统普京说没有这个必要。The Kremlin leader asks why should Medvedev participate in debates and discuss problems that will be clearly formulated in a populist key. He continues, "Did we not have the opportunity to tell citizens what we have done and what we will do? In essence everything has been said." 普京问道,梅德韦杰夫为什么应该参加辩论、去讨论将会被清楚确定的问题?他说:“我们有机会告诉公民我们已经做了什么和我们将会做什么吗?其实所有事情都已经说过了。”Mr. Putin says the opposition candidates - political unknown Andrei Bogdanov, Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov, and populist firebrand Vladimir Zhirinovsky - have been granted every opportunity to publicize their programs.  普京说,政界不知名人士格丹诺夫、共产党领袖久加诺夫和煽动民粹争议的日里诺夫斯基这些反对党候选人有充分的机会来宣扬他们的竞选计划。But none has challenged the front-runner's platform and opposition campaign advertising is barely visible. Televised political promotions are not frequent, and the candidates have little outdoor advertising.  但是没有任何人来挑战梅德韦杰夫的竞选纲领,而且很少能看见反对派的竞选广告。电视经常播放政治宣传,候选人的室外广告很少。The most prominent election publicity amid a sea of commercial ads is a generic series of small billboards with a reminder that March 2 is Election Day. Another series billboards in Moscow shows prominent Russians - Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, well-known actor Leonid Yakubovych, or Viktor Sadovnychy, an honorary citizen of the capital, announcing merely that they will vote. 在商业广告的海洋中,最令人瞩目的竞选宣传是一系列的小型标语牌,提醒人们留意3月2号是选举日。莫斯科另外一个系列标语牌是显示莫斯科市长卢日科夫、知名演员雅库波维奇或者显示莫斯科一位荣誉市民,标语牌上仅仅说,这些人都会投票。The advertising seems aimed at increasing voter turnout. Although denied by the Kremlin, political analysts say large institutions such as factories, hospitals and universities are being pressured to secure a 65 percent turnout to promote the legitimacy of the election.  宣传广告的目的似乎是为了增加投票率。克里姆林宫虽然否认,但政治分析人士说,工厂、医院和大学等大型机构正在被迫确保65%的投票率来提升选举的合法性。Public opinion polls indicate Dmitri Medvedev will win handily in the first round. Muscovite Andrei Borodin intends to vote for him. 公共民意测验显示梅德韦杰夫将在第一轮投票中轻松获胜。The Russian voter says everybody fundamentally understands that Medvedev is Putin's successor, adding that he is very pleased with Putin's policies and considers them to be those of order. Borodin says most Russian citizens feel the same. 莫斯科市民包罗丁说,他有意投票给梅德韦杰夫。包罗丁说:“每个人根本都了解,梅德韦杰夫是普京的继承人。” 他补充说,对普京的政策感到很满意,认为这些政策是有序的。包罗丁说,大部分俄罗斯公民都有共同的感受。Russia's March second vote comes eight months before the U.S. election. By January, both countries will have new leaders, who will have arrived in office after completely different campaigns. But outgoing Russian president Vladimir Putin says it will be in the interests of both countries for their new leaders to cooperate. 俄罗斯总统普京说,两国新的领导人进行合作,符合两国的利益。200802/27978抚顺治疗精子不液化不育多少钱

抚顺非淋医院哪家好 Senator Barack Obama scored another decisive primary victory Tuesday, winning the southern state of Mississippi by more than 20 percentage points over Senator Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Senator Obama has also reacted to comments by a prominent Clinton supporter, who alleged that Obama has only come so far in the race as he has because he is a black man.  竞争美国民主党总统候选人提名的奥巴马参议员星期二又赢得一场决定性胜利。他在南方的密西西比州以20个百分点以上的优势战胜克林顿参议员。奥巴马还对一位著名的克林顿的持者的作出反应。民主党前副总统候选人费拉罗指称由于奥巴马是个黑人,因此才在竞选中取得现在的成绩。Tuesday's win was the second in four days for Senator Obama, who also won big in Saturday's Wyoming caucuses. Nearly complete returns from Mississippi showed Obama with 61 percent of the vote and Clinton with 37 percent. Exit polls in Mississippi indicate that more than nine-in-10 African Americans voted for Senator Obama, while seven-in-10 white voters backed Senator Clinton. 星期二的胜利是奥巴马4天来的第二场胜利。上星期六,他在怀俄明州的党内预选中以较大优势取胜。密西西比州民主党初选的选票已经接近清点完毕,奥巴马目前获得61%的选票,克林顿获得37%的选票。密西西比州对投票后选民的调查显示,非洲裔美国人中90%以上的人投了奥巴马的票。而白人选民中70%持克林顿。The issue of race surfaced again, triggered by remarks made last week by Geraldine Ferraro, who in 1984 became the first woman candidate for vice president on a major party ticket.  种族问题再次浮现出来,起因是上星期克林顿的持者费拉罗讲的一些话。费拉罗在1984年成为第一位美国主要政党竞选副总统的女性候选人。费拉罗是克林顿的筹款人和持者。Ferraro, a Clinton fundraiser and supporter, told a California newspaper that Obama would not be in this position in the contest "if he were a white man, or if he were a woman of any color". She said the country is "caught up in the concept." 她对一家加州报纸说,奥巴马“如果是个白人,如果他是一位女性,他就不会在竞选中取得现在的成绩”。费拉罗说,“美国人被这个概念吸引住了”。Senator Obama called Ferraro's comments "patently absurd" and "divisive." He spoke to A News' morning television show.  奥巴马在美国广播公司早间新闻节目上说,费拉罗的非常荒唐,而且具有分裂性。"I think that if anybody was looking for the quickest path to the presidency, they would not say 'I want to be an African-American man named Barack Obama.' I do not think that is in the handbook for running for president," he said. 奥巴马说:“我认为,任何人在寻找通往总统宝座的捷径的时候都不会说,‘我希望我是那个叫奥巴马的非洲裔美国人’。我不相信那是竞选总统的指南。”Asked if the campaign should sever its ties to Ms. Ferraro, Senator Obama said that was up to Senator Clinton, but he said he had taken action in similar cases. 节目主持人问奥巴马,希拉里的竞选活动是否应该切断同费拉罗的关系,他说,那要看克林顿怎么做了。他又补充说,他曾经就类似的案例采取过行动。"When some of my surrogates have made statements that I do not think were appropriate, they left the campaign," Obama said. "I think that we have to set a tone in the Democratic Party that projects bringing the country together, unifying the country. I think that is what we are about. And I respect Geraldine Ferraro, she is a trailblazer, and was an inspiration for a lot of people, including myself when she ran." 奥巴马说:“当我的持者讲了我认为不适当的话以后,他们就离开了竞选班子。我认为,我们必须在民主党内定下一种基调,使国家凝聚起来,团结起来。我认为,这是我们的使命。我尊重费拉罗,她是一位开路先锋。她当年竞选时激励了很多人,包括我本人。”Former congresswoman Ferraro appeared on the same A news program and said she is "absolutely not sorry" about her remarks. 前国会议员费拉罗在同一个电视节目上露面,她表示,她对自己的讲话丝毫不感到歉意。"My comments have been taken so out of context and have been spun by the Obama campaign as racist, that you know, it is doing precisely what they do not want done," she said. "It is going into the Democratic Party and dividing us even more." 费拉罗说:“我的讲话被断章取义。奥巴马的竞选班子歪曲我的话,说我的话是种族主义。我知道,这种做法的结果和他们的期望正好相反。这种做法将进一步分裂民主党。”Ferraro said she was commenting on the historic nature of Obama's candidacy, saying that in 1984, if her name had been "Gerald Ferraro" instead of "Geraldine Ferraro" she would not have been chosen as a vice presidential candidate. 费拉罗表示,她当时讲的是奥巴马这位候选人的历史性质。她说,在1984年,如果她本人是一名男性,就不会被选为副总统候选人。克林顿和奥巴马都在谋求创造历史。Clinton and Obama are seeking to make history, she as the first woman and he as the first African American to be elected U.S. president. 克林顿在谋求成为第一位女性美国总统,而奥巴马则谋求成为第一位非洲裔美国总统。Their campaigns have a six-week lull in primary contests until Pennsylvania votes on April 22. 从现在起,民主党的初选有6个星期的相对平静时期,直到4月22号宾夕法尼亚州初选为止。200803/30325抚顺中医院正规的吗东洲医院割包皮哪家医院最好




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