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The world can be a frightening place. Images of violence, natural disasters, accidents, and other such dangers permeate our media, sowing fear in many. While these threats should certainly be respected, other far more mundane things in our lives are statistically much more likely to kill us.大家可曾想过,我们生活在一个多么可怕的世界!媒体铺天盖地地报道各类暴力事件、自然灾害、意外事故,时时散播着恐怖的气息对这类危险应当提高警惕几乎人尽皆知,但大家可能不知道,事实上,日常生活中许多毫不起眼的小事更可能置我们于死地.More People Die Falling Out Of Bed Than From Roller Coasters.坠床比坠过山车更危险Some people love roller coasters; some people are terrified of them. The high speeds and great heights provide a relatively safe thrill amusement park goers. However, accidents do happen, and roller coasters kill an average of four people in the US each year.提起过山车,有人欢喜有人忧过山车的极速高空体验给游客带来了无限快感然而,刺激的同时,意外也随之而来,在美国,平均每年有四人因乘过山车死亡One-quarter of roller coaster deaths are occupational fatalities involving workers. Half are caused by a rider medical condition being exacerbated by the ride; these can be prevented by increased signage warning sufferers of certain conditions against boarding. Only the final quarter are caused by some sort of trauma to a park visitor, such as falling out of the roller coaster.Rest assured: You probably wont be killed the next time you ride a roller coaster. Youre much more likely to die from falling out of your own bed. Every year in the US, 50 people die this way. Ironically, bed rails sometimes make things worse. Hospitals have found that stubborn patients try to climb over them and fall farther than they would have otherwise.其中,因过山车而死的职业工作人员占了约是因为游客的身体状况不适宜此类活动,过山车带来的高度惊险与刺激会使游客身体状况恶化而死亡,这类情况可以通过增加标牌警告患者避免乘车来解决死亡人数中,只有四分之一是因为突发事件丧命,比如从过山车中翻落坠空而死由此看来,乘过山车意外死亡是小概率事件但你一定想象不到,坠床而死的概率并不低!在美国每年有50人死于坠床可笑的是,床栏有时会令事情变得更糟医生发现,有些固执患者试图翻越床栏,却落得摔得更惨的下场9.Cows Are More Likely To Kill You Than Bears9.奶牛比熊更有可能杀死你Fatal black bear attacks on humans have been rising in North America since the 1960s. Over the past 1 years, 63 people have been killed by black bears, mostly in Alaska and Canada. This amounts to fewer than one person per year. However, since 86 percent of these fatalities occurred after 1960, the current average is closer to two people per year.自1960年以来,北美熊袭人事件频频发生过去1年以来,共63人因遭遇黑熊袭击而死,其中大多发生在阿拉斯加和加拿大这相当于每年有一个人死于黑熊攻击不过,其中86%的黑熊袭人致死事件发生在1960年之后,所以近几年,每年约两人死于黑熊攻击Increased human encroachment into black bear habitats is cited as a probable cause. Most fatal attacks have been perpetrated by lone male bears sampling humans as a new food source. Surprisingly, mother bears defending their cubs or bears that have become familiar with humans are responsible few fatalities. While injurious encounters with black bears may continue to rise with human expansion, they have a long way to go bee they kill more people than cattle, which kill an average of people per year in the ed States alone. Most fatal attacks on humans by cattle are deliberate, either by territorial bulls trampling and goring farmers or mothers protecting their calves. Other times, people are simply accidentally crushed.栖息地一再遭到破坏是黑熊袭人事件频发的一大原因许多致命攻击是因为成年雄性黑熊把人类当成了新的食物来源而负责捍卫自己幼崽的母熊,或者已经与人类熟悉了的黑熊则很少会攻击人类,这是个很有趣的现象虽然因人类的扩张,黑熊袭人致死事件会持续上升,但比起奶牛的杀伤力,黑熊就小巫见大巫了如果告诉你在美国平均每年造成人死亡的杀人狂魔是奶牛,你会大跌眼镜吗?更可怕的是,奶牛的杀人行为可以称之为“蓄意谋杀”,原因无外乎领土遭人类侵犯、森林遭人类砍伐或者因幼崽受到伤害而奋力反抗,与意外遭遇黑熊袭击而死相比,人类死于奶牛攻击的情形更加常见8.A Rip Current Will Get You Bee A Shark Does8.未落狂鲨口,已入离岸流Going to the beach is a common and beloved summer pastime people across the world. Such outings are not without danger, of course. You could get sunburned, stung by a jellyfish, or bitten by a shark.夏季来临时,人们普遍对去海边玩耍青睐有加可不要忽略,这项户外活动是有危险的晒伤、被水母蛰伤或不幸被鲨鱼咬伤的事情并不罕见Most unprovoked shark attacks on humans are cases of mistaken identity, where the shark takes one bite and then swims away upon tasting a distinctive lack of seal or fish. Those single bites can still cause serious injury or death. Even these mistakes are comparatively rare; most sharks that attack have been provoked by a human in some way.All the same, if youre in the water and feel yourself pulled away from safety, a rip current is much more likely to be responsible than a shark. Rip currents are more powerful than you may realize. They can pull you away from shore faster than an Olympic swimmer can swim. Trying to directly swim against a rip current, a common reaction, will only lead to fatigue and drowning. It is estimated that over 0 people drown each year in the US due to rip currents. Conversely, despite some swimmers going to such extremes as taunting sharks, someone dies in the US from a shark attack only once every two years. Worldwide, only five die each year.未受刺激的鲨鱼袭击人类大多是因为认错“人”,当它咬上一口却明显尝不到海豹或鱼的味道时就会自动游走没错,这错误的一口后果十分严重,人们常身负重伤,不幸丧生的也不在少数,好在这种认错“人”的行为是相当少见的正常情况下,鲨鱼会袭击人类大多是因为它受到了某种形式的刺激同样地,如果置身水中的你感觉自己被拉离安全水域,离岸流比鲨鱼更有可能给你带来杀身之祸离岸流的威力超乎你的想象它把你拉离海岸的速度比奥运会游泳选手的游速还快人们遇到离岸流时,常常会直接逆流而游,很不幸,这样只会耗费体力,最后溺水而死据统计,美国每年有一百多人死于离岸流尽管有些游泳者会参与类似斗鲨这样的极限活动,死于鲨鱼袭击的美国人也只是每两年一例即使从世界范围看,每年也只有五例可见,离岸流比鲨鱼更危险7.High School Sports Kill More US Citizens Than Terrorists Do7.远在恐怖分子之上的杀手——中学体育运动Terrorism has been a defining fear in 1st-century US culture since the horrifying 9 attacks in 01. From Al-Qaeda to ISIS, the news has frequently been filled with frightening terroristic imagery, causing many citizens to fear themselves and their children.自从01年骇人听闻的9袭击后,恐怖主义就成为1世纪美国文化中的一种典型恐惧从基地组织到伊拉克和大叙利亚伊斯兰国,令人害怕的恐怖主义报道频频出现在新闻上,致使许多公民为他们自己及其子女惴惴不安In truth, US children are far more likely to end up dying on their high school playing field than at the hands of a terrorist. Roughly 50 young athletes die each year in the ed States due to sports-related injuries. Rural areas are the worst-affected. Common causes of death include overheating (more on that later), brain injuries, and sudden cardiac arrest. It certainly doesnt help that two-thirds of athletes show up to practice significantly dehydrated. Nor does it help that percent of football players who are knocked unconscious from a hit will play more that same day; those who suffer further injury as a result have a 50 chance of dying. Sudden cardiac arrest kills 90 percent of the young athletes that it strikes. Terrorism, on the other hand, has taken roughly private US citizens per year, with 01 an obvious anomaly. example, terrorism killed nine in , in , in , in , and in . The overwhelming majority of these deaths involved travel to Afghanistan. Not one death occurred within US borders.事实上,美国儿童死在中学运动场上的机率要比死在恐怖分子手上的机率大得多美国每年约有50名年轻运动员因运动损伤而死这一现象在乡村地区最为严重常见的死因包括运动过激、脑损伤或心搏骤停但这并不能阻止许多运动员疯狂的训练强度:3的运动员训练至严重脱水,%的足球运动员在被撞击至失去知觉当天依然加强训练而那些伤势恶化的运动员死亡概率高达50%出现心搏骤停的年轻运动员中,只有一成能幸免于死在01年的大规模袭击后,每年死于恐怖主义的美国公民约有人,举例来说,分别为年的9人、年的人、年的人、年的人及年的人而且这些人绝大部分是死在阿富汗之行,没有一例是死于美国边境的6.Disney World Kills More Than Florida Alligators6.丧命于迪士尼乐园的人数远超于死于佛罗里达短吻鳄之嘴的人数From –, eight visitors to Disney World in Orlando, Florida were killed. Heart attacks (sometimes worsened by a lack of ily available defibrillators) and traumatic injuries are common causes. Five workers have also been killed in that time span, including three during a particularly bad season in , by trauma or electrocution.至年,佛罗里达州奥兰多市的迪士尼公园事故频发8名游客在此丧生,死亡原因多为突发性心脏病或外伤此外,5名员工也在这段时间死亡,仅在年的一个事故高发季度,就有3名员工死于外伤或者触电Some might consider Florida alligators to be more frightening than Mickey Mouse. The prospect of being bitten or dragged under and drowned by one of these ancient reptiles is certainly grim. While most alligators only attack if provoked, unprovoked predation does occur. Victims are often completely unaware of the alligator until it attacks. Still, youre more likely to win the lottery in Florida than be killed by a hungry alligator. From to present, only six people have died in unprovoked alligator attacks. None have died since .很多人都认为佛罗里达的短吻鳄比迪士尼乐园里可爱的米老鼠可怕得的多人们一想到被这样古老的爬行动物咬伤或者拖进泥潭里就会浑身颤抖虽然短吻鳄有时候会无故地去捕食人类,但大多数情况下它们只有受到威胁才会对人类发起攻击,受害者对于他们的偷袭往往毫不知情从到现在,只有6个游客丧生于短吻鳄的无故偷袭但从年起,没有人在这样的事故之中丧命翻译:叫我王二白 前十网 9most of us, the idea of giving up our jobs to travel the world is nothing more than a pipe dream, but one couple has managed to make it a reality.对于我们当中的大多数人而言,放弃工作去周游世界无异于痴心妄想,但是有一对夫妇真的做到了What more, theyre getting paid six-figure salaries to do it.而且,他们在这么做的同时领着数十万的薪水After meeting in while travelling in Fiji, Jack Morris, 6, and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen, , ged a life themselves which involves travelling the world full-time together.年,在6岁的杰克·莫里斯和他岁的女朋友劳伦·布伦在斐济旅游时相识之后,他们便开始了全职旅游的新生活Since then, the couple have become top Instagram influencers with nearly three million followers between them and an impressive 5 countries under their belt.从那时开始,这对拥有接近300万粉丝的情侣成为了Instagram上最有影响力的人,令人吃惊的是,他们的粉丝来自5个国家Having mastered the art of curating a breathtaking Instagram feed, the couple have admitted to earning thousands from a single photo.这对情侣精通如何策划吸引人眼球的推送,他们坦言一张照片会为他们带来数千元的收入Previously speaking to Cosmopolitan, Jack revealed that they wont do a sponsored post anything less than ,500 pounds. But, it turns out they could be charging more if they wanted to.不久前,杰克对Cosmopolitan杂志透露,他们不接低于500镑的广告但是,如果他们愿意的话,他们可以挣得更多;I did a job a phone company where I flew out three days; there were two days filming and then I had to do five photos on Instagram, and that was ,000,; he told the magazine.杰克告知该杂志:“我在旅游途中为一家手机厂家工作了三天;我们拍摄了两天视频,照要求我需要在Instagram上发布五张照片整个活动的报酬是35000美元”Taking to his blog, Do You Travel, Jack recently shared the secrets behind his awe-inspiring photos and said that they key to taking the perfect pic is all about timing.在他的客Do You Travel上,杰克最近分享了那些令人赞叹的照片背后的秘密,并且把拍摄照片的秘诀归结于对时间的掌握;Most of the time we like to shoot around one hour after sunrise. Busy locations dont tend to be as busy at this time of day,; he wrote.他写道:“通常,我们会在日落后花一个小时到处拍照每天的这个时间段,热门景点也显得比较冷清”Jack also said that it important to make sure the images on his feed match and as such, he tends to avoid using Instagram filters.杰克还提到,确保他推送的照片与事实相符很重要,所以他不倾向于使用滤镜;I edit all my photos in the same kind of style with my own Lightroom presets. I also look at the grid and try to plan the next image to make sure it works well with the rest of my recent feed,; he said. ;I dont use any mobile apps or filters.;他表示:“我用我自己预设好的Lr(一款图形工具软件)处理我的照片,确保它们保持相同的风格我同时也关注定位的位置,并且提前考虑下一张照片应该怎么拍,到哪拍,好确保最近的推送有着相同的风格我从不使用任何手机摄影软件或滤镜”Currently living in Bali, the couple continue to post inspirational photos to their Instagram s with the aim of visiting one new non-work related country each month.这对情侣目前正住在巴厘岛,他们一直在自己的Instagram账户上上传一些带有灵感的照片,同时计划着每个月去一个与工作没有联系的国家 5683

A Hello Kitty-themed Taroko Express train made its inaugural run in Taiwan last Monday.台湾一趟以Hello Kitty为主题的太鲁阁号列车于上周一首次运行The train has make its first run on a round trip from Taipei to Taitung, according to the Taiwan Railways Administration.根据来自台湾铁路局的消息,这列火车首次运行路线是从从台北到台东的往返The design concept of the Hello Kitty train is ;To connect world and Taiwan with Hello Kitty;. The 8 carriage are designed as Taiwan, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, America and North and South pole, and then back to Taiwan.Hello Kitty绘列车以“跟着Hello Kitty连结台湾与世界”为设计理念,8节车厢设计成由台湾出发,周游亚洲、大洋洲、欧洲、非洲、美洲、南北极后,再回到台湾The train was installed with a total of 376 headrest covers with Hello Kitty patterns printed on them. But when the train finished its round trip from Taipei to Taitung on Monday, the train attendants found that all but 8 headrest covers were stolen.该列车共配有376条印有Hello Kitty图案的枕巾而列车当天完成从台北至台东的往返运行时,乘务员发现只剩下8条枕巾,其余全部被偷Each headrest cover cost some NT. The estimated loss totaled about NT$,000.每条枕巾的成本约为新台币50元据估计,此次损失约为1.6万新台币The train company said it prepared 0 extra covers just in case but did not expect that 3 pieces, or more than 87%, would be stolen on the train maiden trip.铁路公司表示多准备了0条枕巾备用,但没想到列车首航会有3条(超87%)枕巾被盗 39

Wearing their identical red dresses, identical twins Rabia and Rukia even have matching beauty spots.穿着相同的红色连衣裙,同卵双胞胎Rabia和Rukia甚至有着对称的美人痣But tragically these twins, their closeness is also putting their lives in danger.但是对于这个双胞胎来说悲剧的是,彼此的亲密也在使她们的生命危在旦夕The sisters were born joined at the head at a clinic in Pabna, Bangladesh, in July. Parents Taslima Khatun Uno and Mohammed Rafiqul Islam didnt learn that the twins were conjoined until after the birth.这对头部相连的于今年七月份在孟加拉国巴布纳的一家诊所出生父母Taslima Khatu Uno和Mohammed Rafiqul Islam直到双胞胎出生才知道她们是连体婴儿They were delivered by Caesarean and spent two weeks in intensive care as doctors checked they were otherwise healthy.她们通过剖腹产出生,并在重症监护室度过了两个礼拜,而医生们给她们的体检表明她们是健康的Now the family face an agonising wait to see if surgeons can operate to separate the pair - but have been warned it could be two years even to take a decision.现在,这个家庭面临着煎熬的等待,看外科医生能否进行手术分离胎儿,但是他们已被警告,这可能要等上两年才能做出决定Professor Rohu Rahim, pediatric surgeon from Banghabandhu Sheik Murjib Medical University, who is consulting the family, said there was hope.Banghabandhu Sheik Murjib医科大学的儿科医生Rohu Rahim教授与这家人进行了商议,表示仍有希望As their heads are joined side by side it makes physical movement, such as bending the neck, easier.“因为他们的头部是连在一块儿的,这就使得身体移动更加容易,如颈部弯曲”Rabia and Rukia will need to undergo a 5-60 minute MRI scan and medics also need to confirm if the blood circulating between the twins brains is separate or shared.Rabia和Rukia将需经历5-60分钟的核磁共振成像扫描,医护人员也将需要确认双胞胎脑部流通的血液是独立的还是共享的Taslima added: their future it necessary to separate the girls - they are not having a healthy life. If I dont separate them now maybe in future they will ask why I didnt separate them?Taslima补充说:“为了她们的未来,有必要将这对分开,不然她们就过不上健康的生活如果我现在不把她们分开,也许将来她们就会问我为何不分开”Professor Rahim says the team will wait up to two years bee making a final decision on separating Rabia and Rukia.Rahim教授表示,在做出分离Rabia和Rukia的决定之前,工作团队将需等上两年The parents, who are both teachers, worry they wont be able to fund the surgery themselves and have made a plea to the Bangladeshi government to financially support the operations.孩子的父母都是老师,他们担心无法自己付手术费用,已经请求孟加拉国政府在财政上持该手术 68889第一句:Im afraid Ill be late.恐怕我要迟到了A: It been minutes. Im afraid Ill be late.都已经十分钟了恐怕我要迟到了B: Im sorry. There seems to be a car accident over there.抱歉,那边好像有交通事故A: I have to meet my group at 1:00 p.m. Would you please open the door?我得在下午一点与我的队伍会合你能开下门吗?第二句:Im in a hurry.我有急事A: Taxi!... Zhongshan square, please.出租车!……请到中山广场B: OK.好的A: Im in a hurry. Could you please take me there in minutes?我有急事能在分钟内把我带到那儿吗?B: Well get there if there is no traffic jam.如果交通不堵的话能到那儿overpass 公交桥pedestrain 人行道要表达到哪儿下车,可以说:Ill get off at ... street, please.也可以直接说出目的地,如:Time plaza, please. 时代广场还可以说 I wanna go to Labor Park. 我去劳动公园询问乘车时间的话,可以说 How long is the ride? 要多久能到?本文选自Kyle XY 《神奇凯尔,派对上Lori对Josh, Kyle约法三章后自己跑去找男友,Josh也遇到了向往已久的女伴,只有Kyle还在等待Amanda欢迎朋友们来学习交流,希望大家喜欢Lori: Remember the rules, no drinking, no puking, out of here by 9:5. I'll be watching, and I will nark. Josh: I don't see Ashley.Kyle: Or Amanda.Josh: Should have known... it was too good to be true. Ho... There she is.Ashley: Hi, Josh.Josh: Ashley! Hey.Ashley: I'm so glad you made it. I don't know anyone here. Come on. 重点讲解:1. No puking 不要吐Puke是“吐,呕吐”的意思,例句:The baby puked all over me this morning. 宝宝今天早上吐了我一身和No组合在一起的短语相关链接:No smoking. 禁止吸烟No spitting. 禁止吐痰No parking. 禁止停车No littering. 禁止乱扔垃圾No fishing. 禁止垂钓. nark〈俚〉警察的线民, 密探3. too good to be true 好得难以置信例句:I used to believe in ever, but ever is too good to be true. 我以前相信永远,但永远太美好了,以至于不像是真的 977

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