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12-year-old girl finds ancient Egyptian amulet12岁女孩发现古埃及护符An ancient Egyptian amulet was uncovered in Jerusalem by a young girl taking part in a family dig in the capital.耶路撒冷小女孩参加“圣殿山筛选项目”考古活动时,发现一古埃及护符。Neshama Spielman, from Jerusalem, found the artifact four years ago at a dig organized by the City of David and the Temple Mount Sifting Project, which works to examine tons of dirt removed without archaeological supervision from the Temple Mount by the Muslim Waqf. Details of the find and its identification, however, have only now been revealed. Spielman, who is aged 12, was just 8 when she made the find.小女孩名叫Neshama Spielman,来自耶路撒冷。她年前在“圣殿山筛选项目”中发现这个护符的。该项目旨在检查从神圣犹太教遗址移来,未经考古检测过的泥土。当年,Spielman只有8岁。The piece was taken away for laboratory testing, and the Spielman family only received a phone call this month telling them the amulet had been identified.后来此护符被拿去实验室检测,知道上个月,Spielman一家才接到电话,被告知检测结果。Spielman was sifting through dirt at the Emek Tzurim national park on the slopes of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem when she noticed the small rectangular object.当时,Spielman正在耶路撒冷Emek Tzurim国家公园橄榄山的斜坡上检查泥土。突然就注意到了这个小小的矩形物件。Just 21 millimeters long, 16 millimeters high, and 4 millimeters thick, the amulet, of which part is missing, has a “raised decorationon it with a loop at one end that allowed it to be worn on a cord around the neck.该护符只1毫米长6毫米高毫米厚,部分已经缺失。上方凸起的部分有个孔,可以用绳穿起来挂在脖子上。The raised decoration shows a cartouche an oval frame around Egyptian hieroglyphics indicating a royal name. Above the frame archaeologists could make out the symbol of an eye and that of a cobra.凸起那部分有个“涡卷饰品”——(古埃及碑上)在王和神的名字周围的椭圆形装饰。考古学家在上面发现有眼镜蛇一只眼的符号。The amulet has been dated to 3,200 years ago and bears the name of Pharaoh Thutmose III, a prominent figure from the Eighteenth Dynasty who reigned from 1479 E to 1425 E.护符距今已有3200年的历史,上面还刻有“图特斯三世”法老的名字。他于公元前1504至公元前1450年在位统治。“Thutmose III was one of the most important pharaohs in Egypt’s New Kingdom and is credited with establishing the Egyptian imperial province in Canaan,said Gabriel Barkay, the co-founder and director of the Temple Mount Sifting Project.“图特斯三世是埃及新王朝最重要的法老之一。他使埃及在迦南完成了从一个地域性王国向洲际大帝国的质变。”“圣殿山筛选项目”的联合发起人和总负责人Gabriel Barkay如是说。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。来 /201607/453459President Xi Jinping will attend and chair the G20 summit to be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, from September 4 to 5, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said last Monday.外交部发言人陆慷上周一称,国家主席习近平将出席并主持于9日至5日在浙江杭州举行的G20峰会。The theme of the 11th G20 summit will be ;Toward an Innovative, Invigorated, Interconnected and Inclusive World Economy;, Lu said.陆慷表示,G20领导人第十一次峰会的主题;构建创新、活力、联动、包容的世界经济;。Xi will also attend an informal BRICS leaders meeting and other related events.习近平主席还将出席金砖国家领导人非正式会晤等有关活动。According to the foreign ministry, the G20 business forum will be held in Hangzhou on September 3 and 4. President Xi will deliver a keynote speech at the opening ceremony.据外交部介绍,G20工商峰会将于9日至4日在杭州举行,习近平将在开幕式上发表主旨演讲。Leaders from some G20 members, guest countries and international organizations will attend the forum.部分G20成员国和嘉宾国领导人及国际组织负责人将出席G20工商峰会。来 /201608/462560TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Monday urged China to engage in talks pledging to maintain peace with the islands giant neighbor amid a near five-month impasse after Beijing halted official communications with the self-ruled island.台北(路透社-自北京停止与台湾(原文写的自治岛)的官方交流后,中国大陆与台湾关系陷入僵局已近五个月,本周一,台湾地区领导人蔡英文(原文总统)敦促大陆坐下来谈判,以维持两岸和平共处的关系。。。。However Tsai in her first National Day speech stopped short of conceding a crucial principle that Beijing has said is needed for talks to resume that Taiwan is a part of China also referred to between the two sides as the ;1992 consensus;.但素,蔡英文在她上台后的首次国庆讲话中,并没有承2共识。之前大陆方面放话,想和大陆谈,台湾方面得先继续认可92共识,承认台湾是中国的一部分。Tsais proponents have said she has been holding out olive branches to China but also choosing her words carefully so as not to lose her key anti-China support base at home.蔡英文的持者说,小英已经向大陆伸出橄榄枝啦,只是措辞很小心,免得失去岛内反大陆核心阵营的持;The two sides of the Strait should sit down and talk as soon as possible; Tsai said in her address referring to the Taiwan Strait that separates the island from the mainland.“海峡两岸双方应该坐下来谈谈蔡英文在讲话中提及的海峡是指隔开台湾和大陆的台湾海峡。来 /201610/470580

Using the J-16/Su-30 airframe, the J-16D deletes some air to air combat gear for cramming in electronic attack equipment that includes electronic intelligence pods.在歼16/0的机体框架上,歼16D用包含电子侦察吊舱在内的电子战设备取代了部分空对空配备。The J-16Ds wingtips have built in electronic intelligence pods, which intercept enemy electronic signals like radar transmissions, for processing in the fighters computers, which then tell the J-16Ds jammers how to scramble, confuse and block enemy usage of the electromagnetic spectrum.6D翼尖上的电子战吊舱,可以用来截获敌方的电子信号,这些信息经由机载计算机处理后,能够使得歼16D对敌方使用的电磁信号频段进行争夺,阻塞和干扰.The J-16D is a J-16/Su-30 multi-role fighter optimized for ;Wild Weasel; missions. Starting in the Vietnam War, Wild Weasels are fighters designed to take on surface-to-air missile batteries in a SEAD (Supression of Enemy Air Defense) role. Armed with anti-radiation missiles (which lock on and target radars by their electronic emissions) and electronic intelligence and electronic warfare jammers, they are designed to engage and suppress defenses, opening the way for traditional air attacks.6D是歼16/0多用途战斗机用来执行“野鼬“任务的优化版本,“野鼬”,这个始于越南战争的词,是指那些被用来执行压制敌方地空火力任务的战机。这些战机通常会装备有反辐射导弹,电子侦察设备以及电子战设备,他们的主要设计目标就是压制对面的空防,为后续的传统意义上的空袭铺平道路。Electronic Flanker电子战侧卫This comparision of the J-16D to the baseline J-16, done by noted aviation journalist Andreas Rupprecht, shows that the J-16D has removed its IRST sensor and 30mm cannon, as well as installing addition antennas.依据航空记Andreas Rupprecht的报道来看,6D相较于歼16基本型,移除了光电探测系统和30毫米机炮,取而代之的是更多的天线。The J-16D also two large ELINT pods on its wingtips, similar to those on the E/A-18 Growler, to collect enemy radar and electronic activity. Additionally, the J-16D has smaller radome, likely to include an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar optimized for electronic warfare, including signals collection and jamming. The J-16D will be fitted with large AESA jamming pods, a development of current jammers on JH-7A attack aircraft; its attack ability will come from YJ-91, LD-10 and other anti-radiation missiles.6D的翼尖上拥有两个与EA18G“咆哮者”类似的大型电子情报侦察吊舱,以收集敌方的雷达活动。此外,6D还具有更小的雷达天线有可能装备了优化过的有源相控阵雷达等用来截获和干扰电信号的电子战设备。歼16D还将配备最先进的,在歼A现有雷达干扰吊舱的一种发展型。同时,其将拥有鹰击91,LD-10或其他反辐射导弹作为攻击手段。The J-16D provides Chinese aerial operations with a fast, maneuverable and long range EW and Wild Weasel platform that can protect Chinese fighters and bombers like the J-10, J-11, J-15, J-20, J-31 and H-6K bomber. This will be an important requirement in combat operations in increasingly militarized areas like the Taiwan Straits and South China Seas. In combat operations, the J-16 would first use its jammers to disrupt the target and fire control of enemy air defenses, before firing its long range anti-radiation missiles, which are equally deadly against both mobile and fixed air defenses. As a fighter, it can still take part in aerial combat in self defense and to protect other aircraft against enemy fighters.6D给中国提供了一个快速,机动,大范围的电子战amp;野鼬战术的平台,其可以用来保护歼10,歼11,歼15,歼20,歼31和轰6K等机型的行动。它将会在诸如台海和南海这样日益军事化的区域扮演一个重要的角色。在发射远距反辐射导弹之前,6D可以先发制人的干扰敌对目标,瘫痪敌方空防火力控制系统,这对于敌方飞行器来说是相当致命的。同时,作为一个战斗机,它同样具有一定的空对空作战能力,它可以在自保的同时为友军军机提供对抗上的持。来 /201702/493725

The US Senate unanimously passed a bill on Tuesday that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for any alleged role its officials might have had in the attacks, setting up a potential confrontation with the White House which has threatened a veto.周二,美国参议院一致通过一项法案,将允许“九一一”遇难者家属起诉沙特阿拉伯,只要其能指出沙特官员在那次恐怖袭击中起到过作用。此举或将使参议院与白宫发生冲突,后者已扬言要否决这项法案。The overwhelming support in the Senate for the bill, which will now pass to the House of Representatives, is also likely to heighten tensions with Saudi Arabia at a moment of sharp disagreement between the two allies over Iran.此外,在美国与沙特围绕伊朗问题发生严重分歧之际,美国参议院对这项法案的“一边倒”持,很可能会加剧美沙之间的紧张关系。这项法案现在将转给美国众议院。Under the bill, which is called the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, countries found to have been involved in terrorist acts committed on US soil would lose their right to sovereign immunity that protects them from lawsuits.依照这项《对恐怖主义资助者实行法律制裁法案Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act),任何被认定参与过在美国国土上实施的恐怖主义行为的国家,都将失去能使它们免受起诉的主权豁免权。If it were to become law, the bill would allow families of 9/11 victims to pursue lawsuits that some believe would prove Saudi officials played a role in the attacks. Of the 19 hijackers, 15 were Saudis.如果成为法律,该法案将使得“九一一”遇难者家属能够提起相关诉讼——有人认为,这些诉讼最终会明沙特官员在恐怖袭击中起到过作用。在19名“九一一”劫机者中,有15名是沙特人。Charles Schumer, the Democratic senator from New York and one of the bill’s co-sponsors, said that the “Senate has spoken loudly and unanimously that the families of victims of terrorist attacks should be able to hold the perpetrators accountable, even if it’s a country He said that the vote on Tuesday indicated there was enough support for the bill in the Senate to override a presidential veto.纽约州民主党参议员、该法案的共同发起人查尔#8226;舒默(Charles Schumer)表示,“参议院一致大声疾呼,恐怖袭击遇难者家属应当能够追究肇事者的责任,即便它是一个国家”。他表示,周二的表决结果表明,这项法案在参议院有足够多的持者,足以推翻总统的否决。Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, said that the bill “would change longstanding, international law regarding sovereign immunityand that it could “make the ed States vulnerable in other court systems around the world白宫发言人乔#8226;欧内斯特(Josh Earnest)表示,这项法案“将改变长期以来关于主权豁免的国际法”,可能会“让美国很容易在世界各地的其他法庭体系中受到冲击”。“Sovereign immunity is a principle that is critical to our national security,he said, adding that the White House would seek to make changes to the proposed legislation.他说:“主权豁免是一项对我们国家安全至关重要的原则。”他补充称,白宫将寻求对这项拟议中的法案作出修改。Adel al-Jubeir, foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, said that by attacking the principle of sovereign immunity, the bill would “turn the world for international law into the law of the jungle沙特外长阿德#8226;朱拜Adel al-Jubeir)表示,通过攻击主权豁免原则,这项法案将“把国际法变成丛林法则”。Mr Jubeir has said that Saudi Arabia would take steps to protect its investments in the US, which officials have said could mean moving certain holdings to other jurisdictions. The US Treasury department said on Monday that Saudi Arabia held 6.8bn of US government debt.他表示,沙特将采取措施保护本国在美国的投资。官员们表示,这可能意味着将某些投资转移到其他司法管辖区。美国财政部周一表示,沙特持168亿美元美国国债。来 /201605/444419BEIJING China has charted out a 0 billion plan to become nearly self-sufficient by 2025 in a range of important industries, from planes to computer chips to electric cars, as it looks to kick-start its next stage of economic development.北京——中国在启动下一个经济发展阶段之际,制定了一项耗资3000亿美元的计划,到2025年之前要在包括飞机、计算机芯片和电动汽车在内的一系列重要行业基本实现自给自足。But big companies in the rest of the world worry that it is more than that: an unfair advantage in China’s home court, and perhaps elsewhere.但世界其他地区的大企业担心的不止于此:在国内市场,或许还有其他地方,中国恐怕会享有不公平优势。A report by a European business group on Tuesday said the “Made in China 2025program, which calls for enormous Chinese government assistance to 10 industries, would force out competitors from abroad and lead to government-subsidized global players that would compete unfairly. Indeed, the Chinese government’s plan says Chinese industries that benefit should own as much as 80 percent of their home market in just eight years.欧洲一家商业机构周二发表报告称,《中国制025》号召为十个行业提供巨大的政府持,会将国外竞争者挤出中国市场,造就拿政府补贴进行不公平竞争的全球玩家。实际上中国政府的这项计划称,在短短八年时间里,获益的中国行业在国内市场的占有率应该达到80%。“The Chinese make it clear that they want to be the global championand are trying to carve out market share now, said Joerg Wuttke, the president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, which wrote the report.现在,“中国明确表示它想成为全球冠军”,而且在竭力开拓市场份额,撰写该报告的中国欧盟商会(European Union Chamber of Commerce in China)主席约尔格·伍德克(Joerg Wuttke)说。The plan’s mechanism is simple: It would provide large, low-interest loans from state-owned investment funds and development banks; assistance in buying foreign competitors; and extensive research subsidies, all with the goal of making China largely self-sufficient in the targeted industries.这项计划的机制很简单:国有投资基金和发展将提供大量低息贷款;协助收购国外竞争者;提供大量的研究补贴,目的都是让中国在目标行业基本实现自给自足。Although European and American government officials have expressed misgivings about the plan, the Chinese government has made clear in recent days that it plans to press on.尽管欧洲和美国政府官员表达了对这项计划的疑虑,但中国政府在最近几天明确表示,它打算加紧推进该计划。“We will fully implement our plan for developing strategic emerging industries,Premier Li Keqiang said in his annual speech to the National People’s Congress on Sunday. “We will accelerate R. amp; D. on and commercialization of new materials, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, bio-pharmacy, 5G mobile communications and other technologies, and develop industrial clusters in these fields.”“全面实施战略性新兴产业发展规划,”国务院总理李克强上周日在一年一度的人民代表大会发言中讲道。“加快新材料、人工智胀?集成电路、生物制药、第五代移动通信等技术研发和转化,做大做强产业集群。”In addition to the sectors Mr. Li cited, the plan also covers the manufacturing of aircraft, robots, electric cars, rail equipment, ships and agricultural machinery. China seeks to wean itself off imports from companies like Boeing, Airbus, General Electric, Siemens, Nissan, Renault, Samsung and Intel.除了李克强提到的这些行业,该计划还覆盖了飞机、机器人、电动汽车、铁路设备、船舶和农业机械制造领域。中国力图使自己摆脱从波Boeing)、空中客Airbus)、通用电气(General Electric)、西门子(Siemens)、日Nissan)、雷Renault)、三Samsung)和英特尔(Intel)等企业进口产品的局面。The Chinese government has long worried that the country’s economy is still too concentrated in fairly low-end manufacturing. Making and assembling Apple iPhone components, for instance, is done by hundreds of thousands of workers in China, while the better-paid, value-added design and marketing work is done in the ed States, although by many fewer employees.一直以来,中国政府担心本国经济太集中于低端的制造业。比如,制造和组装苹果公司(Apple)的iPhone手机零件是在中国由几十万工人完成,而报酬更高、附加值更大的设计和市场营销工作则是在美国进行,尽管这类工作需要的员工要少很多。Although a large-scale shift of factories from the West to China has created tens of millions of Chinese jobs, the country’s leaders worry that an increasingly well-educated younger generation is rejecting factory work for higher-paid office jobs.虽说工厂大规模地从西方搬到中国为其创造了数以千万计的工作机会,但这个国家的领导层担心受教育程度越来越高的更年轻一代不愿意在工厂工作,而是寻找报酬更高的办公室工作。But the report by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China was lengthy and critical. The ed States Chamber of Commerce in Washington plans to issue a similar report next week.但中国欧盟商会的那份报告不仅篇幅长,而且是批评性的。位于华盛顿的美国商The ed States Chamber of Commerce)计划下周发布一份类似的报告。The Chinese Communist Party has long relied on five-year plans to guide national economic growth. But “Made in China 2025sets out broader targets.中国共产党长期依赖五年计划来指导全国的经济增长。但《中国制025》开始制定更广泛的目标。“It feels like a five-year plan, but this time not only domestic but international,Mr. Wuttke said.“它看起来像一个五年计划,只不过这一次不限于国内市场,而是国际的,”伍德克说。The timing is delicate. President Trump had campaigned about confronting China on trade and currency issues. He has not yet done so, but his advisers have been considering a revision to corporate taxes that would effectively impose a 20 percent tariff on all imports, not just from China.时机也很微妙。特朗普总统在竞选期间曾呼吁在贸易和货币问题上直面中囀?他还没有具体落实,但他的顾问一直在考虑修改企业所得税,对所有进口商品——不只是来自中国的——征0%的关税。China is also laying the legal groundwork for challenging at the World Trade Organization a refusal by the ed States to accept that China is a market economy for purposes of anti-dumping trade cases. It will make a similar challenge to European Union rules.为了反倾销贸易诉讼,美国拒绝接受中国是市场经济,为了在世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)中就此事发起挑战,中国也正在打下法律基础。它还将对欧盟的规则提出类似挑战。China’s top Commerce Ministry officials will hold their annual media briefing Saturday and may outline China’s trade policy goals for this year.中国商务部高层官员将于周六举行一年一度的媒体吹风会,或许会概括地提出中国今年的贸易政策目标。Along with subsidies at home, the Chinese plan calls for a shopping spree overseas.除了在国内的补贴,中国的那项计划还呼吁进行海外大采购。“Chinese high-tech investments need to be interpreted as building blocks of an overarching political program. It aims to systematically acquire cutting-edge technology and generate large-scale technology transfer. In the long run, China wants to obtain control over the most profitable segments of the global supply chains and production networks,according to a report on “Made in China 2025released in December by the Mercator Institute for China Studies, a German think tank.“中国高科技投资需要被理解为给一个至关重要的政治方案搭建组成部分。它的目标是有计划、有步骤地获得前沿技术,促成大规模技术转让。从长远看,中国是想控制全球供应链和生产网络中最有利可图的部分,”德国智库机构墨卡托中国研究中心(Mercator Institute for China Studies)在去2月发布的一份有关《中国制025》的报告中写道。For all of its funding and targets, analysts are divided about how effective the policies will be. Critics point out that its structure could lead to overspending by local governments and inefficient investment.尽管有资金有目标,但分析人士对这些政策能在多大程度上起效意见不一。批评者指出,它的结构可能会导致地方政府超和无效投资。Still, the Mercator report said that the policy is likely to bolster a “small vanguardof leading Chinese companies, adding, “These front-runners are likely to dominate their sectors on the Chinese market and become fierce competitors in international markets.”不过,墨卡托那份报告称,这项政策有可能增强作为“一小群先遣部队”的中国领军企业的实力。它还表示,“这些领先者有可能主导自己所在行业的中国市场,并成为国际市场上的有力竞争者。”来 /201703/497283

The confrontation between the technology industry and the FBI over encryption has deepened after Apple pledged to fight a court order that it help unblock an iPhone used by the perpetrators of December’s San Bernardino shooting.苹果(Apple)声称将抗辩一项法院命令,该命令要求苹果帮助解锁去2月圣贝纳迪诺(San Bernardino)击案行凶者使用的一部iPhone。苹果此举令科技行业与美国联邦调查局(FBI)之间围绕加密的对抗加深。Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, said the federal court ruling was a “chillingexample of “over-reach by the US governmentand claimed the company was being asked “to build a back door to the iPhonewhich he said was “too dangerous to create苹果首席执行官蒂姆錠Tim Cook)表示,这份联邦法院裁决是“美国政府伸手过长”的一个“可怕”例子。他声称,法院要求苹果“在iPhone上创建一个后门”,他表示,“这么做太危险了”。The ruling has brought to a head a dispute over encryption and privacy between Silicon Valley and law enforcement that has been simmering for more than a year and sets up a legal showdown that could potentially end up in the Supreme Court. Mr Cook’s sharply-worded statement came hours after a Los Angeles judge said the company must provide “reasonable technical assistanceto the FBI in its efforts to get information off the phone.这项裁决使硅谷和执法机构之间发酵了一年多的有关加密和隐私的争议白热化,成为可能最终闹到最高法院的一次法律摊牌。库克发出上述言辞激烈的声明几个小时之前,一名洛杉矶法官表示,苹果公司必须向FBI提供“合理的技术援助”,帮其获取iPhone中的信息。Industry executives fear that US government pressure to weaken encryption could damage the credibility of their products which was aly hit by the 2013 Edward Snowden revelations. They also worry that authoritarian governments would force them to hand over the same techniques to get around security systems. “This is the most important tech case in a decade,Mr Snowden tweeted yesterday.科技行业高管害怕,美国政府在弱化加密上的施压,可能破坏其产品的可信度,2013年爱德华斯诺Edward Snowden)的爆料已经让其产品的可信度受损。他们还担心,威权政府将迫使他们交出同样的技术,用于绕过安全系统。“这是十年来最重要的科技案,”斯诺登昨日在Twitter上发言称。The FBI has been warning for months that new encryption procedures allow terrorists to “go darkfrom surveillance approved by courts and make it harder to conduct criminal and national security investigations.几个月以来,FBI一直在警告称,新的加密程序使恐怖分子可以对法院批准的监视“隐身”,使执行刑事和国家安全调查变得更困难。The iPhone belonged to Syed Rizwan Farook, who, alongside his wife, Tashfeen Malik, carried out a mass shooting at the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. Mr Farook and his wife were later killed by police in a shootout.上述iPhone手机属于赛义德里兹万法鲁Syed Rizwan Farook)。他和妻子塔什费恩氠利Tashfeen Malik)在圣贝纳迪诺县公共卫生局(Department of Public Health)朝多人开。法鲁克和妻子随后在交火中被警察击毙。The ruling orders Apple to create software that would allow the FBI to try and break the password.法院裁决要求苹果公司开发让FBI能够尝试破解密码的软件。Mr Cook’s decision to publish an open letter to customers, rather than debating the issue through the courts or in private meetings with the authorities, is unusually forthright for the company.库克决定发布一封致用户的公开信,而不是在法庭上、或与当局在私下会议中辩论此问题,这对于苹果公司而言直率得非同寻常。Donald Trump called on Apple to open up the phone to authorities. “I agree 100 per cent with the courts.the Republican presidential candidate said.唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)呼吁苹果为当局解锁那部iPhone。“我百分百认同法院的看法,”这位共和党总统竞选人表示。来 /201602/427264It is a world where the most intimate feelings and desires can be portrayed with a single emoticon.当今世界,即使是最私密的情感和渴望,人们都可以用一个简单的表情符号来传达。And it seems the fleeting nature of social media and texting is having an impact on the English language as the words we most frequently use are getting shorter.社交媒体及短信的迅捷性已对英语产生了影响,比方说,我们最常用的词语正在变得越来越短。Helen Newstead, the head of language content at Collins, said its 2016 ;words of the year; list has been strongly influenced by the younger generation and not only includes current words like Brexit but also short phrases from social media and a four-letter acronym; Jomo.柯林斯的语境部负责人海伦.纽斯戴德声称016年柯林斯“年度词汇”榜单深受年轻一代的影响,它不仅包括像“英国退欧”这种最新词汇,也囊括来自社交媒体的短语,甚至还有一个四个字母的缩略语——JOMO(享受自己的乐趣)。Jomo stands for the joy of missing out and is used when one decides to pass up on a party invitation without any fear of missing the event.JOMO即错过的乐趣。比如说,当你拒绝参加一个聚会,却不担心错过聚会的乐趣时,就可以使用这个词。It is thought to be the first time an acronym has been included on the Collins list, which has been issued since 2012 and celebrates terms that have enjoyed a significant rise in usage.JOMO的上榜被认为是缩略词被首次纳012年始发的柯林斯榜单,这是词语用法的一次重大突破。The term joins “throw shade a verb which describes when someone publicly shows contempt, and mic drop, the act of pretending to drop a microphone after speaking.“Throw shade”指某人公开表示自己的蔑视;而“丢麦克风”则用于指演讲后假装丢掉麦克风的动作。The latter, which experts said was being used around 14 times more than last year, has been made particularly popular on Twitter and Facebook with celebrities, politicians and members of the Royal family, including Prince Harry and Barack Obama, miming the gesture in viral s and GIFs.据专家统计,“丢麦克风”的使用次数与去年相比增加了14倍。该词在推特和脸书上格外受到名人、政治家和皇室成员的欢迎,其中包括哈里王子及贝拉奥巴马等人。该动作在病毒视频(受到爆炸式增长关注的视频)及GIF动画里被不停模仿。Other popular terms identified by Collins include dude food, junk food considered particularly appealing to men, sharenting, the habitual use of social media to share images or news about children, and uberisation, a business model where services are offered directly to a customer, for example via a mobile phone.同样上榜的其他热词包括:“纯爷们美食”,指格外吸引男性食客的简单味美的快餐;“晒娃成癖”,指在社交媒体上分享孩子的照片和新鲜事的习惯;“优步化”指将务直接提供给顾客(譬如通过手机)的商业模式016 | Collins Words of the Year2016柯林斯年度词汇榜Brexit (noun):英国脱欧(名词)The withdrawal of the ed Kingdom from the European Union指英国退出欧盟。Dude food (noun):纯爷们美食(名词)Junk food such as hot dogs or burgers, which are considered particularly appealing to men指格外吸引男性食客的快餐,比如热或者汉堡。Hygge (noun):随性的舒适(名词)A concept, originating in Denmark, of creating cosy and convivial atmospheres that promote well-being起源于丹麦的一种理念,指营造舒适惬意的氛围来提升生活品质。Jomo (noun acronym, joy of missing out):错过的乐趣(名词,缩略词)Pleasure gained from enjoying ones current activities without worrying that other people are having more fun享受自己当下时光而不担心他人更为快乐。Mic drop (noun):丢麦克风(名词)A theatrical gesture in which a person drops (or imitates the action of dropping) a hand-held microphone to the ground as the finale to a speech or performance指某人把一个手持麦克风丢到(或假装丢到)地上以示演说或表演结束的戏剧性动作。Sharenting (noun):晒娃成癖(名词)The habitual use of social media to share news and images of ones children指在社交媒体上过度分享孩子照片和新鲜事的习惯。Snowflake generation (noun):雪花一代(名词)The young adults of the 2010s, who are viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offence than previous generations指最近几年的青年。与以往几代人相比,他们被认为是适应能力更弱并更易发怒的一代。Throw shade (verb):公开蔑视(动词)To make a public show of contempt for someone or something, often in a subtle or non-verbal manner通常指以不易察觉或非口头的方式公开表示对某人或某物的蔑视1) the policies advocated by the US politician Donald Trump, especially those involving a rejection of the current political establishment and the vigorous pursuit of American national interests (2) a controversial or outrageous statement attributed to Donald Trump指(1)美国政客唐纳德.特朗普提倡的政策,特指那些涉及反对现有政治机构及执着追求美国国家利益的政策;)唐纳德.特朗普那些充满争议且离谱的言论。Uberization (noun):优步化(名词)The adoption of a business model in which services are offered on demand through direct contact between a customer and supplier, usually via mobile technology.指一种通过顾客和务者直接联系(通常通过移动技术)实现务直接对接需求的商业模式的应用。The list also carries on last years theme and reflects that many now strive to live sensible lives, which focus on well-being.词汇榜仍旧沿用去年主题,反映出许多人努力追求理性健康生活的现状,关注大众的生活品质。The use of hygge, the concept of creating a cosy and convivial atmosphere, has almost doubled since last year, experts said.有专家称,“随性的舒适”一词(即营造惬意舒适的氛围)的使用次数,自去年起翻了近一倍。Ms Newstead put the changing nature of language down to social media where space is often restricted and messages are sent in haste.纽斯戴德女士认为,社交媒体对发言字数的限制,以及人们发送信息时的匆忙导致了语言特性的改变。An analysis of the previous ;words of the year; lists by The Telegraph shows the average length of a one-word term has decreased from 9.3 letters per word to 7.3 in the last four years.《每日电讯报》关于之前“年度词汇榜”的分析表明,在过去四年间,单词词语所含的平均字母数已.3个字母下降到7.3个字母;Most of this years words are used by or related to the generation born towards the end of the last century their contribution to the constant evolution of the English language should not be overlooked;, she said.“今年的大部分年度词汇都是上世纪末出生的一代使用的或与他们有关的,这代人对英语持续演化的影响不应被忽视。”她说。Ms Newstead said words that end up on the final cut are often ones that encapsulate a social trend.纽斯戴德女士还称,最终上榜的词汇通常能够概括近来的社会潮流。This year, the experts decided the word of the year was Brexit after it saw an unprecedented upsurge of more than 3,400 percent.今年,在目睹“英国脱欧”一词的使用率经历前所未有的飙升(超过3400%)后,专家组决定将其定为年度词汇。Previous winning words have included binge-watch, photobomb and geek.以往的年度词汇包括“煲剧”、“抢镜”及“极客”等。来 /201611/476884

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