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北碚区妇女儿童医院切眼袋多少钱重庆妇女儿童医院门诊时间Millions of divorces take place all around the world every year. Many of them happen because one of the partners has changed significantly. Some of them happen because of the chronic cheating habits of either partner.全世界每年都有成千上万对夫妻离婚。其中许多婚姻破裂是因为其中一方变心了。还有的是因为其中一方存在长期欺骗行为。But most of them happen because they were not in the right marriage to begin with. Those marriages took place because the partners didn’t (or couldn’t) give as much thought to their decision (of getting married) as they should have.但大多数人会离婚是因为他们一开始就没有选择正确的婚姻。他们会结婚是因为夫妻双方没有(或者没能)对结婚这个决定做出应有的思考。They didn’t ask the right questions. They weren’t y for the right evaluations (of themselves and their partners) and couldn’t anticipate the profound change that marriage would bring to their lives.他们没有问自己正确嗯嗯问题。他们没有准备对自己和另一半做出正确的评估,也无法预测婚姻将会对他们的生活带来的巨大改变。Are you thinking of getting married? In that case, have you made a careful assessment of your relationship to check if it is marriage-y?你正在考虑结婚吗?如果是的话,你是否已经仔细评估过你们的关系,看看是否已经为结婚做好准备了呢?If not, here are the six crucial questions that you must ask yourselves before you pop the question. While there are many more factors specific to your relationship which you can (and should) take into account, make sure you don’t miss out on these six.如果还没有,下面这六个关键问题是你在准备结婚之前必须问自己的。关于你们的关系,还有许多你可以(或者应该)考虑的因素,确保你不会错过这六点。1. Are our life and career goals similar?我们的生活和事业目标相似吗?Marriage is a decision to inextricably join your life with someone else’s. Aligning your life, career and other important goals is crucial.一旦做出结婚的决定,你的生活就无可避免地会介入另一半的生活。调整你的生活、事业、以及其他重要的目标非常关键。Do you want to settle down in a quaint suburb and have lots of kids? Then don’t marry someone who wants to live and work in five continents.你想在一个清净的郊区定居下来生很多孩子吗?那么就不要和那些想在世界各地生活工作的人结婚。Are you planning to pool all your resources, throw them (and yourself) head-on into your new start-up – the dream of your life? Then don’t marry someone who wants a stable, cushy life and lots of “quality time” together.你是否计划把你所有的资源(包括你自己)全部投入到你毕生的梦想——你的新公司里?那么就不要和那些想要稳定、轻松的生活,而且想要总是黏在一起的人结婚。2. Do we fulfill each other#39;s needs?我们是否可以满足对方的需求?We all have emotional, intellectual, physical, practical, social and various other needs from a relationship. If you’re in a relationship and are planning to get married, ask yourself – have you made a rational, clear-headed evaluation of whether and how much of your needs your significant other fulfills?在一段关系中,我们都有情感的、理智的、生理的、实际的、社会的以及其他各种需求。如果你处在一段恋爱中正计划结婚,问问你自己,你是否已经理性、清醒地评估过,你的另一半是否满足了你的需求,满足了多少?Or are you glossing over your unfulfilled needs thinking “every relationship requires compromise”?或者你是否正在掩盖自己尚未满足的需求,心想“每段感情都要学会妥协”?This is important because when we’re in the throes of that addictive drug called love, we tend to see only positives in the person we’re in love with.这一点很重要,因为当我们在爱情这种会上瘾的毒药中挣扎时,我们都倾向于只看见我们爱的那个人的优点。Now nothing can be truer than the fact that every relationship takes some ceding of grounds, and kudos to you if you’re willingly doing your bit. But if you ignore your basic needs, they will find a way to come back to you in the long run – in the form of fights, emotional abuse, cheating and even divorce.事实上如果你想继续下去,每段感情都需要一些退让,放下一些尊严,这一点再正确不过了。但是如果你忽视了自己基本的需求,它们最终还是会回来找你——形式也许是争斗、精神虐待、欺骗甚至离婚。3. Do we know really know each other?你们真的了解对方?I was once with a guy who lied about his age on Facebook, and I never asked him about it. We were six months into the relationship when I discovered he was five years older than I thought.我曾经交往过一个男人,他在Facebook上伪造了自己的年龄,而我也从没问过他。当我们交往六个月时,我发现他比我以为的要大五岁。Yes, you guessed it – that was not the only lie on which the relationship was based. No wonder we didn’t stay together much more than a year.没错,你猜对了——这并不是他对我撒的唯一一个谎。难怪我们相处没到一年就分手了。Knowing your partner and allowing them to know you are vital aspects of a stable relationship. Trust takes an immense amount of work (and time) to build, but only seconds to lose.对于一段稳定的感情来说,了解你的另一半并且让他们了解你是至关重要的。建立信任需要大量的努力(还有时间),而失去信任只需要几秒钟。Be honest and tell your partner everything you think they should know about you. This will make it easier for them to do the same. Needless to say, if you can’t trust your partner enough to do that, it is probably not the time to think about marriage.诚实地告诉你的另一半所有你认为他们应该知道的关于你的事情。这样让他们坦白起来也更容易一些。不用说,如果你还不能足够信任你的另一半这样做,也许你们还不是时候应该考虑结婚。4. Do we know how to deal with each other’s ;negative; sides?我们是否知道该如何应对对方的消极面?You can’t live without your dogs. But your girlfriend would rather die than live with them. You’re a devil incarnate when you’re angry. You’re struggling with a bad spending habit.没有了你的你就不能活,而你的女朋友宁愿不活了也不愿意和它们一起生活;当你愤怒时你就会变成恶魔;你正在和不好的消费习惯作斗争。We all have our negative aspects. If you’re thinking about making a lifelong commitment to someone it’s crucial to understand and develop strategies to deal with each other’s less-than-desirable traits.我们都有自己的缺点。如果你正在考虑向某人许下一生的承诺,那么理解并想出办法应对彼此那些不太尽如人意的特质就非常重要。Make a conscious decision to go (or not to go) pet-less for the rest of your life for a partner who’s allergic to your pets. Make your peace with the problematic spending habits of your significant other before you decide to take the plunge.你的另一半对你的宠物过敏,那你就得做一个清醒的决定,选择未来过(或者不过)没有宠物的生活;在决定是否结婚之前,要确认自己是否能忍受另一半不良的消费习惯。It takes time to understand and deal with things we don’t like about our partners. And until and unless you’ve spent that time, you’re not y to make a decision on marriage.理解并应对那些另一半身上我们不喜欢的东西是需要时间的。除非你付出了这个时间,否则你就还没有做好准备要结婚。5. Do we admire and respect each other?我们是否赞赏并尊重对方?Intelligence? Simplicity? A caring heart? A strong common interest? Is there something in him/her which genuinely complements you in ways more than one?智慧?天真?善心?强烈的共同兴趣?他或她的身上是否存在着不止一样东西可以和你互补?Falling in love with someone “for no particular reason” is great for the heady period of infatuation but not nearly enough for the everyday reality of marriage.和某人“莫名其妙”地坠入爱河在疯狂的迷恋期是好的,但对于每天现实的婚姻来说就不够了。Ask yourselves whether you admire each other for the special individuals that you are and the unique qualities that you both possess.问问你自己,你们是否因为彼此的特别和共同拥有的特质而相互赞赏。Marriage is a long – sometimes boring, but stable – commitment. It cannot be based on whether someone is exciting to you. It has to be about finding long-term fulfilment and happiness in the individuals that you are.婚姻是一种长期的承诺,有时候很无趣,但是又很稳定。它并不建立在一个人是否让你兴奋的基础上。它必须在你身上找到长期的成就感和幸福感。6. Am I y to think of him/her as a parent of my children?我是否准备好让他/她做我孩子的父亲/母亲?You love your partner like mad? Great. But do you also respect them? Are you proud of them? Remember, your legacy to this world will be as much a part of you as of him/her.你疯狂地爱着你的另一半?很好。但是你是否也尊重他/她,为他/她感到骄傲呢?记住,你对这个世界的遗产就是你们二人结合的一部分。Unless it fills your heart with joy to think of them as a parent of your children, you should probably think about that marriage thing again. In this regard it’s important to take not only your significant other, but also their family into account. Your child will carry as much of your genes as theirs. Is that something that makes you happy?除非你一想到他/她会成为你孩子的父亲/母亲就满心欢喜,否则你恐怕应该重新考虑婚姻这件事。在这一点上,不仅要考虑你的另一半,还要考虑到他的家庭,这是很重要的。你的孩子携带的他的基因会和你的一样多。这会让你感到高兴吗?Marriage is a decision that will change your life, one way or the other. Keeping a few basic principles in mind and asking the right questions will make sure you steer clear of pitfalls that often contribute to divorce.婚姻是一个会改变你一生的决定,不管以何种方式。记住一些基本的原则,问自己这些正确的问题。这会确保你避开那些通常会导致离婚的陷阱。 /201307/246848南岸区大腿抽脂价格多少 一位父亲为庆祝宝贝女儿出生!要把“克莱尔”译为中文,献给自己的小仙女!伴随她成长… 另外,小宝宝中文名还没有确定,但是英文名只有一个:Claire... 这就是天意吧… 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:闺女,人比人得死,货比货得扔!记住,你永远不是那个最悲催的,比较悲催是人生常态!译者:koogle潼南区妇幼保健院在哪儿

重庆激光点痣多少钱涪陵区妇女儿童医院预约挂号平台 A Dying Man#39;s Favorite Cookies An elderly man lay dying in his bed. 临死者最爱吃的小甜饼一位濒临死亡的老人正躺在他的床上,承受着死亡的煎熬。In death#39;s agony, he suddenly smelled the aroma of his favorite chocolate chip cookies wafting up the stairs. He gathered his remaining strength, and lifted himself from the bed. Leaning against the wall, he slowly made his way out of the bedroom, and with even greater effort forced himself down the stairs, gripping the railing with both hands. 突然一股香味顺着楼下飘了上来,那正是他最喜欢的巧克力小薄饼的味道。他用尽吃奶的力气挣扎着从床上爬了起来,倚着墙,慢慢地走出了卧室,并且用最后的力量用双手抓住扶手走下了楼梯。With labored breath, he leaned against the door frame, gazing into the kitchen.Were it not for death#39;s agony, he would have thought himself aly in heaven: 老人靠在门框上,嘴里喘着气,眼睛凝神着厨房。如果不是因为承受着临死的痛苦,老人会认为自己到了天堂。there, sp out upon newspapers on the kitchen table were literally hundreds of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. Was it heaven? 那里,在厨房铺着报纸的桌子上,确切地说有数百个他最喜欢吃的巧克力小薄饼。真在天堂吗?Or was it one final act of heroic love from his devoted wife, seeing to it that he left this world a happy man?Mustering one great final effort, he threw himself toward the table, landing on his knees in a rumpled posture.还是他那离婚妻子的最后一次英雄般的爱心显示,以便让他开心地离开这个世界?集中最后的力量,老人跪着双膝挣扎着移向桌子。他口干舌燥,嘴巴张开。 His parched lips parted; the wondrous taste of the cookie was aly in his mouth; seemingly bringing him back to life. The aged and withered hand, shockingly made its way to a cookie at the edge of the table, 他感受到了美妙的甜饼味道,仿佛要将他带回人世。他的一只年迈干瘪的手颤颤悠悠地伸向桌子边缘的一只小甜饼。when it was suddenly smacked with a spatula by his wife.Stay out of those, she said, they#39;re for the funeral.突然,他妻子扔过一把铲子,砸在他的手上。“离远点”,他妻子说。“这是为你的葬礼准备的。” /201303/232701璧山区手臂激光脱毛多少钱

重庆市第五人民医院上班时间A well-known fixture on New York#39;s Fifth Avenue, U.S. jewelry giant Tiffany amp; Co. is aiming to improve its luster overseas and particularly in Asia, where demand for gold and gems appears to be insatiable.纽约第五大道上的知名品牌蒂芙尼(Tiffany amp; Co., TIF)打算提升在海外、尤其是亚洲市场的吸引力。亚洲消费者对黄金和珠宝的需求似乎源源不断。U.S. shoppers have largely driven sales for the New York-based high-end jeweler, but that picture is changing. For the quarter ended Oct. 31, comparable sales in the U.S.-at stores open at least a year-rose by a modest 1%, with the bulk of sales logged at the New York flagship store, which sells mostly to tourists.长期以来这家总部位于纽约的珠宝商的销售额大多由美国本土消费者所驱动,然而现在情况正在发生变化。截至10月31的第三财政季度,蒂芙尼在美国开业至少一年的同店销售额同比仅增长1%,其中大部分销售额来自主要面向游客的纽约旗舰店。Michael Kowalski, Tiffany#39;s chief executive, is looking for ways to turn those tourists into regular customers when they return home. Adding to Tiffany#39;s Japan-based stores, which the company first opened in 1993, the jeweler plans to open in markets such as Russia and in France.蒂芙尼首席执行长迈克尔?科瓦尔斯基(Michael Kowalski)正设法把这些游客转变为常客,希望他们回国后继续光顾蒂芙尼。蒂芙尼于1993年开设了第一家日本店铺。现在,除了在日本的店铺,该公司打算在俄罗斯、法国等市场开设新店。The other target is China, where the company operates 24 stores and plans to open three a year for the foreseeable future, attempting to take on rivals in a competitive market and convince Chinese consumers that Tiffany has the best cuts, designs and service.该公司的另一个目标市场是中国。蒂芙尼目前已在中国运营24家专卖店,打算在可预见的未来每年开设3家新店,试图在这个竞争激烈的市场迎战对手,并让中国消费者相信蒂芙尼拥有最好的切割工艺、设计和务。Mr. Kowalski recently traveled to China to show off Tiffany#39;s yellow diamond collection and spoke to The Wall Street Journal in Beijing about plans to build its brand in Asia.科瓦尔斯基近期到访中国,为蒂芙尼传奇黄钻石展示会造势。他在北京接受了《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)的采访,谈到了在亚洲打造蒂芙尼品牌的计划。Edited excerpts:以下是经过编辑的访谈摘录:WSJ: What are your goals for moving beyond the U.S. in the next three years?《华尔街日报》:未来三年蒂芙尼在美国以外市场的目标是什么?Mr. Kowalski: We do believe there are wonderful geographic expansion opportunities for us. We#39;ve tried to build a diversified geographic portfolio so that we aren#39;t dependent on any one region or any one country. We#39;ve only recently become a stronger presence in the Middle East and we#39;ll open our first-owned-and-operated store in Russia this spring.科瓦尔斯基:我们相信蒂芙尼会有很好的地域扩张机会。我们已经试图建立了多元化的地理组合,不会依赖于任何一个地区或任何一个国家。近期我们扩大了在中东的业务,并打算于明年春季在俄罗斯开设第一家直营专卖店。We#39;re also optimistic about potential in China. Our companywide plan is for Tiffany sales to grow between 10% and 12% for the foreseeable future.我们也很看好中国市场的潜力。整个公司的计划是,在可预见的未来蒂芙尼销售额增长10%-12%。Right now, we have 24 stores and will probably open three to four stores here per year for the future. We certainly want to be flexible and watch how the market develops. That#39;s our strategic objective. Clearly if we regard China as the fastest-growing market going forward, that implies a growth rate meaningfully in excess of that 10% to 12%. We#39;re reasonably confident about that.目前我们在中国拥有24家专卖店,未来可能每年开设3-4家新店。当然,我们想灵活处理,看看市场会如何发展。这就是我们的战略目标。很显然,如果我们把中国视为未来增长最快的市场,这就意味着蒂芙尼在中国的销售额增速将远远高于10%-12%。对此我们很有信心。WSJ: Some luxury companies are wary of China, where an austerity campaign has hit luxury sales. What makes you confident?《华尔街日报》:眼下中国政府正在提倡节俭,这打击了奢侈品在中国市场的销售,所以一些奢侈品公司对中国市场持谨慎态度。你的信心缘何而来呢?Mr. Kowalski: We think the growth curve in China will be something we#39;ll love in terms of slope. But it#39;ll also be volatile. In 2011, it was a fantastic year here and 2012 wasn#39;t so wonderful. [But] 2013 is stronger and we just had a great quarter here.科瓦尔斯基:从增长率曲线上升斜率来看,蒂芙尼在中国的业绩表现将令我们满意,但波动也比较大。中国市场在2011年的表现相当不错,2012年不那么惊人,但2013年有所回暖,刚刚公布的季度业绩就说明了这一点。WSJ: What is behind the volatility?《华尔街日报》:波动较大背后的原因是什么?Mr. Kowalski: It#39;s driven largely by consumer sentiment and reaction to economic conditions perceived-real or of the moment. Consumer confidence is less volatile in Europe. China is at the higher end, [while] the U.S. is in the middle. I don#39;t know what drives that, but it#39;s a continuing challenge here.科瓦尔斯基:业绩表现主要受到了消费者情绪以及他们对经济形势看法(例如经济是真正改善还是一时的好转)的影响。欧洲消费者信心的波动要小一些。中国的波动性最大,美国处于中间。我不清楚是什么原因造成的,但这是蒂芙尼在中国持续面临的一个挑战。WSJ: Consumers are becoming increasingly global, particularly the Chinese consumer. How is tourism changing your approach?《华尔街日报》:消费者正变得日趋全球化,中国的消费者尤其如此。旅游业如何影响着你们的经营方式?Mr. Kowalski: [The] rise of the Asian consumers and tourism has caused us to change some of our store practices. We accommodate customers who are speaking other languages. It#39;s a struggle to find Mandarin-speaking sales professionals. We have to work hard to find them.科瓦尔斯基:亚洲消费者和旅游业的崛起促使我们调整了一些店铺运营方式。我们也接待说非本地语言的客户。但会讲普通话的专业销售人员比较难找,我们必须努力去找。WSJ: What are you doing beyond language?《华尔街日报》:除了克语言方面的障碍你们要做些什么?Mr. Kowalski: It has caused us to increase our store presence in markets that are heavily visited by Chinese customers. We#39;re building a flagship store in Paris on the Champs-Elysees.科瓦尔斯基:我们还在有大量中国消费者光顾的市场增加专卖店数量。我们正在巴黎香榭丽舍大道新建一家旗舰店。We are enhancing the store experience in the U.S. and all over the world. We#39;re renovating stores and upgrading the quality in sales professionals and everything you see in the store.我们还在美国和全球市场提升门店体验。我们正在装修门店,并在提高专业销售人员的务品质以及升级店内一切设施。We#39;re changing the ratio of selling space to provide more seating space. More casual sit-down environment, more private areas.我们正在调整销售空间所占的比例,以便提供更大的休息空间。我们力争提供更好的随意休闲环境、更多的私人空间。WSJ: What are some of the lessons you have learned by doing business in Asia?《华尔街日报》:你们在亚洲做生意有哪些经验教训?Mr. Kowalski: One thing we#39;ve learned is the need for high standards of service and store experience. We learned that several years ago in Japan and it was critical to our success. Here, we operate in a more intense environment than back in the U.S. and we need even higher standards of service.科瓦尔斯基:我们的经验之一是亚洲人对高标准务和门店体验的要求。几年之前我们在日本了解到这一点,这对我们的成功至关重要。亚洲的经营氛围比美国紧张得多,我们的务标准还需要进一步提高。WSJ: What specifically have you learned in China?《华尔街日报》:那你们在中国又学到了什么呢?Mr. Kowalski: We learned we need to be more overt about how we present our brand. A great example would be the store signage. If you were to look closely at the New York Fifth Avenue store, Tiffany amp; Co. is written in steel letters on both sides of the doors, perhaps two [feet] in length, six inches in height and it#39;s carved into the granite of the facade. And that#39;s the only signage there is.科瓦尔斯基:在中国,我们需要更加直白地呈现品牌。专卖店标识就是个很好的例子。如果你仔细观察纽约第五大道的专卖店,我们在大门两侧都刻上了“蒂芙尼”的钢字,雕刻在花岗岩的门面上,长约2英尺,高6英寸。这也是专卖店唯一有标识的地方。When we first came to China, we were equally discreet and subtle in how we presented the brand and that created a problem. People simply didn#39;t see or couldn#39;t see the brand. They couldn#39;t understand what the store was about. We#39;ve had to be more direct and less subtle in how we communicate the brand. We need to do a better job of telling brand stories to give a deeper, richer more robust sense of brand. We#39;ve recognized that while there#39;s a broad awareness of consumers, we need to work very hard to increase the depth of that knowledge. There is limited understanding of our heritage and that diamonds are central to our business, that we cut our own diamonds. We need to work much harder to communicate that in China than in America or even in Japan.当我们首次进入中国市场时,我们在呈现品牌方面也同样谨小慎微,但却出现了问题。人们完全看不到我们的品牌标识。他们不明白这家店是干什么的。在如何沟通品牌信息方面,我们必须更加直接,不要太精细。在讲述品牌故事时,我们需要做得更好,在消费者眼中树立一个更深沉、更丰富、更强有力的品牌形象。我们意识到,尽管我们的品牌在消费者中赢得了广泛知名度,但我们仍需非常努力,进一步加大消费者对品牌的深度了解。人们对我们的品牌传承了解有限,不知道钻石是我们的核心业务,也不知道我们自己切割钻石。与美国甚至日本相比,我们在中国市场的品牌沟通方面还需做出更多努力。WSJ: How are you changing your strategy based on what you#39;ve learned?《华尔街日报》:基于你们汲取的经验,你们如何调整策略?Mr. Kowalski: One thing we#39;ve started to do is use Tiffany blue far more aggressively in the stores and in the facade.科瓦尔斯基:其中一点是,我们开始在专卖店和店面外观上大量使用蒂芙尼的蓝色。The other thing we#39;ve done in China is focus on diamonds. We are the world#39;s authority on diamonds and we#39;ve emphasized that more dramatically than anywhere else in the world. We#39;re also speaking more about the Tiffany heritage. We are 176 years old and more longer-lived than many of the luxury brands.另外一点是,我们在中国市场主打钻石。蒂芙尼是享誉全球的钻石权威,与在全球其他地区相比,我们在中国格外强调这一点。我们对蒂芙尼品牌传承介绍得也更多。我们拥有176年的历史,比很多奢侈品牌的历史更加久远。WSJ: You#39;ve had success in China recently, but what are some of the challenges you face?《华尔街日报》:你们最近在中国取得了成功,但还面临哪些挑战?Mr. Kowalski: Diamonds are seen as value items here, which is at the core of their attraction. But one of the challenges with them in China is the bridal tradition, the engagement ring tradition. It has developed some in the last 10 years. But that#39;s a core part of our business. We#39;d like to think our presence here is encouraging that development of the tradition.科瓦尔斯基:钻石在中国被视为贵重商品,而贵重也是钻石吸引力的核心所在。但我们在中国面临的挑战之一是婚礼传统,也就是订婚戒指传统。在过去十年,这种传统已经有所发展。但这是我们业务的核心部分。我们希望,蒂芙尼品牌能够激励中国这一传统的发展。 /201312/270218 重庆星辰整形美容医院修眉毛怎么样重庆瘦腿针效果怎么样



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