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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463941Whenever youre talking to people, say what you have to say.当和人们交流时,说些该说的。But once they start replying back to you, completely ignore it.但一旦他们开始回应你,就完全忽略。It cant possibly be interesting or important.它可能不是那么有趣或重要。In fact, it is critical that you use this time to prepare for what youre going to say once theyre done.事实上,关键的是你要趁这个时间准备一下你将要说什么。Think very hard about what absolutely genius thing youre going to say next.好好想想接下来你要说点什么绝对厉害的事情。Also, make it really obvious that this is exactly what youre doing by not showing any form of acknowledgement once they’re done而且,在他们结束的时候不做任何回应,要明显让人知道你就要这么做,and if you can, start your next thought even if theyre not quite finished with their final sentence.如果可以的话,在他们还没有说完的时候就开始你的下一条思路。Whenever youre around people, complain a lot.当你在人群中时,要多抱怨。If youre meeting someone after work for dinner,如果你在下班后和某人吃饭,make sure you tell them all about how horrible it is to work where you work.一定要跟他抱怨你工作的地方有多糟糕。If you can, also throw in some unpleasent facts about your family for extra bonus points.如果可以的话,也可以穿插一些关于家庭额外红利点的不愉快的事实Its not enough that youre drained after a long day of work,工作了一天,你自己精疲力竭还不够,you cant possibly be happy until the other person is completely drained as well.只有让别人和你一样疲惫,你才开心。The following step works well with anyone, but Ive found that it works especially well if you have a significant other.以下步骤适用于任何人,但是我觉得如果你有很重要的另一半,会更有效。Like most people, she probably has great qualities along with some unpleasent ones.就像大多数人,她可能有很多优点,也有一些缺点。And you know very well which ones you need to focus on.你知道需要专注于哪个点。Dont ever say anything appreciative about how she cleaned up your mess,对于她怎样收拾东西,or how she tried to make you happy yesterday... These things are irrelevant.或者是她昨天怎样尽力让你高兴等等这些,都不要表达感激之情,这些都不相关。Focus instead on the one negative trait she has and constantly criticize her for it.专注于不好的一点,并持续的为此批评她。Always walk around with a pissed off and an unpleasent face. Dont ever smile.总表现出一副不高兴的样子。不要笑。When people dont react well to you and your social interactions suffer, be confused as to why...当周围的人都不待见你,并且你的社会交往遭遇麻烦的时候,就困惑于为什么…Make sure to not make any effort to remember peoples names.确保不要试着记住人们的名字。Its not like you can make them feel like you care if you do.就算你记住了,他们也不会觉得你在乎。If this task requires that you put in extra effort or figure out a way to get better at this,如果这个任务需要你付出额外的努力去更好的完成,come up with an excuse to not take responsibility.就找个借口不承担责任。One that works really well is the following...以下是比较有效的一种方法…All you have to do is say this magic sentence: ;Sorry, but Im not good with names.;你需要做的就是这么说:“不好意思,我不擅长记忆名字。”This somehow completely takes away any need to make an effort,这样完全不需要做任何努力,and hey, now youre the victim. Congratulations!嘿,你现在是受害者了。恭喜你!Remember at all times that the most important person is you,永远记住你才是最重要的人,and therefore the most important interests and hobbies in the world are of course the ones that you have.因此你的兴趣和爱好就是这个世界上最重要的兴趣和爱好。Dont ever genuinely be interested in whats going on with other people.不要天真的对别人感兴趣。Your one friends a martial artist while the others a soccer player?你的朋友是武术家或者足球运动员?Dont ever ask them what thats like and possibly look at things from a new perspective.永远不要问他们那是种什么感受,也不要从新角度去看待事物。No, those are barbaric and unsophisticated practices you have no interest in.那些都是一些你不感兴趣的野蛮又不成熟的行为。Instead always talk about ing books and how that is the most important thing in the world.取而代之的,经常聊聊读书及其在世界上的重要性。And while youre doing that, make sure to tell them about how much you love Dale Carnegie as well.当你那么做的时候,一定要让大家知道你是有多么崇拜戴尔·卡内基。Dont ever make people feel important especially when youre dealing with people in a position of power.尤其是当你在和一个有权利的人相处时,不要让他们产生一种优越感。If a cop pulls you over, dont ever say things like ;yes, sir; or ;yes, maam.;如果警察把你截到路边,不要这么说“好的,先生”或者“好的,女士。”Talk to him or her like you talk to your homeboys.对他们就像对老乡一样就可以。After all, you are a self-proclaimed gangster and any other form of interaction would be a weakness on your part.毕竟,你是一个自称恶棍的人,任何其他形式的交际都会显示你的弱点。As a result, end up with a ticket that is ten times worse最终,你会得到一张罚单,than what you would have gotten by making the person feel important.比让别人获得优越感而得到的要糟糕十倍。I mean its not like many people in a position of power arent strictly there我是说,不像是很多有权之人不谋其职,just because they get that sinister sense of pleasure from other people making them feel important.仅仅因为他们从逢迎者那里获得了那种阴暗的愉悦感。Whenever it becomes really obvious to you and everyone around you that you are wrong, do not admit it.当很明显的周围的人都觉得你不对的时候,不要承认。To you, that is a sign of weakness and it will embarass you.对你而言,那是一种软弱的表现,会使你难堪。Dont say something respectable like, ;You guys are right. I had a wrong perspective on this.不要说一些很尊敬的话,诸如“你们是对的。我的想法错了。Thanks for teaching me something new.; No! Dont do that!谢谢教给我这些新东西。”不,不要那么做!That will actually get rid of any possible embarassment and make people respect you.那样你就能摆脱尴尬,而且也会让人们尊重你。And finally, work hard at cultivating the inability to put yourself into another persons shoes,最后,培养不为别人着想的能力,always think about only what you want, and never appeal to the interests of the person youre dealing with.只管想你想要什么,不要迎合别人的喜好。If you work at a business and you want to ask for a raise,如果你想要加薪,walk in there with a mindset of how you think you obviously deserve more,就表现出,你理所当然的值得获得更多,and how you want to be able to afford more things,你是多么的想能够买更多的东西,and how you should get a raise just because youve been there a certain amount of time...还有因为你已经有了一定的工龄…你是多么应该获得加薪。Dont mention or show how your work is critical to moving the business forward不要提及你的工作对于生意的发展有多么关键的作用cause lets be honest, its probably not.因为说实话,那不可能。Plus, then youd be appealing to the business owners interest and that might actually get you a raise.另外,你迎合雇主的喜好,这样你有可能得到加薪。But hey, dont do that... These types of thoughts dont occur to you.但是,别那么做…这种想法不可能出现在你身上。The ability to put yourself in another persons shoes,换位思考,think about what they want, appeal to their interests,想别人所想,迎合他们的兴趣,and therefore maximize the chances of getting what you want is alien to you.并因此把获得自己之所需的机会最大化,这种能力对你来说太陌生了。201706/514329

Tor was and is one of the mechanisms洋葱网络曾经是 如今依然是which we have received important documents, yes.我们收到重要文件的一个渠道One man who provided a link between WikiLeaks and the Tor project为维基解密和洋葱网络之间架起桥梁的人was Jake Applebaum.就是雅格布·阿普勒鲍姆Sources that want to leak documents想泄露文件的线人need to be able to communicate with WikiLeaks需要与维基解密联系and it has always been the case一般来说程序是这样的that they have offered a Tor-hidden service他们提供洋葱网络的隐匿务and that Tor-hidden service allows people洋葱隐匿务能让人们to reach the WikiLeaks submission engine.登录维基解密的提交引擎In 2010, what could be achieved2010年 它向世人展示了when web activism met anonymity was revealed to the world.当网络激进主义与匿名相结合时会达到什么效果WikiLeaks received a huge leak维基解密收到了一份of confidential US government material,美国政府机密材料的重大泄露文件mainly relating to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.内容主要是关于阿富汗和伊朗战争重点解释:1.be able to 会; 能例句:A good lawyer might be able to get you off.请位好律师有可能使你免受追究。2.be relating to 与 ... 有关例句:Are you familiar with the laws relating to trespass?你熟悉关于侵入私人领地的法律吗?201702/495791

At least 24 are dead and dozens more are missing in Indonesia after flooding and landslides. 印尼洪水和山体滑坡至少造成24人死亡,数十人失踪。The countrys disaster management said heavy rains since Saturday caused 16 cities in the Central Java province to be hit with floods and landslides. 印尼抗灾署称,周六以来的暴雨引发中爪哇省16个城市遭洪水和山体滑坡袭击。Currently, search efforts and aid are underway for those missing. 目前,对失踪人员的搜寻和援助工作正在进行中。Just days before the Central Java rains, West Sumatra located on one of the countrys other islands saw thousands of homes left underwater or washed away from heavy rainfall. 就在中爪哇省大雨前几天,位于印尼其它岛屿的西苏门答腊,数千座房屋被淹或被暴雨冲走。That flooding has subsided in West Sumatra, but Indonesias disaster management said with more rainfall predicted it was extending the emergency response until Friday. 西苏门答腊的洪水已经平息,但印尼抗灾署称预计会有更多降雨,延长紧急响应至周五。While Indonesia is typically exposed to various weather disasters like cyclones and monsoons June is actually part of its dry season. 印尼经常遭遇各种如飓风和季风的天气灾害,六月实际上是干旱季节。译文属。201606/450161

【视频讲解】Greater equality for women might seem to render male-courtship displays redundant. But mating preferences evolved over millennia and will not change quickly. If diamonds were to cease being a way to signal a man’s marriageability, what might take their place?随着女人地位的提高,男性的求偶表演似乎愈显多余。但择偶观经由千年而成,且不会迅速改变,倘使钻石不再是一名男子适婚性的象征,那又有什么将取而代之呢?render v.使成为 (to cause to/become)- Depression can render a person helpless.redundant adj.多余的- Avoid redundant expressions in your writing.mate v.交友millennia n.一千年cease v.停止marriageability n.适合结婚A different gift, perhaps. In China skewed sex ratios mean that a prospective bridegroom must own an apartment and shower his future in-laws with cash. But a glittering stone goes to the woman, not her family. And it is more than a gift: it is a status symbol, demonstrating that even as a man approaches the expenses of married life, he can still splash out on a bauble. Or a man could rely on more generic forms of display, such as a fancy degree, good job or sharp suit.或许是一样新的礼物。在中国,男性人口远超女性。这就意味着一位理想新郎要有一套房还要给女方家属一大笔现金。但是钻石是给新娘的,而不是她的家人。另外,钻石不单单是礼物,它还是地位的象征。它代表新郎不但能负担得起结婚的费用,还能在珠宝上挥金如土。或许,男性还能用更普通的事物来求婚,例如高学历、好工作或者得体的西装。skewed adj.歪曲的,不公平的- skewed dataratio n.比例prospective adj.未来的- A prospective motherbridegroom n.新郎in-laws n.岳父母glittering adj.闪耀的- glitter v.发光splash out 挥霍bauble n.小饰品 (trinket)But these can impress one woman as easily as another, or several simultaneously. He must show commitment—a need not unique to courtship. Salvadoran gangsters get extravagant tattoos; Japanese yakuza cut off a fingertip. These visible signs of allegiance make it hard to defect, and impose heavy costs. But as marriage proposals they would fall short. Few women would feel proud to carry around their fiancé’s severed pinkie.但是这些东西能够打动任何一个女性,或同时打动几个女性。男性必须显示出他的诚意。而除了求婚,还有许多场合需要人们显示诚意,形式多样。萨尔瓦多黑帮会在身上纹精美的纹身。日本黑帮会切下自己的指尖。这些表忠心的直观方式使人们不会轻易叛变,且束之以惨重代价。但这些行为却不适于求婚——鲜有女性会满怀自豪感地随身携带未婚夫的小指。simultaneously adv.同时地- simultaneous adj.同时的gangster n.黑帮yakuza 日本黑帮fingertip n.指尖visible adj.可见的allegiance n.忠诚defect v.背叛- The reporter defected to another network.impose v.施加fall short 不足,失败sever v.切断pinkie n.小手指Many millennial women seek a mate who is creative, charitable and earns enough not to live with his parents. The millionaire founder of a startup that makes an app to teach yoga to orphans would be ideal. As a token of his commitment, a suitor might offer the object of his affections 51% of his shares—so much nicer than a joint bank account.许多千禧一代的女性的择偶标准是要富有创造力,富有爱心,经济独立,不用和父母住一块。以这个标准,如果有一位亿万富翁,他创立一家致力于教孤儿们瑜伽的新兴软件公司,那这个人一定就是她们的理想型了。为了显示诚意,他还要把51%的公司股份给女方,这可比共享账户要好多了。charitable adj.有爱心的startup n.创业公司orphan n.孤儿ideal adj.理想的token n.象征suitor n.追求者- suit v.合适,取悦(please)affection n.爱joint bank account 共同账户Less eligible men could offer instead to link Uber accounts, thus entwining the couple’s reputations: their joint five-star rating would be at risk if either misbehaved. Uber-linking would also allow each tokeep track of the other’s whereabouts, discouraging infidelity. Whatever ultimately replaces diamonds, it will surely be digital, not worn on a digit.条件差一点的男性可以把俩人的优步账户绑定在一起,这样俩人的信誉就会紧密联系在一起。一旦一方有什么不良行为,他们俩人的五星信用度就会面临降星的风险。这一做法还能相互知道另一方的行踪,防止发生出轨行为。最后取代钻石的一定是一样数据产品,而不是戴在手指上的实物。eligible adj.合格的entwine v.缠绕纠结在一起 (twist together)- twine v.缠绕misbehave v.不良作为whereabouts n.行踪infidelity n.不忠- fidelity n.忠诚 (allegiance)ultimately adv.最终地- ultimate adj.最终的digit n.指头 (finger or toe)201705/509089

For years, attempts have been made to build a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.多年来就已经开始尝试建立一条连接大西洋和太平洋的运河了Such a canal would cut East to West travel time in half saving ships over eight thousand miles per trip.这样一条运河能将东西半球的行驶时间 缩短一半 船舶每次可以少走八千多英里But no ones had the power to make it happen, until now.但是在此之前没有谁有这么大的能量J.P. Morgan acts as the middle man for the government and raises forty million dollars - OR seven billion dollars today-- to get the project started.J·P·根充当政府的中间人 筹集了四千万美元 相当于今天的七十亿 项目得以开工The Panama Canal is the most ambitious construction project the ed States has ever undertaken.巴拿马运河是美国有史以来最雄心勃勃的建设项目Over 75,000 workers labor in brutal heat, fighting off deadly diseases, digging a canal 51 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific.超过七万五千名工人冒着酷热 以及致命疾病的危险 挖出一条贯穿大西洋与太平洋的51英里长的运河To assemble the manpower, the material, and the finances; to cut a swath through the middle of Panama and join the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean--only an industrially sophisticated nation could do that.要整合如此规模的人力物力财力 在巴拿马中间切出一大块 贯通大西洋与太平洋 只有一个成熟的工业国家才能做到这一点The Panama Canal embodies everything that makes America the most powerful country on the planet.巴拿马运河体现了一切 美国得以成为地球上最强大国家的所有要素Built on steel, powered by electricity and running on gasoline.由钢铁打造 电力驱动靠汽油运行And its all made possible due to the financial might of one of the countrys most powerful men.而让这一切成为可能的是美国最有权势的人物之一的金融实力201607/455023

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