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1.“嫁给我吧”(追随者合唱团);Marry Me,; by Train 2.“你和我”(大卫马修合唱团);You amp; Me,; Dave Matthews Band 3.“天使”杰克·杰克逊;Angel,; by Jack Johnson 4.“尽在不言中”(艾莉森·克劳斯);When You Say Nothing at All,#39; by Allison Krauss 5.“比阳光更耀眼”(水中呼吸器乐队) “BrighterThan Sunshine,; by Aqualung 6.“咖啡馆遇到爱” (蓝登·皮格) ;Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop,; by Landon Pigg 7.“我全部的爱”(齐柏林飞艇乐队) ;All of My Love,; Led Zeppelin 8.“你今晚的样子”(弗兰克·辛纳屈);The Way You Look Tonight,; by Frank Sinatra 9. “让你感受到我的爱”(阿黛尔);Make You Feel My Love,; by Adele 10.“直到有了你”(甲壳虫乐队);#39;Til there Was You,; The Beatles /201309/255353。

China#39;s Red Cross is scrambling to help rebuild after another disaster -- only this time it#39;s their own reputation they need to reconstruct.又一场地震发生之后,中国红十字会正在忙着震后“重建”,只不过这一次需要重建的是其自己的声誉。The Red Cross Society of China is vowing to restore its sagging image, which has buckled under the weight of allegations of corruption and poor management and an undeniable loss of public confidence. Evidence of how bad things have become: In the first day after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit the county of Lushan in Sichuan, the Red Cross received roughly 140,000 yuan (,700) in donations, compared to 10 million taken in by martial arts star Jet Li#39;s One Foundation.中国红十字会誓言要重振其日渐低迷的形象。此前中国红十字会曾遭到腐败和管理不善的指责,公众对它的信心也无法否认地丧失了。重压之下,其公众形象一蹶不振。从以下事实可以看出事态已经严重到什么程度:此次四川芦山7.0级地震发生后的头一天,红十字会收到大约人民币14万元(约合2.27万美元)的捐款。相比之下,武术影视明星李连杰的壹基金(One Foundation)则收到了人民币1,000万元的捐款。One of its senior executives has vowed to resign if there isn#39;t progress.中国红十字会一位高级官员甚至发誓说,该机构的改革如果没有取得进展她就辞职。#39;The Red Cross still has three to five years of pain ahead,#39; said executive vice president Zhao Baige, according to the People#39;s Daily online ( in Chinese). #39;Only by open, transparent and effective restructuring with public participation can we overcome this crisis.#39;据人民网报道,中国红十字会常务副会长赵白鸽称,红会仍将经历3到5年的阵痛期,只有建立公开、透明、有效,而且必须是公众参与的治理结构,才有可能化解这一危机。And just in case you thought she might be kidding, she added this for good measure: #39;If we do not make progress in putting this #39;black cross#39; (which we have to bear) behind us, I will submit my resignation.#39;如果你认为她是开玩笑,那么你就错了。她还加了一句话:如果两到三年仍然翻转不了“黑十字”的印象,我自动请求辞职。What is it that has laid them so low?到底是什么令中国红十字会的形象变得如此低下?China #39;s Red Cross, which unlike most Red Cross organizations is closely tied to the government, is still unable to shake the damage from the 2011 scandal linked to a woman known as Guo Meimei. While the woman had no official tie to the Red Cross, she may have traded on a presumed connection through a company called Red Cross Commerce. She famously bragged of her luxurious lifestyle, posting photos of expensive cars and luxury accessories on Sina Weibo, China#39;s most popular Twitter-like microblogging service.和大多数红十字组织不同,中国红十字会同政府紧密相连。该机构迄今仍无法摆脱2011年一起丑闻给其形象带来的损害,这一丑闻同一名叫郭美美的女子联系在一起。虽然郭美美同中国红十字会没有正式联系,但她可能利用了其与一家名为“中国商业系统红十字会”的企业的关系为自己牟利。郭美美因炫耀自己奢侈的生活方式而出了名,她曾在新浪微上贴出豪车和奢华配饰的照片。While the Red Cross has denied any connection to Guo Meimei there has still been no full, public accounting of the embarrassing incident. Persistent rumors of ties to a senior Red Cross official have never been fully laid to rest. More recently there have been fresh calls from within the Red Cross for a reopening of a probe.虽然中国红十字会否认同郭美美有任何关联,但关于这一令人尴尬的事件至今没有完整、公开的说明。有关此事同红十字会一位高级官员存在关联的传言始终未能停歇。最近红十字会内部有人再次呼吁对这一事件重新展开调查。The Red Cross has also struggled to deal with another public relations disaster -- that one following the massive 2008 earthquake in Sichuan where billions of yuan in donations were said to have gone missing. A significant part of those funds were managed by the Red Cross.中国红十字会也难以处理另一场公关灾难:2008年四川发生大地震之后,据说有数十亿人民币的捐款不见了踪影。其中很大一部分捐款由红十字会管理。The damage to the Red Cross#39;s reputation has come into sharp focus since the Lushan earthquake hit on April 20. While the Red Cross once was widely seen as the relief agency of choice, that is no longer the case, with pedestrians largely ignoring collection boxes (the poor management of which was the subject of yet another scandal in January) and Internet users flooding the organization#39;s microblog feed with thumbs-down icons. More than 1.3 billion yuan (0 million) has been collected by a host of organizations -- but only about half went to the Red Cross, according to the People#39;s Daily online.自从4月20日芦山地震发生以来,红十字会的声誉遭到的损害就成为大家关注的焦点。虽然红十字会曾经被广泛视作首选的救济机构,但现在情况已经不是这样,路人大都对红十字会在街头摆放的捐款箱视而不见(红十字会对捐款箱管理不善成了今年1月另一宗丑闻的主题),而网民则蜂拥至中国红十字会的微,纷纷给出拇指向下的标志。据人民网报道,芦山地震发生以来多家慈善机构已经收到超过人民币13亿元的捐款,但只有大约一半流向了红十字会。The shift in donations away from the state-linked Red Cross toward private groups like the One Foundation presents a potentially serious challenge to the government, which has justified its moves to limit the growth of civic groups by insisting that it is better suited to serving Chinese people in need.捐款避开同政府存在关联的红十字会、转向壹基金等民间团体对中国政府构成了潜在的严重挑战。中国政府曾试图明其限制非政府组织发展的合理性,坚持认为政府能更好地为有需要的中国人务。Ms. Zhao tried to put the best face on this, saying she was moved by the fact that despite all the doubts about the organization, many people around the country still trusted the Red Cross with their donations.赵白鸽试图给红十字会脸上贴金,她说红会在受到很大的社会质疑时,老百姓对红会仍然是这样的信任,让她十分感动。Sadly for the Red Cross, the relief organization may need even more time to recover than Sichuan.中国红十字会的不幸之处在于,这家救济组织恢复自身声誉所需要的时间,可能比四川从此次地震中恢复过来所需的时间还要长。 /201305/238077。

Panda cub Xiao Liwu had a ball at his most recent checkup.熊猫宝宝“小礼物”在最近的一次身体检查时收到了一个球。San Diego Zoo panda keepers gave the 20-week-old giant panda a plastic ball to test his coordination and encourage him to have fun with something new.圣迭戈动物园的熊猫管理员给了这只20周大的大熊猫一个塑料球,测试它的身体协调性,并鼓励它玩一些新鲜事物。Xiao Liwu, whose name means “little gift,” was enamored with the green toy and would not let it go during his 18th veterinarian exam earlier this week.小礼物对这个绿色的玩具十分钟爱,这周早些时候在兽医对他进行第十八次身体检查时,小礼物简直都不肯放开这个球。;He was really enjoying hugging it and rolling on it and doing those kinds of #39;rolly-tumbly#39; things that panda cubs are so notoriously cute for doing,; said veterinarian Beth Bicknese.兽医贝丝·比克内斯说:“他真的很喜欢紧紧抱住这个球,在球上滚来滚去,做那些熊猫宝宝出名可爱的‘翻滚’动作。”The zookeepers also weighed Xiao Liwu, 14.5 pounds, concluding that, although he is still little, the giant panda is on his way to reaching the size that “giant panda” suggests.动物园管理员也给小礼物测了体重,现在他有14.5磅,虽然它还小,但是这只熊猫宝宝正在向着“大”熊猫前进。Baby Panda Takes First Steps熊猫宝宝开始自己行走;We#39;ve got about 12 to 15 measurements that we like to do at every exam, just to check his milestones to check that everything is on target. And some days, when he#39;s a little wigglier, it#39;s more challenging,; Bicknese said.“每次身体检查都有12到15个测量值,看看它的成长情况,是不是一切都像预期一样正常。有时候它会扭来扭去的,身体检查就更困难了”,比克内斯说。Only two weeks before, Xiao Liwu gained strength in his legs. As Xiao Liwu continues to grow, his mother Bai Yun will take him exploring the zoo’s off-exhibits areas.两周之前,小礼物的四肢刚刚能够使出力气。小礼物正不断长大,它的妈妈白云今后会带着小礼物探索动物园的非展出区域。Xiao Liwu is not yet prepared for his first appearance in public, but eager panda enthusiasts can keep track of the San Diego panda family’s newest member with its panda cam, a live stream that has documented the cub’s first few months of development in the den.小礼物现在还没有准备好公开亮相,不过熊猫的狂热爱好者可以通过“熊猫摄像头” 跟踪圣迭戈熊猫家族的新成员动向。熊猫摄像头是一种实时流媒体,记录了熊猫宝宝最初几个月在窝里的成长情况。Giant panda cub birth garners love for endangered species大熊猫宝宝的出生引发人们对濒危物种的爱Xiao Liwu’s family is safe in the San Diego Zoo, but other members of his species are not so lucky. Habitat loss threatens the survival of the species and only 1,600 giant pandas exist in the wild, panda experts believe.小礼物和家人在圣迭戈动物园中十分安全,但是其他熊猫就没这么幸运了。栖息地不断消失危及到了熊猫物种的生存,熊猫专家认为目前只有1600只野生大熊猫。The San Diego Zoo Global works with the People’s Republic of China on conservation programs in China and at the zoo.圣迭戈动物园全球部门现在正和中国合作开展熊猫保护项目。 /201212/217625。

The eyes are the prize眼球即奖赏Pierre de Coubertin, the idealistic Frenchman who founded the modern Olympics in 1896, did not approve of betting. Heaven knows what he would have made of the bets that broadcasters make on the games. For 2009-12, they have stumped up .91 billion for television rights, up from .57 billion for 2005-08.理想主义法国人 Pierre de Coubertin 于1896年开创现代奥运会先河,他并不赞成奥运行为。天知道他用电视台的奥运盈利所得做了些什么。在2009至2012年间,各电视台付了39.1亿美元购买电视转播权,相比2005至2008年间的25.7亿美元有所上升。Such huge fees make bidding for the rings highly risky. N Universal, an American TV company, lost 3m broadcasting the Vancouver winter Olympics, and expects to lose money in London, too. Having paid .18 billion for the right to broadcast the London Olympics in America it has so far booked only 0m in advertising. It will sell more ads at the last moment. But it will also spend a fortune on cameras, servers and breathless commentary, leaving it 0m-200m in the red, by one estimate.如此高额的费用让奥运投标行为极具风险。一家美国电视公司 N Universal 在转播温哥华冬奥会时损失了2.23亿美元,预计在伦敦奥运会也将入不敷出。该公司为伦敦奥运会在美国的转播权付了11.8亿美元,但迄今为止在广告方面仅仅入账9.5亿美元。在闭幕之际该公司将出售更多广告机会,但它也将投入大笔资金进行摄制、架设务器并进行马不停蹄的报导。有人估计该公司将面临一亿到两亿美元的财政赤字。Comcast, the cable firm that owns N, is confident that the bet will eventually pay off. N will pay .38 billion to broadcast the games from 2014 to 2020. N hopes the Olympics will boost adverts on its free channels, hook more subscribers for N Sports (a pay channel) and popularise its digital offerings.N 的母公司——有线系统公司康卡斯特(Comcast)坚信这块资金空缺终将被填满。在2014至2020年间,N 将花费43.8亿美元来转播奥运赛事。N 希望奥运会能带动其免费频道上的广告,为收费频道 N Sports 吸引更多订阅用户并推广其数字业务。N wants the Olympics to help it take on Disney#39;s ESPN, the giant of American sports broadcasting. This will be hard. The games are usually in an un-American time zone, and involve dozens of sports, many of which make Americans shrug. It is hard for broadcast highlights on a network to make the most of it all. Technology may be coming to N#39;s aid. It plans to offer 3,500 hours of live coverage via 40 online streams, allowing people to watch on their computers and mobile phones while waiting for the bus or pretending to work. When people are desperate for distraction even dressage has its place.N 想要借奥运来对抗美国运动广播业巨头——迪斯尼(Disney)的 ESPN。这并非易事。奥运会往往在非美国时区举办;而且包含几十种运动,美国人对其中很多种都只能望洋兴叹。很难通过网络上转播的精片段来对奥运会进行全面展现。技术或许能帮得上忙。N 计划通过40种在线流媒体来提供3500小时的直播覆盖,允许人们在等公交车或是上班时间开小差的时候通过电脑或手机观看。当人们急需消遣时,即使是花式骑术比赛都有会观众去看。Some worry that digital streaming will hurt the prime-time broadcasts that command the highest advertising rates. After all, who will bother to watch a race when the result is aly online? But Michael Payne, a former Olympic official and the author of ;Olympic Turnaround;, a book about the games#39; commercial revival, downplays such concerns. He thinks that all those digital offerings will create buzz. ;With 26 sports, there#39;s enough news to keep people interested. They#39;ll watch the games on multiple platforms and then go into the office and talk about it,; he predicts. He may be right. Olympic organisers once fretted that the first radio broadcasts would depress ticket sales. They didn#39;t.有人担忧数字流媒体将使带来最高广告费用的黄金时段转播深受其害。毕竟,当比赛结果已经在网络上线后,谁还会花时间去看比赛过程呢?但奥运会商业复兴之书《奥运转机》的作者、前奥运会官员 Michael Payne 对这种担忧不以为然。他认为所有的数字业务都将为人们带来乐趣。他预测道:;26项运动中总有足够的新闻能让人们感兴趣。他们将在多种平台上观看比赛,并在办公室里对此评头论足。;他的话可能有道理。奥运会组织者曾担忧首轮电台广播将使门票销量不景气,但事实并非如此。 /201208/195996。