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莱阳儿童医院客服中心临沂做人流价格青岛哪个医院可以引产 TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201505/373009#39;They serve 20 different types of noodles here,他们会做20多种不同式样的面条#39;and these guys are masters of them all.#39;这些家伙都是面条大神To perfect the technique, every year为了精益求精,每年he would do this for at least two hours a day,他一天至少练两个小时for a year and a half.整整坚持了一年半Oh, my God!噢,天啊This is good! That#39;s good!不错啊,很好That#39;s amazing!令人吃惊It#39;s like...noodle bullets! Yeah!就像…面条子弹Oh, OK. So it#39;s kind of like...Get in there!噢,这是某种…给我进锅里去#39;I was taught to cook at home by my mother growing up in England.我在英国长大,做饭都是母亲在家里教的#39;As we as we travel across China,在中国的旅行中#39;I#39;m looking forward to the challenge of cooking我越来越期待,挑战一下自己in its fiery, professional kitchens,用专门厨房和大火做菜#39;where it#39;s rare to find any women.#39;这里面女的很少I love it!The drama, the commotion, you know?我喜欢,厨房上演的混乱戏剧Also the excitement, as you approach a wok like this,看到这样的锅很激动because you never know what#39;s going to happen.你不知道会发生什么事This is a very intensive heat source here.这是给锅加热的热源It heats up the wok to over 350 degrees.能把锅加热到超过350度It#39;s very powerful. It really keeps you on your toes这个很厉害,你得当心点cos one second off, you could burn and destroy the whole dish.只要手一抖,菜就烧焦了#39;Throughout our trip,we#39;ll be cooking dishes我们在旅行中#39;simple enough to do at home.会尝试做简单的家常菜#39;First is my take on a classic northern noodle recipe,我带了个传统的北方面条配方#39;Zha Jiang Mien.杂酱面#39;It the Chinese version of spaghetti Bolognese.#39;中国版的意大利肉酱面It#39;s basically a meat topping,这个用肉做臊子a delicious savoury meat topping,好吃又开胃的肉臊子on top of delicious noodles,浇到面的上面and sometimes you have some fresh crunchy cucumbers.你也可以放点新鲜的脆黄瓜#39;Every region has its own variation of the sauce,每个地方都有不同种类的臊子#39;but the essentials are minced pork and bean paste.#39;但是里面基本上都会放豆瓣酱和肉末This is belly pork. The Chinese call it ;hua rou;这是五花肉,中国人叫花肉;five layers of heaven;. You#39;ve got skin, you#39;ve got fat,五层的天堂,这是皮,脂肪you#39;ve got meat,you#39;ve got fat again.然后是瘦肉,又是脂肪That#39;s what gives it flavour.那个是赋予它味道的And this bit is quite fatty, so I#39;m not going to use that.这个有点肥,我不打算用Ooh! That#39;s the best bit! It#39;s really oily, Ken!哦,这个不错,很油吧,老谭Ohhh. I don#39;t know, you think so? Maybe a little bit.我不知道,你这样认为?确实有点Just for you!只是对你而言My uncle used to tell me,;No fat, no flavour!;我叔叔常说,无脂即无味 Article/201505/376337即墨市男性不育

青岛哪个医院有较好的妇科连云港妇女儿童医院产妇做检查好吗 青岛市治疗盆腔炎哪家医院好

青岛新阳光医院看妇科价格 As well as pork and flower pepper,除了猪肉和花椒there#39;s another locally produced ingredient还有一道当地的原料that Sichuan has made因四川而为人所知famous and defines the tastes of the region.如今成为了四川饮食的代表In the few days we#39;ve been here,我们在四川的短短几天里everyone we#39;ve met has relied on it.每一个我们遇到的人都与它密不可分If chilli and Sichuan pepper are the heart of the Sichuan food,如果说辣椒和花椒是四川美食的核心then chilli bean paste is the soul.那么辣豆瓣酱就是它的灵魂This is incredible.真是不可思议I#39;ve never seen anything like this in my life.我一生中从未看过这样的景象I feel like I#39;m walking into a cemetery or a monastery我觉得我仿佛步入了一所公墓 或是一家修道院because it#39;s so Zen.因为这里太有禅意了It#39;s a bit spooky and eerie.有一丝幽然诡谲的感觉At this factory in Pixian, just outside Chengdu,这家工厂位于郫县 就在成都郊外they#39;ve been making the best chilli bean paste in the world他们已经生产了300年for over 300 years.世界上最好的辣豆瓣酱了Two years, this one has been aged for?这已经做了两年了吗They have three years and five years.他们有三年的 也有五年的The paste is actually事实上 豆瓣酱的制作十分简单very simply made from just three ingredients只需要三种原料broad beans, red chillies and salt.蚕豆 红辣椒和盐It#39;s then left to ferment in these earthenware crocks然后 它们被放置在这些陶罐中发酵for up to five years.要五年之久That is really superb.实在是太棒了It#39;s beautiful. It#39;s sour, spicy, beany,太美妙了 酸辣适宜 瓣子酥脆just really intense. Yes.味道很足,没错It#39;s funny, I would never say this is chilli bean sauce.真有意思 我永远不会想到这是辣豆瓣酱Absolutely, it#39;s never this colour anyway,是啊 我从没见过这种颜色的so that means that they haven#39;t been aged as long.这意味着它们发酵的时间还不够长The quality, Ken, that we#39;ve been cooking with is sub-standard,老谭 看来我们在家里做饭用到的那些what we get back home.都是次等品The secret of this paste这种豆瓣酱的秘密lies in the relentlessly damp Sichuan climate.在于四川持续的潮湿气候The humidity in the air helps the years of fermentation,空气中的湿度促进了成年累月的发酵creating a chilli bean paste unlike any other.从而制成迥异于别处的豆瓣酱It#39;s a little bit like wine. You know, when we do wine,这和葡萄酒有点像 当我们酿葡萄酒的时候we#39;re talking about where the grapes come from,总考虑葡萄产于哪里the terroir, as the French say,就如法国人口中的 风土and I think it#39;s very much this, because this is the heart我觉得这一点和这很像of what Sichuan cooking is about.因为风土也是四川饮食的关键所在This kind of damp, foggy climate就是它那潮湿 多雾的气候that makes this kind of moody chilli bean sauce制造出了这种难以捉摸的辣豆瓣酱that#39;s the heart of this type of cooking.也构成了这种饮食的核心 Article/201508/395389海阳市人民医院专业的医生青岛中心医院挂号网



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