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玫瑰王晨光做膨体隆鼻案例图青浦区做韩式开眼角哪家好闵行区妇幼保健医院做祛疤手术价格 Business商业报道Mobile gaming in Japan日本的手机游戏业Gacha? Gotcha!嘎查?弹无虚发!Bureaucrats clamp down on a tech billionaire手机游戏技术巨头遭到政府打压NOT again.不要再重复了。Just when another tousle-haired Japanese entrepreneur hoped it was safe to make a billion or two,当另一个头发散乱的日本企业家希望能安全地创造出十亿,二十亿的价值,along come the forces of law and order threatening to throw the rule book at him:伴随而来的是法律与秩序的势力,威胁着要把规则手册扔给他:in this case, the Act Against Unjustified Premiums and Misleading Representations.在这件事上,他违反了不合理的额外费用和误导人的陈述。That, at least, is how some people viewed news this week that the Consumer Affairs Agency was investigating a feature,至少,一些人把这件事视为了这周的新闻,日本消费者厅正在调查一类以称为完整的嘎查为特色的游戏至少,一popular on Japan’s ubiquitous mobile-phone games, called a complete gacha, in which players collect sets of randomly generated tokens to swap for in-game rewards.即一类玩家收集随机产生的一套套游戏币,去交换虚拟世界里面的奖品,在日本的手机游戏中普遍存在的游戏。Such games have made fortunes for several internet start-ups.这样的游戏使几个新兴的网络公司积累了大量财富。Agency officials, however, have expressed worries that complete gacha may be a form of gambling,which can cause children and adults to splurge beyond their means.然而,机构官员,都对此表示担忧,因为完整的嘎查,可能是一种的形式,这会导致儿童和成年人变挥霍,最终无力付高昂的游戏费用。They questioned its legality.他们质疑这游戏模式的合法性。The retribution was swift.市场对此的回应迅速。In three days the value of GREE, whose 35-year-old owner, Yoshikazu Tanaka, has been called the youngest self-made billionaire after Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, plunged by a third.在三天内社交网站Gree的市值骤减了三分之一,公司创始人35岁的田中良和,曾被称为除了脸谱的马克扎克伯格之外,最年轻的白手起家的亿万富翁。DeNA, another social-games site, lost 22%.DeNA,另一家社交游戏网站,损失也达到了22%。To Yoshito Hori, a venture capitalist and former GREE backer, the news recalled a pattern of crackdowns on alleged abuses by start-ups in recent years that have discouraged the Japanese from setting up new businesses.崛义人,一名风险投资家和前GREE的投资者,这条新闻让他回想起最近几年政府打压新晋企业的种种措施,已经使日本人丧失了开创新商业的勇气。He urged the government to seek a harmonious solution that protected both consumers and entrepreneurs:他敦促政府寻找一个协调的解决方案,保护消费者以及企业家。Killing GREE or DeNA is like killing Sony or Matsushita when they were coming up after the war, he said.他说,毁掉GREE或者DeNA,就像毁掉二战后崛起的索尼和松下电器那样严重。On May 9th GREE and DeNA gave ground.5月9号,GREE和DeNA都作出了让步。GREE said it would stop the release of all new complete gacha games and phase out existing ones.GREE说他们将会停止发布全部新版完整的gacha游戏,并且逐步取消目前还存在的嘎查游戏。DeNA said it would also stop the practice.DeNA也说,他们将停止这类游戏上市。Mr Hori said he expected they might be prepared to pay back anyone who had overspent.崛义人说,他希望两间公司能准备资金还给那些曾经超了的人。It was not clear, though, whether the authorities would let the matter rest there.可是,当权者是否将听任这事情自由发展下去,目前还不清楚。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201306/245147Yael:What would you say your attitude is toward celebrities, Don?雅艾尔:你说你对明星的态度如何,唐?DON:Do you mean whether I like them?唐:你的意思是我是否喜欢他们吗?Yael:I mean are you obsessed?雅艾尔:我的意思是你是痴迷吗?Do you spend hours on the Internet trying to find out what their favorite nail polish color is and whether they believe in hypnosis?你花几个小时在网上只是为了找出他们喜欢的指甲油颜色及他们是否相信催眠?DON:Im fond of The BeeGees, but I dont think they wear nail polish and I could care less what they think about hypnosis.唐:我喜欢BeeGees,但我不会去想他们抹指甲油,而且我对他们看待催眠不怎么关心 。Yael:Okay, do you believe in a just world, that life is fair?雅艾尔:好吧,你相信世界是公平的,生活是公平的吗?D:I cant pick up a newspaper without ing evidence that life is not only unfair, but often cruel.唐:我不能捡起一张报纸不去阅读就表明生活不仅是不公平的,而且往往残酷。Yael:Good. What I mean is that psychologists have found that people who believe in a just world are more likely to worship celebrities, whereas people more critical of society are less likely to obsess over a celebrity.雅艾尔:很好。我的意思是心理学家发现,那些相信公平世界的人更有可能崇拜名人,然而批判社会的人不太可能痴迷名人。People who strongly believe in a just world believe that life is fair, that good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people.那些坚信生活是公平的人认为善有善报,恶有恶报。People who believe in a just world are expressing acceptance of society and its institutions.人们相信公平世界的人表达出对于这个社会以及其所有制度的接受。Since the celebrity system is one of these institutions researchers suggest that it makes sense that those believing in a just world would be satisfied with how celebrities are made and thus more likely to admire and even obsess over them.因为明星也是这个社会体系的一种制度,研究人员表明很容易理解那些信仰公平世界的人对名人感到满意,因此更有可能钦佩甚至对他们痴迷。Vice versa, people who do not believe in a fair world might resist worshipping celebrities,反之,那些不相信公平世界的人可能会抵制崇拜明星,and in fact question or criticize the system that produces them and decides who gets to be a celebrity.事实上质疑或批评这一体系造就他们并且决定谁成为名人。DON:Dont get me started.唐:别从我开始。201309/255334上海玫瑰激光去痘多少钱

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静安区妇幼保健医院激光去胎记多少钱 Browser wars浏览器之战Chrome rules the web谷歌浏览器掌控网络What Google’s browser has in common with Queen Victoria谷歌浏览器跟维多利亚女王的共同点是什么?Aug 10th 2013 |From the print editionEMPIRES rise and fall swiftly on the internet. Google’s Chrome browser, which celebrates its fifth birthday next month, has captured much of the territory of older browsers and is now responsible for about 43% of all the web traffic generated by the world’s desktop computers. When Chrome was launched the dominant browser was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), with a 68% share—it is now down to just 25%.网络帝国兴败迅速。谷歌的Chrome浏览器下个月就要庆祝诞生15周年了。它攻城拔寨,抢夺了旧浏览器不少的份额,现在拥有台式机领域网站流量的43%之多。谷歌浏览器发布的时候,占据主导地位的浏览器是微软的IE浏览器,当时台式机市场占有率为68%,现在已经降到了25%。It is only 20 years since Mosaic, the first browser capable of combining words and images in a single page, was made available. Some of its developers went on to launch Netscape, an improved version, in 1994, just as the internet was taking off. But Netscape’s dominance quickly crumbled after Microsoft started bundling IE with its Windows operating system. IE and Microsoft’s other software became so prevalent that in 2000 an American court briefly contemplated breaking the company into two.从第一款能同时显示文本和图像的Mosaic浏览器诞生到现在也不过20年的时间。当年Mosaic的许多开发者继续在1994年开发了改进版的网景浏览器。当时互联网刚要大规模发展。但是网景的主导地位很快被微软取代,因为微软将IE浏览器与其系统绑定销售。微软包括IE在内的很多软件风行一时,以至于2000年的时候,一家美国法院曾经考虑将微软公司一分为二。By 2010, when the European Commission forced Microsoft to start offering Windows users a choice of browsers, many were switching anyway, especially to Mozilla’s Firefox. Now Chrome is increasingly pushing Firefox to the margins. Measuring browser use is difficult and subjective: one source shows that IE is still in front in terms of numbers of visitors to websites. But for e-commerce, share of traffic matters more. By this measure Chrome now dominates much of the planet. Like the boast made of the British empire in Queen Victoria’s time, the sun never sets on its dominions.2010年,欧盟执行委员会强制命令微软为Windows使用者提供浏览器选项,很多用户选择了Mozilla公司的火狐浏览器。现在Chrome浏览器的崛起将火狐推到了边缘。衡量一款浏览器的使用情况既困难又主观。一个来源显示按照访问者访问网站的数量算,IE仍然领先。但是对电子商务来说,信息流量份额才是最重要的。按照流量算的话,谷歌浏览器主导了全球的浏览器市场。就像维多利亚时期大英帝国引以为豪的景象:大英帝国的领土上太阳从不落山。 /201308/252232上海治疗青春痘上海脸上的红血丝怎么去掉



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