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上海玫瑰整形医院祛黄褐斑好不好复旦大学附属闵行医院激光祛太田痣价格费用上海华山医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格 Why good looks make you funnier: Research finds women will laugh at a man#39;s jokes if she thinks he#39;s attractive.If you#39;re looking for a mate with a good sense of humour, their ability to tell a joke may be less important than you think.For scientists say that whether we laugh or not depends more on how much we like a person than if they really are funny.如果你想找一位幽默的伴侣,他们讲笑话的能力或许并没有你想象得那么重要。因为科学家称,我们笑还是不笑更多地取决于我们对这个人的喜欢程度,而不是他是否真的风趣。Sophie Scott, a professor of neuroscience at University College London, said: #39;You hear women say, I really fancy him, he really makes me laugh.#39;What she means is, he#39;s really attractive and I laugh because I fancy him. It#39;s to do with how much they like him.#39;英国伦敦大学学院(University College London)的神经科学教授索菲·斯科特(Sophie Scott)表示:“你经常会听到女人们说我真地很喜欢他,他总让我开怀大笑。“其实她真正想说的是:他太有魅力了,我会笑是因为我喜欢他。这其实和她们喜欢那个人的程度有关。”She told the British Science Festival in Bradford that laughter seems to have its roots deep in evolution, and remains #39;extremely socially important#39;.#39;When you laugh with people you show you agree with them,#39; she said. #39;You are showing you like them – if you didn#39;t you would withhold that laughter.#39;她在布拉德福德(Bradford)举行的英国科学节(British Science Festival)上说,笑容似乎是起源于进化,并且现在仍然有着“极其重要的社会意义”。她说:“你和别人一起笑明你认同他们,你在向他们表现你的青睐,否则你将会克制你的笑容。”Laughter can also diffuse tension in established relationships, with couples who laugh together, staying together.The professor#39;s own research found that laughter, unlike the sweet sigh of contentment or the cheer of triumph, are cross-cultural, with people with remote parts of Africa recognising when a Westerner is amused and vice versa.在已经建立起来的关系中,笑容还可以缓解紧张感,一起欢笑的夫妻感情维系得更好。斯科特教授的个人研究发现,笑容不同于满足的甜蜜叹息和胜利的欢呼。笑容是跨文化的,来自非洲偏远地区的人们能够辨认出西方人是否感到开心,反之亦然。She said: #39;It#39;s looking like laughter might be an emotion that is part of our evolutionary history, it#39;s part of our make-up.#39;Laughter, it seems, helps us in all sorts of situations.她说:“笑这种情感看来像是我们进化历史的一部分,也是我们性格的一部分”。笑声似乎能帮助我们融入各种场合。#39;It is an emotion you primarily find in social settings - you are 30 times more likely to laugh if you are with somebody else than if you are on your own.Professor Scott said: #39;It seems to be a socially extremely important emotion.斯科特教授说:“这似乎是一种极具社会意义的情感。”“在各种社交场合,笑这种情绪是最容易发现的——和别人在一起时你笑的可能性比你一个人待着时高30倍”。‘And you will laugh more if you know them and you will laugh more if you like them.#39;If you ask human beings when do you laugh, they talk about jokes and they talk about comedy and humour.如果你认识他们,你笑的次数会更多,如果你喜欢他们,你笑的次数也会更多。如果你问别人他们什么时候会笑,他们会谈笑话、喜剧和幽默。#39;If you look at when they laugh, it#39;s in the interactions that you find the most laughter, which means that in practice that you laugh most during conversations with other people.#39;Interestingly, you are still very rarely laughing at jokes.#39;如果你们观察他们笑的时机,你会发现人们在互动的时候笑得最多,也就是说实际上在与他人进行对话的时候人们最可能笑。“有趣的是,你其实很少因为笑话而笑。”The professor advises us all to make time to laugh.She said that while some people go to comedy clubs or even do laughter yoga – the term for a self-help group in which people force themselves to laugh – nothing beats having a good giggle with your friends.斯科特教授建议我们抽出时间多笑一笑。她说,有些人会去看喜剧或是做大笑瑜伽(指人们强迫自己欢笑的自助团体),但没有什么比得上跟朋友一起大笑一场。Professor Scott said: #39;At its heart, the natural place where you find laughter is in interactions, so I would say give yourself as many opportunities to laugh with the people who make you laugh.#39;Don#39;t think that is time wasted, it is probably one of the best things you can do with your time.#39;斯科特教授说:“从本质上说,互动中自然而然会产生笑声,所以我觉得你应该尽可能抓住机会,跟能令你开怀的人一起欢笑。”“别觉得这是在浪费时间,这或许是你能利用时间做的最棒的事情之一。” /201509/399422上海第九医院丰胸多少钱

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上海市第六人民医院东院治疗腋臭多少钱The workplace is a fascinating place for anyone who loves language. There’s something about the office environment that seems to encourage the inventive use of language. For better or worse, the English language is often toyed with in the office space, creating whole new words and phrases that you’ll seldom hear outside of an office environment。对于喜爱语言的人来说,工作场所是一个极其具有吸引力的地方。办公环境看起来似乎是鼓励人们尝试创造性的使用语言。不管怎样,英语经常被玩弄于办公场所,人们经常创造出全新的单词和短语,你可能很少在办公环境外的地方听到过这些短语。Here are some of the most common words, phrases and idioms that you’ll come across if you’re working in an English-speaking office today。如果你现在在一个说英语的公司工作的话,下面是一些你可能会遇到的使用最普遍的单词,短语和习语。1、Water-cooler chat茶水吧闲聊This is an Americanism that has crossed over into British English too. Most offices these days have a water cooler, and this phrase has come to mean anything that people talk about when they happen to meet at the water cooler. This tends to refer to gossip or trivial things like discussing what happened in the soap opera that was on last night。这是一个美式短语,它同样也存在于英式中。现在许多公司都有饮水机,这个短语的意思是,大家在喝水的时候碰到会谈论一些事情。这会涉及到一些闲聊或者琐碎的事情,像讨论前天晚上肥皂剧的剧情是怎么发展的。2、Close of play下班临近Often shortened to COP in emails and text messages, and also as end of play or EOP, this simply means by the end of the working day. Why do bosses ask if they can have this work done by close of play rather than just asking if they can have it done today? Perhaps they are trying to make work sound more fun, as close of play is a sporting term, particularly used when it comes to cricket, where it means when the game ends for the day。在邮件和短信里通常会被缩写为COP,也同样可以写作EOP,end of play,它的意思仅仅是下班前。为什么老板会问他们是否能在下班前把这个工作做完而不是问今天他们能不能把它做完?也许他们在尝试让工作听起来更有趣,结束是当做一个体育术语,特别是用于板球的结尾,在这里它的意思是一天板球运动的结尾。3、Annual leave休假In the days before office-speak took over, people would simply say that they were going on holiday. But that doesn’t sound quite corporate, serious and professional enough. So you’ll often find people referring to their summer holiday as their ‘period of annual leave,’ for example, in their out-of-office auto reply email。这些天,在办公室闲聊接手之前,人们会简单的说他们要去度假。但是这听起来相当不合群体,不严谨和不专业。因此你会经常发现人们会提到他们的暑假作为他们的‘休假’,例如,在他们不在办公室的时候回复邮件。4、Hard copy打印稿More and more of our work documents are created and shared online without the need for printing, which is better for the environment as well as saving us time and effort. But sometimes real, physical documents are required. When someone wants a physical print out of a document rather than an electronic copy, they will ask for a hard copy。我们越来越多的工作文件没有必要打印,在网上直接写出来同大家一起分享,这种环境会更好,也会节约我们的时间和努力。但是有些时候真的,一些物理文档是需要纸质版的。当有人想要纸质文件而不是电子版的文时件,他们会要一个打印稿。5、Think outside the box打开思维No one knows what the box is, or what’s inside it, but bosses seem to like it when workers are outside it. If someone at your work asks you to think outside the box it means they don’t want you to limit your thinking. They want creativity, and ideas, and thinking outside the mainstream. This term is used to try and encourage new ideas and a fresh approach to problems。没有人知道这个盒子的范围是什么,或者里面装有什么,但是老板们似乎喜欢员工们都在外面。如果有人在你的工作范围要求你去打开思维想想外在的方面,这意味着他们不想限制你的思维想让你开发空间。他们想要的是创新,好点子和想到市场的主流。这个术语被用作试图激励员工想出新办法和一个新方法来解决问题。6、Brainstorming头脑风暴Brainstorming is another way to encourage workers to think outside the box. It’s a technique by which a group discussion is held to produce ideas. Ideas are spontaneously bounced around the group, often as a way of trying to solve a problem. Brainstorming actually goes back a long way, all the way back to 1939 when it was first devised by advertising executive Alex F. Osborn. He began developing methods for creative problem solving, as he was frustrated by employees’ inability to develop creative ideas individually for ad campaigns. In response, he began hosting group-thinking sessions and discovered a significant improvement in the quality and quantity of ideas produced by employees。头脑风暴是另外一种激励员工打开思维的方式。这是一种技术,一个团队一起讨论问题提出方法。团队里面,大家的办法都是突然想出来,经常用来解决问题。头脑风暴事实上回顾到了一种很长久的方式,回溯到了1939年,当广告执行总监亚历克斯F第一次设计出来。当他被员工们无能为广告活动想出有创新性的主意而备受挫败时,他开始为具有创造性的问题想出好的办法。作为回应,他开始举办集思广益期,发现员工们的想法的质量和数量,在很大程度上完善了很多。7、Desk jockey办公室工作This is a pun on the term disc jockey, and the chances are you’re being a desk jockey right now. Instead of spinning lots of records, you might be on your laptop checking emails, ing this article, while you’re eating a pasta salad or drinking a coffee from your work’s canteen. Ringing phones, beeping pagers, overflowing inboxes – they’re all the tools of the desk jockey。这是舞曲唱片播放员这个术语的双关用法,现在有机会让你成为坐办公室的人。而不是旋转很多的唱片,你可能在用笔记本电脑查看邮件,阅读文档,与此同时你在工作餐厅里面在吃通心粉沙拉或者喝咖啡。手机响,电话响,邮箱邮件满----他们都是在办公室工作的工具。8、USP独特卖点This stands for Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition. It’s used a lot in the marketing sector and was introduced as office-speak way back in the 1940s. It refers to those successful products that have unique, specific attractions to consumers – so much so that they were willing to switch to it from their brand of choice。USP代表的是独特的卖点或者独特的销售主张。在市场部分用的很多,被引用到办公室会话还要回溯到1940年。它指代那些成功的,对于客户而言有特点、有独特的吸引力的产品----如此以至于客户希望改变他们的品牌选择。 /201509/400919 The divorce rate is rising rapidly. In 2014, 3.6 million Chinese couples broke up, almost double the number from a decade previously. In the past, couples required permission from employers or community committees to divorce, and many put up with their spouses just to avoid public embarrassment.离婚率近年来迅速飙升。2014年,中国有360万对夫妻离婚,比10年前几乎增长了一倍。在过去,夫妻离婚需要获得工作单位和社区委员会的许可,因而很多夫妻为了避免公共尴尬,只好对配偶忍气吞声。A 2003 regulation on marriage and divorce simplified the divorce procedure and allowed couples to divorce the same day at a cost of 10 yuan (1.53 dollars).2003年颁布的婚姻和离婚法简化了离婚程序,当天即允许夫妻离婚,花费仅为10元人民币(折合1.53美元)。Reservations and appointments began in Dali on Feb 1, 2015. By the end of last year, 9,571 couples made reservations, but 4,531 of them, 47 percent, did not end up in divorce. In many other cities, similar reservation systems are in place.大理在2015年2月1日开始实行保留和预约制度。截止到去年年底,有9571对夫妻进行预约离婚,但其中约占47%的4531对夫妻最终没有离婚。其他许多城市也准备实行类似的预约体系。These measures are not without their critics. ;It is not proper for governments to put obstacles in front of people wanting a divorce, because Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of marriage,; said Nie Aiping of Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences. He suggests that interventions should be conducted by an impartial organization.但这样的方式也引来了一些批评。“政府给想要离婚的人设置障碍的方式是不妥的,因为中国公民享受婚姻自由。”江西社科院的聂爱平表示。他建议应由一个公正的组织来实行相关干预。Liu Min in East China#39;s Anhui province has been a divorce attorney for years. She believes that not all broken marriages can be repaired, because the causes of divorce vary.中国东部安徽省的刘敏多年来一直从事离婚律师职业。她认为并不是所有破碎的婚姻都能够修复,因为导致离婚的原因各不相同。;In the past people wanted to divorce mostly because of domestic violence and affairs, now it is increasingly common among young couples to separate after trivial disputes or interference of their parents,; she said.她说:“过去人们离婚主要由于家庭暴力和风流韵事,现在年轻夫妻由于小事争吵或父母干预而离婚这一现象变得越来越普遍。”Most people born in the 1980s and 1990s are only children whose parents tend to interfere too much in their lives, Liu said. What#39;s more, unlike their parents, they attach more importance to individuality and the quality of life.刘敏表示,大部分80后和90后都是独生子女,父母往往喜欢干涉他们的生活。而且与他们父母不同的是,这些年轻人更加关注个性化和生活质量。For the couples careering into divorce without careful forethought, marriage guidance offices have been set up next to registry offices in Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai and other provinces. Psychologists are available.对于那些没有慎重考虑就急着离婚的夫妻,北京、重庆、上海及其他省份均在登记处旁边设立了婚姻指导办公室,有心理学家提供咨询务。The registrars who handle dissolutions in Anhui province have been trained to tell whether a marriage can be saved or not, according to their statement and emotional state, according to Gao Jiamei of Anhui Provincial Civil Affairs Department.安徽省离婚处的登记员接受过培训,能根据夫妻的陈述和情绪状态辨别这段婚姻是否能够被挽救,安徽省民政厅的高佳梅说。A local government in the provincial capital Hefei has invited professional counselors to work alongside registrars. They help couples calm down and think over their relations, establishing a sense of responsibility leading to a rational choice.在省会城市合肥,地方政府邀请了专业咨询师在登记处旁边工作。他们帮助夫妻冷静下来,仔细思考他们的关系,建立责任感,引导他们做出理性选择。But marriage is, after all, deeply personal. To divorce or not, the choice finally lies with the couple themselves.但婚姻毕竟是和个人紧密相关的。离或者不离,决定权最终还是在于夫妻本人。 /201603/429524上海第九医院绣眉多少钱上海皮秒激光



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