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Myanmar president Thein Sein has congratulated Aung San Suu Kyi as the scale of her opposition partys historic election win becomes clear and sets up a power struggle with the ruling military-backed elite.缅甸总统登盛(Thein Sein)向昂山素Aung San Suu Kyi,见上图图中)表示祝贺。目前,昂山素季领导的反对党在选举中取得巨大历史性胜利已是显而易见的事实,这也开启了该党与军方持的执政精英之间的权力斗争。The veteran National League for Democracy leader has called for talks with Mr Thein Sein and the head of the armed forces following Sunday’s poll triumph, which pits her overwhelming popular mandate against the authority still held by the former ruling generals.在周日选举中取得压倒性胜利后,这位久经磨练的全国民主联盟(National League for Democracy, NLD,简称民领导人呼吁与登盛和军方首脑进行对话。选举胜利意味着她获得的压倒性的民众授权与之前执政的将军们仍把持的权威之间将展开较量。The moves by both sides open the next phase of a battle for control in the long transition from almost 50 years of repressive military rule in the resource-rich Asian frontier market.双方这些举动为争夺控制权的斗争开启了新的阶段。这个资源丰富的亚洲前沿市场(frontier market)正处于摆脱近50年压迫性军方统治的漫长过渡阶段;Whether they like it or not, the NLD and the military are going to have to work together,; said Richard Horsey, an analyst in Yangon. ;The question is, what’s going to be the quality of that relationship?”仰光分析师理查德霍Richard Horsey)表示:“不论他们喜欢不喜欢,民盟和军方将不得不开展合作。问题在于,这种合作关系的质量如何?”Ye Htut, a spokesman for Mr Thein Sein, a former general who has led the country since the military junta stepped down in 2011, congratulated Ms Suu Kyi on his Facebook page for ;gathering the support of the people;.登盛的发言人耶图(Ye Htut)在其Facebook网页上,祝贺昂山季素“凝聚了人民的持”。登盛曾是一位将军,011年军政府下台后一直领导缅甸政府。He said the government would respect the result of the poll and would work to transfer power peacefully and ensure stability.耶图表示,缅甸政府会尊重选举结果,致力于和平移交权力并确保稳定。Ms Suu Kyi made her own post-election gambit in letters to Mr Thein Sein, armed forces chief Min Aung Hlaing and Shwe Mann, speaker of parliament’s lower house, urging that talks on ;national reconciliation; be held within a week.昂山素季则向登盛、缅甸国防军总司令敏昂莱(Min Aung Hlaing)和缅甸议会下议院的议长瑞Shwe Mann)致信,迈出了选举后的第一步。她在信中敦促各方在一周内开展“国家和解”会谈。“It is very important for the dignity of the country and to bring peace of mind to the people,; she wrote in comments published on the NLD’s Facebook page. While the letters were conciliatory in tone, they are also an early reminder to the generals of how she has been strengthened by the size of the NLD’s victory.在民盟Facebook页面上发表的中,昂山素季写道:“对于缅甸的尊严以及为人民带来和平意识而言,此举非常重要。”尽管这些信件的语气十分温和,对于这些将军来说,它们也是个初步的提醒,提醒后者民盟选举大获全胜为昂山素季带来了多大的影响力。Asked what the focus of the discussion would be, Win Htein, an NLD spokesman, said: “It involves every subject you can imagine.”在被问到会谈的重点将是什么时,民盟发言人温Win Htein)表示:“它将涉及你能想到的所有话题。”The longstanding aide to Ms Suu Kyi did not rule out raising the subject of constitutional reform, over which the military holds an effective veto because of the 25 per cent of parliamentary seats reserved to it.这位昂山素季的长期助手并未排除提出宪政改革话题的可能性。缅甸议5%的席位要保留给军方,这导致军方拥有对该议题的实际否决权。Top officers will also control one of the two vice-presidencies, several senior ministerial posts and a special committee that has the power to overrule parliament and even seize power from it.此外,缅甸高级军官还将控制两个副总统职位之一、几个高级部长级职位以及一个有权否决议会甚至终止议会权力的专门委员会。A clutch of official election results published on Wednesday confirmed predictions that the NLD had surged nationwide and would achieve an overall majority in parliament, even taking into account the military bloc.周三公布的一系列官方选举结果,实了预测:民盟已在缅甸全国各地兴起,即使把军方考虑在内,它也会在议会获得压倒性多数席位。By Wednesday evening, the NLD had won 256 of the 299 constituencies announced so far in the race for the 664-seat parliament, including some in areas where ethnic minority parties were expected to be strong. That meant Ms Suu Kyi’s party needed to pick up less than 40 per cent of the almost 200 remaining constituencies to command an overall majority.截至周三晚上,在对议64个席位的竞争中,民盟赢得了已公布99个选区中的256个,其中包括了部分原本被认为少数民族政党会表现强劲的选区。这意味着在将00个剩余选区中,昂山素季的政党只需要获得不0%的席位,就能获得压倒性多数席位。Some NLD supporters have criticised the national election commission’s slow publication of results since the polls closed on Sunday afternoon. While there are legitimate reasons for delays in results that have to be gathered from very large constituencies or remote rural areas, it was harder to explain the hiatus in publishing counts from close to its headquarters in Naypyidaw, the capital.部分民盟持者曾批评全国选举委员会在周日下午投票结束后,公布投票结果的节奏过于缓慢。虽然对于必须在大选区或偏远的农村地区统计的结果来说,推迟公布选举结果确实存在合法理由,然而更难解释的是,对于邻近首都内比都该委员会总部的地区,公布计票结果的进程也出现了中断。The slow release has caused nerves among NLD supporters who feared ballot-rigging and are aware of how the then-military junta ignored the result of the party’s landslide win in 1990. But the results so far this time have been consistent with the NLDs own projections.对于担心选票舞弊、了990年军政府无视民盟取得压倒性胜利的民盟持者来说,选举结果的缓慢公布引发了他们的紧张情绪。不过,到目前为止这次选举公布的结果和民盟自己的预测一致。来 /201511/409652。

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has been named worlds most powerful person by Forbes magazine.俄罗斯总统普京被《福布斯》(Forbes)杂志评为全球最有权力的人物;Putin continues to prove hes one of the few men in the world powerful enough to do what he wants and get away with it,; the magazine said of the Russian leader, who has topped the list three years in a row.杂志道,普京继续明了他是世界上仅有的几位权力强大到可以为所欲为并且不会受罚的人物。他已连续三年蝉连榜首。Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel took over the second spot from U.S. President Barack Obama, who dropped to third.德国总理默克尔取代美国总统奥巴马登上权力排行榜第二位,而奥巴马滑落到第三位。It marks the first time a U.S. president has not been in the top two in the seven-year history of the rankings, according to the 73-person list named by Forbes.这是七年间,美国总统第一次在《福布斯》提名的73位最有权人物中没有进入前两名。Pope Francis was named fourth most powerful, the same as last year, and China President Xi Jinping came in at fifth, dropping two spots.教宗方济各被评为第四位最有权力的人物,与去年的排行相同。而中国国家主席习近平位列第五,比去年下降了两位。Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the biggest mover on the list, rising 22 places to 49th.日本首相安倍晋三的排行榜上升幅度最大,上升2个位次,名列49位。Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were both on the list, ranking 58th and 72nd, respectively.美国总统参选人希拉釷克林顿和唐纳德·川普均榜上有名,分别位列58位和72位。The highest-ranking newcomer to the list is Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who ranked 14th.在今年新上榜的人物中,排名最高的是位4位的沙特国王萨勒曼·阿卜杜勒。Forbes said several factors were taken into account to select the most powerful people, including ;the amount of money they control, the number of people they impact, their total spheres of influence, and how actively they wield their power.;《福布斯》表示,挑选最有权力的人物需要考虑很多因素。包括“他们控制的金钱数量,他们影响的人口数量,他们在全球的影响范围以及他们如何积极地动用自己的权力。”来 /201511/408147。
  • Israel spies on the ed States more than any other ally does and these activities have reached an alarming level, Newsweek magazine reported on Tuesday.据法新社5日援引美囀?新闻周刊》消息称,以色列在美国的间谍活动比其它任何盟国都多,而且这些活动已经达到惊人地步。The main targets are US industrial and technical secrets, the weekly said. Newsweek said a congressional staffer familiar with a briefing last January called the testimony ;very sobering ... alarming ... even terrifying;, and ed another as saying the behavior was ;damaging.;《新闻周刊》援引机密简报称,以色列在美间谍活动的主要目标为美国的商业和科技机密。一位熟悉该简报的国会工作人员称这样的行为“十分严重……令人担忧……甚是震惊”,另外一人则称之“危害严重”;No other country close to the ed States continues to cross the line on espionage like the Israelis do,; said a former congressional staffer who attended another classified briefing in late 2013, according to Newsweek. The former congressional staffer said the intelligence agencies did not give specifics, but cited ;industrial espionage—folks coming over here on trade missions or with Israeli companies working in collaboration with American companies, [or] intelligence operatives being run directly by the government, which I assume meant out of the [Israeli] Embassy.;曾于2013年底参加闭门会议的前国会工作人员“没有任何一个与美国关系密切的国家像以色列这样如此过分地进行间谍活动。”据这位工作人员介绍,情报部门没有透露细节,但称“有的商业间谍跟随着与美国有合作的以色列公司而来,有的是直接由政府管理的情报人员,我觉得他们来自以色列大使馆。”Israels espionage activities in America are unrivaled and go far beyond activities by other close allies, such as Germany, France, Britain and Japan, counter-intelligence agents told members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees, Newsweek said.反情报机构向国会司法与外交事务委员会报告称,以色列在美国的间谍活动十分猖獗,远远超过德国、法囀?英囀?日本等其它美国盟友;I dont think anyone was surprised by these revelations,; the former aide was ed as saying.;But when you step back and hear ... that there are no other countries taking advantage of our security relationship the way the Israelis are for espionage purposes, it is quite shocking.;“我不认为大家会对这一消息感到惊讶,”这位前国会工作人员说,“但当你退一步想一下……没有其它任何一个国家像以色列这样利用与美国的安全关系用于间谍活动,这是十分令人震惊的。”Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman rejected the allegations. ;Were talking about lies and falsehood, simply libel which is baseless and unfounded,; he said. Lieberman added Israel was not involved in any form of espionage against the ed States, either direct or indirect in nature.对此,以色列外交部长阿维格多·利伯曼矢口否认,“这完全是缺乏事实根据的谎言与诽谤。”利伯曼还称,以色列从未在美国开展任何直接或间接的间谍活动。来 /201405/297344。
  • The Israeli government, still reeling from a drop-off in visitors following last summer’s war with Gaza, is betting on China to jump-start the nation’s flagging tourism industry.去年夏天加沙地带的战争导致前往以色列的游客人数骤减,至今仍未恢复,以色列政府现在把赌注押在中国身上,试图启动该国萎靡不振的旅游业。While visits to Israel from the ed States and Europe have plummeted by almost 20 percent since the conflict, Chinese tourism is up by 30 percent, because of a flurry of investments by the Israeli Tourism Ministry to make Chinese visitors feel welcome.自去年夏天的冲突以来,前往以色列的欧美游客骤减0%,但中国旅客增加0%,因为以色列旅游部为招揽他们进行了一系列投资。In January, the Tourism Ministry opened a Chinese-language course for its licensed guides and announced that it was in talks with Hainan Airlines, the largest privately owned Chinese air carrier, to begin three nonstop flights a week between Beijing and Tel Aviv. Israel’s El Al airlines currently has a monopoly on Beijing-Tel Aviv flights, so an agreement with Hainan Airlines, which Israel hopes to finalize by the end of 2015, will bring price competition to the route.今年1月,旅游部为持牌导游开设了中国语言课程,并宣布它正在与中国最大的私营航空公司海南航空磋商,每周在北京和特拉维夫之间开设三个直飞航班。目前北京到特拉维夫的航班由以色列艾拉航空公El Al)垄断,所以如果与海南航空达成协议,就会给这条航线引入价格竞争机制。以色列希望与海南航空在2015年底敲定这项协议。The ministry is also wooing Chinese celebrities to its shores in 2014, the Chinese blockbuster “Old Cinderellafilmed a number of scenes in Israel after receiving a 500,000-shekel investment (about 5,600) from the Israeli government, and the Chinese actor Liu Ye was hosted by the Tourism Ministry and deemed a Tourism Good Will Ambassador.旅游部还邀请中国名人前往以色列海滨—014年,中国大片《脱轨时代》得到了以色列政府的50万谢克尔(约80万人民币)投资,在以色列取景拍摄,旅游部还款待了中国演员刘烨,让其担任旅游亲善大使。The private tourism sector is also angling for Chinese visitors: This month the David InterContinental Tel Aviv hotel will become the first in Israel to offer Mandarin-speaking staffers, two Mandarin-language TV channels in guest rooms and Chinese food options at their lush breakfast buffet.私营旅游部门也在积极争取中国游客:本月,特拉维夫大卫洲际酒店(David Inter Continental Tel Aviv)将成为以色列第一家提供普通话工作人员的酒店,客房里拥有两个普通话电视频道,丰盛的自助早餐中包含中国食品。Israel’s tourism minister, Yariv Levin, said that he is working to ease visa requirements for incoming tourists from China and to build partnerships with Chinese tour operators.以色列旅游部长雅里夫·莱文(Yariv Levin)说,他正在设法放宽对中国游客的签要求,并与中国旅游运营商建立合作伙伴关系。“The State of Israel attaches great importance to incoming tourism from China, and as a result, the Tourism Ministry intends to place special emphasis on China as a developing market,he said.“以色列国十分看重来自中国的旅游业务,因此,旅游部打算把中国作为一个发展中市场予以特别重视,”他说。来 /201508/394713。
  • Russia’s deployment of forces to Syria is its most significant direct military intervention in the Middle East since the end of the second world war. It will further destabilise a region that is characterised by misrule, sectarianism, regional rivalries and four civil wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions.进兵叙利亚是二战结束以来,俄罗斯在中东地区最重大的直接军事干预。此举将加剧该地区的动荡局势,这个地区的特点是暴政、教派主义、地区对抗以及四场导致数十万人丧呀?数百万人流离失所的内战。President Vladimir Putin’s gambit is only the latest indication that, after 70 years, the postwar international order is fraying. The US, the country around which the postwar order was constructed, still has a strong hand but it often plays that hand poorly.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)的举动,只是战后国际秩序——历0年后——分崩离析的最新迹象。居于战后秩序核心位置的美国依然实力强大,却经常不能很好地运用它的实力。In the past 15 years, its global approach has fluctuated. President George W Bush pursued a muscular grand strategy aimed at imposing America’s will on the world. His invasion of Iraq is one of history’s finest own goals. By contrast, President Barack Obama has run a reality-based foreign policy. But he did not merely learn the lessons of the Bush presidency; he overlearnt them. His unwillingness to act forcefully at crucial moments has weakened the deterrent effect of US power.在过5年里,美国的国际政策变化不定。小布什总统(George W Bush)奉行一种秀肌肉的大战略,力图把美国的意志强加给全世界。他发动入侵伊拉克行动的目标,是历史上最冠冕堂皇的目标之一。不同于小布什,现总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)实行立足现实的外交政策。但他不光是吸取了小布什政府的教训,还过度学习了。他在紧要关头不愿采取强有力的行动,弱化了美国力量的威慑效果。The recent history of US policy both its mis-steps and its changeability raises questions about whether Washington will continue to act as the global hegemon. To those who relish the prospect of a more modest American presence in the world, I say: be careful what you wish for.美国近年的政策——包括失误和多变——让人怀疑美国是否将继续扮演全球霸主。对于乐见美国在世界上充当更温和存在的人士,我要说一声:当心你许的愿成真!Meanwhile, the rest of the west looks set to retire from the global stage and not only because most western countries have ageing populations. For decades, Europe has spurned power politics in favour of forming an ever more perfect, peaceful union. The failures in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the bloc’s economic debacles and political wobbles, have encouraged this parochialism. Now, when European leaders come upon an unpleasant scene, for example, a neighbour set upon by an aggressor like the priest and the Levite with the Good Samaritan most of them prefer to pass by on the other side.另一方面,其他西方国家看来势将走下全球舞台,原因不仅在于多数西方国家都有人口老龄化问题。几十年来,欧洲已放弃了强权政治,倾向于缔造一个日趋完善、和平的联盟。在阿富汗和伊拉克的失败,以及欧盟的经济不景气和政治困顿,都助长了这种狭隘主义。如今欧洲领导人遇到不愉快的场景时,比如邻居受到了入侵者的攻击——就像祭司、利未人以及仁慈的撒马利亚人的故事那样——多数人宁愿绕道而行。Even the UK has lowered its ambitions, stepping back from the foreign policy front line and cutting the budgets of its armed forces, the Foreign Office and the B World Service. The British will spend the next few years debating whether Scotland should leave the UK, and whether the UK should leave the EU. That will not leave much time to think about the rest of the world.甚至连英国都雄心大减,从外交政策前线退了下来,削减了武装部队、外交部还有英国广播公司国际B World Service)的预算。在未来几年,英国人将会讨论苏格兰是否应当脱离英国,以及英国是否应当脱离欧盟。他们将没有太多时间思考世界其他地区的问题。Even as western countries stand down, in each of the most significant global theatres Europe, the Middle East and Asia strong challengers to the liberal order are stepping up.在全球各个至关重要的地区——欧洲、中东和亚洲——西方国家正在走下舞台,而自由秩序的强大挑战者开始走上舞台。Russia seeks to establish a sphere of influence in its corner of Europe and regain its position as an indispensable global actor. Mr Putin’s tactics include subversion, propaganda and, disturbingly, the acquisition of territory by force. Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 breached the central tenet of the international state system. His Syrian operation is a stick in the eye of the Americans.俄罗斯寻求在其欧洲领土周边建立势力范围,重获其作为不可或缺的世界角色的地位。普京的战术包括颠覆、宣传,以及武力夺取领土(引起了不安)014年,俄罗斯对克里米亚的非法吞并,违反了国际国家体系的核心原则。他在叙利亚的行动让美国人愤愤不已。Meanwhile, Iran is taking advantage of turmoil in the Middle East to extend its power. This year’s international deal is probably the best option for curbing Tehran’s nuclear programme. But, if the country can make this much trouble while tied down by western sanctions, how will it behave when they fall away?另外,伊朗正利用中东的动荡局势扩张自己的实力。今年达成的国际协议可能是遏制伊朗核计划的最好选择。但是,如果在西方制裁的羁绊下,伊朗都能制造如此大的麻烦,制裁取消之后,该国又将有何作为?In the long term, Beijing’s challenge to the existing order is the most serious because wealth and power are shifting east, towards Asia. China’s successes in the past four decades have been dizzying. The country is building up economic weight befitting its tremendous size. However its foreign policy is highly uneven, switching between the constructive and the combative.从长远来看,中国对现行秩序构成最严峻挑战,因为全球财富和权力正在东移,转向亚洲。中国在过去40年里取得了令人炫目的成功。中国正在打造跟自身规模相符的经济影响力。然而,中国的外交政策是极度不连贯的,在建设性和好斗性之间摇摆。The differences between these three countries Russia, Iran and China are as great as their similarities. None of them hopes to displace the US as the world’s leading power. Their advantage lies in the fact that they can concentrate their forces regionally while Washington must disperse its forces globally.俄罗斯、伊朗和中国这三个国家既极度相似,又存在天壤之别。它们都不希望取代美国成为全球主导国家。它们的优势是可以在地区集中发挥自己的力量,而美国必须把力量分派在全球范围。The west’s drooping confidence, and the rise of great-power challengers, makes it harder for global institutions to address global problems. The UN has reached its biblical threescore years and 10, and it is showing its age.西方信心的下降,加上大国挑战者的崛起,导致全球性机构更难解决全球性问题。联合国(UN)成立70年了,已是老态龙钟。Take the most wicked problem in the UN’s care. The World Meteorological Organization reports that 2014 was the hottest year on record. This century, 14 of the 15 hottest years on record have been registered. We know the implications of global warming are likely to be severe. Yet successive UN conferences have failed to agree on binding limits on greenhouse gas emissions.就以联合国面临的最危险问题为例。世界气象组World Meteorological Organization)报告称,2014年是记录在案的最热年什?有记录5个最热年份中4个出现在本世纪。我们知道,全球变暖的后果可能很严重。不过,多届联合国大会都未能就设定有约束力的温室气体排放量上限达成一致。The story is similar when it comes to other international arrangements. For example, the refugee protection regime has been overwhelmed by the recent exodus from the Middle East. Clearly it no longer serves the interests of either states or refugees but there is no prospect of it being reformed.在其他国际安排方面,情况也类似。例如,难民保护机制已被近来的中东大逃亡压垮。很明显,该机制再也不能务于国家或难民的利益,却看不到改革的希望。International co-operation has never been more vital or more rare. Dean Acheson called his memoir of his time as President Harry Truman’s secretary of state Present at the Creation. Acheson’s generation of US statesmen did indeed create the postwar world. But, 70 years later, their creation is in trouble. There is a growing sense that we are present at the destruction the destruction of an order that has served the world well.国际合作从未像现在这样重要,也从未像现在这样罕见。在美国总统哈里尠腧Harry Truman)任期内担任国务卿的迪安縠奇Dean Acheson)写过一本有关那个时代的回忆录——《参与创造世界Present at the Creation)。那个时代的美国政治家的确创造了战后世界。但是,70年过后,他们创造的秩序陷入了困境。人们越来越有一种感觉,我们正在“参与毁灭present at the destruction)——毁掉一个曾对世界有益的秩序。来 /201510/406664。
  • Four days after staging the 12th coup détat in Thailands modern history, Thailands army chief Monday said he was working on establishing a body to govern the country, but declined to give a timeline for an election.泰国近代史上2次政变发生四天后,泰国军方领导人巴育(Prayuth Chan-ocha)周一表示,他正在筹备建立管理国家的机构,但拒绝给出选举时间表。Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha also warned that a crackdown on anticoup dissent would continue. He urged media organizations to accurately report developments and advised ordinary Thais to avoid posting inflammatory messages on social media, which has so far escaped the heavy censorship applied to television and radio networks.巴育还警告称,对反政变运动的镇压还将持续。他敦促媒体准确报道事态发展,建议泰国平民避免在社交媒体上发布煽动性的信息;迄今为止,针对电视和广播的严格审查还没有延伸至社交媒体。Dressed in a white ceremonial uniform with gold-colored braiding for his first formal news conference since Thursdays putsch, Gen. Prayuth also said he had received royal endorsement for the military takeover from Thailands constitutional monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, which he described as a matter of protocol and tradition.巴育身穿配金色流苏的白色军装出席了上周四政变以来的首次正式新闻发布会。他表示,他已经得到泰国国王普密Bhumibol Adulyadej)对军方接管国家的授权。In some ways, the news conference and the royal endorsement were a way of formalizing the militarys seizure of power. Gen. Prayuth took the stage with other senior officers to announce that he planned to help resolve the deep and often bloody divides between supporters of the ousted populist government and royalist demonstrators who for months have bristled at what they say is lingering influence of former leader Thaksin Shinawatra, a billionaire businessman who led the country until a previous coup in 2006.在某种意义上,新闻发布会的召开和国王的授权是对军方掌权的正式确认。巴育在其他高级军官陪同下宣布,他希望化解被驱逐的民粹主义政府的持者与保皇派示威者之间根深蒂固且常常导致流血的冲突。几个月来,保皇派一直抱怨泰国依然受前任领导人他Thaksin Shinawatra)的影响。亿万富豪他信在2006年遭遇政变后下台We are planning to set up organizations to oversee wide-ranging reforms to address the countrys past problems so that it can move forward in a peaceful and democratic fashion, Gen. Prayuth said.巴育说,军方打算建立监管机构,监督广泛的改革,以解决过去留下来的问题,这样泰国才能朝着和平、民主的方向迈进。Mr. Thaksins sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, was removed as prime minister earlier this month by a Thai court, while her successor was a former executive at one of Mr. Thaksins companies.本月早些时候,泰国军方发动政变,罢免了泰国总理英拉(Yingluck Shinawatra),接替英拉的是曾在他信名下一家企业中担任高管的尼瓦探Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan)。英拉是他信的。It remains unclear exactly how the 60-year-old army chief intends to run Thailand, and how long he plans to be in charge.目前尚不清楚现年60岁的巴育究竟打算以什么样的方式管理泰国,也不清楚他打算掌权多久。Gen. Prayuth told reporters that the appointment of a new prime minister is in the plan, but declined to say who would fill that position or whether he would take on the role himself. Since the coup, Gen. Prayuth has taken on the responsibilities of the premiership.巴育对记者表示,任命新总理在计划之中,但他不愿透露谁将出任总理,以及他本人是否将亲自出任总理。在军方发动政变后,巴育担起了总理的工作。Gen. Prayuth said discussions about a possible election are still in process and that people would have to wait. A time frame for any future ballot, he said, would depend on the countrys security environment. He said that Thais protesting the coup or violating Thailands strict laws on criticizing on the monarchy could face trial in a military court.巴育称,关于举行选举的讨论仍在进行中,人们不得不等等;未来举行选举的时间表将视国内安全环境而定。他说,泰国法律严格规定民众不得批评泰国皇室,对政变不满的抗议者以及违反这一法律的人可能将面临军事法庭的审讯I want to say that our country has problems and that we have to solve them, Gen. Prayuth said. We are not aiming to seize power for ourselves, but there were reasons and it was necessary. I ask everyone to understand.巴育说:“我想说,我们的国家存在问题,我们必须解决问题,军方的目的并不是自己掌权,但发动政变是有理由的,也是必要的,我请求所有人理解。”来 /201405/301570。
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